Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 May 2009 08:26 am EDT
Leaked for 9530!

Ahh, that time again folks. Get your Desktop Manager loaded up and USB cables plugged in.... it's time for another leaked Storm OS upgrade. As always, be sure to make note of the warning below and review the forums threads indicated below for full details. Big ups to DonNguyen for posting this one up in the forums!

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions.

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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!


Can someone please tell me what the advantage of using this OS is over And also, I have an unlocked Storm using it on AT$T, will that mess up my unlocking? Thanks in advance all.

I hear that this leak is in final testing at VZW. May this be the official? I hope so. My source - blackberryos.com

Loaded it up at 4am this morning, thought maybe I was dreaming, but when I woke up for real it WAS on my phone. ;)

who cares if its official dude..this is part of the storm culture now hahaha ive actually been waiting for this. its not even a matter of should i or should i not..and who even cares to write comments saying theyre gonna wait and read comments first...im on the bandwagon already...it'll be on my phone in a minute!

im a trooper and wait for the official which should be around the corner, besides this might the Verizons band-aid for rejecting .141... but i would not mind if you guys post any differences in OS from .132, .141, & .148...thanks

I'm at the point were i don't even care anymore about these leaks. I need stability and reliability.... IM SURE THIS IS LIKE ALL THE PREVIOUS LEAKS. I'll try anyway

Just when I am out. You pull me back in. I tried .141 and hated it. Wouldn't stay sync'd in the seidio dock. Probably wasn't the OS but the OS wasn't stable for me.

I tried .131 and loved it. Then I couldn't do a manual back up so I deleted it and went back to .75 yesterday. Ugh now I have to do another OS Leak.

Oh well. I can't live without the transparent folders and full portrait qwerty keyboard. :)

They made me a offer I couldn't I couldn't refuse...
Tony Soprano did it, The GodFather did it- RIM is doing it, and its worked out so far! LOL!

Well Its installed. Upgrade went without a flaw. I just installed it and did a fresh battery pull and started out with 60 mb of free memory. Then again I really dont have many apps installed. So far so good. Not much of a change that I can see from .141... Still quirky at times going from portrait to landscape, but I'm used to it.

So far so good.... The browser is SO fast this time. Unusually fast! Anyone else notice this? I haven't really noticed any other changes... It seems like the .141 problems have been fixed as of now. (Screen lock is fixed) But we will see what happens as the day progresses.

I hate all these new leeks and iv still never tried one I'm still running .75 and its bugging the hell out of me. I just keep telling my self that Verizon is going to release the new OS any day now. And every day I'm disappointed I think its time for me to just upgrade with a leek and be done with it!

My first leak was .131 and I love it! I'm not going to try any others just because my phone is actually functional now.

hmmm seeing that screen lock was never a problem for me i would like to say there is NO difference from .141 or .132 and i think the browser has been the same since .132 i think its just ppl wanting to BELIEVE somethin has changed rather than something actually changing or getting fixed lol i mean what exactly are we looking for?? the phone is actually usable, the browser works great, it has a functionable camera and video camera (which i think should be faster, but it works nonetheless). i did notice an IM folder and Phone icon in the menu that i may have missed in the past 3 OS's or maybe its just the theme that i used.other than that i just believe this is, as said earlier, Verizons band-aid.

@ jonathon
When I locked my phone on .141 it was just thinking the whole time (which killed my battery) and I could also unlock it by pressing any of the 4 keys... totally useless. now it is not doing that anymore. I am not making things up.

I have a Storm and I keep contacting verizon to see what they will offer customer who have the storm to upgrade to the storm 2, and I don't get a definite answer. I really would love to win one.

Whatever... I hope I win one, and then the Storm 3 will come out a few weeks later. Check the weather forecast - theres enough storms coming through here...

I just recently went from a curve 8330 to a storm. Love the phone, typing will be another learning experience, but coming along great. I would love to fall in love with a new phone. I'm still in my honeymoon stage with the storm 1. I hope she won't be disappointed when I win a new storm 2 and put her on the shelf. LOL

Im sorry to hear that dude. I wasnt trying to make a liar out of anyone.I was simply stating that on my particular storm I never had a lock issue. Some smart phones seem to be dumber than others...im saying my storm never thinks alot (lol for a sense of humor) and i never had an issue with the lock button (im no making this up) and ive never had an issue with battery power or memory leak. but if you do decide to update and thrn i hope it makes your day that much better :) but other than that,i'd like to say there hasnt been a major difference from .132...and anyone has their right to disagree.

