Help organize your life with Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 3 Aug 2013 09:43 am EDT

It isn't every day that I find a BlackBerry 10 application that I truly believe I will use for the rest of my days - but Lazy Lists is one of them. Available for all BlackBerry 10 devices its concept is simple - yet the UI and features within the app are beautiful.

As the name suggests, this one is all about creating and managing lists, which is something I rely on heavily with my BlackBerry. There is a free version of Lazy Lists which will allow basic functionality but it's worth paying the small price tag for the premium version to unlock all of its features. What you get in the full version is as follows:

  • Create an unlimited number of lists!
  • Fully customize the appearance of your lists
  • Set due dates for each list and have it integrated into the native calendar app
  • Share your list with others

Creating a list is done by just pressing one tab. Here you will then have the option to choose a color for the list and also add a calendar due date if you need to. Once you have lists set up you can add to them again with one touch. One feature that I really love with Lazy Lists is its gestures. You can swipe an item to the right to delete it from the list or if you fancy sharing it you can swipe to the left where your BlackBerry Hub will open. Cool or what?

Having the color choice is another favorite feature of mine, just because it makes the app look so attractive - particularly when minimized and you get the pretty Active Frame that shows the top three lists. The developer has worked hard on this one and has even given us the option to choose between a dark or light theme. Dark is always good in my opinion, just to conserve an extra slice of battery power.

If you use your BlackBerry for taking notes or lists then you have to give this one a try. Pick up the free version from the link below and let us know what you think. I know the developer will be happy to receive feedback.

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Help organize your life with Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10


Is this better for building grocery lists than Remember? Cause so far that's all I've used it for.

Gonna give this a look.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

I didn't even hesitate to purchase the full version for this one after watching the review. This is exactly the kind of app I was looking for. Will be using this all the time!

I wish each individual item had a due date. But that may be more of a project manager than a list manager.

Posted via CB10

You can create lists in bbm groups. Each item has its own due date and assignment to member of group. I created a group for wife and I. That way we have access to same shopping list. No sharing required

I also use BBM groups with my wife. I have folders for 'costco' and 'groceries'. If we run out of something either of us can in check the item.... who never stops for groceries just checks the items as they shop.

Posted via CB10

Yep, this app is kinda useless, especially when BBM has better functionality for free.

Don't download and especially don't buy.

Posted via CB10

Hello, if you want to assign due date for each individual item, check out qbotron's other super app - Corky Notes.

I love Corky Notes on my Z10, and use a similar app on my Playbook. Very handy for class assignments.

I don't use Corky Notes (yet) but I guess the data between Corky Notes and Lazy Lists can't be linked, right? I love the app as is, but the option to assign a due date to an individual item would make it just a little better... not sure if I want to get another app for that purpose only though. Especially not if I have to add each item that I want to give a due date separately to each app.
Keep up the good work though :)

Love the app and the developer is great. It makes lists a lot more fun to use, knew that I'd be purchasing this one for the unlimited lists and customization.. doesn't hurt to support the dev either!

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Great 'thin' list App and with a couple tweaks easily morphs into a full GTD system. Emailed the developer a suggestion and they replied immediately. Got the full version and excited to see where this goes.

Quinnspoppy....rocking a Q10 from the EVIL blue empire!

The premium version is not a separate app but is simply an in-app purchase within Lazy Lists. You can unlock the additional features and customization by going inside the "My List" screen within the app (one of the swipe down menu)

Hi, the share feature shares the entire list as text separated by line breaks and commas.

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. It seems like you can't do anything with the free version. I would certainly like to try it before I buy it!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Sorry, there seem to be a bug with the latest version of Lazy Lists for Q users. We have submitted an update for approval!

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

Thanks. Should I delete it and reinstall it when it is fixed or just wait for the update? The description sounds like something I would find useful.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

You can simply update, no need to reinstall :)

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

Great app, like others have said, "just what I was looking for in a list app". I also use Corky Notes, but this fits my needs perfectly. Glad to have purchased the full version as I will now be much more organized. Thanks to the Dev on this one for sure.

Nice to see the app developers are watching the comments & answering users questions. Just looking all of their other apps right now.

Posted via CB10

Sorry, it's been pulled for bug fix. As Kirkins said, it'll be available in few days!

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

I also love Corky notes! Give that a try, specially when you make it rotate through your notes every 5sec

People that ain't brain washed own BlackBerry's

Why is it not available on Q10 ? I've seen it like a hundred times on BlackBerry World and now that I want to download it, it seems to have disappeared.. what the fuck.

