League of Heroes arrives for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 25 Apr 2013 12:15 am EDT

I love it when new things seem to pop up out of nowhere. With that in mind, I was quite a bit overly excited to see that League of Heroes has arrived in BlackBerry World for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The game which gained popularity on iOS, Android and Facebook is pretty awesome and one of my all time favorite time wasters. If you're not familiar with the game, it's a pretty epic action adventure game that you'll lose plenty of hours to and the features included make for some great replay value:

  • A never ending adventure -  Hack your way through unlimited areas in the forest of Frognest.
  • Gear up and customize your character - Choose the best strategy to fight enemies and customize your character with countless armor options and weapons.  
  • Evolve along your adventure - Gather experience and silver, find treasures, and unlock tons of unique items, including magic.  
  • Complete quests - Complete over 60 quests, earn silver coins, and receive a higher ranking.  
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics and animations - Enjoy spectacular-looking 2D visuals with top-notch animations.  
  • Real-life weather effects -  Play the game and enjoy several weather and time effects based on real weather in your location. You will experience heavy rain with thunder, cloudiness, fogs, night time, etc. Internet connection required.

The only downside i can see here is the fact that Gamelion Studios opted to charge $3.99 for the PlayBook version when all other variations of the game are free. I'm not saying it's not worth the $3.99 but some parity here would have been nice to see. You can check out the trailer above to get a good look at what you'll be getting yourself into or if you're ready to jump in right now, hit the link below to grab the download.

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League of Heroes arrives for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Very confusions why are they wasting their time writing a apps for dead PlayBook , look like even rim drop the ball for pb

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Ya I agree with you, don't understand the $3.99 when it's free on the others. I know they'd want to try to recover costs for the port. Was it supported by Ads on the other platforms? However, glad to see the quality stuff on here.

3.99 means I probably won't buy, so the developers aren't doing themselves much of a favor. I probably would have considered it if it was 0.99 however.

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No offense, but do you have any idea how much work goes into making a game like that..? $3.99 is beyond reasonable for that.. People go out and pay $60 for an Xbox game, and you complain about spending 6% of that on a mobile game that will give you just as much enjoyment..?

I'm sorry, but if you expect games like this to be going for a dollar, and calling out the developers for charging "so much" then you have got another thing coming.. I'm absolutely shocked at this response... Learn how to dev and see how many hundreds/thousands of hours go into making a game like this.. And you want it for a dollar.. Support the platform by helping out awesome devs like these who are actually BRINGING games to BB10, don't complain that the game is too expensive.. It's the cost of a premium coffee at Starbucks.. REALLY..?

I mean sure, it's free on other platforms, but what's better? A game available on BB10 for $3.99, or no game at all, because they didn't want to waste their time porting the game over?

Flip4Bytes: I agree completely. A gallon of gasoline has been more expensive than that, it's really not a lot of money to most people who can afford to buy tablets and smartphones. People are just spoiled and expect everything for free these days.

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I don't think he's complaining about the 3.99$ but the fact that it's FREE on other platform. Wouldn't you complain if you go at Starbuck and pay 3.99$ for a coffee but everyone around don't have to pay it. Plus the 3.99$ you are going to spend on a dead platform like the playbook, btw I love my playbook, you are going to need to spend another 3.99$ when they port it to BB10.

Yes, but you are missing the point that there is a free and paid version on other platforms.. paid version is $1 more expensive on the PB, so it's not comparing free to $3.99, but rather $2.99 to $3.99 and that dollar is worth their support for the platform.

Also, on your other point, I have to disagree.. I sent them an email last night to know if I should hold off or not, and this was their response. Their plan is to make bb10 free for those who purchased it on the PB:

"Thanks for being interested in League of Heroes. We plan to release Z10 version in the close future too.
I'm not 100% sure what will happen if you try to download it later to Z10 when purchased before on PlayBook - when we release the update which add new devices, we mark it as free of charge for people having the previous version, but to be fully sure - I'd recommend asking BlackBerry AppWorld support team."

