Leaked: *Actual* OS for BlackBerry Storm 9530!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Sep 2009 07:16 pm EDT
Leaked: BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS

Just over a week ago a hybrid version (homemade installer) of OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 surfaced. Due to the non-standard installation method we decided to leave it off the blogs and just leave it in the forums for the hardcore crackies to play with. Now that an actual version of OS has leaked for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 (standard installation method), it's good to go. There's lots to read about for the 9530 in the forums, so follow the links below and get your OS on!

*OS Disclaimer - This is an unofficial release. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: *Actual* OS for BlackBerry Storm 9530!


Come on Kevin....give us some 8900 love and make it a 3 for 1 deal. I know you have some secret 8900 OS burning a hole in your pocket

i have a question....how do i download it to my mac...all it says after downloading "stuffit expander" the program that is running the compressed downloaded file wont allow me to open it!


Can i get an official release? I'm a bit skeptical to try my luck with the leaked releases after nuking a berry already...lol

Kevin, can you investigate a workaround for the "active subscriber" problem? Apparently you can't upgrade to OS 5.0 w/o a valid (active) BiS account.

Ive been on .167 for a few weeks now and loved it! But I just downloaded this and it is a keeper! I just have to figure out how to get BBM 5.0 on it. I know theres a way just have to find the link. I say GO FOR IT!!!

You'll not be able to find BBM 5.0 working on this OS, we have to wait for a BBM leak, hope this is not far away!:P

it does , what i noticed i had to delet the vendor forlder and disconect from the internet , thats when it installed for me

thanks beloved, just finished about an hour ago and everyone is calling me, im free now , now im gonna play with it.

Spent the better part of the last week stressing out over whether or not to install the hybrid .230 or not. This morning while at work, I said "What the Hay! Why not. " and proceeded to brick my Storm twice. I was finally successful at approx 7:46 pm EDT. Then imagine my pleasure and surprise(sarcasm) when I open up CB and see that there is an OFFICIAL LEAK! Thanks Kevin( little bit of Sarcasm, OK a LOT)

Works great. Had a flawless install. Right now seems to run just like the hybrid (.230 +.191) but my app and ram memory sitting higher at 35.2 MB.

Does anyone have the leaked software save & able to send of the for the new Tour 9630 ?? the leaked links online have either expired or are not downloading correctly. If you have it please let me know or could you send it to yngpapii916@gmail.com (subject: Tour OS) Thanks!

Is there any point in installing this OS .230 if I already installed the previous .230 over .191? Is there any difference between these two OS's besides installation ease?

Does have flick scroll... interesting under the Connection it has the BB symbol and 3G or whatever your connected to... Also has threaded messaging... icons look sleeker... seems faster transition and web

I know quicklaunch works, I don't know about buzzme I don't have that app, I use berrybuzz and thats working.

i noticed that the screen goes black when i put it to my ear when making a call and i cant push the buttons, why didnt they think of this from day one? storm slider has to go

Some things I noticed between the Leaked Version vs the Hybrid Version is the extra 4mb after boot up and the inclusion of the CityID application shown in the 9550 information given by Kevin.

Also, I don't what BBM version came in the Hybrid as I used Shrink-a-OS to remove it since I thought it might be the version and didn't want to have to uninstall and then install the version. But for those that will probably still ask, the Leaked Version comes with 4.7 and 5.0 still doesn't work!

WeatherBug Elite still no go! :-(

ive been running wb elite the only thing wrong is no icon on screen. i can live with out it. but every thing else works fin.. quicklaunch has worked for a while.. meterberry doesnt work.. still wish i can meterberry with out quick pull.. just noticed with wb elite there is archived symbol pretty cool.

No doubt about it, this is what the storm should have been. The flick scrolling, transition speeds, speed in general, threaded sms, memory improvements. Just awesome. And the little things like every time i press the screen in an area the command works. In previous OSs it was not as accurate. I know I couldnt go back. Some very slight screen glitches from time to time but they are really not a huge issue at all. Like a I said, its a must download!

