Leaked BlackBerry 10.2.1 build offers a look at BlackBerry Dashboard, Fuse Mode and Pic Password

By Bla1ze on 11 Nov 2013 09:19 am EST

A few days ago in the CrackBerry Forums another leaked OS appeared with the version number, we never posted it to the blogs because of the fact it wasn't a full OS and realistically no one should be loading it unless you simply enjoy poking around the files to see what BlackBerry has left behind and what they may be somewhat secretly working on.

Now that it's a few days old, a lot of folks have done just that and there's certainly some goodies in there. Essentially, it's all evolution of what we've already known for a while already but it's still interesting and nice look at some of the stuff coming in future BlackBerry OS iterations. Want to know more? Jump below where we've highlight some of the stuff found in the leaked OS.

BlackBerry Blend Dashboard and Fuse

Back in July a new file started appearing in leaked and official builds of BlackBerry 10. That file was simply named ChatBlend. At the time, we had been hearing that that file was essentially the start of bringing BBM to the desktop but not only that, integrating SMS / MMS messages as well in a sort of BlackBerry Bridge like UI.

In the new 10.2.1 build, that seems to of have progressed quite a bit and while it's still mostly just a shell and not really useable, all the pieces of previous rumors are falling in place. The ChatBlend files still remain but joining it is a new file called Fuse, which allows you to put your device into what is referred to as Fuse Mode, though what that is exactly remains unknown.

That said though, it's not a stretch of the imagination that Fuse Mode is enabled when you're attached to an external display and will allow you to perform some of that fancy 'mobile computing' we keep hearing so much about. Imagine if you will, a dock for your BlackBerry that connects to an external display and allows you access to the Hub, BBM, SMS/MMS, Browser, Contacts, Calendar and more with your device being the computing power. It's not unheard of, in fact it's what we've been hearing BlackBerry has been working towards all along.

Remember that BBM on the desktop demo from BlackBerry Jam Asia? BlackBerry was pretty quick to dismiss it and say it was in no way something they were currently working on to be released to the masses and while I wouldn't go so far as to say that was a lie, I am on the side of folks who believe those comments were, shall we say less than truthful. I may be wrong but there's a TON of evidence that lends credit to me being right here in some way or another.

Pic Password

Pic Password is interesting and sort of came out of nowhere. We know BlackBerry has quite a few patents on lock screens and gestures involved with them, so maybe this is one of those patents finally brought to the real world. Essentially, it's a security feature that's done in a really nice way.

The concept is simple enough, you pick an image to use as your lock screen be it from the ones offered or from your own personally library. You then get an overlay of numbers placed on top. You move the number to any area of the picture and set it. Once that number has been placed and set, you're good to go.

You can then lock your device to test it out. When you go to unlock your device, it will ask if you wish to use your device password of use the Pic Password option. If you choose the Pic Password option you're once again presented the image you chose and must place the number you chose in the exact same spot you set it before. If you get it right, your device will then unlock. Better yet, just watch the video of it in action.

Now, I'm not going to go through how everyone can go ahead and find and install this stuff because as I mentioned earlier, this is a leaked OS without a working radio for phone calls but if you're really wanting to give it a go and test things out for yourself, you can find all the information and details in the CrackBerry Forums.

Just keep in mind, you do so at your own risk. Messing with files and mixing and matching OS's has the potential to really screw things up so it's not exactly for the feint of heart. In any case, there's still plenty more to come from BlackBerry 10.2.1, so you'll want to stay tuned. 

There's still that matter of Google Play integration that needs definitive clarification as well. That has changed from, you'll be able to access Google Play to you won't have access to Google Play but you'll be able to install APK files directly without any conversion.

It's all very interesting and fun to speculate about but until BlackBerry comes out and says it directly, it's all just rumors. You dig? Also a good idea to keep in mind that, just because we're seeing this stuff now in leaked builds that doesn't necessarily mean it's a lock in for 10.2.1 release. Realistically, some of this stuff might never officially appear.

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Leaked BlackBerry 10.2.1 build offers a look at BlackBerry Dashboard, Fuse Mode and Pic Password


I'm excited about installing APKs directory, rapidberry keeps saying that we will have full access to Google play, which would be great, I'm having more ports fail when I side load with my 10.2 compared to my 10.1, but I've had issues since updating, it seems to be fine for others.

