LaunchPads Adds Quick Access To All Your Applications

By Adam Zeis on 12 Jun 2008 11:46 am EDT

We are constantly on the go and looking for bigger and better ways to speed up production.  RIM was in the right mind when they added the convenience key to the side of our BlackBerry's, and the new application LaunchPads takes full advantage of it. 

LaunchPads easily lets you launch your most used applications from the side convenience key.  You have the ability to customize each of the ten buttons to do anything from launching an application, to dialing a phone number, to composing an email or SMS and even a loading a web page in your BB browser. 

At first the setup was a little daunting, having to search for the specific module for the application.  Once I figured it out it was a breeze - luckily the setup instructions and the customer service from Fabian Heuwieser (user BBA) couldn't be better.  If you're like me and want to have a multitude of applications at the ready, LaunchPads is for you. Its great to be able to drop an SMS with one button, get straight to my calander without scrolling through icons, or call my girlfriend without needing to shuffle through my contacts.  Overall, LaunchPads is a great application that you definitely shouldn't miss. 

Currently at version 1.4 (and being updated constantly), It's available in the Store for only $6.  Also check out Fabian's other applications like SMS Display On and his newest (and perhaps most popular release) VibandRing

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Reader comments

LaunchPads Adds Quick Access To All Your Applications


At it's current incarnation, I would not pay $6 for it because it looks like ASS! Should have made a pop up like the profile selector or the connections selector. Then it's worth the $6. not for ugly, web 2.0 style shit ass buttons. Common, put some effort in if you want the cash!

way to sack up "Anonymous". umm if a program is a one-time setup program that you'll never see again, WHY does the appearance matter so much? it functions perfectly! there are a lot of progs out there that do the opposite - have pretty buttons, but function like A$$. i prefer the former everytime.

btw - how many programs (free/$$) have you built and put out there for the community? exactly - now go back to your hole and pound out some msgs a bit faster because of this outstanding app =)

Not really sure that the way it looks should matter all that much IMO. It's more about functionality than aesthetics. I agree some apps need to rely on looks, however in this case I think that what it does should outweigh the look of the program - the buttons are just quick hits anyway, nothing you view for any length of time. Again, just my opinion.

Wait - how do you have YouTube on your home screen? Please explain how I can get YouTube on my BB. Also, what theme is that? It looks sweet.


As always, another great review. But, what I want to know is, since I'm a Curve (QWERTY) user, and have the option to use shortcuts. What's the benefit of getting this software?

I agree that you have keyboard shortcuts, but this also gives you the options to call a number with one click, compose an email with the address already entered etc. You an also create shortcuts to 3rd party applications, or those applications that do no already have a keyboard shortcut among other things.

I have a curve as well and I have my convenience keys set for my profile selector and my calendar. I'm wondering what the use would be for this program too. This is my first BB so may it's something that was different on prior models, but as of now I'm a bit confused. Can anybody explain? The review didn't really say much.