I had problems with QuickLaunch on 141. Haven't upgraded to 148 yet. Waiting to hear from others before I do.

for some reason berrypopup shows message box in half screen mode with the bottom half showing a keyboard. i tried disabling compatibility mode and that didnt work

This just started happening to me and i am still on .75 so i dont think it is related to the OS. Still trying to figure out how to get it back to normal...

My Storm rocks and I love it, but at times it makes me want to pull my hair out if I had any! Would love to upgrade to the Storm 2. Come on VZW, please release the OS update for the Storm so we can at least survive until the new Storm 2 blows into town!

I've been debating if I want to get the next storm or not. I have the first one under a 2 year contract and am guessing I'll have to pay the full price for the S2. But that wifi is a real bonus!!!

LOVING IT SO FAR! i had radio problems with other versions of software, this one is running strong, and its FAST...

so i tried the link for the change log and it wont link me...the link here given

http://tinyurl.com/470148changelog works but to actually download it...doesnt seem to work and i have already experienced where when using the camera or video camera nothing shows thru the view finder...ifi cant fix it im going back to .141

Here we go again! I will have to give this a shot. I have not been successful in upgrading OS's! Cannot and have not gotten one to load!

Moan Moan Moan, Blah Blah Blah, Wah Wah Wah. Where's .148 for us 9500 users. We never get anything. The world hates us. Verizon work for satan waffle waffle.

This is what it is like for us 9500 users everytime we get an OS update (leaked or official). So All 9530 users be happy with this news. Download and install it and enjoy. So what if it's not official. It will not make your Storm any worse that .78 already has it running. It will improve it. Trust Me. If you don't like it you can go back to the old OS no problem. Verizon will not come round to your house with large men and beat you up for doing this. So just do it and give the rest of us storm users a break for a while. Rant Over

I love my Storm by the way :)

Peace Out

Didn't 9500 owners already get an official update a couple weeks ago. I am pretty sure it was bell but it might have been telus.

I thought the attention had shifted. Verizon users are now owed a new Storm 2 because of all their hassles, no???

my wife and i both have the storm and hate them. we have all the same problems everyone talks about with no help from VZW...they just take your money and forget you when it comes to service. i hope they jump on the wagon with this OS update..but we all know they won't. i talked to a verizon rep (in clearwater,fl) the other day about the storm2 and what if anything VZW will do for us storm1 owners, he advise that they were told (in their staff meeting)that VZW will come out with an OS update for our storm1 phones and then storm2 will be released, An NOTHING more will be done for storm1 owners. no rebates no returns, no deals...full price to upgrade. way to go VZW

I can not wait to get my hands on the Storm 2 with the official .75 OS that I am sure will come with it since VZW still has not found a better one yet!

new iphone is about to come out. i think it will have all the features of the storm now - mms, video, flash, blah blah blah

This is cool. At least Someone out there from RIM is making sure we storm owners are not going to be left out and stay with a crummy release OS.

If iphone will have all the functionality i like with the storm like video recording and mms. I will have to say goodbye to verizon and the storm.

I was with T-Mobile for 6 years before I switched to Verizon and I gotta say they are both good companies. I have noticed that T-Mobile's customer service has went downhill recently though. Verizon is def way better. Since day one I've been blown away how good the customer service has been with Verizon. Yea, the whole Storm OS thing is not very cool, and the Storm 2 coming out so soon is a bummer, but I can only imagine how T-Mobile reps would have handled this...
When people ask me about the two companies I tell them: you get what you pay for. T-Mobile has decent coverage for a good price, but Verizon just cannot be beat, hands down. I recommend T-mobile to all my cheap-ass friends but try and convince them to do Verizon first. And like jologz said, the phones are waaaay better over at Verizon. (the sidekick is pretty cool though).

Sorry that was way off topic, lol. I'm just bored right now!

finally a new leak..i HATE .132, drains my battery like no other, wont take a charge, i have to disconnect and disconnect 4-5 times for it to start charging, so happy theres a new OS out

I've had .132 for several weeks now, and it's worked great. I don't know what's causing your battery burn issue or what apps you have, but I hope this leak takes care of it.

