Leading Canadian organizations begin deploying BES10

Leading Canadian organizations begin deploying BES10
By Simon Sage on 16 Apr 2014 10:15 am EDT

Today BlackBerry announced a handful of enterprise customers upgrading to BES10. An obvious one is the City of Waterloo, BlackBerry’s hometown. Municipal workers are using BBM to stay coordinated on all fronts, but they have some outward-facing partnerships too. They’ve worked with BlackBerry to create an app called Ping Street which enables users to find location-specific information like upcoming events, road detours, and even garbage and recycling pick-up schedules.

Along the same vein is Volker Stevin, which is one of the biggest highway maintenance contractors in western Canada. Security and speed are key parts of their communications strategy, and they picked BES10 over alternative solutions from MobileIron and AirWatch. Finally, Samuel, Son & Co. is a big metal manufacturing company that made the switch to BES10. They cited the great training and support offered as the reason for picking up BES10.

Obviously it’s great to hear BlackBerry’s getting companies to upgrade to BES10. BlackBerry’s renewed focus on enterprise should set the expectation for more rollouts like these. Has your company flipped the switch on BES10, or are they still on an older version?

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Leading Canadian organizations begin deploying BES10


Besides BES 10 being the much better option for managing BB 10 phones, iphones and Androids, the customer support experience is always gonna favour the customer. If BlackBerry can do the same for all customers providing good training and support I think they ll win a lot of customers this way as well!!!

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After being told two years ago that BlackBerry would stop working on our network and we all had to get iPhones, we are now allowed to use BB10 or any other phone we wish.

Strangely on our company phone ordering page, only BB10 and iPhone shows up. I thought they'd be harder to acquire than an Android after the declaration they were being dropped, but surprisingly it's the other way around.

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Now we need more businesses(especially Canadian support) for BlackBerry. It's sad how little we support homegrown talent. Unless it's hockey or Timmy's most Canadians go with the flow.

Sometimes the "flow" gets you where you want to go...

Doesn't matter where a product is grown, if it's the wrong product for your recipe.

Awesome bit of news.

Of course, no chance of it making the headlines. Not negative enough I reckon.

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Sweet! Samuel is a customer of mine. Hopefully it's easier to stay in contact with them now

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I've deployed BES10 for our environment and we're a Canadian Municipal government managing over 4000 devices such as BBOS, iOS and BlackBerry 10. I know of three other municipality doing the same. BES10 is the gold standard

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Any chance you could post the odd article about Gov/Enterprise BES deployment advantages/issues/benefits? Kevin was looking for contributors a couple of weeks ago.

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Here is my concern, in the same time frame how many companies switched other alternatives. The Canadian city I live in runs android.... the three companies named here are drops of water in the ocean of companies.

Looking forward to the announcement the Canadian government has switched..

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They don't announce every contract.. I doubt the Canadiens government would allow BlackBerry to use their name for marketing purposes

I know for a fact that at least some of the federal government is using BES10. I know an elected official with a BES connected Z30.

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I know the Department of Transportation in Nova Scotia has made the switch to BES10 including BlackBerry 10 phones.

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The Canadian department of foreign affairs uses BES. I have a friend in a respectable position over there and everyone has either a BBOS or BB10 phone.

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Any info in terms of overall number of devices installed? It would be an interesting parameter to understand how big those clients are..
Regardless the volume of phones sold it is great to hear that BES is gaining traction and acquire more clients. BlackBerry needs that revenue to offset the loss of the BIS fees.

Cdn federal government still using BlackBerry OS7 devices. Freaking ridiculous.

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I think it has more to do with which department. Some have switched to BB10, while others are still on BBOS 7. With BES 12 coming out later this year that will give companies the ability to manage and secure BBOS 7, BB10, ios, Android and Windows Phones, I am hopeful that we will see a lot more companies switch over.

Nah what's ridiculous is that they'll continue to do so like a back crank habit (in the negative sense not the crackberry sense) due to BlackBerry themselves enabling this: by bringing back legacy 9900.

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Good to hear! We need more companies jumping on this bandwagon.

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As per a close friend of mine that works there, The City of Brampton has deployed BES 10 as well as Z10's and Q10's. Not sure how many devices they manage, but it's a city of close to 600 000 people.

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My firm must have made the switch to BES10 last year, because I saw some Z10s and Q10s near the end of the summer. Might be around1000 devices once everyone goes through their device upgrade cycle.

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Every one of my customers have shutoff BES and gone to Good. The reasons are 2-fold; BlackBerry took way too long to get management of iOS out. And, they continue to believe BlackBerry will soon be out of business. I can try to argue with them but, they are not willing to put their career on the line. Security doesn't seem to be important to them.

My friend who works at Baker Hughes (Middle East) recently got a Q10. When I asked him if he bought it, he said his company recently upgraded to BES10, not sure if world wide or only regional but still good news nonetheless!

