Launch Day Video: CrackBerry Kevin Buys His BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Apr 2011 09:16 am EDT

No, the lineup wasn't around the block, but a handful of eager people did show up for Best Buy's 7am early open time where I live so they could grab their PlayBook. I was there to buy mine too, and you can watch the video above to see the action unfold. It's pretty funny. Not only did the Best Buy girl put an end to my video recording, but I nearly botched my out-of-the-store-with-PlayBook-in-hand landing. Watch the video above for a quick laugh or two!!

Did you head to a store near you early this morning to pick up your BlackBerry PlayBook? If so, let us know what the scene was like, and if you have any photos or videos be sure to send us a link to editorial @ It's definitely a historic day for BlackBerry!

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Launch Day Video: CrackBerry Kevin Buys His BlackBerry PlayBook!


Kevin, did you put the Best BUy chick up to trying to cover the camera with her hand? I mean asking you to stop wasn't enough? Haha, that definitely made the video, through your jump and almost wipeout was funny too...

Don't feel bad. She's always ticked off at everyone lol. She used to be my boss when I used to work at the other best buy in Winnipeg on regent. As soon as you got in the store and I heard the voice I was laughing lol.

LOL at the BB bitch. They must turn off all their camcorders and digital cameras so customers can't try them out too.

Whatt?? You live in Winnipeg?? That's the Polo park mall and that blue building behind u is Silvercity theatre haha. Wouldve been there with u but I had an 8am class so couldn't make it lol.

I went to Staples this am and was told the 64GB won't be available till the 27th then another associate came by and said they just arrived yesterday. Phew!

WHAT IS GOING ON WITH BLACKBERRY AND BEST BUY???? I pre-ordered my Playbook in March when Blackberry announced the release date. I pre-ordered from because BB said this was the "partner" and the preferred launch date seller. Today, I did not receive an e-mail notifying me of the Playbook shipment. I logged on to Best Buy web site and discovered that my PRE-ORDER is not fulfilled because the device is "backordered"!!!!! I called best Buy; the help line informs me that I may have to wait 1 - 2 weeks to get the Playbook. What kinda of Mickey Mouse operation is this?????

Same here. I even ordered it with express shipping so I knew it would get here as fast as it could and then it gets backorded. I'm going to a BestBuy store today and see if I can buy all the accessories and the PlayBook there and then cancel my order.

In fairness to Best Buy and especially to Blackberry, let me report that at 1:30 PM this afternoon, Best Buy e-mailed me a tracking number for my 64GB Playbook. Should get it tomorrow. Wish the launch day was executed more smoothly.

Exciting times Kevin...big day for BB...nice jump in the air at the end! :) LOL

That was hilarious walking in..."No video taping in the store please..." while putting hand to the it's a top secret place, relax Best Buy Girl! :) LOL

pretty much the same experience here in Halifax. Only about 4 people besides myself at 0700 opening at FutureShop, but I made up for it by buying 2 32GB models and 2 64GB models.LOL. the salesman thought i was a freak..... they're not all mine

Kevin were you able to set it up? i've been on the line with support for an hour no solution, won't bring up the user agreement. Thinking i should just take mine back to staples and get one from Best Buy

UPdate Guys

My staples playbook had a software error. I took it back, went to Best Buy sold out! (but they didn't have many in so not that big of a deal). Got one at Office Depot, worked like a charm.

I'm up and operating and I love it. So light weight, so fast and so clear!!!

Also my bridge is working and I'm with AT&T thanks to the Crackberry Team for posting the OTA Bridge link!!!!!



Bottom line people, if playbook messed up just take it back you got a dud (rpobably won't happen to many) don't waste 2 hours on the phone like me. Get one that works and you will be delighted!!!

32GB hey Kevin, guess that your recommendation then is it ... been trying to figure out which version to buy. :-S

he said on the video that he wanted the 64 but they were sold out so he had to get the 32 which will go to his mom when the 65 is available.

Should have told her if you can't film in the store, then they can't film you and have to shut off all THEIR cameras. Of course, they prob would have kicked you out preventing your long awaited purchase.

Nice Vid Kevin... Is that the Winterpeg mascot? Ms. WinterPig.. Lolz on her cameo appearance. :)
Enjoy the Playbook..

Kevin, if you are the editor of a leading Blackberry blog you should of contacted Media relations for Best Buy for clearance to film inside the store.

Why should he need to it is a business and open to the public and he was filming in the public areas. As long as he is not in the back room or offices it should not matter. I'm thinking the lady was a Apple FanGirl....

HA, I must have shown up about a half hour after you, but since I don't have the budget to buy 2, I had to leave, must wait for 64GB.

I went too staples too..the manager showed me a model and he said he couldn't get pass the agreement issue...he said that he tried a secoind one too..same error...I was getting worried about it..

Maybe a few r like that..I'm waiting to get one later..

Bridge it out!!!

I just called the Vancouver Costco and asked if they received any Blackberry PlayBooks today. She said nothing's comming up on her computer, but she could try searching by author if I knew who wrote the book :)

Needless to say, I'm going after work to check myself.

I think some people misread the demand for 64GB. Regina BestBuy had them but Sasktel won't get them in until next week.

Too bad about the Best Buy Nazi.
I am amazed to hear so many stores do not have the 64GB, or even the 32GB in stock!

Hey Kevin,

I went looking around today and looks like Best Buy was one of the only stores that didn't have the 64GB Playbook. The Sears in the Polo mall has a bunch. The Rogers and MTS stores also have 64GB Playbooks. So i am definitely taking advantage of the 14 day return policy and getting one from Sears. Screw you Best Buy!

I walked into a Staples in lower Manhattan around 8:15 am yesterday to get mine. I asked the guy where the Blackberry Playbooks are. He tells me aisle 2. There is one on display, but none out. So I go to another guy and request a Playbook. He says, "Sure hold on." Then he walks over to the other guy and after two unheard sentences between the two guys, the second one tells the first to get one from the back.

I'm thinking this first guy was probably trying to keep one in stock for a buddy or something. Shoot. I want my Playbook. I'm glad that second guy was there.

Best Buy blows - preordered the 64 gig and was assured on the 18th it would be in store the morning of the 19th - drove there and - nope - no playbook and no sign of when the 64gig will show up.

Again, given the 'importance' of this product for Blackberry, I can not have dreamed up a more mucked up lead up and launch - no advertising, buggy prerelease software for reviews to bash, plenty of bugs and unanticipated BIG (see AT&T bridge) negative issues. Blackberry is doing everything possible to cut this thing off at the knees and I am a fan of the company.

The bigger concern is that with all this negative press, sales will be affected short and long term and that third party developers will continue to stay away from makimizing the tablets utility by not developing apps to take advantage of the hardware.

It seems that more than the marketing rep should be forced to resign. Wait - I got it, let's do more quake 3 demo's next to Need for Speed - we'll sell MILLIONS. And they can't even get the couple of thousands necessary to meet the tepid demand in stores on time...