Leaked 9650 OS Shows BlackBerry Bold 9650 User Guide

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Mar 2010 03:12 pm EST
Bold 9650 User Guide

* Download Link: Click here to download the BlackBerry Bold 9650 User Guide *

With the leaked 9650 OS today, the included user guide not so surprisingly shows the device as being labeled as the Bold 9650. As has been rumored before and stated many times since on the blogs and in the forums, this update device to the original Tour (which now has WiFi, optical trackpad and more) won't be released as a Tour but rather as a Bold, so any doubters can take this new user guide as one more piece of evidence. We talked more on the new CDMA Bold on yesterday's CrackBerry podcast so be sure to take a listen there if this device is of interest to you.

While the relabeling the Tour to a Bold isn't that shocking of a notion anymore, what is surprising (to me anyway) is that this user guide points to the device retaining a model number of 9650 still despite the product family change. Now that it's a Bold, I would think RIM would instead push it into the BlackBerry 97xx line, being a 9750 or 9730 or something like that. Instead it keeps in line with the 96xx series numbering. I guess it doesn't really matter, but it does seem odd to me. It has been rumored by some that this OS may be a final version for the new device, so if true it could be a Bold 9650 afterall. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to find out! 

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Leaked 9650 OS Shows BlackBerry Bold 9650 User Guide


"which now has WiFi, optical trackpad and more"

What's "more"? An upside-down green answer key? Because I think that aside from those three changes, it's absolutely identical.

should have OpenGL support, which the Storm2 and Curve 8530 do, but not the Tour 9630 does not. So there! That equals MORE. lol.  :)

That's what RIM does have you not realised by now!
8520 - 8530 same but 3G
The 9630 is just a 8900 with the 9000 keypad
The 9100 is same as 8100 but with os 5.0

Don't get the number logic tho - 3 bold lines all on diff numbers! Going down the curve route with 3 different curve versions I guess.

If its a Bold now the numbering should change to reflect that. Since its CDMA and wifi it should be 9750.

i think its pretty lame of RIM to try to pass this off as a Bold when clearly a large portion of the BB community already know what the deal is....I am really tired of cell phone companies pushing out new devices with minor improvements that should have been included in the first place in such short succession...so i guess having a tour in now like having a flip...a dying breed...

Agreed. I know that at the time we "knew what we were getting" but it still feels like a slap in the face when they try to pass this off as a "Bold" so we won't feel ripped off. Call this what it is ... a Tour 2.

Most of the bb community doesn't know it is a tour or a bold or anything. We are a bunch of bb dorks on a message board...we do not represent the majority of bb users. In the end, the average consumer doesn't care and they shouldnt. Why should you?

How exactly did tour users get ripped? We all knew the specs before it was paid for. Wifi is pretty useless feature anyway for me so I love my tour.

And why is it the tour 2 in disguise? Correct me if I'm wrong but only the tour users wver csalled it the tour 2 not rim. Even if they did they have a right to change the name not you.

The Bold 9650 is going to look just like the Tour 9630. I get a feeling that its being numbered the Bold 9650 because its not going to be like Bold 9700. So its going to be a step down from the Bold 9700.

In my opinion, the reason they are keeping the number below 9700 is because this device will have the slower processor from the Tour and not the upgraded 9700 one.

What's the HSDPA speed going to be on this thing? 3.6Mbps like the 9700 or will it be a sweet 7.2Mbps?

Hopefully a release date will be announced in the near future. I've had my Tour for a little over a week, and if an announcement comes prior to my 30 days being up I might have to send it back to get this one. I don't mind the ball, but I'm not fond of the idea of having to clean it all the time simply to use it, and I'm paranoid that after a year it'll just stop working. I hope they announce a release date soon. gndkjfngd

If I wanted a bold I would have been a crappy ATT Customer but I'm not SAVE the TOUR2 Sprint and VeriZon customers are getting the short end of the deal like always!

I'm starting to feel that this "new device" is nothing more than the same ol' Tour 2 9650 that most of us thought would be released last month. Rather than p*ss off multiple Tour 1 owners with an updated device following right on the heels of the Tour 1, the good folks at RIM decided to avoid that backlash by renaming all those 9650's sitting on their shelves something different- a Bold. No way we'd ever see through that right? LOL

x2...I'd really like to get an answer from someone who knows what there talking about since this question is asked all over the Bold forum and no one knows exactly yet

I agree with he Bold name it should have a 97xx model number. What's next, a 9670 Pearl or something? Come on RIM, u had just finally established some modicum of consistency and now you toss it. Dumb.

Hey Kevin,

Did you notice this on the last page of the manual, "BlackBerry® Bold™ 9650 smartphone model number: RCS71CW or RCS72CW"

What do those model numbers mean?

I guess RIM is going to number it what they want to and release it as whatever they want to. They don't care about what we want or what we think. Shame on them for not giving us CDMA users--Verizon is now the largest mobile company--a real top of the line unit!! We should be getting a snazzy looking 9750 now!

Ok, so how difficult is it to do a "Find & Replace All" to change a 9650 to a 9730 or 9750? The technical publications can be easily changed in the timeframe they have. I've noticed that RIM is very wish washy during development to the point that we don't know until an official press release. Perhaps the leak was done to gauge our reception of this marketing strategy?

I HIGHLY doubt that the Bold will still be a 9650 by the time it actually comes out. More then likly in the 9730 or higher device number.

those files were made back in the first week of Feburary, obviously older information that will probably be updated by the time it comes out

In the end, does it really matter what the branding/marketing designation is, as long as the device is of high quality and does what you need it to?

Why does it matter what the number is? At the end of the day it doesn't.

Having said that, the reason they are sticking with the 96xx is because it has the body design of the Tour.

I do wish that they would come up with consistency, i.e. Bold, Curve, Pearl, Storm and that should be it. What is so hard about this.

Have the first version be xx00 for GSM, CDMA xx10 or whatever and then the second version xx20 for GSM, xx30 for CDMA. Then only move on to the next xxxx for major revisions, i.e. 88xx to the first Bold.

This really fell apart at the end, sorry.