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We were told were dropping BlackBerry at work. 1 year and currently using my BlackBerry Q10

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We have just switched from BES last year but have deployed a few new BlackBerry phones and playbooks this year anyway. Just a small business though.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Agreed. We are all here seeing everyday the great (and not so great) things that BlackBerry is doing, but what about the majority of the population that does not come here ritually?

I've noticed GOOD ads on many BlackBerry websites (like berry review and n4bb). It looks like an add for BlackBerry until you click on it. It is a promoting how to migrate your BlackBerrys cheaply to Good.

Anyway, my bank, BMO, is bb10, but you can byod iPhones and soon Android, but when ordering a Corp phone, it is Q10, Z10 or Z30!

So many of my colleagues have yet to switch though. Still holding their old Bolds. Me, I had the q10 the week it was available. This Z30 is my home (I could have used it for work on balance, but then I would be paying for all my work data and calls) . I like having both phones as it gives me a great view of the pros and cons of each.

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This is a good start but within my circle of clients, many of their companies in Canada stopped offering BlackBerry devices from the list of accepted phones.

Not to mention names of companies but one person works at one of the banks head office, they are now with good software so the iPhone can work. Another is an insurance company. Large Canadian company. He has also gone to iPhone with good on it. And yet another client Sent me a BBM request yesterday from another Canadian insurance company from his new iPhone.

The reasons they gave me were that good was cheaper and BlackBerry may be gone soon.

I know that people say BlackBerry needs marketing but I think they need to hire a public relations company to start a campaign to show that they are not dead and they are not the BlackBerry from 2009

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There's still no mention about the City of Toronto, though last I heard they plan on managing different devices as a 1 year pilot project including but not limited to iPhones, Androids and BB10's. Currently the entire City is being run via BES5 and BBOS. Approx: 20,000 devices.

I don't think the IT realize how awful it is to access e-mail for example on an iPhone versus a BB10 device.

Had BES10 had the ability to fully support BBOS, according to one IT personal, they would have already deployed it and some. Because many BBOS devices are still in multi-year contracts. And they will only replace your old devices after a 3 year usage period. I have 1 more year to go with my BOLD 9700.

The major issue with the Enterprise is the fact BES10 does not support BBOS. And many IT's don't want to manage different setups. But the same can be said about Airwatch and the like, where if they were to take that route, they will still need to run BES5 for a few years more.

And by that time, BES12 would have been fully deployed, that would simply be a facepalm to the person that made the bad decision to go with anything other than the most secure BES12 setup.

Get some Global players adopting BES10

Then BlackBerry can create a snowball effect . Companies don't like to be left behind.

BlackBerry should be consulting government about Cyber crime since they value security more than Apple or Google.

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BlackBerry should consider offering their own network and price plan make things easier for everybody.

Imagine Bb network, fast OS update and other. That will be fantastic

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I have deployed Bes10 and now we are only giving z30 to all users. Still have some on z10 and q10 before z30 came out.

Some users were asking for Iphone 5s but we gave them z30 and they haven't said a word.

Remember giving a device to someone is one thing but training them is another. If they know how powerful BB10 OS is then they won't be asking for another phone.

So train your users before you give them their devices. Trust me.

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I gave each and every one of my (BES10-enabled) users a 3 (three!) hour training, but I still hear a lot of discontent. And when they read some bad press about BlackBerry, they don't neglect to mention it to me, usually followed by the question "and when are the iPhones being rolled out?". But my default answer is always: "not any time soon".

Of course we rolled out Z10's in stead of Z30's, but still.
Sometimes I think a lot of our users are spoiled little children. But that's my personal opinion.

Nevertheless, I love my Z10 and I think BlackBerry is still the way to go for security-minded organisations.

No Candy Crush for them (unless they're allowed to install the Android version, highly doubtful) :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

When BlackBerry announces these things it makes them look mickey mouse. Happy for them but it's just not that much to get excited about.

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Bes here at this Canadian FI. But looking at other solutions for Android and IPhone as I hear BES does not handle them well.

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Not entirely accurate. Truth is, all MDM are subject to the same rules of management capabilities that Apple and Google offer to the MDM Solution provider. It’s then up to the MDM provider to implement it. That said BeS10 has leveraged all the capabilities and we reviewed six solutions, BES10 was the best for us.

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Ever since my cat ate my Carrier Pigeon, my business has been severely limited. So, I'm thinking about upgrading from the Carrier Pigeon to a BES10 solution. I can see business picking up after the upgrade.

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Volker Stevin has 800 employees. It's likely only management, certain office staff and foremen that are provided mobile devices. Really not that impressive.

It's another case of a BES salesperson simply doing their job and BlackBerry bragging about it.

Good news! Yeah!
We are making the switch right now. Small company in Austria. About ten devices only - Q10, Z10 and the beast Z30. But hey, we had BlackBerrys from the beginning and liked it. And now the new BB10 devices are so much more professional, no fun toy. They make us so more productive. And with BES10 we are also able to manage iOS devices (from CEO :-D) and maybe some BYOD Android devices (who knows). I hope that many many other companies would recognize the magic of BlackBerry. They will love it!

