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Latest version of BlackBerry World brings bookmark options and improvements

By DJ Reyes on 10 Feb 2014 12:11 pm EST

Late in January this year we saw a little update to BlackBerry World pop up in BlackBerry Beta Zone for those with Beta Zone access. At the time there was no changelog initially but we found one in the end. I did like the ability to add an app to Bookmarks within BlackBerry World. It looks as though everything was well and it is now being released to the masses.

It brings BlackBerry World to version What's new?

  • Search suggestions are now available to help you easily find content you want.
  • Add Bookmark now appears on the action bar giving you a faster way to build lists of items you want to download at a later time.
  • There is an Uninstall option on the content details page to make it easier to remove apps that you no longer want.
  • Accessibility support for BlackBerry Screen Reader
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bug fixes

The update is showing for some already. If you don't see it yet, keep checking back as it propagates through the BlackBerry World servers


Reader comments

Latest version of BlackBerry World brings bookmark options and improvements

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I know that's why I did it...I think this is the second time I did the first thing and I just want to see the drama that's going to follow right now :).

It's more than just a first comment. It's a comment where you also mention your relative posting position :)

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

For the 3 years I've been following CB and did the first thing twice yall are ganging up on me....and I said BB isnt playing around these days :). All of you guys fell for my trap on even bothering to comment on my first comment. Anywho did you guys enjoy weekend :)?

(Still want more news on the upcoming rumored devices to be honest and 10.3)

Noooo (Kids voice) They were mean to me!!! :( (crying) LOL. But in all seriousness I cannot wait for 10.3 and the next batch of BB phone especially the rumored octa core phone if it exists. What do you think about it BerryRipe?

I know same here but the Qualcomm 810 chipset isnt even out yet so it would be impossible to launch it this year when the 810 becomes available to be honest. They need to make that they can fully utilize that chipset with QNX so that it can truly beat out other phones with the same chipset....I have the Z30 and its truly amazing but man with 8 cores and 4gb ram....holy I feel sorry for iPhone and Android because I can guarantee if they change the UI a bit more appealing to the consumer and release this phone with crazy marketing....its going to sell like crazy but they need to have teaser commercials....and so on to build hype..

I'm gonna be all over the the next BlackBerry with 5+ inch screen, virtual keyboard and removable battery. I'm enjoying my z10 til then :-)

Posted via CB10

I'm actually so tired I didn't put two and two together until I saw the other replies to your first comment, well your comment is a good one, they really are stepping up their game now, which is very good indeed.

Posted via CB10

That's what I'm saying I said "first and blackberry is stepping their game ". If I had said just "first" and that's it the I could understand but man crackberry nation let's not be like other places with hate and disgust. I'm a blackberry use with my awesome Z30 and 10.2.1 in Toronto Canada and I have a lot of insight in the world of blackberry. Also I cannot wait to see this Tilt App by refocus labs coming out tomorrow I don't care how much it costs but I am getting it for sure. AR Kick is amazing app :). What do you guys think?

Posted via CB10

To be honest I can understand some comments but honestly yours is very rude and disrespectful big time. What part of twice in a 3 year span do you not you ever see me posting first for every article on here...?? So Dr. Mike I suggest you keep your rude comment to yourself......enjoy the rest of your night or day wherever you are located :).

I just opened My Apps & Games in My World, then tapped Check for Updates in bottom bar, and the update did show for me.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

It quite possibly is me being utterly stupid....cos I do this better some days more than others. But I can't see any extra delete feature than I had before....

Posted via CB10

Not here for me yet, Z30 on Bell in Canada.

There was an update for Bridge that just came through, now a preview for the call screen will show up in the PlayBook

Posted via CB10

Heads up: if you have Auto Update 'on', it probably has updated itself as mine did.
BlackBerry really moving these days!

Posted via CB10

I just left comment in another feed about its 2014 and blackberry needs to get the ball rolling and keep it Rolling. Let hope they wow!!! Us on this update because that all blackberry needs to keep doing is wowing!!!! Us right now.

Posted via CB10

Still haven't received the update, so BB World changes is not on my list of priorities. It's nice but I would like the OS update ASAP.

Been enjoying this beta. The predictive text in search works well.
There's an update for Bridge now too!

Posted via CB10

Can't. Go to and install their app store or install snap. There's a great post on this somewhere.
If you're asking if BB World will support APKs, I would say no for now, but we really never know :)

Still no gifting feature? I want the option to buy apps, music and movies for family and friends. What's worse is the BBOS version had that.

Odd, some of these improvements I had on the last update, been very pleased with all the updates.