It's up to the developer to make it free or paid on the new platform it previously purchased, and they clearly stated there that they would mark if as free to those who previously purchased on the PB. Hope this helped shed some light on the situation (:

Thank you for the added information to the post. Crackberry miss informed us by saying that it's free on iOS then. For sure I have no problem buying stuff for the Playbook even if it's a 1$ more, but I just don't get why would it be a dollar more on a playbook. It's seems like we are gettting over charged since we "can" pay and will since there is almost no game so I guess less competition. As for BB10 they are also saying that the have no clue how it's going to work for the upgrade. So it could go either way.

Okay, so to answer both of your questions, 1.) BlackBerry has a smaller user base than iOS And Android, so they can charge more for their game as they simply will not sell as many on BlackBerry as they could potentially sell on iOS and Android. Also, supply vs. Demand, just as you stated.. fewer good games, hence more ppl will be interested in purchasing a good game even if the price is a bit steeper. But honestly, if that extra $1 motivates them to keep BlackBerry on their dev list, then I feel it is more than worth it.

2.) If you read into what they say, they said that it WILL be a free upgrade to Z10, etc. Which is 100% the developers choice, BlackBerry World has no say in it, it's up to the dev. The reason why they said, check with BlackBerry World on the matter, is because they are new to developing for BlackBerry and are not totally sure if BlackBerry World allows them to make it free for those who purchased on the PlayBook. So they simply said that to protect their back as they don't know how the system works yet, they are new to developing for BlackBerry.

I am a developer, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that BlackBerry World does not hold them back or have a say in whether they want to make it free for other phones or not. That decision is entirely up to the developer, and they already said that they will give it for free if you purchase it on the PlayBook, if that makes any sense? They simply sounded a bit confused about it because they are again, new to the platform and don't know entirely how BlackBerry World works. But they have the mindset that they want to make it free for other BB10 devices if previously purchased on the PlayBook, so that is all you need to hear to know. So it will be safe to buy it on the PlayBook and it will be able to be downloaded to your Z10. Does that make any sense? Hope that helps clear things up (:

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First of all, I just want to start out by saying that I don't drink coffee, so paying 3.99 for a cup of black liquid seems utterly ridiculous to me.

Now that I got that out of the way, let me defend myself.

Yes, I know exactly how much work goes into building these applications, and yes, it's a lot of work, but $3.99 would only be a reasonable price if it was $3.99 on competing platforms. I don't care that there were costs to port it over to the PlayBook, there were also costs to build it for iOS and Android, so basically PlayBook owners are picking up the tab for all three platforms. Not very fair if you ask me.

No, I don't expect all games for BlackBerry to sell for 0.99, however a good majority of excellent games, such as Angry Birds Star Wars, JetPack Joyride, Nova 3, etc I was able to pick up for free, and you can't argue that more or less effort went into making these games. I have also purchased games such as Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, which cost me 9.99, so you can't accuse me of being a cheapskate. I'm at a point where I have well over 50 games for both my PlayBook and my Z10 that price is going to be a huge deciding factor for me, and this game just doesn't fit into that magic price point for me.

I get a kick out of opinionated people like yourself who find it necessary to bring the hammer down on anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest. Go ahead and buy the application and support the developer, that's great. All I'm saying is at this point in time, I am not a customer.

Rant over.

The only reason Jetpack is free is because there is an in-app purchasing component that they make their money off of.. It's simply a different marketing model.

Angry Birds is free only because the developers and BlackBerry made a deal, so BlackBerry paid them big money to make the game free for everyone, just as Tetris is free on the PlayBook but not on any other platform.

Nova 3 was free for a week or two so they could build up positive 5 star reviews and get a lot of word of mouth going, they quickly made it paid and it is now $5.99. Again, a totally different marketing model, all of which are completely valid ways to market your app.

