LaunchPad Updated to v1.5 - Adds Phone Calls & Email Shortcuts

By Adam Zeis on 24 Aug 2009 02:08 pm EDT

A few weeks back we checked out LaunchPad - a great app that lets you create web shortcuts right from your device. We got word today that they have just issued an update to version 1.5. This update includes the ability to create web shortcuts as well as both phone calls and composing emails. The phone call launcher will start dialing the specified number when clicked, and the email launcher will start composing an email to a specified address. You can choose all the options, including icon images, right from your address book. LaunchPad supports up to 40 launchers on your device (why you would need that many is beyond me). The update is free for all current users, and if you haven't purchased LaunchPad yet, you can still grab it for only $0.99 until the end of the month.

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LaunchPad Updated to v1.5 - Adds Phone Calls & Email Shortcuts


Make a app that will let me open a folder with a convenience key!!!! Then I can open a folder with a whole bunch of launchers without ever having to go to the menu!!!!

With this fix, this is now a must-buy app, especially at the current price. It's a better tool for speed dialing than speed dial. I can't wait to see how it behaves when I change the OS. That was the only hang up before this fix. I always had to reload/refresh the launchers that I had created. Great app!

and added a speed dial for my wife. It works so much better than my current speed dial! The web site lauches with icons are also a plus. It really makes everything a lot easier. This is a great app to have.

I just emailed Tech support about something else, and while they couldn't answer the request/question I had, they did say SMS launchers would be the next thing in the "near future".

I find this app greatly improved with the addition of the phone launcher and found an easy way to access the necessary fields. By creating a folder named direct call, it takes one click on my Storm and another on the icon. Speed dial was ineffective in comparison and wouldn't work every time. With this update, the app is a handle tool...

Just picked this app up. Very useful and easy to use for a great price. I prefer creating web launchers than having to go through the browser for my most used sites. I highly recommend this app. It also has a few extras.

You can go to the App Store and dl the update. That is if you can keep the App Store up and running on your BB. I keep getting "Uncaught exception" error on mine. I'd say it was probably the hybrid except that the App Store app has sucked pretty much forever.