Law firm Clifford Chance set to roll out 1,600 BlackBerry 10 devices this summer

By Adam Zeis on 26 Apr 2013 08:46 am EDT

In another bit of great news, international law firm Clifford Chance has announced that the will be rolling out 1,600 BlackBerry 10 phones to employees starting this summer. Clifford Chance has been a long-time BlackBerry customer and are looking forward to using the updated BlackBerry 10 devices soon. The company will issue a mix of both the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10.

Paul Greenwood, CIO at Clifford Chance said, “BlackBerry Enterprise Service offers us a strong combination of flexibility, functionality and security. Combined with the new BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones, it helps our people to be more productive and to deliver excellence in client service.”

Clifford Chance will also be rolling out BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 along with the new devices. 

Press Release

London, UK and Waterloo, ON – International law firm Clifford Chance and BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today announced that Clifford Chance will roll out 1,600 BlackBerry® 10 smartphones with  BlackBerry’s recently launched Enterprise Mobility Management solution, BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10. Clifford Chance is a long-standing BlackBerry customer, with BlackBerry smartphones at the core of the law firm’s enterprise mobility strategy for over 10 years. The firm’s new investment in BlackBerry 10 will see 1,600 employees, initially in the UK, being issued with BlackBerry® Z10 (all touch) and BlackBerry® Q10 (touch with physical keyboard.) smartphones, beginning early this summer. 

Paul Greenwood, CIO at Clifford Chance said, “BlackBerry Enterprise Service offers us a strong combination of flexibility, functionality and security. Combined with the new BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones, it helps our people to be more productive and to deliver excellence in client service.”

“BlackBerry 10 is a robust and reliable platform that is smooth and responsive. It is designed to learn and adapt to the way you work, which is a distinguishing benefit that resonates strongly with customers. We are proud that Clifford Chance has selected BlackBerry 10 as the foundation of its mobile computing strategy,” said Rob Orr, UK Managing Director at BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 provides device management, security and app management, and includes support for BlackBerry® Balance™ technology, a key feature for Clifford Chance. BlackBerry Balance provides an effective and user friendly way to manage professional from personal data. Personal content and work apps and information are kept separate, and the user can instantly switch from their Personal space to their Work space with a simple swipe. The Work space is fully encrypted, managed and secured, while at the same time letting users get the most out of their smartphone for personal use.

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Law firm Clifford Chance set to roll out 1,600 BlackBerry 10 devices this summer


I am sure that their interest in protecting client information played a major role. With Blackberry Balance they can lock down the business side when not working and keep information from being easily accessed.

Great to see large BlackBerry partners making the leap to BB10 instead of to a different platform.

BlackBerry deserves to hold on the the crown in Enterprise services and now's the time to really push the BlackBerry 10 solution!

Press releases like this, while not large volume orders, reinforce the BlackBerry brand in professional circles where security and reliability are paramount. A nice read :)

More uptake with bes since trials are in the process of completion. More awareness going to Cascade new orders.

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Great news. I'm so proud of BlackBerry
The company is never down.
They gain my trust

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Tip of iceberg......thin edge of wedge.... . 1st Dominos to fall....gaining traction.....positive momentum building.... take u r pickrandall

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Meanwhile when a story comes out that some governmental dept is dropping BB and taking a couple thousand users with it the news is deemed "no big deal" because its not a lot of users in the grand scheme of things.

I believe they call that spin.

You're kidding right? A rumor of any company moving away from blackberry makes the 6:00 news, and spreads through the tech blogs like wildfire.
You'll only find stories like this on crackberry and a few other sites. They don't often show up in Google searches either.
Yeah, guess you're right... spin.

This is excellent news! Momentum has to start from somewhere ... someone that has used the Commodore Vic20 (as I did when it first debuted) would know that 'Big things have small beginnings' ... and know that change is inevitable (just think back to how Apple disrupted revenues of Commodore; both first & second coming).

As a lawyer, I concur. Great choice Clifford Chance. My BlackBerry has been an integral part of my law practice for over a decade.

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I know of a very wealthy business man who has not one....not two.....but three BlackBerrys....all for keeping intouch with his various business interests around the globe....and his.....personal ones's all about security...............and privacy....he will be getting the new Q10..........x3 ;)

Congrats, Danno, on being a very wealthy business man, and also for having . . .ahem . . . cough . . . various personal interests around the globe that requires you to maintain multiple BlackBerrys. You will no doubt enjoy your three Q10s.

P.S. you didn't fool me . . . .

Royal Bank in Canada has stared rolling out also. Enterprise always takes a little longer as internal testing is required after launch.

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1600 may not be a huge number overalls, ut it is a single purchase. This will be great for developers.

Also, note this is a lawfirm. These are not low income people who will never buy apps. I know of andriod users that nevef pay for any apps, if it isnt free, they dont buy it.

That is why Apple has done so well. IPhone users pay for apps, these blackberry users will too. That is why MlB had their app ready for opening day , which I of course purchased :-)

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I don't feel comfortable buying apps on my android phone for security reasons. However, I buy apps on my playbook without hesitation. Moving to BB10 phone very soon.

And those hating critics must be now hiding under a rock for the media circus comments saying bbry is a flip flop... nice to see bbry are doing much better than anyone anticipated they would...

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Makes me emotional too! Like in sports movies when the good guys win even though the odds are against them.

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This is the kind of news that will get other corporates to purchase. Hopefully, over time, there will be a snowball effect. Especially when their clients start seeing the devices in use.

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I wonder if they realize that the call log is a disaster for those of us that have to log client time for billing purposes. Previous BBs would easily show you what day, time and how long each phone call was. The process on the Z10 is at least a 2 step process, and it doesn't even show you the time once the phone calls are so old... it just lists the day. My firm won't even think about looking at the Z10s or Q10s until they change this feature. I had to take my personal one back until it gets updated... Please oh please, change this soon.

Love to see support for the Z10 especially from businesses since they were BlackBerry's original market!!!

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I wonder as to how many law firms own BlackBerry's......or more importantly......are about to buy either the Z10.........or the Q10.....?!