Posted via my  Z10.2.0.424

Agreed interesting this is. BBM definitely should come to desktops especially for the Enterprises of course with video and audio already included in the first release. Never mind having the screen sharing feature would be pretty cool for in the office sharing with colleagues and etc!

Agreed. I think if they can keep building the OS like they have been then the world may yet see we have a future here and a winner.

Agreed I haven't been this excited in a long time, crossing my fingers for a docking station lol

Posted via CB10

Thinking the same thing! Very interesting! Can't wait for the time to just plug in my phone and work on my desktop, then unplug and be on the move! Great job BB. Hope this new influx of cash will buy some time so they can get this out.

Plug in? Honestly, they had better give the option of connecting via wifi or bluetooth or this will fail. People don't want to plug things in if they don't have to. I don't want to have another accessory on my home computer, work computer, etc.. It just needs to work simply and easily without wires wherever possible.

Good luck running a desktop style OS without the phone being plugged in, the battery would die in no time. I want it to be plugged in, charge the battery and maybe run at a faster clock speed for better performance. The issue I would have is that I'm in a ton of meetings and I can't lug around a keyboard, mouse, monitor etc. So despite what Heins said, tablets are very much needed.

That's how I've pictured it too. Docked, you get greater clock speed, or more cores to give you greater computing power plus charging batt. But I don't think it has to be either/ or. You can have wireless mirroring for those situations it works best, and docking for more intense personal computing.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Honestly, if it's a dock, plugging it in would be faster than connecting wirelessly. Even if you leave wifi on and all you have to do is go through your phone to activate it, simply slapping your phone on a dock still beats that... But don't think that will be the case so...

Too bad that not enough cell phone users (which means just about everyone) have adopted the new BB phones.

There are a lot of new OS features coming out on a seemingly regular basis.
But, how long will this development continue if the company continues to slide, staff is reduced, marketing is non-existent, and so on.

Will OS10 just be another great artifact that was ahead of it's time?

You can get one, just not from your carrier :) use sachesi, you won't regret it.

AT&T Z10 Z10STL100-3/

I used Roger's update via Sachesi. i'm on Verizon. It was so easy and it has no problems.

Posted via CB10

That's like telling me the Earth is round. I'm on Verizon too. Might have to actually try to do this!

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C

Cool Stuff! It is amazing the potential that BB10 has.

So happy that sometime in 2014 we will get something other than a basic password unlock screen.

So you are using an incomplete OS with no radio as your daily driver?

Sure we will see this stuff in some future leaks, but they aren't going to make it into this phase of 10.2 official releases. So for some of us the next round of official OS Updates will be next year! I'm on Verizon, not even sure that we will get a 10.2 update anytime soon.

ok TBH I installed it on my second device, my Z10, as my Q10 holds my sim card. So it doesn't really bother me not to have radio on it.

But I can see your point I was trying to be funny :P

or even better, a thin stylish 9" screen and a small battery (no cpus, no rams, no boards..) and you have a 9" bb10 tablet :) If they can make something like this and price it cheap you might have a new concept AND the real reason why Heins said iPad is not the future, something like this is :)

I loaded it, and now I can't make phone calls!! What do I do!?

Jk:P can't wait for 10.2.1! At least one without the imposed pins and with a working radio file.

Posted via telegraph

Lol!! Don't you read or listen? That's the chances you take horsing around with leaks. Hope you get it working.

It would seem so...haha.

Would one be able to put this OS on and sideload a radio file they extracted from with Darcy's tool? Any idea if that would work?

This all looks interesting, hope that these kind of features will soon appear in next OS update.

Posted via CB10

coool stuff... these are the things Blackberry need. bring back the cool to blackberry!!!

As long as they fit in some custom profiles and notifications options to the extent we had in 7.1 and restore BlackBerry Protect then I will be very happy

Posted via CB10

I would prefer access to Google Playstore. It doesn't change anything for those who don't want to use it. Not being too technical, could someone please explain how easy/difficult is it to install an Android app from an APK?

With the newer LOCK Runtimes... it is difficult for a technical user.

You are going to need to spend a lot of time in the forum looking at existing post that explain the process.

Best Post .....APK AKA AKK AAA all confusing to me , you either have the Play Store or stay in the basement ! Pursuit simplicity folks !!!