Posted on my BlackBerry Q10, because I'm so Bloody Special.

I have it from beta can I update it from bbw..or what...I think apps work not that good on BlackBerry 10 not that smooth as it should be...even android apps is faster and smoother I don't know why...maybe there is something in the bb10 that makes the os can't hold the apps perfectly...

Posted via CB10

Add Bookmark isn't a just-added feature. Been there for a while.
Do the Bookmarks now survive a Refresh or OS update? That was a weakness previously.

One difference I've noticed with BZ version is that after you hit Add Bookmark, the option greys out so you know it's done.

But come back to the app and option is there again: Nothing to indicate it's Bookmarked already or Remove Bookmark within app listing.
(You can still remove Bookmarks by long pressing icon in Bookmarks list of My World, then selecting Delete on right.)

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Ah okay. Add Bookmark wasn't in the bottom bar of every app listing before. That is a change.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

BlackBerry World is a pain if it doesn't push update notifications. I can't remember the last time I got a notification without first going into BlackBerry World and manually searching.

Posted via CB10

I completely agree with you there! The app update notifications aren't exactly the most reliable. You would have to manually check for updates in BB World to really know if you're getting an update. That is something BlackBerry really needs to improve on. If an update for an app just came, BB World should immediately send you a push notification about it. Not like several hours later after the update came out. That's my only major gripe with BB World.

Posted via CB10

I've always had the bookmark option before any updates. Wondering what's new about it..

Posted via CB10

It's now permanently in the bottom bar (aka "action bar") within every app listing.

Before it was only in overflow menu.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Got it on Telus network.

Open up blackberry app world and surf around. Within a few moments you'll get a notice that an update is available for app world. That's what happened to me today and is how I got it.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Beta tester and I'm on and have all the same new features. Search is pretty good too. Looks like it come up with your choice in the top 5/6.

Posted via CB10

I've downloaded the new BlackBerry world version and got some additional apps and games update, I did the updates and they are still showing in the update section, as if the app wasn't updated. I opened one of the apps and still showing the icon to update while i've already did the update.

Posted via CB10

What is it with does comments these days?? I thought this was a BlackBerry fan community for news and questions about BlackBerry devices and software, to help each other and to share information?
Are we all adults here or what?

Come on!!

 posted via my Z10

Thank you for reply. It does show my purchased apps. But it also show the apps I have tried earlier regardless of being free or paid.
What I am trying to find is a way where I could see my purchase history or in any way a list of purchased apps so I could kind of keep track of what I have bought so far.

Posted via CB10

Pity it doesn't include the facility to filter out spam navigation applications and the like from spam developers

Wow, anybody noticed it is actually way faster? It loads instantly when switching to the application or game section

Posted via CB10

I'm loving this update, the store seems to run more smoothly now than before the update, BlackBerry really is stepping up their game, can't wait for the 10.2.1 update.

Posted via CB10

Does this update show and indicator if the app is already installed like in goggle play store?

Posted via CB10

Been using the bookmark feature since it popped up in beta a while back. Its a feature that saves time and hustle of remembering

Posted via CB10

I've got update but still waiting for 10.2.1:( the uninstall is in the menu at bottom right (three dots) but obviously only on apps you already have,still cant beat long touch!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10(& i am luvin it!)

The BlackBerry World update should have movies it would be amazing... Its about time for the Indian customers to get movies on BlackBerry World..

Posted via CB10

Here is my wish list for BlackBerry World.
- get Snap officially listed in bbw as a converted apk
- start a new section for developing to list direct apk downloads, screened by BlackBerry but still with warnings about use. Do a deal with Google to access purchased apk apps via Google Play through a bbw listing
- enable gifting functionality
- negotiate movies and music access for regions that font yet have them
- start thinking about a new customizable m2m section where you catalogue your wireless enabled m2m connections (e.g. via NFC, wifi, or bluetooth), and then do things like find and push firmware updates, allow apps to create control consoles for qnx-based m2m interactions, etc. The catalogue could be done elsewhere (settings) but the bbw section would list the apps and firmware or software updates relevant to your specific m2m devices.

Posted via CB10

well I am not impressed with BB world. tried to buy an album can't download it, 'a network error has occurred while processing your request. please ensure you have sufficient network coverage and try again...

have sent bb world support about 3 emails and nothing! all you can do is ask for a fricking refund...

how to manually update bbworld? last time i got the notif and i click to updt.. but nothig happened. since at tht time i had no 3g/wifi connection... now my bbworld always closes by itself everytime i open, saying "there is a connection problem, bb world needs to close" and must reopen to get into bbworld. thx