Layar augmented reality browser arrives in BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry 7 devices

Layar Augmented Browser
By Bla1ze on 12 Sep 2011 10:38 am EDT

Now that BlackBerry 7 devices have arrived, the augmented reality application competition is heating up. First to launch was of course, Wikitude but now Layar has brought their augemented reality solution to BlackBerry App World. Layar browser is available now for download, and with it you can explore the things around you using your BlackBerry device and augmented reality. Layar Browser has over 2,000 layers to choose from as well as built in social media integration which allows you to share your findings with Facebook and Twitter -- something that Wikitude at this point is lacking. If you're into augmented reality apps and don't think they are a lil' creepy, give it a shot.

Download Layar Browser for BlackBerry 7 Devices

Reader comments

Layar augmented reality browser arrives in BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry 7 devices


These apps are very highly demanding on the battery. but will give it a try on my bold 9900.
I wonder when we will see what steve ballmer showed ! i.e. info right on your lock screen bing maps integration and the rest I really liked this demo.

App world is giving me hell attempting to download this. Saying it can't connect to the server.

Error Code: 40850

The map at the top right looks like the radar from most 1st person shooter games....creepy. Lol, pizza pizza around the corner, grenade!

Looks like this app has completely screwed my 9900 - in a loop now and saying app error. Cheers Crackberry ;)

If you're in Germany - like me, don't bother with the app i guess it's just for US / Canada

Stop ranting folks, it's going to the App World only today!

And the screenshots are completely fake, here are some real ones:

I get "Unavailable for this device" on the verizon torch 9850. (Also for: Pandora, Bank of America, eBay, Paypal and other apps.. )

Does someone have a .jad link for this for the 9900? The app world link doesn't work for me.

EDIT: There must have been something wrong with the App store because the link opens now without an error.