Ok so if it fixes the screen lock problem then we should be good to go. May be upgrading the os again tonight. If all goes well and the screen lock prob is fixed then I'll be returning to the storm!! WOOT!!

.132 has been the most stable thing that i've tried. Unless this becomes the official software upgrade by VZW, I'm sticking with the .132

I agree!! i was usuing .141 but the battery drain was more than I could deal with. I had to downgrade to .132, and now my phone is awesome again!!

upgraded, had problems with putting the new OS on my phone...lost all my information--had to restore..wont connect to facebook...having some problems so far

why does everyone feel Verizon owes them something if a Storm 2 is released? I have the Storm, upgraded from the Curve and I love it. It has a quirks but its the first phone of its kind by RIM. If RIM feels they can release a superior product, why do they and/or Verizon owe you anything for the old product. New versions of things come out all the time. Do you get the new version of your car if they change the body style the following year? What about your television? Do you get a new one of those at no cost each time they come out with a new model? No...then why is this any different... Man up, quit complaining and get over. Apple comes out with a new I-Phone every year, do their users complain..no they upgrade.

You are comparing a freaking car and TV to a phone???! What a dumbA**!!! For the millionth time, no one is complainging about the phone! We want a stable OS!!!No Sh8t new versions come out all the time, but if my damn car left me stranded your damn str8 I would demand another! If my TV did not operate without turning off by itself then your damn str8 i would demand another.! And if i kept getting the same problems over and over, then i would demand the new model!

Get the hell off this board if you don't know what your talking about!

Go ahead RIM release Storm 2,3,4,5,6,7,8! But as long as we are beta testers, then we are entitled to some sort of love for being loyal!

now i have to say i slightly agree with you ONLY because i don't have many of the problems others have with the storm but for the ones that are on like their 4th storm yes i would be pissed if i get a damn car and the body style changes no i wont complain because the car is still FUNCTIONAL....big difference a more comparable story would be if i bought a car and the engine always goes bad on the same model or something retarded like that then they come out with a new with one withing months! not fixing the old one and fixed the issue... DAMN RIGHT i deserve something! now i know that story is far fetched but you are comparing something totally different. Now like i said im fine if they don't offer anything because i love my storm after continuous research and customizing i found a OS that rocks my storm = ) but from the stories i hear of customers getting ready to give up their storms before the 30 day return then being assured an official OS was gonna be released within weeks which i was told as well. I think that's a little messed up. I don't think others should get it free but something at the least and the i phone may come out every year but they just add more features to the phone but all the phones are still functional.. the storm 2 is most likely gonna fix all the stuff wrong with the storm 1 i don't care about the extra features they may add so i just hope they release a nice OS for the storm 1 that makes it run smoothly rather than coming out with a storm 2 with a new OS and just take the storm 1 owners money and drop them off..... this post is a little random and i totally i agree i upgraded from the curve to the storm and after the 3rd storm I LUV IT which is rare to hear lol but i also understand the frustration of other who have not had the same luck or appreciation.. (sorry if this post seems jumbled i just poured out what was in my mind did not spell check and just left lol )

Now if all the posters who just wanna be prix would get this point these posts wouldnt be so long! Physical bells n whistles will always happen! for those crying due to that, good luck. For those who feel short changed for being loyal during an obvious product flop should be given a steady and non-glitchy OS! if you cannot oblige, then yes we will demand an upgrade!

I tell you what I love my Storm! I dabble with the leaks and still ridin with .132. Hopin .148 will be the new truth! As for the upgrade to come- I'm gonna jumpm on it! I think Verzion has done right by me a long time. Nobody twisted my arm to get the current Storm and it sure aint gettin twisted to upgrade! You can't have fun with the toys dont play is what I say!!!

Personaly I dont think the product was a flop at all- It did exactly what iPhone did before it became the phone it is now. It tripped out the gate. That could'nt be helped.

Sorry folks but 500k sold cant be wrong. (and counting)

So for those out there feeling like you deserve a break- have coffee- for those that press on and change with the times, on ward into the next generation of Storm greatness!

In the imortal words of that pilot just before he ate alien fire in Independance Day; "LETS KICK THE TIRES AND LIGHT THE FIRES BIG DADDY!" LOL!!!