Google Play on BB10. Just how many nested virtual machines would that need?!

Z10 STL100-1 /

Just what's there. They would have to remove the code that locks out Google services and play store and allows apps to be installed as APKs from the device. Not that much work really.

Posted via CB10

The amount of improvement BB10 made in a year is amazing..
Imagine how awesome 10.4 build will be if things go right..

I do not understand how anyone can find it cool! There is no creativity ... it's Windows Phone! If I want a Windows Phone I will not take a BlackBerry ...

Posted via CB10

^^lol. Myk748 you should watch the video Bla1ze spent the time making so you can see how it works. It's not drawing on a pic to unlock the phone like WP8, it's selecting a specific number you chose and you have to line it up to the specific spot you placed it at. Kinda reminds me of a rotary phone.

Posted via telegraph

Interesting. It would be awesome if this Dashoboard and Fuse worked without any cable-pc connection but thru, for example, encrypted VPN connection over BlackBerry servers or by accessing mobile phone over LAN tapping its IP to browser

Posted via CB10

Lol you haven't tried Remote File Access via BlackBerry Link yet, have you? Even with the option of a hardware dock I wouldn't be surprised if BlackBerry used the same tunneling technology to establish a wireless connection from the mobile device to the desktop machine.

Amazing stuff there, hope the BlackBerry devs will bring most if not all those features to blackberry 10.

Liking it very much.

Posted via CB10

Weird... Not really a fan of that pic password deal. hope that gets reviewed a bit more before they try to implement it

The pic password looks kinda lame and old school? Not sure how to take it. Has blackberry looked at other platforms unlock screens, why just give us one type of lock screen. Password.
Hint hint: Emulate what the competition has but make it better. More choices the better.

what it should have is the phone should pop 3 or 4 pictures pictures then you have correctly chose the picture then drag the number if that makes any sense

Access to the Google store would stop the app issue in its tracks, BlackBerry World could focus on built for BlackBerry apps that would be great.

Posted via CB10

Oh please, can you not see the benefit to some users to have access to Google play? If it's not for you you don't have to use it

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

They should make unlocking phones quicker while still maintaining security instead of this nonsense. That's the way Apple looks at the password issue with their biometric method recently implemented. The main reason most people don't secure the phones is because they consider it a hassle to unlock.

Oh you mean the biometric method Apple used that was cracked within 24 hours? Great security feature!

Posted via CB10

Installing android apps isn't that hard. And they work flawlessly in my z10 10.2

I just wish there would be total overhaul in 10.2.1 and chen announce it.

Posted via CB10

Very cool!

I can't help but feel this is just setup for a minor release. Seems like a lot of major stuff to come out for a revision number increase(10.2.1.X from 10.1.0.X). I would imagine this could fall under a minor release(10.3.X.X) or even a major release(11.0).

Very interesting times ahead! Hopefully we see all this stuff we're hearing about because it could be what everyone has been asking about: BB10 is cool, but there isn't anything compelling enough to have me switch from XYZ platform. I don't think that, but I have heard that many times.

I think what we are probably seeing now is a shift in their numbering scheme, you'll get some updates and possibly new devices being supported by a number of 10.2.x releases and then you'll have 10.3, 10.4 etc. coming on a yearly basis.

I would also hazard a guess that some of these features won't be enabled in the launch version of 10.2.1 as this is the first time they have been seen and won't be intended to be complete by then.

Bring Google Play and we're in good shape,as for everything else...awsome.

Z-10 my daily addiction.

Posted via CB10

question: how that hell BB gonna bring play store?
do you think google gonna allow that?
ohh way, do you belong to the group
who thinks play store its open source?
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

By making a deal with Google...

I like how you go through each comment and troll the ones saying that this is awesome and it's coming.

Having fun trolololing?

They made android open source why would they do that then tell people they can't use the store? Seems to me they did that so more people would use the store.

Posted via CB10

if you don't read you deserve be stoke where you are,
you can't be loading stuff and then hoping somebody
rescue you from your mess,

Doesn't it seem based on the video for pic password that you could just drag the number around the screen until it unlocks?

Posted via CB10

You have to know the correct number, spot on the pic, and then release it.

I suppose you could try every # on every spot on the pic until you figure it out.