Improved speed!, chat style messaging!, screens flow in and out seemlessly, doesn't lag, Very Impressive Update! I have 1 problem my browser won't connect to the internet, pandora works, v cast song id works, bbm works, brower won't connect. Anyone else have this problem?

holy crappinski, this thing is sweet,i was afraid to download it till it came straight from kevin....thanks kev.
i cannot describe it even, take the jump and do it. dont wait for the official,this is it.

Im downloading... but... does the browser works???

BTW, what about wlm, facebook, bbm 5.0, ubertwitter, googlemaps, berrybuzz and quickpull

I know browser, facebook, berrybuzz, and BBM 4.7. Quickpull looks like it wants to work but then you get an error and it is terminated. Thats all I am running right now.

anyone getting this message? this upgrade seems to work for me so far. my storm is unlocked and am using on Tmobile network. This message i get when trying to make a call. anyone know why? so basically, most of my storm works on this OS but i cant make calls!!! any help?


Downloaded and am running the .230. It is very responsive and havent found any flaws. The camera works without shutting off. Amazing. BMM works too. I highly recommend it

any one know a fix? I have a 9530 on Tmobile. I DL this new update and love it. But cant call out. I get the message "No Circut/ No Channel Available" can some one please help? anything i need to tweak? settings files?
you can email me jvcvlr2003@gmail.com

I have the same exact issue with a 9500 on T-Mobile, also running .230. Data works fine, but no phone calls. I was going to drop by the store today to try a SIM swapout, but I have little hope that this will work.

Hey all i just installed my old bbm it was 5.0 but for 4.7 os and it works fine love the flick scroll browser is faster than before thx crackberry

My desktop manager does not see the new OS....I've done everything...I've uninstalled previous versions, rebooted, etc.....Please help....


uninstall it again.
go to your controll pannel
add/remove programs
remove all the rim related stuff like previous OS's, etc.

then reinstall DM 5.
before running that app
install the .230 update.
then from there you should be good to go.

I exp the same issue, my solution listed below:

Remove all installed BB OS's the computer.

Navigate to c:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in motion\Shared\Loader Files and delete all folders in that directory.

Install new OS and proceed to success.


Getting the following message at the download site -
'Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.'

I just did the install and it works great but I keep getting Data errors. My edge keeps going from EDGE to edge. In addition, when I go into the App World application, it gives me an error that says that its having trouble connecting to the server, verify your network connection. My e-mail and web surfing seem to be fine with the exception of the edge ping pong. Is this happening to anyone else? Please someone help. Thanks

dude... that's why u shouldnt hack it or whatever u did. i got verizon so perfect OS for a well kinda perfect storm.. hmmm... lets see how the storm 2 hold out.

So, I'm pretty new to all of this stuff (just downgraded my OS and upgraded it to try to fix a memory leak for the first time last night). But, if this is a leak version, when should we expect to see the non-leak version pushed by BlackBerry? I don't trust myself to do the non-official version. Especially with the lengthy disclaimer at the bottom of the post.


hey sorry i'm new to this so I don't really know what i'm doing but can you download this straight to your storm or do you have to put it on your pc first and then send it over cause I clicked on the link from my storm and it started a download page I don't know if this is a waist of time

I just installed the new OS and its great but my BBM is gone. I had previously downloaded BBM 5.0. I have tried to download the official BBM from blackberry.com but its not compatible, can anybody help point me in the direction of a BBM that will work???

It's AMAZINGLY fast. Chat-like messaging. But, I can't get BerryBuzz to work and I also can't find my Blackberry Apps button. If anyone knows how to retrieve these, let me know!

They recently updated BB App World to support 5.0. Just go to blackberry.com/appworld/download from your phone's browser and download the latest version to make it work.

Anyone having problems getting smrtguard to restore data correctly?

I have tried several times to restore my contacts and the minute it gets to the fourth contact it stops. Any ideas?

oh and I'm getting the keyboard showing up.