If the Lemon Law held true to phones then Verizon would be in violation. Remember that when you wanna compare cars to phones.

"You need to resend your service books. Options - Advanced Options - Host Routing Table -Highlight one of the addresses in there - hit the BB button and click register now."

The two major problem the last leaked OS caused me are the phone freezes a lot after it's been idle for longer periods of time and when typing random letters (within words) decide they want to be capitolized.
Does anyone else have those issues and know if those problems are addressed in this leak?

Yes, the phone freezes are apart of issues still with finding the right os to prevent them, but something you may want to try with the keyboard. Caps occur when you hold a key down to long while typing, its the shortcut for capital letters instead of hitting shift, etc. Try going to options screen/keyboard and set the tap interval to a higher level and possibly the hover period also. Hope this helps...

So, As much as I'd love to jump on .148, I feel its wise to wait and see what the pros and cons are. .132 has worked brilliantly, don't see why that isn't Official by Verizon (I mean, why not if just to A. Shut people like us up, and B. To help those poor souls still at .75. I just upgraded my dad to .132 because I felt it was neglect on my part to leave him so far behind.

These Leaks are quite exciting, so hopefully the reviews come in soon by you sharks out there, I appreciate your tenacity in your storm trial and error!

When I use my browser my keyboard comes up as usual but when i change orientations from portrait to landscape the keyboard kind of hicups before diplaying the proper keyboard for that orientation. Is anyone else having this problem?

I just downloaded and so far it is great. I was previously running .75, I was one of the "Official Release People" but curiosity killed me. I didn't have any problems with .75 but I wanted the full keyboard in portrait mode. Install was very easy and only took about 45 minutes start to finish. For all of you guys that are scared to do an unofficial update, I feel your pain but just do it. The anticipation is exciting!! The camera is unbelievable also, NO MORE LAG!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT.....

The first thing I noticed was the reboot time has been changed considerably to about half the time as the leaks. The biggest problem I have right now is the change from landscape to portrait, ITS SLOW. Now I'd figure by now that this issue would have been addressed by now but I guess the phone just isn't meant to be fast. The browser, camera, and apps are running better, and the free app space has been wonderful, I've had the leak since the morning and I'm hovering at 42.8 MB still, so it looks like that has been updated. The battery life seems to worse than .132 (which I think is the best OS out there). If you know what your doing with these leaks give it a shot and check it out for yourself. A word to the wise make sure you have your contacts backed up somewhere, because your going to need it, and I hope this will not be the official release, because I think they could do way better than this.

Well, it's only been about 11 hours, but so far I would say, with little doubt, that this is the best build yet and will probably make it through testing with VZW. All the primary functions such as phone, internet, etc are slightly better (smoother and faster)than anything else I've had on my Storm, and there is definitely a notable increase in signal strength. So, on the important functions there's improvement, but it doesn't end there. I've noticed a HUGE improvement in media player functions, particularly the sound quality. There is a definite improvement in sound volume, clarity, and dynamics and massive improvements in A2DP support in both music and video playback. For those who use the media functions a lot, I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised. I'd say (based on what I'm seeing) that everyone should move up to this release...at least give it a try!

I just finally upgraded from .75 to .132 three days ago. If Verizon does decide to make this release "official", will I still be able to do the OTA upgrade or will I have to downgrade back to .75 first?

Blueberrystorm (twitter) here. I updated this afternoon from 141 and this is what I see happening with my storm (first release) keep in mind you may have different results. The internet seems little quicker and so do the opening and closing of programs. Lock function seems to respond better. Now the install took a bit longer than other upgrades but it installed fine. all my programs seem to be working. video camera and camera running fine. will post more as i work with the release more.

First of all I wanted to say thank you Crackberry Nation for all these great leaked releases. I have the Storm 9530 on the Telus Network and have tried .96 all the way to the now .148 OS. 122 (the official Telus version) was ok, .132 was a little faster, .141 was a BUST and I beleive 148 is right on the mark. I have only been playing around with it today but so far, it seems like the best release yet.

has anyone taken a look at the change log??? i think it might be something we all need to look at.. this OS might have some issues we havent noticed yet...again i said MIGHT but head over to the link..i did just to be on the safe side.