I am not arguing that the games you named had less work put into them than this game... they just have different marketing techniques, none of which are necessarily "free" as they are getting paid in one way or another, just because you aren't always the one paying, doesn't mean all good apps can be as cheap or free, entirely depends on their strategy.

Okay, well it can do that too, but for the simple fact that it is paid in other platforms as well, then the that's just their business plan. There are paid and free versions on iOS and Android. Either way, I'm happy to see it come to BB10.

Their business plan is to offer a free an paid version for iOS and Android but only a paid version for BB? And from the looks of the description, the paid version on BB is actually the free version on iOS and Android (doesn't include more content and extra gems), minus the ads.

I'm sorry, but your argument just lost steam.

The fact in and of itself that the free version has ads, and the paid version does not have ads are what makes the difference.. they could have added the "Gems" thing on other platforms because the game was out for a while.. It's new on BlackBerry, so they have just a paid version without ads.. maybe once the game has been out as long as it has on other OS's they will make a free version with ads and also add "Gems" as another incentive to purchase the game instead. Life isn't always perfectly equal and fair. It's the theory of supply and demand my friend. You're just upset that you can't get the game for free.. then go side load the free Android app and have fun putting up with the advertisements everywhere. Don't know what else to tell you, why so mad about it though..?

I'm not upset about anything, I'm just not buying the game. The developer's loss in the end. Doesn't hurt my feelings in the slightest, but I see it got your panties all in a bunch.

So your reasoning for saying that in the first place was to simply get satisfaction by trying to annoy those who instead want to see more devs come to this platform and make/port apps over..? You in some way feel like you won by complaining to devs who went out of their way to do this..? Interesting theory..

Also, funny how you say "Devs lost in the end" yeah.. im really sure about that, the fact that they are selling the game and people are buying it at $3.99, whereas you don't want it unless it's free, wow! They really lost out on income there.. oh wait, no they didn't..?

Go back and read my first post and see if you can find the anger in it, because I sure can't.

Edit: HAHA, I love how you have to go back and edit to add more content. Just give it a rest. I don't know what I ever did to you to make you so angry.

Obviously, one person isn't going to make a difference, but you have to look at it as a whole.

In my opinion, and that's just what it is, MY opinion, is they would have seen more sales if it was cheaper, (or even free and rely on in-app purchases), than their current price point. You have twisted this into an unstoppable monster, and I am not going to feed it anymore.

Besides, the comment box is getting too small, and I actually have better things to do than argue with you about something so ridiculous.

And speaking of good games, I noticed galaxy on fire 2 showed up in blackberry world for the z10 but it seems to be missing now... must have found a bug before it was released.

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Recovering costs of the port? Porting android apps take less than 10 minutes... that if it's a port...

Even if it's native, if it's free, it should be free everywhere.

You'll probably spend a lot more in game if you like it for coins and so on.

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I can say that there is two version of the game on iOS, Free and Paid version is $2.99, so I am not going to make a big deal about it being $3.99 on the PlayBook.

Btw, Android developers can monetizing their games through ad placements, therefore you generally will find more free apps on the Android than u would for either iOS or BlackBerry.

I bought the app for the PlayBook and can say that it was worth the $3.99. I could have saved a dollar purchasing it on my iPad but I rather support the developers on BlackBerry platforms.

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You can have ads on iOS and BB as well (iOS ads are even more annoying than Android ones).
Also the premium version on iOS has additional content and starts you with additional "gems", and I don't see that mentioned anywhere on the PB page.
Simple fact is I would've paid 4$ for the game if it didn't have the freemium component to it.

The iOS and Google ads are more mature and probably makes the Developers more money because if the shear number of people on those platforms compared to BlackBerry 10.

As for the iOS "Premium" version, it still just the freemium version without the ads and a few gems, as it's still optional to make in app purchases just like the BlackBerry version.

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So many complainers. It's $4. Get over it. Support the developer. Do you work for free? Would you? No.

The blackberry playbook isn't a dead platform either, if it was, blackberry wouldn't even have it listed on the website.