Open Table
Mobile Bartender
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A couple users have asked already but no one has gotten answers. Is there any way to install this puppy using the new Mac desktop software? Damned EXE files don't work on our poor Macintosh computers =[

Unfortunately no... There is no way to do it on Mac's yet...

I have Windows installed via bootcamp on my MacBook Pro, and it works perfectly fine. :)

I experienced a memory leak with the Opera Mini 5 beta browser. With the OM 5 installed my memory would drop from 40 mb at start to 35 mb after 15-20 minutes and continue to drop about 5 mb's every 20 minutes or so. I never let it get below 25 mb's before I would do a battery pull. Without the browser installed I've been holding at 39 - 40 mb's since start up two days ago!

OK guys Im reading this and im so excited to upgrade but answer a few questions for me:

1. does it work with custom themes
2. does the browser work?
3. does quickpull work
4. are there sms and email audio alert issues?
5. do i have to delete/uninstall any vendor files that wont send stats back to RIM
6. besides camera improvements which I see, anything else better?

again im on verizon storm 9530, service and function might be different when compared to, say an unlocked tmobile storm (diff network and coverage, etc...)

thats all for now, Ill download and wait for your responses soon!

Thanks crackberry users!

Well the last 5.0 did not go well but this release seems good so far. I am using a original release storm. I did a full backup of my storm prior to loading this upgrade. The software loaded fine but i had to restore my information from the backup i created. once i did that as far as i can tell i got all my contacts back. my bbm stayed at 4.7 so that was good. I had to navagate to blackberry and to get the app world back on my phone. I also had to reload facebook. once that was done everything seems to be back normal. I am noticeing alot of changes for the good. scrolling is better and transitions are good. also now when you look at applications you can see the native and the 3rd party seperate (i like that). memory seems fine still little early to tell for sure. so as for me the upgrade went well. I will try to send another update when I have more time to play with the update.

I uploaded hybrid on my phone yesterday,
and i have .230 working Smooooooooooooooooooooooth .

Should i upload this one ?

or is this one same as the hybird

Has anyone gotten quikpull or a BBM to work on this leak? I cant seem to get BBM for 5.0 or 4.7 Storm to work? Any suggestions?

why do people say this os is the best.... when most apps dont work.. bbm5.0 don't work... i mean come on guys... your gonna waste newbies time to do an upgrade for nutting... best OS is lyricidal beta7v2b ...... period!

they fund it to be the best becuase it is really fast and more responsive (finger-friendly). And the only glitches are really minor (it automatically scrolls to the bottom sometimes). If they can get by with the apps that work, I think it is the best OS for the storm RIM has made.

Only issues I found so far has been had to re-install BBM, downgrade from 5.0. And Berryweather does not "update" correctly. Berryweather being a third party app will be corrected once the developer catches up to the new OS. Other than that everything seems to work great. I also note sounds are much louder and clearer.

Does anyone know if Weather Bug works on this version. I installed the hybrid a week or two ago and Weather Bug and camera did not work.

downloaded .230 last night n wow!! totally feels like a got a new storm :) the SMS style is different. I like it. Yes, we don't get the new bbm but its okay. Totally worth with more memory, faster web surfing. oh but your 3rd party apps u gotta do the "allow" ALL thing. this is why my FB n UberTwitter didn't work at first. TRY it out guys!

downloaded but haven't loaded onto my berry yet. Do you have to extract the vendor file and if so i have never done this before so how do i do this. when i click on the icon it goes directly to setup. Any help frustrated with .148 time for the new.

Runs pretty fast...minor lag here and there but loving the transitions and threaded sms.

Anyone having problems with berrybuzz? I can get into the settinggs but it doesn't list functions, show color options. Just gives me the option to enable or disable and to change the blink length.

I'm having the same problem. I deleted then reinstalled it and it still wont work. Let me know if you figure out how to fix it!

That's a deal breaker for me. Guess I will be waiting for an Opera update first, which will probably come faster than Rim updating 5.

