Want BBM Stickers right now? Here's how to get them

By Adam Zeis on 31 Mar 2014 10:59 am EDT

The next update for BBM is right around the corner (as in days away). It will bring along some new features including sponsored BBM Channels content as well as BBM Stickers. If you just can't hold out for the official update to arrive though, a leaked version is available now that gives you plenty of sticker-loving fun.

You'll have to sideload the leaked version on your device to use it. It appears that things are running smoothly for the most part, the exception being that paid stickers aren't available for purchase.

Standard rules apply to this one too - it's unofficial hence not supported, so use at your own risk. If anything breaks it's all on you.

Download leaked BBM

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Want BBM Stickers right now? Here's how to get them


Totally don't like this whole new kiddy flavor of BlackBerry.. but what can we do, we live in a world of frkn Candy Crush fans.

Does it erase your current chats/conversations? I don't really care, but I know some on the Beta were really p-- off when it erased all current chats.

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I didn't lose any of mine when I did this the other day. Maybe it's a mixed bag when it comes to this

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It will not. I didn't lose my conversations

Subscribe at BBM Channel [URL="bbmc:C0008556F"]Amsterdam 020.am[/URL]

Yup. Gotta keep things fresh!

Also, Adam, I believe this only works on 10.2.1

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

Still think stickers is a bit rubbish!

Please please polish BBM channels! More than 1 administrator, update your channel from multiple devices. Short video clip support for channels like instagram!

This is what BBM needs not overgrown smileys!

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Yea, but stickers is more popular than Pokemon in Asia. A huge cash cow. BlackBerry needs it now.

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The use of "is" is correct in this case. When comparing "Stickers" to "Pokemon" it is a single item to single item comparison, so use of "is" is correct. To use "are," you would have to say stickers and pokemons. The idea in this case is the brand of stickers and brand of pokemon. Just a pet peeve... then saw that you were correcting yourself when you didn't have to.

I understood him, too. Then he went and corrected himself. Just pointing out that he didn't have to. :)

I assumed he was referring to the one show Pokémon and not the pokemons in general due to his capitalization of the word, hence I assumed he also referred to the stickers product and not the individual stickers. A show... a product... not plural. But that's just my assumption of his typing. I wouldn't have said anything, but he had to go and correct himself.

To be clear, nomloj is incorrect, Tammy is correct, and xBurk was correct to correct him or herself.

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You may not be the target market. My Asian girlfriend saw this and went "awewome". My Asian colleagues are forever using the stickers in WeChat

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Hmm..seems like another delay with a launch. I thought this was supposed to be BlackBerry don't fall into

From my new z30

Oops. Hit send by accident. Thought this was to be launched already? Hope we can continue with the new launch on time theme that has been evident since Mr C took the helm

From my new z30

The new BBM update was supposed to be rolled out of beta last week. However, a backlog of apps in the Apple App Store had forced BlackBerry delay the rollout.

The new BBM update was supposed to be rolled out of beta last week. However, a backlog of apps in the Apple App Store had forced BlackBerry delay the rollout.

However, if you’d like to get your BBM 10.3 action with stickers, download the following leaked version. Stickers purchasing works and this version is functional on 10.2.1.xxx and 10.3.

Not sure how, but I used chrome and sideloaded. I still have all my chats and I purchased the sticker packs.

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I really didn't think stickers would appeal to me at all, but I must say I've been sending about 100/day.

One thing that bothers me is that when scrolling through the stickers it is way too easy to accidentally send one. And more screen should be given to the stickers when selecting one.

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Hope blackberry doesn’t push the roll out back and blame it on people installing leaks!

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What Chen really cares about is revelations about upcoming specs or features. This leaked version has features already available in the closed beta version within The BlackBerry Beta Zone, so I guess it is out of the scope of Chen's letter.

that being said, too many people install leaks and betas, and then complain when they suffer from a bug. This is not consistent. The aim of someone installing a test version is to find bugs as much as possible.

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not sure if i read right a while back in a forum, but BlackBerry was gonna make the smileys bigger. are the BlackBerry smiley stickers this feature?

On one hand, stickers are already big and will not change size.

