BlackBerry App World has some hidden support features built in - Allows for screenshots and emailing of log files

By Bla1ze on 19 Dec 2011 11:19 am EST
BlackBerry App World

If you updated to BlackBerry App World v3.1.0.56 then you're already aware of the new features RIM has buitl into the app such as wifi support, gifting of apps and more. However, a few things they didn't mention built into BlackBerry App World is the new support features. I suppose this may be because they'll only be used under certain circumstances but they're there and pretty cool. There is two that have been found but there may be even more:

  • ALT + SSS  - If you open up BlackBerry App World and type those keys in, you're instantly producing not only a log for BlackBerry App World but a screenshot as well. As show above, you can then email that log fil, screen cap and even fill in some details about what is happening off to RIM. Once closed, all screenshots and log files disappear.
  • ALT + LOGLOG - This key combo generates a new log file. In that log file will be some information about your device such as your locale, App World version, date & time and what wireless carrier and tower you are connected to as well as, your device model and PIN #.

It seems to work on all builds of 3.1 App World but again -- not sure how useful it may be to the everyday user. The more interesting part here is that RIM has actually included a screen cap utility. Seems to me they should take this feature and make it a native app within the OS. Plenty of screen cap utilities exist but hey, having it there out of the box would be nice.

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BlackBerry App World has some hidden support features built in - Allows for screenshots and emailing of log files


It is nice to see these little features. However for RIM it is a distraction and the effort priority should be on BBX10 and fixing/developing the Playbook.

All else means nothing,... if they can't develop and learn to MARKET BB products

and thats possible how on a touchscreen device?
Besides AppWorld 3.1 doesnt work for me anyways, I get the uncaught exception error.

Trust me, it's not like App World works on a non-touch screen device either. With my 9780, and the new changes to App World, I am constantly scrolling left or right when I want to be scrolling down. The whole thing doesn't seem to run very well using the trackpad; its like its overly sensitive.

Anyway, I'm more curious as to how on earth did someone figure out that pressing Alt + SSS would do something. How would you even know to press that? Trial and Error? Boredom?

It's kinda like the first person who looked at a cow and said, 'I'm going to drink whatever comes out of these things after I yank on them'. :) Really? Why would you even think that? lol

Since I upgraded my appworld,,,it has ceased to work..
Am using a 9800..
Wat do I have to do to go back to the previous version???