COMMAND TO ALL: Go for it, make the step and you'll get lucky! You won't regret it.

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Good is when Washtec Germany do this same. When BlackBerry can Washtec take as Customer this make a lot then Washtec is worldwide. They operate with none BlackBerry Enterprise.
Or what about Lever this is another big company?
When they will go back on the Market they has to go on road and go directly to big companies.

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Ministry of Community and Social Services have continues to support BB10 devices and BES. We renewed a new contract with Rogers from over a $50-60 plan to a corporate BES plan of roughly $15-20. Huge savings. Something about BES. Could not believe it until I saw the bills.

I work for a Crown Corporation which employs 70,000 people and we are BES 10, no other platforms are allowed. Myself and my directors all have the new BlackBerry 10 phone's, we still have a lot of legacy devices people refuse to give up.

Loving my personal Z10 and corporate issued Z30!

Respect to the the 1 million people from Finland who bought Nokia Lumias supporting their Finland company. Keep in mind Finland population is 5 million. This is why at least %20 of Canadians (normal customers) should switch to blackberry, supporting a Canadian co. This means a 6 million people switching to BB. Can you imagine that!? This woild like living a dream for blackberry. They would even start having more developers interested in developing apps for them. As well the news will be marketing blackberry to other countries. Its too amazing not to happen. I just wish I was famous so I can tweet this so all Canadians get this message.

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Good point. But BlackBerry should speed up its international efforts - US, Russia, China, India, and Brazil in particular.

I work for canadian federal govt department... still on BES5 :( ... but we also just got windows 7 so, we certainly take our sweet a$$ time.

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If only they had BES12 from the start, adoption would have probably been more than double to date.
Anyhow great news.

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Well I work for a German company and we just introduced BES10.

I have to say that it was not easy to convince the MGT that it is the best solution.

Marketing and public relations of BB was not the best. And the strategy of T.H. was a fiasco.

After All...
...to my knowledge, Daimler and Airbus also introduced BES10.

Some Bank I know did too.

BlackBerry has to be very careful. We had enough negative BlackBerry news.

But since goto fail every sane guy should know that BlackBerry is the most secure smartphone mdm combination.

So BlackBerry: Please communicate the strengths of BlackBerry better and louder.

AND MAKE the QWERTZ KEYBOARD Layout run on CONNECTED BLUETOOTH devices. I only get the qwerty layout all the time!

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So how many more of these significant partnerships need to be announced before people stop saying "doesn't mean anything, not enough $$$, still bye BBRY"?

-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

Now if only the Canadian government and bigger companies like Bombardier, de Havilland, SNC-Lavallin and others followed suit...that'd be great and better!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

"Leading Canadian organizations begin deploying BES10"

Poor choice of words for the headline, it would leave one to believe this is the first group of Canadian companies deploying BES10. I would expect this type of headline for other tech sites. Come on CrackBerry you can do better than this.

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Yeah, I thought that was kinda weird too.

It's been out for 15 months now. There is so much competition in the EMM game nowadays so hopefully they can retain companies who are using BES by fixing issues and getting them to users quickly instead of working on accent colors.

I was having lunch with a friend this week and I was telling her that I bought the BlackBerry z30. She told me her bank was changing from BlackBerry to iPhone. I was very disappointed to hear such news.

What bank? I mean why be so vague here? Guess what? If people start making a fuss, it gets noticed and I know where I work MO, we came very close to giving up on BlackBerry and actually postponed the BB10 rollout from September to December to ensure that it was up to par. I an very happy that we did end up with the BB10 phones.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I wish that there was an edit function here. Come on CB.

I meant BMO not MO!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Any Canadian company, institution or individual not rocking a BlackBerry should consider their decision contributed to over 9000 jobs being lost. Why? because they are buying iphones and androids, which is ironic as they are inferior. Remember to take care of your neighbors. From what I've seen BlackBerry has done a remarkable job supporting their communities over the years.

Our organization has about 1000 phones. When they switched to iPhone to tears ago, they moved your air works. Now that BES 10 manages all platforms, I'm hoping they go back to BES. Well see.

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Our company is very small. We only have 4 BlackBerry devices and 3 iphones (used to be BlackBerrys). We still operating with the Old BES. I have personally switched to BB10, but I can't get our IT support company to install the new BES10. My boss has given me the OK to spend the money for the new server, but like I said the IT company that manages our server is giving me the run around. Who can I contact at BlackBerry to help me bird dog this? I think this is a common theme with IT people, personally I think they are the reason BlackBerry is having a hard time selling devices. Any advice will be appreciated.

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I work at an arm's length government agency and last year we almost went strayed away from BlackBerry. I was able to convince them to let me deploy BES10.

I'm proud to say that today management considers that to be a very good decision.

We have Z10's, Q10's and now standardizing on Z30's.

Many people think I'm crazy when I speak highly of BlackBerry, we just need to educate the masses...even if it's one person at a time.

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