Posted via CB10

haha at that rate, you may as well just have a 256 bit AES encryption and try a brute force crack on it...it will take about the same time. - YES...that's an exaggeration!

It is still more secure than the draggy pattern thing on Android. I just have to look at a friend's screen from across the room while they do that and voila!

At least with this, the numbers and location require focus. :-)

Guessing Fuse is desktop integration, kind of what Apple has right now.
It's not really a mainstream features inky power users would use it.
Unless they develop it so it works differently from the other systems out there.

eagerly waiting!

Great features to be added, but I think they should prioritize making the OS UI more stable and smooth rather than adding more features but lots of bugs and issue..

Posted via CB10

Very impressive. The OS is becoming more unique and getting further away from being mimicked. That was clearly a jab at iOS 7. We have to use iPhones at work and I fucking hate them. Even more so when I see a familiar lock screen every time.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

wow.. I am impressed about 10.2.1

... but I hope this update coming to the ALL carrier = all over the world = the glob... >>> this is our problems until now... :) ..

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Fuse is BlackBerry Bridge for Android tablets.
It's a local server which allows remote access to local content.
"Dashboard" is just the homepage.

Just checked again and I've made a mistake...
You can fuse with an Android or an Apple tablet.
Pairing is done via NFC or barcode scanning

So what is dashboard exactly? The homepage that would replace the current grid icon?

They look like Win 8 tiles

It won't replace anything on your phone, but on your tablet, when you launch the Fuse app, you'll get the dashboard which is simply the homepage of a website hosted on your phone.

Through that website, you can control some PIM apps and will have access to your phone messages (BBM/SMS)

That means I have to buy an iPad? Lol i want it to bridge to the PC tho. Any luck with that?

Posted via CB10

Wow, looks like Airdroid allready does what Blackberry has been talking about and trying to do for the past year and counting. That really sucks!

Not really, this application if what he stated is true is built in and integrated and if BlackBerry do it right will be better and improved.

There's always going to be something similar, it what's you do with it that counts.

I sure hope Blackberry can do it right and improve on what the competition has to offer. I like the idea where Blackberry is going. Come on BB team! Hit a home run.

So far it seems the BB version is quite limited in terms of apps & services, but maybe they'll offer better management functionalities for those apps.

Really want the ability to operate my phone from my desktop. This feature would be amazing. BlackBerry please make this a reality.

Posted via CB10

Omg yes. If i can sit at my work desk and bbm and text with out using my phone, my manager will think I'm an even better employee because I don't use my phone.

Posted via CB10

I actually installed this one a day after the latest leak came out. Needless to say I didn't keep it long at all,it made the hub go nuts! It kept giving me alert,after alert,after alert saying I needed to put in my passwords for all my accounts and then when I did it wouldn't accept them.

Posted via CB10

Exciting stuff!!! Go BlackBerry.
I really like that new password pic, it's different and a pretty cool way to unlock the device.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Strong suggest the fix the sms lag and multiple contacts on one device before they springboard to multi devices
Just saying

Posted via CB10

Some of these concepts look really cool, particularly the Dashboard. I've used iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and Windows phones and I can't believe how much better the BB10 OS is than anything the others have to offer - so fast, smooth, responsive, intuitive and utterly brilliant for business use. The improvements with 10.2 and even the tiny little fixes with, and now these leaked features... such a shame that RIM fell so far behind the competition when what the company now has to offer is so good.

I really hope that BBM is made available for desktop - with Viber, Skype and Whatsapp (via a third party framework) available for desktop, I reckon there is a market. I wish I had BBM on my PC, it would be extremely useful for quick business communications as well as just for general social stuff.

There is a way to get BBM on your desktop, BLUESTACKS.
Now that BBM is Cross-Platform, the Android version is available at Blustacks.

How to install it: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ-RqxkfkBY

The only problem is that if you use your current BBID, BBM inside the device that uses that ID will stop working. So, create a new BBID and add your friends or co-workers to that PIN

Hope it helps you while we get an official Desktop App for BBM.

Cool! Thanks mate! Being able to use the same BBID will be important, so hopefully and official desktop version will be along soon.

I cannot wait to see how this shakes out. I still want some UI improvements. Mostly with the icons and such. I would also like to see more TAT influence within the media player and picture viewer.