I have an unlocked storm using .141 platform and never had problems with EDGE but with this new one, mine just drops down to edge. Im thinking to downgrade to a different radio code

Omg i forgot to backup my phone and updated to the 148 os and lost all my contacts. Can somebody tell a newbie on how i can retrieve my contacts please!!!!!

You can only retreive your data if you have backed-up in the past. It might not be the most up-to date but it's better than nothing. Have you ever run a back-up?

I believe when you upgrade using the BB manager, it
automatically backs up your data. (at least mine always has)
Do a search for a .ipd file, like this: Backup-(2009-01-28).ipd

The date should be yesterdays date if thats when you upgraded.

Then go to restore in BB manager, and point it to this file.
You should be ok!

Hopefully it works out!

Drugfreedave :)


The alltel salesman showed me a storm he said was a 2, and that it would be for sale june 1. he said further that they were in the back room. and that the only problem they were experiencing witht hem was the screen view changing from portrait to vertical slowly. he said 2 for 199 buck.

I specifically asked him if this had wifi. he said yep.

i find this hard to believe, a deal out of the box.

I've been on .75 since it came out and I've been really disgusted with the poor performance for the past six months. I got fed up so I downloaded this one (.148) and loaded it up and let me tell you - if you're weary of using a leaked OS even though you're disappointed with .75 - download this immediately.

It's infinitely better than the load of garbage Verizon has left us with for the past HALF YEAR. All of the problems I previously had are now fixed.

As for the installation - the process of installing a leaked OS is really really easy. You just install it and plug in your BB and wait for an hour or so for it to go. Then you restore your backups and everything and you're set to go.

The new text editing and landscape/portrait keyboard is awesome.

All in all, my phone is finally usable. Thank God for this.

I might have but dont know where to locate it at. But the last time i updated the os to 132 it kept all my info and contacts this time it didnt.

By: JediKnight13 | Date: Wed, 05/20/2009 - 18:18
I might have but dont know where to locate it at. But the last time i updated the os to 132 it kept all my info and contacts this time it didnt.


Search for files that end in .ipd, then look for files that say backup or Autobackup. Once you find the files, mark the location and do restore through Desktop Manager and choose the file you found.
I'm sorry that the only way I know. Also when you do OS upgrades, more times than not the autobackup process fails.

My other suggestion would be to contact your service provider for some help and see if there is another way.

Good Luck...

I don't use QL, so can't comment on that.

But, I am LOVING the camera now! and the browser rocks!

Overall feels smooth and quick. I was running a .141 hybrid and this seems better overall. Cam is absolutely quicker and smoother. Image quality is great, too.

Too soon to tell on mem and batt.

Install was flawless.

it's too early to tell but it looks like it runs smoother and faster. camera definitely is faster. one thing to remember which no one told me - backup your contacts. it will erase and move your icons around. Thank goodness i did a backup on 5/9 so it wasnt too bad. restore puts back all your contacts, emails, IM's, Texts, etc. Very cool. The qwerty in portrait mode is useful and so is the feature to edit a word in the middle - a box opens up with a cursor to make it easier to move that cursor under the letter you want to fix.

I like how we get to test the betas. I enjoy the new leaks. I'll see how this one works for me since I'm currently on .141. I'll let you guys and gals know. Yee!!!!

I'm a hot girl who is in desperate need of a hot phone to help me break up the day-to-day monotony that my life has become. Unfortunately, my Storm 1 didn't cut the mustard :( Could this be the Storm that gets me all wet ;)

been running it for most of the day, not a battery pull, no memory leak, fast when switching to applications, and so far strong like bull.

according to boy genius verizon is testing this version currently, hopefully it will pass for all those poor saps who think they are happy with .75

First my phone is slower than with .75.
I had to deactivate my storm slider because the phone auto locked on me and the keyboard popped up preventing me from sliding to unlock the phone. I now do not have any internet connection. I need some advice as to how to get my internet service back and how to downgrade to .75.

do a battery pull it fixes the browser and speeds it up that's what happened to me but now it the best leaked os Ive used

I uploaded .148 on my storm coming off of .132. I have only had it running for 2 hours, but from what I can notice, the camera & browser are quicker. Changing from portrait to landscape lags a bit. The lock button responds 100x better, signal strength is great. One bad thing is quick launch flickers, extremely bad, but, I e-mailed nikkisoft.support and was told that 2.0 is coming out this weekend or Monday and will fix this problem (and apparently much better than the current version). Going into third party & regular applications is a quick transition.