Opera Mini 5 beta working on mine. Wasn't initially, but after a quick uninstall/install works great. Except when you backspace, it deletes everything you've writen in the entire field.. Odd.

theres a fix to that. Use the opera virtual keyboard in settings>advance>virtual keyboard on. You just can't use the BB keyboard.

I can't get my napster tracks to work anymore. When i usb it no longer just recognizes the blackberry. i have to manually switch to mass storage which does not work for my music because then it wants to make me pay for them.

i tried installing this using BB DM v5.0 in Parallels and also using the loader.exe file (after deleting the vendor.xml file) and BB DM tells me i need to be subscribed to BB Device Services or something and thru the loader.exe file i get an error on task 4 of 11 when it tries to connect to the phone to install the ROM (because it can't connect). so in a nutshell, no bueno.

Me too...anyway around this? I got it to download onto my storm but then when i tried to connect it back to DM to restore my data...it shut down...and continued to until I disconnected it. HELP!!

I Had the same problem, all i simply did was restart my computer, started up the Blackberry manager, and clicked restore worked like a charm.
Also make sure your desktop manager is at version 5
Hope this works good luck!

Do you have a mac running parallels? Which did you shut down? still not working and gets stuck at step 5 connecting to device? Please help!

and im wondering if it's going to do this with all of the other leaked/beta OS out there and thus should not even bother trying to do this at all thru Parallels...

i was referring to using the BB DM in Parallels to install ANY of the other leaked/hybrid OS that are already out there.

First off, the software is a major upgrade. everything works flawlessly, the transitions, the flick scrolling, everything. However my gripes, which Im sure many of you have too:

quickpull does not work, app world is deleted and must be downloaded OTA after installation, application center update gives a 404 error.

other than those major gripes (to me) everything seems to work fine. anybody know HOW to make quickpull work without me physically pulling the battery for now?

FLick scrolling, smooth transistions, icons much more polished,dial pad is now much faster and accurate, keyboard is spot on! The web is extremely fast, and best of all threaded messaging! all my apps 3rd party as well work flawlessly! This is great you will not regret it at all!
Im totally in love with my storm again!

it comes with a today theme. go under options where you change your icons on you homepage to 1, 2 , 3 rows it now has a today option ..

Other then the weather apps and app center not working right WHICH I DON"T CARE IF THOSE WORK!!.. THIS UPDATE IS BY FAR THE BEST

Are you sure? Did you reinstall it and reset permissions? I don't know if it would work or not, but that usually fixes issues.

Once you uninstall, Google Sync is no longer able to even be downloaded from the m.google page. Doesn't give you the option to d/l the app anymore. All of my permissions are set to Allow and still no dice. Lame.

my google sync did not delete when i installed this new upgrade. and it works just fine. i think its wierd how everyone has different issues. this upgrade works awesome, but i cant call out or recieve calls now, and havent been able to find anyone to help me out. so im downgrading again lol

argg...don't know what to do then. My business is linked to google sync. I guess I could sync with my macbook with ICAL>google>DM but what a hassle! Looks like I may be waiting.

How do you turn off the SureType feature....it's F-ing annoying and I can't seem to shut it off. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

How do you turn off the SureType feature....it's F-ing annoying and I can't seem to shut it off. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have deleted all old OS on computer and DM will not recognize updated OS. It still only shows 4.7 as current update. I also deleted all loader files before I un-installed and re-installed. Any help would be great. Thanks

Did you delete the vender.xml file? if not got to C:/programs/common files/research in motion/apploader and you should see a file call Vender.xml.. get rid of it and try again

This seriously should not be that difficult. I have un-installed, re-installed, deleted, re-downloaded, eliminated vendor files and the &*%*# DM still only shows 4.7. What in the world could I possibly be missing?

love everything so far EXCEPT that I have lost the setup key and can't activate my outgoing email settings! I go into options in messages and can't find the screen to enter in my password, signature, etc. Hoping I don't have to reinstall if anyone has any ideas.