On the other hand, BBM smileys are currently small (the height does not exceed the total height of the word "gÎ") and I have indeed read somewhere on the blogosphere that the smileys height will increase a bit.

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Making money is part of owning a business. If you don't want to use them, don't.

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Yes, it's a joke. But it's also a joke that has a decent mass market appeal, which BBM needs to grow beyond the 85 million active users they're at right now. The bigger the active user base, the more potential to monetize it with ads, BBM Money, etc. Not to mention the little revenue sticker sales alone might generate. Any income is good income for BlackBerry right now.

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Look at you, acting like your opinions are "facts". Are the people I know in Asia full of crap because they like them, even though you personally dont?

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While I understand that monetization is a concern given the overall BlackBerry situation, I'm afraid this sets the wrong priorities because the top features touted for the release have about no appeal to the user I am. Is it made easier to add contacts ? Is video a no brainer including screen sharing, non with standing it being cross-platform. Are the android tablet supported, such as the nexus...

I've said it before, and I'll say this again. There is never just one team working on BBM inside BlackBerry. There are multiple teams, each dealing with a separate feature / partial feature. Stickers would most certainly take less time to implement and roll out than video (which needs that extra time for implementation and infrastructure upgrades) and possibly even altering the contacts invite process. So what's the harm in rolling out a feature which is ready and will start generating income for BB? Would you rather they wait till summer to release a relatively simple add-on like stickers, and then be blasted by the media for being "late to the party again"?

I personally don't see myself using stickers much but I can appreciate the importance of it for BlackBerry seeing as they are a big thing in many global markets.

Via CB10 on Z10 | T-Mo |

Your last paragraph says it all. What I underlined is that their strategy shall favor growing the user base even before monetizing. This announcement shows me a shift of priority towards monetization and having been in this industry I can guarantee you this is too early and a path to failure. And I haven't forgotten that initially they were announcing cross-platform video for q4 2013. So there has really been a shift of focus. Will paid stickers grow their user base? If at least free, it may have had a minor impact in Asia. But even if I hear that there are multiple teams, would the the resources have been better used elsewhere such as the graphists improving the native user look in the other platforms.

In an ideal world your approach would apply. There is nothing to say that BBRY bringing stickers to the fore took away substantially from it working on some of the issues you mentioned. I think of it as diversification. There are some people for whom stickers are important and I am all in favour of BBRY cashing in on that desire while it continues to work on the other things. It doesn't have to be either/or; it can be both/and.

What matters to people who do not have BBM today :

It is not how easy it is to add a contact, or if the video chat works.
Whet matters is missing features like read status in multi chat and group chat, as well as sharing pics to multi chats, and stickers.

What matters to people who already use BBM:
Nothing that will make them leave BBM for another platform.

What is BlackBerry 's interest regarding BBM?
It is not to keep people from going to Viber and Hangout
It is to make people come (back) to BBM.

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Well your last sentence meets my point: what matters is to grow the user base. When you mention stickers, it is not top of the list, and the very fact it is paying is made silent. I agree the features priorities have to be decided by the product manager so that what i express as my needs isn't to be considered as the product priorities. that was not my intent, just showing that my use case a better covered elsewhere even if the other solutions can be improved as well. and i heartily agree with picture sharing use case. Ok free stickers can attract a bit but paying stickers...
what i meant is that if you enter monetization prior to growth in the equation, you will end up with no growth, and a limited base for monetization and maybe pushing new monetizing features with hazardous roi that is distracting from fixing bugs or user experience or whatever is acknowledged making user churning.
i disagree that once you have bbm you are not looking back for other solution, first because they are already there and have reached a critical mass. market is showing a consolidation stage which is a warning signal for newcomers. There was a new window to reshuffle cards with a new range of devices (smartphones and tablets), but next wide land of opportunities will probably resides in a new range of devices that will tolerate some features lacks.
i am a new user to bbm, but my experience is that it doesn't had much value against what i am used too, and adding a contact was such a surprising pain that it almost was a showstopper. My experience for the features of bbm is that it does less than even the playbook for audio/videochat which was my primary need. My experience with text is that it isn't as reliable as other solutions, and i don't care much about the read status (for instance i never ask this for emails). In communication what matters is the reciever, only if he wants to hear what you say, read might prove something.
My experience with bbm is that i cant easily install it on a nexus tablet, so i don't have it there. My experience on the ipad mini (not retina) is that i have to find it in iphone only apps and that it looks ugly and scaled up from lower resolution.
It wants to be cross-platforms, but only a single device can use it at a time.
So if text messages market looks quite hard to get in, i still think that video conferencing market is maybe more open although this is a smaller area where advertising can prove difficult, but BlackBerry looked more innovative there to me with the playbook and hdmi.
I also tend to think that rich communication in a single app with text and video isn't very wished (if you can properly multitask, you can use multiple apps, just needs os that allows apps overlays not only windowing). thus I was far more liking the application split in this matter on the playbook with a simple dedicated video app, a single contact app and was only missing the chat counter part app.
So my need may look specific, but as of today i see BBM as a lesser solution almost on all front and i guess this is the feeling of most new users. So i feel like BBM shall do less but better.
Maybe Ebbm can maybe solve a bit contacts with ldap support in the context of entreprises, but there are some other administrative functions needed to kick off users of example. And i can't see (e)bbm ready for hotline kind of services as bbm itself hasnt reach end user critical mass. I'm doubtful that blackberry has the resources to chase both entreprises and mass market with BBM.
Was longer than I thought, would probably be have been better on a forum than on a comment. So thanks to these reading all this!