Hope this helps.

well so far I have not really seen any issues on my storm with the upgrade. I really do appreciate the os leaks that crackberry has been putting out. one thing I have noticed is that the results are different for all. Depending on what you have loaded and how you use your storm. Keep that in mind when you decide to upgrade your os.

Right of the bat I have noticed a big lag
In the battery pull process...took around5 minutes
Idk if this happen to anyone else also the SMS
Was hella laggy at first but improved dramatically over time
I enjoy the swiftness of application switching and
Keyboard typing ^o^
Still witnessing a memory leak U_U
Umm...also the lock works like a charm lol
I'm glad I made the switch. Highly recommend it!!!

I usually dont post any comments but I had to say something bout this OS. My phone has never been this fast. I dont know what I did cause people are having problems but my phone has been on 35 to 45 of app memory and swicthes from each app. as soon as i press it. this is definitly the best OS for me so far

My phone works great with the new OS, with the exception of quick launch. When I open up quick launch, it opens on the side of my screen and the box flashes like a strobe...never did that with the last leak :-(

Whenever I try downloading a new OS, my home screen image gets removed and just becomes black. I tryied pulling battering and resetting the pictures, but nothing works. Can anyone help?!

Went from .141 to .148 and I am not to impressed. At first my connection on the 9530 stayed at 1x no EV... Rebooted phone with the same issue. I did *228 updated my roaming capabilites and EV started showing up. I added my storm onto the BES server which worked fine. The only issue I see right now are small pauses in the OS which cause the phone to glitch, For instance when scrolling email it seems to be sluggish. This is my phone though and you may not have the same issues. I am thinking this will not pass verizon testing however I may be wrong. The OS seems faster but has issues maybe Verizon is testing .169 :)

installed a couple of hours ago and this fixes the lock problem i had with .141 and has been working perfectly runs fast and reliably what more can you ask for

So far one thing that I've notice is that the video camera is pretty laggy, and every time I save a video and want to play it back it tells me that there is an error. So far that is what I found everything else seems to run pretty well, I'll post more when I find more issues.

Downloaded this OS this morning. Running good so far. There are:
- Some lagging issues when itake my phone from out of the holster. I'm sure that will clear up.
- My memory has been a steady 34.5-38mb. That is outstanding. With.141 my memory would drop to 3.0mb.
- Camera is a bit faster, but my video camera is giving me issues with MMs and normal version.
- Battery life is okay. Not a big improvement.
- Switching apps is fast.
- Lost my browser and got it back and it is slightly faster.
- Playing MP3s and Slacker Radio have better volume than .141.

Overall, I would say that it is worth the upgrade for those using the last leaked version.

Anyone using the Garmin GPS App and how does that work on this operating system. Any input with problems would be appreciated before I take the leap. Paid a lot for that app and need it to work otherwise I'm staying with current OS.

Gee...amazing....another leak. It's been since Dec. that they released their other piece of crap OS. I think they are waiting until after they release the Storm 2.....I'm sure to be another piece of crap. I will hate my Storm until they prove to me that it was worth the huge amount of money I paid for it. And to prove that, they need to release a WORKING OS. What a waste of good money !!!

Ok, upgraded to .148, and my screen lock works now. I had .132 and every time I locked the screen any of the hard buttons would unlock it. this time, with the new os is not the case.

Also, I did notice that when I tried to take a picture for the first time under this os, it would fail and reset. But after the reset, all is perfect. I am now able to take pics and videos with no worries. everything seems stable. We shall see. today will be the first full day with the OS. Hopefully those who said the battery last longer are right.

BTW, the upgrade is easy. I had to upgrade because of my screen lock situation. If you are happy with .132 then stick with it. If not, .148 is another option you could take.