UPDATE: I'm an idiot! Forgot that I had it hidden on the last build. Everything is fine and this is a must upgrade!

after uploading .230 my messenger just dissapeared from the phone. I went and download the new one and... nothing... I cant find it... or it doesn't work.... any clue?

You have to put the old messenger back on till they release the official 5.0... Just plug your phone back in and open DM go to Add or Remove App. scroll down and BBM should be unchecked. Click on it so its checked and hit finish. That should do the trick. Opera Mini 5 does work. I don't know who said it doesnt. It acted fishy at first but now works like a charm. Weather Bug doesnt work but Weather
EyeTouch works like a charm. It will do untill everything is fixed and official! All my themes work with this as well!!!

Thanks for your help bu I was talking about the MSN messenger, not the BBM. and yes... I did battery bull and nothing changed...

The .230 seems like a great upgrade according to some but I have valuable apps that I need to keep working like berrybuzz, quicklaunch. ubertwitter, drivesafe.ly and others that I am afraid I will lose. If anyone have an solution to those paticular apps on .230 let me know.

Listen people this OS has been out for a week already and there are at least 5 threads with hundreds of comments in them that cover what works and what doesnt. BBM 5.0 does not work on ANY 5.0 OS so thats not changed and all the other programs have already been tested for the last week while you were all just to lazy to keep up with the forums. Do some research in other threads when there are already threads up and running instead of flooding this thread with them. Also the only posts in this thread should be saying what is different from the hybrid version leaked a week ago. Come on people.

Funny, I had NO problems downloading and using BBM 5 all day since upgrade... Obviously it is having mixed results, but don't insult people when you yourself are mis-informed! Just To Clarify.... BBM 5 HAS WORKED FINE FOR ME ON THIS UPDATE. Not sure why it doesn't work for some, but I have had no problems

I went from 148 directly to 230 and I don't know y but my Facebook is working it took a few tries to connect but I finally did.

So my 5.0 bbm icon isn't available anywhere. i looked for hidden icons and in my folders, i can't find it. I'm guessing it isn't compatible with the new 5.0 os.
But will the old bbm work?

Not there when you install, just go and re-download it. BBM running fine on OS v

Just go and download it fresh, you should have no issues. I didn't.

one thisg I see different compared to other loads is the volume of the speaker. .230 has a VERY loud speaker... Has anyone noticed that?

this is the best thing since chocolate...everything runs great..the look..its so detailed!!, the feel its so smooth..so fast....everything is just better!!...OMG!!! im loving my storm right about now.

(i have also noticed the speaker is much louder juanflight)

so far i am loving .230. there is ONE major problem i am having though, my Browser is not working? i click on it and it wont even open up? i have tried reinstalling the OS a few times now and every time i get the same thing? anybody!?!? PLEASE HELP :(

Everything appears to work fine for me, sans the GMail Application. Throws some sort of red exception error and doesn't go any further. I'll browse around and post the fix here if I can find it. :)

I'm getting a browser error every time I try to load Facebook or get on the browser to blackberry app world. Other sites work but every time I try I get this HTTP Error 502: Bad Gateway

after an hour it came up with the sandard vzw screen
dont like the threaeded messages that much like my yahoo sep frpm mytext and everything else. will get used to it though..seems pretty slick. wen browsing seem just as lame. get of yopur bump rim. seems a lot slicker. will post back after i have had sufficient time to tear it up. P

running it right now just downloaded it earlier today. it feels much like and iphone and you can def tell that rim is trying to copy it it some sort, which isnt a bad thing. a couple of glitches here and there but so far so good

Seems like I try a new os everyweek with the hopes of keeping EDGE on my unlocked storm. I've already tried 2 versions of 230,191,148,167 and a whole bunch of others but I always go back to 75. EDGE worked a little but that version is so limited that not much else does the latest 230 works for me everything works the flick scrolling is not like 191 or iphone but its ok like 1/2 flick scrolling had to reinstall facebook and app world but it's a diff version of facebook still limited but better facebook I will keep this until I start losing EDGE but I just installed it without any os delete or battery pulls

Ever since I upgraded to .230, my storm has been freezing periodically when using it, regardless of the app. It will just lock up, and I'll have to do a battery pull to reboot it.

