Leaked Bell roadmap shows off new BlackBerry devices

Bell BlackBerry roadmap
By Adam Zeis on 2 Aug 2011 03:38 pm EDT

Bell is up next on the rumored device front with this leaked hardware roadmap that shows off more than a handful of new devices. While there are no dates of the official or coming soon variety listed, it's a good sign to see them in print regardless. Included in the lineup are the both Torch 9810 and 9860, Bold 9900 and Curve 9360. Again, here's to hoping we don't have much longer to wait before we hear some official dates for all carriers on these devices.

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Leaked Bell roadmap shows off new BlackBerry devices


Why are these companies advertising these phones as 4G? First it was Verizon in the leaked demo, now Bell.

Nor does the 9900 have a 3.2" screen. Smh...

it all just marketing. they are allowed to call it 4G so long as the speed has been improved and some tweaks to technology has been added. my advice with any device for purchasing is to look past what everyone is saying and look at specific specs.

yeah, it was something stupid like, anything that suppose hspa+ or is even just a little faster than the normal 3g (used to be called 3.5g) can now be called 4g. Marketing at it's finest really.

You already see people posting 4G this LTE that... not realizing that the carriers are going to throttle the bandwidth to the point where it might as well be 3G.

Everyone is on the 4G bandwagon, so no one wants to be left out! Folks, HSPA is 3G, HSPA+ is 3G+. You've got to wait for LTE to get true 4G performance.

Don't let the carriers mislead you. Even Sprint, which uses WiMAX still only gets 3G+ speeds; however, it is better than HSPA+ (faster and longer range).

It's really unfortunate that the 4G label has been misused. I wonder if they'll push to call it 5G.

Sweet, 2nd. lol even though I am not on Rogers or Bell. It is great to know the devices are on their way out of the oven :o).

Bell advertises 4G speeds of 40+ mbps on their web-site this leak says 14?

Seems like carriers throw the term '4G' around as liberally and inaccurately as BGR throws around the term 'RIM Executive'. Am I right?

i thought it was the terms 'source close to rim' were the one bgr like to throw around liberally lolll

It isn't technically correct by whose standards? Yours? HSPA+ is the fourth generation of cellular network in Canada, thus the term '4G'.

Everyone always associates 4G with LTE because that's what you see in American advertising. But I believe some U.S. carriers are calling their HSPA+ '4G'.

at&t will probably skip it like the 9780 for some unknown reason.....They had really better not skip the 9900.

HSPA+ was relabelled 4G as a marketing gimmick that spread across carriers and is now universally used. Although its hardly a revolutionary step or huge boost of speed, HSPA+ is certainly faster in real life than the old CDMA.

I don't get the screen sizes listed in the first row. 3.2 in for the bold 9900? But only 2.44 for the 9790? The 9810 is also 3.2? Does not make sense. The Bold 9900 screen can not be the same dimensions as the Torch 9810.

RIMs mobile devices never did have the greatest specs, but you have to take into consideration how well they actually make use of the lack of specs. We'll see what happens.

Well, that's RIM business cycle. That's why they're in the craphole they're in right now.

Watch they will re-release the old 7100 series with a side trackpad instead of a side thumb wheel hahahaha.

In terms of Verizon Wireless, would the 4G LTE on the bold 9900 be much better than say the new 3G curve?

come on people, what's with the negativity. New devices are on the bend ..we should all be celebrating and making love. i mean not with each other but with our significant others. and....i guess...some of you with your selves, teehee ;-) lol

aaahhhhhh Best comment to date. I also dont get all the negativity. Although I can fully understand the frastration. Maybe its me only but does anyone else here think the reason Rim is always delaying new berries is cus of a serious supply problems with their devices. And also maybe the "supposed" chaos @ Rim. Anyways, better late then never I guess. Peace

Hopefully they will be true 4G. I would like to hear that this wait was worth something more than just Processor, Ram and OS update. I guess i'm going to get one anyway, but that would make me feel better about all the delays and let downs.