I just want to say I don't hate. I'll be the first to say that I am a first gen type of person. I admit I stood in line for the storm. I was happy when I did. I even had to add another line just to get the storm. Even reading the reviews I still got the storm. Had it for a while. What turned me off was the OS. Then my call button fell off. I replaced this with another storm and upgraded to OS .132 then .148. In the mean time, I didn't use the storm, I went back to my faithful curve. I know there is a point to this..oh yea, I want to mention to all those who are commenting on how bad the storm is, or what a pos the OS is, stop whining and go back to your previous phone. I believe that when you upgrade to a new phone, Big red doesn't take your old phone back. If you dislike the storm so much, go back to your old phone..first gen users don't whine. We grin and bear it until it becomes perfect.

iPhone did it, Palm did it, RIM is doing it, and its worked out so far!
So grin and bear it indeed or get off the boat!

I updated to the .148 yesterday everything is good but i cant send pics now MMS tried a couple diff ways it will not let me send as a text form only Email,facebook,BB mess,and to flicker will not let me send as a text to a mobile number andy imput would be awesome.

So far so good.It took care of the one bug that has been bothersome for me and that was when I received e-mails,texts messages and phone calls while I was listening to music the volume would go down. Im glad that the leaked OS 148 took care of that problem and the phone runs a lot smoother now. I had the 132 OS and it was cool but the 148 is alot better and the only down thing is that quick launch does not work on this OS but I aint tripping. Thanks for the leak.

O.K please let me know if anyone can duplicate my problem.
I open up the calender in portrait mode and open up a date to enter an event. When I turn the phone to the landscape mode to use the full keyboard, the screen switches to the application screen which shows all the app. icons I have on the phone. When I turn the phone back to the portrait mode the calender reappears again. So I have to enter the event in the portrait mode using multitap keyboard.
I am asking if anyone can duplicate this because it may be a problem between this OS version and a theme I am using from Gemblock call "iberry today plus theme". This didn't happen with the .75 OS and this theme so I am not sure which is the problem. Please let me know which theme you are using as it may be theme specific.

I just took the plunge and upgraded from the .75 to the .148 So far so good, we'll see how it works over the next couple of days.......

I wasn't able to get it to work with VMFusion, I ended up installing the software on my wife's pc and installing from that. << I've seen posts that say it can be done with VM I might just have been doing something wrong. This was my first upgrade so not sure.

Hey when install this OS & .141 did anyone lose their calendar entries? I even tried to restore again afterwards and it only restored a few, was there a easy way to get them back in or do u have to manually enter them?

I have .148 on my Storm now and for some reason I do not get notification that I got emails. Anyone else have this problem? I don't get the email notification sound nor do I get a flashing red LED light. Anyone else or is it just me?

I've had .148 on my blackberry for a few days now; here's an update: The phones start up time is 3 minutes instead of 6-8 minutes; when I upload a pic onto fb it doesn't upload sideways anymore; MMS works great; QuickLaunch sent out an update that fixed the "flickering" problem. In my opinion, this os update is the best yet. That's about it for now!

Hope this helps.

Upgraded fro .75 and have to say I love it!! The instructions on Crackberry were great, I didn't have any problems. The phone is way faster, the sound now works on my bought programs, and the new keyboard is great. The only bug I've noticed so far is that the "lock handheld upon holstering" option doesn't seem to work. It's a small trade off for the faster browser!

I was able to download and install .148 OS on my Storm on my Mac using VMWare Fusion and Windows XP with the Blackberry Desktop Manager software. I made sure to back up everything first in BB desktop manager. Then followed the directions on the "how to upgrade..." link at the bottom of this post.
Only issue was an error message at the end...something about was not able to update everything...no worries. I just restored my initial backup.

I had to resend my Service Books (email options>service books) to get my browser to work again. My calendar data was gone, but since I use Google, I was able to get all my data back via Google Sync.

Lock Screen- much faster, but when my display goes to dark, I have to press the lock key not just the screen to "wake up" my phone. A little weird but it works
Camera- no more lag!
Re-boot- much faster
Full keyboard in portrait mode takes some getting used to but is cool.
Editing text is much easier with the new cursor slider- very cool.
I use quicklaunch and had to update to the new version to avoid flickering screen.
check it out!

I am new to this Blackbeery thing. I updated my OS and now my eamils take 15 minutes to come thru when they wewre instant oon the old OS. im using .148. Can anyonehelp me


I am a relatively new blackberry user and I've never done an update with a leaked os before,but .75 is about to drive me nuts and I'm gonna bite the bullet and go with .148. If I update to .148 in the future when hell freezes over and verizon offers an official update,would I be able to update OTA through verizon's update process?? thankx in advance

When I downloaded the new OS .148, my Blackberry Messanger, and games Brickbreaker and Word Mole where gone. This is relly bad does anyone know what to do before i have to revert back to the insufficient OS, or at least had the same issues? Everything is great other than that but these 3 things are mandatory for a storm.

You need to know a few things...
Do a back up prior to starting the process in the bberry desktop. Be patient as you are going through the process, once loaded you need to activate the phone *228, and did I say...be patient. The phone will act as if it is new...set language, time, etc. After everything is loaded do the restore. You need to accept terms on any applications again. You will need to sync the address book, calendar,etc again. Remember to check the settings as you go through the process.
Remember to do the back up before you start!
The results are terrific! The device is much more responsive. Many of the things that have been driving you nuts are fixed.
Most important...remember this update is not approved by Verizon yet.

What's up crack addicts, here's my observations jumping from 141 to 148. I have an unlocked VZW 9530 on the Canadian Rogers network.

The first thing I noticed right away was the memory. With 141, after a battery pull, I would start at 42mb and never leak past 25. With 148, the memory started at 34mb, and has hit as low as 15. With that said, the OS does seem to be running faster. Menus open quicker, media opens quicker as well. Moving from after sending a text to something else is quicker, which I found a bit of lag on 141. The music is definitely louder and crisper with 148. However, Ive lost the ability to hit the lock key while listening to music. After the song completes, it mutes and wont go to next song. Weird. Not a biggie though, I rarely accidently click screen by mistake while jogging, so I simply don't lock the phone while listening to music. Ive never got MMS to work in all OS versions, so I just dont care. Althought if someone knows of a quick fix, I'd love to to know. Battery life is the same. Heavy user, gets down to 20% from an 8am to 10pm day. Reception seems to be a bit better as well. Less crackle and hiccups.

All in all, I suppose its worth it. Hope this helps..


OK, so what I failed to do after the 148 update was a solid refresh or reboot after all my new apps were loaded and so forth. So my memory leake can be attributed to that. Wow what a diff. Memory starts at 42, and has lasted to 25mb until a minute ago. Thats 3 days of solid use with 4-5 apps running. Way better than 141. Internet even on EDGE is faster, especially using IE as the default browser. Radio signal is improved. I barely 'edge' now. It's usually EDGE all the time. Reboots faster. Gets into apps faster as well.
Still wish I had mms support, and youtube has never worked. Can anyone suggest a youtube app that works? Music has no more issues while lock button is pushed...

AWESOME, 148 rocks!

I came from the .75 era and this is my first time installing a leaked OS. i'm sure alot of you who install leaked OSs alot don't notice much of a difference from the other leaked OSs to .148, but as far as i'm concerned it's a HUGE improvement! everything is smoother, faster, better. Had an issue with the service books not going through, but after a quick re-send all was well. The added QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode is nice, although I still prefer SureType. The camera is noticeably faster. Scrolling is smoother. The accellerometer is still a bit on the laggy side, but certainly not worse than before. I do like the when you rotate to landscape mode the icons stay the same size...that was always an eye sore when they shrank. I also noticed that the phone keypad responds faster than before...you hit 7...7 appears, it doesn't take a second to show up. The lock button is still a bit on the slow side, but thats a small con in a huge list of pros. it's still only day one, so only time will tell how well the new OS holds up...but from first glance, it's a winner in my book.

I have unlocked Storm with .75
Can I have on my Storm the .148, and if yes...how I do it?
I'm with T-mobile...it will work too?
Thank you all, not such a tech guy here..
Really need some help

Did not notice anything really faster or better with .148 than .132. I did notice that I could not update my cached stations on slacker when connecting to computer, radio strength not as strong, started having dropped calls, about 3-4 a day. Do not experience that on .132 in same locations. I have a crazy memory leak but am not sure it is all on .148 os. Does seem to drain down more quickly though than .132. I use quickpull every other day on .132 but had to use 2-3 times a day with .148.

This is got to be the worse leak from by far. My Storm locks up on me more than a dozen times a day since I upgraded it last weekend. It delays when trying to go from landscape to portrait mode, I cant tale my talklock off when I am checking my voice mail, and sometimes I cant answer the phone when someone calls me. It just resets. Has anyone else had any of these problems?