Leaks nowadays just mean the official is coming soon. I will wait for the official stickers. Nice to know BBM is stepping up their game though!

For those of you not regularly paying attention, while its marketed as BBM with stickers the huge feature most would want this for is the file transfer size being bumped up from 6Mb to 16Mb.

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I sent a sticker to my wife and she replied " what are those? Are they for the visually impaired? "
Still don't get the use of stickers...anyway guess I'll see.

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Somewhere about I read someone suggested themed stickers like Disney characters, etc. I'm sure with more thought we can recommend other familiar themed stickers to offer.

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Stickers? Really? No one is going to use this garbage. Lets focus effects on useful items (and no, Channels are not useful.) How about video cross platform? Or a better way to share files? Get rid of the crappy "icons" to share - no one even knows how to send me a picture using BBM anymore. How about fixing the Android notifications so they actually work all the time or making the file size bigger to share.

File size limit has been increased to 16mb from 6 mb. Plus, we can now send photos and share location in multi-person chats!

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I have many friends on Viber who are excited when I show then the BBM stickers. I will probably make them come to BBM thanks to those stickers as soon as it is available for Android.

Thanks to this feature, BBM fills the gap with Viber.

Who cares if the buttons are ugly or beautiful? Millions of people buy Samsung smartphones despite the ugly screens.

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Don't get all this sticker nonsense if I'm honest, it might be appealing to those under 12 etc but what about us grown ups who use BBM for more serious things like keeping in contact with family members and business use etc??

Like others have said, I'd far rather they polish up BBM channels and add enhancements to BBM itself than mess around with silly stickers that have already been popular with other Asian chat services that co exist for that reason alone.

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Two things.

First; keeping in contact with family is one reason I'm looking forward to stickers (will have fun with the wife )

Second; this update brings an increased file transfer size and pictures to multi person chats along with a host of other changes. You're picking one small part of their update and ignoring the rest of it.

He posted from his sleek Z30.

Just to make things clear. BBM will always be free of charge.

And there will be free sets of stickers, and other sets that will be premium.

Same business model as the stickers in Viber.

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I think this is a great feature for all audiences and if you don't like the feature you just don't use it...

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I'll wait patiently for the official update, as I'm not sure what to think about sponsored channels. I'm afraid it's going to eat away battery life...

Posted with my Z10 via CB10

I think otherwise. Millions on people will buy paid stickers.
And millions will simply use the free stickers.

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Man, Mr chen must fire whoever in charge for settings price, always set the price so high n loose money n people and then reduce the price. That's time damage it'd done. E.g all the device prices.

Stickers prices are high, should sell like $0.99 not $1.99

They need to make money but first get the people on board, if sticker price is high people not going to use at all

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If it helps making a bit of dough for BlackBerry and if it helps users get their messages across in a fun way, I'm all for it. Probably not my thing yet, I might warm up to it.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "