Leaked: OS for the Storm 9500 and OS for the Storm 9530

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Feb 2009 04:19 pm EST

What the frack?! Two Storm OS updates at once! OS has been leaked for the BlackBerry Storm 9500, and OS has hit us for the 9530.

* Keep in mind these are NOT official releases, so install at your own risk and only if you're comfortable with doing so. If you've never installed an OS beta before be sure to dive into the CrackBerry forums and read all of our tutorials. Follow the links below for more information and to download! There's a pretty good list of known fixes and issues for this version in the findings and discussion thread. If you install, be sure to share your further observations in the comments and in the forums!

BlackBerry Storm 9500:

BlackBerry Storm 9530:

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Leaked: OS for the Storm 9500 and OS for the Storm 9530


Wiped out all my email accounts, all my contacts, all my speed dials. I have done every update as they have come out and never had this problem. Not sure what happened with this one. These are all things I had backed up but still. I will update more once I re-load everything and have time to play with it.

you can keep up by checking here everyday like the rest of us. what do people do with storms that don't know about crackberry?

Such a shame to say this but.... I hope they never stop leaking and making it better! I have crackberry tracks all up n down my arm!

"The crack it just be callin me man it just be call me and I gotta go to it when it call me man!"

Pookie- 'New Jack City'

I bought a storm on ebay unlocked it to use it on a gsm network in Jamaica to find that this look great but has the worse battery of any phone I have ever had.Does anyone have a solution apart from trying to offload it on another unknown crackberry user that wants the best.Does the 8900 curve have the same problem?

When in the world will Verizon release an official update???? There have been about 4 leaks since the official Verizon update in December 2008!!!!! WTF??!!!

i was talking to a verizon rep online and she said that there should be one out my the end of the month...but then again who the hell really know im getting sick of all this waiting crap with verizon.

Im using desktop manager and it cant seem to recognize the new OS. Can someone help me with this problem? I tried restarting the computer and doing a battery pull.

I went to open one of the links posted on this page for the software upgrade for the Storm 9530. The link where it says "known fixes and issues for this version". It took me to a page with the wrong device. I really wanted to look at the info before I downloaded the new software. Can someone please tell me if I have done something wrong?

Is this the norm for getting OS upgrades. You get about 5 to 10 leaked versions before the real deal rolls out. I just want some official Love from verizon, pretty please.

Is this the norm for getting OS upgrades. You get about 5 to 10 leaked versions before the real deal rolls out. I just want some official Love from verizon, pretty please.

Debating on upgrading now or waiting for Verizon, for my 1st OS upgrade. New to BB nation and I need some action, even though I added slacker and that works great!

You should DEFINATELY upgrade to at least I'd say the verdict is still out of this .103 is better than .99, but .99 is SOOOOO much better than the .75 Verizon released its like having a totally different phone!

Does anybody know how to kill a process on a Blackberry Storm or bring up some sort of task manager. My phone goes so slow and I don't have any applications running. I don't understand why the phone runs fine sometimes, but other times it doesn't run fast at all.

In fact, it runs so slow sometimes that I can't use it as a phone. Somebody called me today, I couldn't pick up. In an emergency situation, I wouldn't trust it to dial 911 at all. What is the deal with it?

I'm a computer science major, so I know computers and operating systems inside and out, but this Blackberry OS seems to have so many bugs in it, it's ridiculous. Any help from you power users?

I dont belive there is a task manager, but one thing to check is to make sure you are actually exiting the application. It depends on the app itself, sometimes you can just hit BACK until ur at the home screen, but some applications don't actually exit, some require you to use an exit option.

PS. "Computer Science Major"!? really!? get off your high horse. I'm pretty sure RIM only hires people that are NOT comp sci majors, NOT software engineering majors, NOT computer engineering majors, so you MUST be better than them.

Want a challenge, no, a REAL challenge? Do a job interview with them for a firmware developer position,, find out how much you don't know.

Well if the "firmware developers" over at RIM are supposedly "ALL THAT" . . . explain how/why these same brilliant developers put this STORM out for consumption in this sad a condition. No doubt there are some very talented people up there, but the ball was badly dropped on the Storm.

There is a tast manager on the BB storm. Just press and hold the BB menu and it will pop up. There should be only 5 apps that are always running in the backround (phone, home screen, BB messenger, messages and browser) everything else should be closed unless your using an app. also it helps if u dont use the hang up botton to close down apps it will just keep them running in the backround. Either back out or click on the menu botton and close.

there isn't a task manager

yes i am exiting the application....some you have to choose "close"....but what if an application freezes, but the phone is running...how do you close it? that's why i need the task manager...to force the process(es) to close

well, the people at RIM that were hired must have missed some important classes in school such as operating systems and human factors for HCI....and probably the biggest one software engineering including those specific chapters about evolutionary design, quality, user feedback, requirements, testing...instead it appears they pushed the phone out so they could sell it instead of making it a viable product...hmmm where has this happened before? microsoft?

although, i think microsoft has done amazing things and they are on the right path now....i still think that Blackberry having been a big phone designer could have spent just a little more time on this phone to make it mind blowingly better than its competition...instead they settled on semi-mediocre and have not garnered the market share they could have had they just worked on it a little more...

they are already working on a new phone to replace the storm with a hybrid interface of touch screen and tactile keyboard...

i wouldn't want to develop firmware...firmware is boring...artificial intelligence, operating system design, or human factors is more my thing

oh..and the reason i mentioned that i was a comp sci major is because i wanted the power users to give me more technical answers instead of the standard battery pull answer...i'm trying to explain that i understand how each program is running a process and that i understand how virtual memory and a paging file works and what a hard fault is and why a program might be leaking memory and why a process might be "frozen" and need to be killed and all of the detrimental aspects of killing a program or performing a hard rest on a running system of any type

to give an example...how can i stop the Message program/process when it somehow gets into an infinite loop because of some problem with my message list database or what not...

i do not want to restart my phone...i'd like to kill the process and restart that process....

the OS already does this for me, but it is set on a timer of some sort that gives the process a chance to try to respond and regain normal execution...but i don't have time to wait for the OS to auto-determine the integrity of my process when it takes like 30 minutes....i'd rather just kill it since i know it's gonna kill it anyway in the end of 30 minutes...

I was having trouble with my Storm... (which is truly a piece of $h!t BTW - far worse than the Treo it replaced. Biggest dissapointment is the worthless "keyboard") -

Storm would not recognize as a modem, or much of anything when tethered... so I stopped in a Verizon store on the outskirts of Las Vegas, the dude fiddled with it for over an hour and couldn't get it work, blaming Vista64. He told me a new version of the OS would be out "Next Week" blah blah blah....

That was January 19... three + weeks ago.

His info came from Crackberry - he was as clueless and misinformed as the rest of us :-)

BTW - The reason the phone would not recognize as a modem was because a required Windoze service was not starting. Once I got that fixed, everything (Modem, file transfer, DT Manager, etc. started working correctly. Once again, the clueless Verizon "technical expert" wasted over an hour of my time. At least I didn't have to wait in line for it - I was the only person in the store.

Now let's talk about that missing keyboard. Blackberrys are known as email/text devices largely b/c of their excellent physical keyboards. Well, the Storm's virtual keyboard sucks the big donkey dink by comparison. I'm not a big texter, I bought the storm b/c Verizon doesn't offer the Bold - I wanted it for file support etc so it's not the end of the world. But... if i was going to try and use this piece of crap for messaging, it would be in the trash. The Samsung touchscreens Verizon sells are much better. The whole "one big button" approach of the Storm is just plain a bad idea. It's inaccurate, it doesn't work consistently, and it gets tiresome after the third character typed. Never again.

Anyway - I am still waiting for that magic OS update that is going to make me happy . According to the Verizon rep, it's going to...

- Make the keyboard better
- Make everything faster
- Improve battery life
- Improve the "Acceleromwhatever" (the deal that flips the screen... it truly sucks too)

I can't wait for all those great improvements. Maybe by next Christmas or so?

Since it's "truly a piece of $h!t BTW", why didn't you take it back within your 30 days? Sorry, nobody cares if you don't like the phone, yet chose to not return it under the "worry free guarantee" within the first 30 days.

Your fault for taking it into a store. The are going to TRY to help you at a store, but until you speak to an actual Technical Support rep, you're not going to get far, especially if you're using a version of an OS that barely anybody uses--which therefore there is not going to be much info on other peoples' trial&error.

BTW how long did it take you to find out it was some obscure Microsoft Service that wasn't starting? Do you really think us Techs can just waive a magic wand and make Windows (64-bit no less) work worth a damn?!

I was wondering what service it was that you had to start to get everythign working on your computer... I have a Dell Studio 1536 and I can get the DM to see the Storm connected via BT however when I plug it in through USB DM does not see the phone. Windows sees the phone with no problem and I can access everything on it connected over USB with windows.

my comment is this. How do these os updates get leaked? It seems to me that RIM releases them into the wild to see what costumers find good and bad with them and from that they tweak the updates and then release a final. I just don't see how a cooperation like RIM would let so many things "leak out"
either way i'm willing to take one for the team and try new things out.


Is verizon ever going to get off the .75 version and progress like the rest of the world? What is up with that!!!!!

Good question. Just a guess on my part but Verizon is probably just as frustrated and waiting for RIM to release a version that really fixes this thing in a significant way that also doesn't screw up several other things in the process. The leaked beta versions clearly are coming from RIM are being put out in the field for people to experiment with and render comment on.

You can see a growing discontent on the part of many in being turned into RIM's "Beta Bitch" to be blunt about it. It's definitely getting old. Crackberry and KEVIN specifically here have been doing a fantastic job in delivering those leaked betas so we can try them. Some have fixed a few things but a great deal of frustration remains and continues.

The sad truth is becoming evident . . . this phone may NEVER get totally fixed as it is what it is by design. We may have to simply live with it "as is" or just get over it and move on. The new Curve and Bold are incredible, but the Storm just didn't pan out as RIM wanted or as we hoped. That's life. I have a Storm and I've resolved to just wait for the Curve or Bold and then I'm moving on to one of them, as I'm sure many others will as well.

How do your download the software v44.7.0.103? When I click on it I go to another page and I do not see how to access the software My phone came with v4.7.0.76. Lots of little issues but I like the phone. Bell has no new updates of course.

Hey guys just upgraded to 103 and having problems with running videos...for some reason the babylon video goes extremely slow when it has to render lots of information. so please let me know if this is one of the problems with this software update.

Having tested everything now except BT with stereo, I can see that v.103 is operating very, very well for me. Had just loaded v.101a on Tuesday and thought it was the best and a huge/stable improvement over v.99. However, with v.103 BB is even closer to a true use-it-and-forget "gold Std" OS... the one we all are praying for. For the first time with v.103 I can say, I really like my STORM... not rebooting, I can get through the day on battery, super on memory, fast to open and operate 95% of all apps, plus full keyboard in vertical mode.

Pro- Go get it ASAP; it's worthy.
Con- STILL I want the bigger keypads as in ver. 90

OMG WTF!!! I don't want to go all Christian Bale on this subject but I want a real OS something official!!! Leaked stuff sucks ass & doesn't work that great. Makes somethings better somethings worse. Tired of this stuff.

Honestly, all you folks whining about "official" releases and complaining this is a leak are just wasting your time! There will be an official release when Verizon deems a set of code stable enough to officially release and no sooner. So just stop whining in "leak" OS threads okay? If the thread says "leak", just move along, nothing of interest for you. Sheesh.

I downloaded the software last night and I see a major improvement to my phone. I have had just about every smart phone out there and they all have issues, however never have I seen a phone company work so hard at correcting their issues!!!! So for the BB cry babies how about changing you shampoo to Johnson & Johnson babies Shampoo. I hear the say once you use it you will have “no more tears!!!” :@

so i downloaded .103. seems to work well except now i dont have a internet/web button. i cant find a way to get online. any ideas???

samething, but i do have the web browser button, its just that i cant brows the web.
if anyone could help out, that would be awesome!

for missing icons you can always plug in your BB and run DeskTop mgr and go to application loader and re-load the web browser, etc. if you're having issues browsing web, go Menu>Options>Mobile Network and switch from Global to 1xEV

I experienced the same and I just reprogrammed(*228 send option 1) and I am good to go..hope it works the same for you..

I experienced the same and I just reprogrammed(*228 send option 1) and I am good to go..hope it works the same for you..

I just pushed this onto my phone this evening and it took about 35 minutes to load. only took about 20 minutes at most if I recall. Has anyone else seen this type of issue on load?

I loved .99 especially as it gave me back the ability to be able to take pictures again so I'm jonesd to see what 103 has to offer... Oh... Wait... Woot! Three uncaught application exceptions, Word, Sheet, and Slideshow, right off the bat! That's a new record.

Also a comment on whining. Please stop as we are not the ones who can help you get a new release faster and, as you've noticed, you mostly just get shot down or ridiculed.

Nuff Said!

People stop writing how excited you are that the new software came out. No one cares!!!!! It's annoying to scroll through senseless posts.

I'll make it simple with the problems i found.......

Typing slowed down i get more lag
get a white screen when unlocking
accelometer is much slower

Those are major points as this is my work device and typing is a first priority.

I'm dropping my storm for good and going back to the curve.

I've been using it for about a day now, and my stability issues (from .88, I think - the one between .99 and .75) have been fixed. I have no troubles on the web browser, I don't care about the smaller letters on the keyboard, and the reintroduction of the fade in and out screens is nice aesthetically.

I previously had to do 1-2 battery pulls a day because of freezing, but now it seems to work fine without issue. Also this build fixed the picture on my home screen to take up the whole screen, which I'm happy about.

Also in browsing, instead of the enter arrow there is a green outlined "Go" on the keyboard. I'm pretty neutral on that.

The only thing I noticed that may just be my imagination is that the blue fill-in effect of buttons ("OK" or "Cancel," etc.)seems a little less smooth.

Overall, I'm pleased with it. It didn't slow down at all for me as jeremyroizin (post above mine) indicated on their device. No white screen. Accelerometer is hunky-dorey. No issues at all, so maybe it's hit and miss whether your device works well with a leak.

I don't plan on ever returning this device - it's quickly becoming grafted to my hand!

I'm wondering if some of the people noticing slower this or that are taking the time to make sure they go into their settings and change the touchscreen settings. I'm a Verizon Tech Support person and I'm holding off updating to a leaked OS because I use my personal Storm to help troubleshoot when customers call in, so I want to be on the same page as them.

There are 2 really nice Theme software on "everythingberry.com" the 1st one is iBerryX Black 95xx and the 2nd Storm iBerry Blocks Custom L v1.02..The Icons look "Exactly" like the icons on the Iphone..Its a better come up from what we're used to now..They're not expensive either...

Hi, i have done this before with no problems, but now i did this .103 upgrade for my 9530 and i have no icons. Everything is in text. I also had a few app exceptions. How can i get this back to view icons? Also if all else fails, can i somehow revert back to .90 or maybe .99 Thanks for your help.

I usually sit in the background and just read the comments. I have installed every leaked OS so far. I think that this one is getting very close to where we want it to be as Storm users.

The MMS still isn't fixed yet. When I try to send a picture, that I didn't take with my Storm, via MMS, it does not render the picture. It has been this way for several updates now.

Not sure about the video yet. The first time I used it after the update, the phone rebooted. Now seems to be working fine.

I like it so far.

I have tried several times to do the 9530 upgrade and nothing happens. I download but when I hook up device it says no new software.

What might I be doing wrong?

uploaded .103....works much better than .75, never had .99 to compare it to though. Only bug that I've found is that my internet would not work for first 2 hours and that Babylon video is slow and choppy. was this issue with .99?



Seriously, I have no idea why your unit is doing this but these are all beta leaks meaning the developers simply don't know if it will play nice in the sand box with any particular individual device out there. I do know they are doing their best and so are the folks here at Crackberry. Best bet is simply uninstall it and roll it back to whatever version you had that worked at least fairly well.

Some are satisfied with their Storm "as is" despite some issues. Others are still seeking to resolve every single issue. Frankly, I'm afraid the Storm may not get much better than what it is now. It is what it is by design. I'm sure RIM learned a lesson and this will not again happen any time soon with future models.

As i said yesterday after i did this upgrade from .90 to .130 i didn't have any icons everything was in text (really wierd) so what i did was i downgraded to .75 and then upgraded to .90 to .99 to .130 and now everything is good. So good that i downloaded a storm theme from gadgetbean.com. I haven't notice any flaws yet, will report any if they pop up.

so i downloaded .103 didn't like it reinstalled .75 now i dont have my app. center on my storm==i reinstalled my desktop software and did a master reset on my device the app. center showed so i restored all my info and now its gone again!!! i know when i backed up it was on there but now that i've restored its not there!!! i mean its not like the app. center has any good apps. anyway but i still want that icon on my menu's===anybody know why???

The battery is losing power much faster. Charged all night unplugged this morning received one phone call and it went down to 80%.

can anyone tell me what are the setting for options/mobile network. I have network selection mode: automatic and network technology: global , are these settings correct. I am just trying to figure out why my battery life is going down so quickly, now 70%. Before this upgrade my batt life would be at 100% after numerous calls and emails. I have 2 batteries and they both do the same thing, what are the chances 2 batts having the same prob.

I have a Bell 9530 Storm and I installed the latest 103 release yesterday. The only issue I have seen and not been able to repeat is scrolling around a web page using the scroll hand versus the arrow. The scroll hand stopped working for awhile. It froze a couple of times but I am seeing my battery lasting longer, internet appears faster. The QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode is very nice.

Hi every one I have been running this OS for some time now and I have not had any problems. And I am loving it. I am so glad I got the phone I know it would get better just have to stick in there

And Thanks for all the updates

If any one is still looking for the .103 OS you can go to my sight and download it.


I have found the culprit of my battery woes and i can't believe it is a theme i downloaded from gadgetbean.com, A very cool theme but not at the expense of my battery power.

.103 working well but does anyone know why when is use my blackberry case that put phone in sleep mode when i receive call or email phone locks and i have to do battery pull if i keep ouy of case phone does not lock up

I was having major issues getting Rhapsody to go to work well with my bb storm. The tracks would loose their licenses, I would get cert errors. I tried everything in the forums including deleting drm, formating the device and still no luck. Well...Updating to .103 fixed the issue and I have not had an Issue with Rhapsody since. Cheers!

I just tried to go to the link as well and it says its no longer there to download. If anyone knows where i can get .103 that would be awesome.