Pic password is great as you can just drag the overlayed grid. If numbers from anywhere on the screen whole focusing on the one number you have chosen and location! Impossible for someone to know who's sitting right beside you looking at your device! Genius! Not like androids pic password. For instances my friends password for his android device is he has to draw a dollar sign. Lol

IROC-Z10 But Mostly She Rocks Me!

I imagine all this should go on hold until new management gets a strategy together. All has big implications for BlackBerry future and they can not spend precious resources on dreams that they don't consider in sync with strategy. First mobile computing should be high priority if business applications are a target. A plug and play mobile platform would be incredible. Imagine slipping a z10 into your keyboard or monitor and opening excel or ppt. Etc. Also seemless access to Google play would focus BlackBerry World on productivity apps, if it worked well. But if these are not in the strategy, access to Google play would kill World. Time to dream but time also to focus.

Posted via CB10

Thats just dam silly! Why did they make it ask you each time if you set it up for pic lock? Sounds like a microsoft ( are you sure you want to open this file)
Num lock should come up if you can't remeber your pic lock.
The more stuff you have to go through, just to get to your pic screen lock the more people will hate it, thus not helping blackberry's image.
Not everyone need a secret service phone lock, but give people differnt types of phone unlock, just have each option rated on how secure it is.

Have you not considered that this is there for beta testing and in case of issues it would be safer to keep both options handy rather than locking BB people out of their own devices.

Couldn't they make a hybrid with the files?meaning a working radio ect.... ? or are there no more hybrid os with bb10

Posted via CB10

Well I'm very excited that BlackBerry has plans to evolve the os but these features aren't my cup of tea but I sure won't turn any of them down.

Posted via CB10

What I'm thinking and hoping is that fuse will "fuse" all of your messages with a contact so say that you have friend/contact who you have sent sms, bbm, and facebook messages to. If you select fuse it will fuse all those conversations into one conversation.Now that would be awesome

As far as the picture password I would pass on that it seems to easy to crack you can choose any number and place it in the wrong spot but accidently place the right number in the right spot. Unless it actually records which number you press down on. Then it would be a pretty cool and secure

How so? I would much rather go to one source for a conversation I was having with someone rather then searching through all (in this scenario) three mediums to find where the conversation took place.

You know there has to be a reason why BB didn't sell it self off, I think there is a lot none of know about and this stuff coming down the pipeline maybe what brings BB around again. Time will tell. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

That pic password thing I'd cool. I always thought the password screen was just too basic and lacking compared to more intuitive circle connecting android.

Posted via CB10

Wow dashboard looks awesome, now hopefully they don't cripple it like they did Bridge. This may be why the PlayBook 2 rumors are so hot and heavy right now. It could just be a dock, which I would be absolutely fine with. Keep the Z10 in my pocket and the PB2 will work using the more than capable Z10 as the computer. Sounds great to me, where do I sign up?

BlackBerry 10 United

Not for the masses may mean, not for the "consumer' but it is for the elite 'prosumer' :)

Posted via CB10

Every iteration of OS 10 is bringing more convenience and innovation. I've never downloaded a leak, but I salivate over 10.2 for Verizon and am considering trying it for my Z10. Problem is I only have one and if I screw up I'm in big trouble. I rely on my phone for a lot of my responsibilities at work

Hopefully the fuse feature lends credence to the PlayBook 2 rumor. Waiting for thé return of full bridge + and perhaps miracast on the tablet as well to allow mirroring of our handsets. Could be sweet!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible Q10!

The patent for the picture password (if indeed BlackBerry 's), sounds identical to the one available on the Nexus4.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

This would seem like wishful thinking on people's part really, it is far more likely to just be native support for apk files and then you have to use 3rd party stores or apk downloaders to get the apps.

Sorry, but I'm still waiting for the lock screen to display more than just one upcoming calendar event! I would like to see the next 3 events at the very least. Sometimes I have two events close together, so it would be nice to see both not just the next one. Why can't I simply tap on the clock display to see my calendar events on the lock screen?

Pic password??

Why waste all that time and money on a problem that doesn't exist. It's looks like a cumbersome way to unlock your device. Surely BlackBerry have more pressing issues like headless apps, more features on docs to go (sum functions et al), how about a proper direct print from your device tool instead if these complicated apps requiring huge wifi and other set up procedures.