Posted via CB10

Sorry, it's down for critical bug fix. It will be available shortly!!

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

Most of these task, to-do, list, and reminder apps are way too simple. The way I see it, without many features this app is somewhat useless. I can do almost the same thing with a basic memo app. But instead of swiping to delete, I just backspace or hit the X. The past few days I've been on a MISSION to find the perfect to-do/task app. I'm looking for something with lots if features. Something that really keeps me organized and productive. I've gone through nearly 25 apps do far and although I do sort of like some of them, I haven't found THE app yet. Any suggestions? Something similar to Viira. I like the idea of projects, tags, and being able to attach things. Help?!

- Julie Nucc via CB10

Jules, the native remember app sounds like what you're looking for. If that's not feature rich for you, there's another great one called "slick tasks".

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

The native Remember app and it's integration with Evernote is pretty good.

Swiping my Z10 like a Genie will pop out.

Jules look at Slick Tasks it's an awesome app that syncs with the web app. Sub task and outline with due dates, priority, and focus capability. Very functional. I'm like you most apps are grocery list apps not SlickTasks.

Posted by my awesome Z10

:ave you checked out Conqu? It's built around the GTD concept, and one thing I like about it is that it is truly cross platform (even desktop, even the Playbook) and allows you to assign tasks.

Having said that, I keep wondering if there are better options, and I wish app developers would clearly say in their app descriptions for task apps "This is what is does that Reminder doesn't do.". 'cause I always find myself scratching my head and wondering that.

Posted via CB10

Nice app, bought it. Your app icon, on the other hand, needs some serious work. Please fix. It’s ruining my Z10's desktop. ;)

Anyway, I'm giving it 5 stars in BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10

Yup - Have to agree (and Corky Notes suffer the same problem ;) )

@gyubok - You have wonderful apps, and the apps itself look beautiful and are perfectly integrated with BB10 (I would give them 6 stars if possible for this ;) ) but the icons look cheap. I think sometime less is more ... Keep it a bit more abstract :)

We all know the app rocks and I usually wouldn't pile on but this one deserves it. Anyone looking for a great lister app. More than enough reviews confirm this one.

Posted via CB10

The premium features can be unlocked at $1.99 usd. With it, you can get unlimited lists, list header customization, calendar integration, and all the future feature additions!

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

I have to say that Slick Tasks is a awesome app for work lists / project management. Due dates, focus on projects, sub tasks, master lists, print to PDF, share tasks, etc. If you are looking for a work To Do List this is the one. Oh and it also syncs with the web app as well.

Posted by my awesome Z10

Some people need something much more simple and visually appealing for one fifth the price, which this CrackBerry post is about.

Thanks -just saw your posts to Jules as well. Good luck with your app. Sorry didn't mean to dampen the mood.

Posted by my awesome Z10

Where can you get Asana for BlackBerry? I don't see it on BlackBerry World. Thanks.

Posted by my awesome Z10

Unfortunately no BB app yet, you can use through your web browser. Calendar integration will work and you can get the notifications via e-mail. I won't use any dumb, poorly integrated checklist app just because there is a native BB app. By the way, you can try sideload the asana's android app. And check the youtube, there are some great videos how to use asana to manage scrum development, crm etc.

One thing I really liked on my old Android lists and notes app was the ability to password protect chosen lists. I like to keep stuff like gift ideas or current medications in a list format but I don't want others who have access to my phone to see that info.

Could that be added on a future release?

Posted via CB10

Definitely. That sounds like an amazing feature!

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

Lazy Lists will be available for the Q devices next week!

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

I can't get "double tap" to work.
So frustrated I deleted the app. And reinstalled. Still not working.
Either I'm doing something wrong or this app doesn't work.
Deleted it for good.

Posted via CB10

Double tap mechanism being used in Lazy List is from the os. Unfortunately, we are not able to change the interval. Try tapping faster :)

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

Q10 download is pulled, should be available again next week!

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

I like using BBM Lists as it's a living document that can be shared instantly.

If only BBM had the time features for a reminder instead of just a date it would be perfect.

Posted securely by BlackBerry Z10

Hey, somethings up with this app right now. It says that it's unavailable for the z10 in bbworld but I just saw it there a couple of days ago. Anyone know what's going on or how I can get it?

One free list is good enough for me as i won't pay for this app.

I use the calender to type stuff into even groceries I just add to say sept 1 need apples, oranges or whatever and add more to the date if needed so and tell it to remind me an hour before hand.

Posted via CB10