Is anyone else having this issue, or can someone help me fix it?

Okay, so I saw this posting last night and I was a little skeptical at first since I only had the .191 for a couple of weeks. But, since I had success with that version, I figured that I try out .230. I downloaded it last night and so far, I'm pretty satisfied with the results. The screen transitions are faster, flick scrolling is better, and the SMS threading is pretty cool too. The only thing that I didn't like was that all of my contacts were erased during the process (thank God for the SIM card) and I had to go back and input all of my addresses, email addresses, and particular contact alerts. Also, I had to download the Facebook app but that works great. So far, I'm satisfied with .230.

Is it just me, or is the speaker noticeably louder with this version?

Can someone tell me how to retrieve the application center, if possible?

Really glad I switched over from .167. Finally an OS that works the way I would have expected when the storm came out.

If I enable speaker phone in portrait mode and the phone switches to landscape, the speaker phone shuts off...or vice versa. Just a minor glitch but you'd think it would stay enabled regardless of the switch.

I am going back to the latest official OS. I loved the changes they made in but it was buggy and glitchy. Still needs work, think i will wait for the official OS release. Love the direction!! Keep it going!

Very slick this v5 leak; I'm glad this is the direction RIM is going. But no GMAIL app necessitates a back-rev. It's all good; I'll wait until Verizon officially releases it.

Hey i installed the new .230 but my applications wont work.tried to download new appworld but wont let me.i get error 404,any help?

I have not had any problems re-installing any of my apps. I don't know enough people who use BB to need my BBM, so that's not even an isse. EVERYTHING is working as it did on my last OS, but a helluva lot better.

This was my first attempt at loading a leaked OS and boy was it worth it! Loading was a breeze thanks to Kevin's link. So what the Storm SHOULD have been when it was released! Thanks CrackBerry!

I installed 5.0 last night and after playing with it all day at a work function, I have to say that this is what I thought I'd be getting when I bought my Storm. And now I see Storm 2 may be making a pre-Halloween debut. Awesome.

Okay there was a problem where when I tried to make a call it said call in progress. It would give a beep when i push the end button. Once I receive a call it would work again opera mini 5 works great I'll stay with 230 unless some other problem pops up in the days to come. does anyone know if version 5 os have some type of security where they wont play ripped music?

I have to say I upgraded about 2 nights ago and for the most part I'd rate this OS from a scale of 1-10 and 8.5 and the only reason it wouldn't have a 10 is because of the volume (eventhough I lowered everything) is extrememly loud and distorted and when my headphones are plugged in I noticed during the song change it mutes on the next song which is annoying. Also the app center doesn't work. Other than that I love how I don't have to do battery pulls every few hours to every day after using an application like google maps or facebook, the smoothness of the transitions from one program to the next and just the whole setup of it. The minor glitches such as the screen showing partial white area isn't bad esecially when it goes away. All in all I think its worth downloading because your Storm becomes a whole new phone. I do think Verizon will release an update sometime during the month around the time The Storm 2 comes out and I hope its this one but being fixed up.

This update is really cool. however some bugs I experienced are music wont keep playing songs with rhapsody consistently. It will start one then stops after it is over.all lot of my apps disappeared and vlingo won't connect or work. That is all i experienced so i am now trying to downgrade.

i have been reading the comments and that is so Fd up it sounds like i missed out on a good update.... i pretty sure i few other folks including myself would surely like if someone posted another link

after install you lose some APPS. As for Blackberry App world you actually have to go to the site from the browser and re install it. Your application list wont work and it will not refresh for you. As far as Berry Buzz that is not working for me either. I guess I am going to have to wait for the official release before I can use that. I am keeping version 5 because its fast and clean and great.

I love the direction they are taking with the leaks but way too many day to day apps arent working, or arent working correctly. also the speaker sounds horrible, like the speakers are about to blow. Random reboots.