Posted via Z10 on CB10

Could they possibly have multiple teams working on particular areas of the os, nah they only have the one tiny team and they are doing this feature instead of others just to annoy you personally. ;-)

Yet again it's just window dressing and presentation. Where's the meat BlackBerry? The hardcore, solid functionality and capability. BB10 is still sorely lacking in this. As the newest mobile operating system on the market it should lead the wayby a country mile but it still doesn't even come close.

Almost like in the movie "Johnny Mnemonic". There used to encode images.
Pretty good science fiction film.

This looks awesome, but I will wait for a complete leak before I install.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30 (STA100-5 /

There were some people who mentioned how ported android apps are not as easy to port to BB10 as we though it was. Now they might add Play Store integration?

I for one never thought it was difficult to port over apps. It just a matter of if the dev want to or not. Most dont, for obvious reasons.

Your average smartphone user would consider "side-loading" a hassle. Unfortunately, any product looking to gain market share needs to cater at least somewhat to the not-so-savvy crowd too.

While I find bb10 to be one of the smoothest and incredibly fast, efficient, clean, and responsive OS, the gestures/shortcuts/functionality to get the most out of this phone do have a learning curve that would take the average user some time to really figure out/get used to/migrate from the usual ios/android.

Once you do though... BB10 is hands down one of the best multi-tasking devices out there with such a fantastic UI that just 'works' so well when you know how to work it right. There are so many gorgeous phones that I want (note3) but none that will perform as swimmingly with such good battery as my Q10(my opinion, anyways).

Posted via CB10

OK. I am caving and putting this on my z10 (secondary device, no sim). The problem, I download the file, but it won't extract. :(

Posted via CB10 on my Z30 (STA100-5 /

Guys help me understand, I have the leaked version installed, but I can't see any of these features :)
Is it for a higher 10.2.1.xxx release?!?!

' ... to you won't have access to Google Play but you'll be able to install APK files directly without any conversion' o.O Yes please!

'... just because we're seeing this stuff now in leaked builds that doesn't necessarily mean it's a lock in for 10.2.1 release. Realistically, some of this stuff might never officially appear' Hmm it better appear! Where's that magician when you need one?!

Well my good friend who I'm not gonna say told me that yes the Google play plugging is real and you will be able to download android apps which is really cool I'm getting the code on my Z10 tomorrow so I can try it out and I'm super excited to be able to download android apps with out having g to side load them yay blackberry

Posted via CB10

WOW. Fascinating potentially new features here. Hope these do come out; the picture unlock looks good and fuse mode sounds like a game changer.

Posted via CB10

So can we agree that Thorsten's strategic review was the Board of Directors attempt to devalue BlackBerry in an effort to provide Prem Watsa to gain control of the company via his position on the BlackBerry Board of Directors? If the only thing between the company's survival was a mere USD1 000 000 000 cash infusion, the entire reorganisation was a smoke screen and a sham. I maintain there should be an investigation into the actions of the senior executives and the BlackBerry Board of Directors by the Ontario Securities Commission, FINTRAC , and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

How do you work that out, them having good new ideas doesn't change the value of the company as they had those before in earlier versions of bb10 and the public has mostly ignored them unfortunately.

Wow! Some interesting ideas there. Hopefully they can make it to a US carrier release sooner than later. It is great to see BlackBerry focusing on software innovation.

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

If they actually make it much MUCH easier to get Android apps working, there wouldn't be an excuse not to use BlackBerry as an enterprise essential, virtually all important apps would be there and also the ones that are written already for specific companies.

Posted via CB10

For the life of me I cant understand. If you want android apps buy an android. BB apps for BB. I'm not feeling a BlackBerry hybrid.

or, if you like the bb10 OS and want to support Blackberry, you can get a Z30/Q10 and use any apps via android port that may not yet be designed natively for bb10.

Posted via CB10

With Picture Password, what happens if you select the wrong number but the correct number lands in the right place by chance when you move the grid?

Posted via CB10

My guess is correct password.... That just makes sense... It appears that you just have to align the correct number to the right spot ...

anyone have any insight on how I can get 10.2 on my sprint Q10 using Linux? (fedora 16 or kubuntu)

Posted via CB10

I just might have to give this a try once I get the upgrade from AT&T

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10 on AT&T