I think im going back to 167 for the time being, hopefully the next leak will support more apps (or visa versa)

Okay, so I found another link to the file at phonedog.com, and I downloaded and unzipped the file, installed it and then opened Desktop Manager. When I plug my phone in and DM searches for upgrades, however, it is not finding the new upgrade that I just installed. Any ideas? Did I maybe download a bogus upgrade?

Up and running just fine...Facebook and all!

I am a newbie on here so go easy.
I updated my 9530 (on Verizon) with the OS 5 update, but now my application center won't work. It trys to update it, but then gives me a "An error occured while updating the application list: Error 404". any suggestions?

This is by far the best upgrade yet, even with the glitches. Quickpull and meterberry not working, but I can live without them. And I had to lower the volume on all the sound profiles.
my battery life is also a lot better.

I'm slow. Just seen the leaked OS is now available. I'm wondering can you upgrade to this using a Mac running the new Blackberry Desktop Manager For Mac software?

Damn what a big difference coming from .148. This is great. A MUST HAVE. Much quicker. All apps im using work and so does internet browser. Great threaded messaging. and transitions. AWESOME

Someone please put up the link to this, the old one doesn't work...I can't believe I missed this! HELP PLEASE


But please please please BACK UP.

I was running .148 and toyed for days about making this jump. I decided to futz with it while manning a teenager's birthday party...

The install would have been much more fun except I've bricked my 9530 as of 7:30PM last night and am still working to recover.

So DO back up and use BBSAK to back up the 3rd party. At least I know when I recover I've got everything.

Suggestions appreciated as I continue working here and watching NFL...


I just upgraded and was concerned with my apps being compatible. The ones that are working with no problems are: ubertwitter, drivesafe.ly, berrybuzz, youmail plus, quicklaunch, patternlock, quick pull(basic), weatherbug. Camera & Video Recorder are functional now if upgrading from .191.
I'm very satisfied so far.

Weatherbug LOCATION UPDATE FAILED for ME...I have to manually do it, it will work but the GPS doesnt work for me on this application. Any suggestions?

When I click on this link I get an Error 404 in Internet Explorer. Is there any other way to get to the leaked version of the OS?


I just downloaded the upgrade, before I upgrade, I was wondering if anyone has MGMaps working with .230?

Does anyone know where I can get this download? Everywhere I look it has been removed and I really want to upgrade my OS to this version... Any help would be great.

Update went smooth My volume is much louder
Phone has never said 3G now it does
new features are cool. Only thing I have seen is when playing back video there is no sound has anyone else noticed this

this is my first time attempting to download an "unofficial" os update and i was curious if anyone could help me with the process. for starters i was wondering if there is a link i could use from my phones browser to download the update directly? sorry if this is a stupid question im just slightly lost... if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated =)

it says the download service at sendspace is at full capacity. where else can i find the download link? please i need this so bad :(

I am on a corporate BES and installed the upgraded software, I do love the updated features, and now BBAPP STORE works too and even the new logo 3G never liked the 1xEV. But my reception is VERY SPOTTY and cant seem to get a stable signal. NEVER HAD this ISSUE with VZW service, anything I can do to help that?? HELP....Dont want to go back LOL

I download bb msgr 5.0 and my dial pad features changed back to the 4.7 OS version. STRANGE, I like the NEW PHONE FEATURES WHILE YOUR ON THE PHONE but I cant get it back...any suggestions without wiping the handheld?

it looks like ihave a different "BRANDING VERSION" there is a different branding version floating tan the one I saw on this BLOG.

i download some many times but doesnt work my desktop manager doesnt recognize the update somebody know how can i upgrade my os i installed a hybrid version but have alot errors please help me this is my emial t-jay@vzw.blackberry.net

when i click the link i get a navigation to the webpage was cancled when it loads.. ? anyone else get this, so where can we download it now

i cant find a link to the actual down load for my 9530
please help.
all i can find is the desktop manager upgrade!