Latest AT&T BlackBerry Torch commercial - When 'business meets fun'

By Adam Zeis on 13 Aug 2010 02:35 pm EDT

The latest AT&T/BlackBerry Torch commercial makes for some good Friday fun. It's clear on this one that they are out to convey the "business meets fun" motto with the new BlackBerry Torch. I'm happy to see the commericals moving in a good direction unlike the Love What You Do ads that never really made a point as to what BlackBerry was/did at all. I'm sure more of these will be coming in the near future now that the Torch is officially upon us. So take a minute or so and check this out. Happy Friday.

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Latest AT&T BlackBerry Torch commercial - When 'business meets fun'


I agree to an extent.... I would have said I like it... A LOT!!! haha

now just add open gl and it will be a SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE!!!!!!!!!!

Bold and yet fun. Properly targets the market RIM is going for with this model. AT&T is doing the heavy lifting here and it seems seriously committed.

So is RIM still then aiming this at the Business market? Is the Torch just a way of keeping their business users happy in the face of increased competition in the business sector from Apple/Google?

Yep, how many business users have two phones, or a phone and an ipod.
The torch blends both and allows business users to carry just one device.

lol. that's awesome.

I think it's aim is both business and consumer. This particular commercial is more business driven but I think the concept as a whole works both ways.

I have had a 9800 Torch for a few weeks, and I had come to the same conclusion ... it's an ideal mix of being a solid business phone, including it's great REAL keyboard!, and it does a nice job of video and music too. The trackpad, as an alternative to touching the screen, is a great differentiator over the iPhone. Business people will love the Torch, and it's not a bad entertainment device too.

So the ad gets the right message across.


They left out the fun when they left out a processor with Open GL support! Nice commercial, just not that truthful.

hopping through the blackberry menus with your finger is fun menzzz wat'ya talkin' bout? touch touch

hahaha failure in motion

I want on of those elevators! Dont we all wish we had these rides at work, id love coming to the office and do tons of overtime! lol
Torch looks slick, cant wait to get my hands on one. Telus better get it soon!

I have to agree. This phone IS fun! Been playing with it since 10am yesterday. Charged the battery when I got it, and it's still at 40% right now. YAY!

A nice "bookend" commercial to the "Pure Imagination" ads AT&T ran a few months ago.Still think the 9780 will be the better device though.

The latest "Love What You Do" ad makes two very good points:

1) If you have a gay-porn-star moustache, you can buy cool stuff for your trendy store. Take that, iPhone.
2) If you are a creepy stalker-girlfriend, BBM gives you verifiable read receipts that Mr. Right got your message and is in fact blowing you off while getting a restraining order right now.

Of course, what the ad doesn't say is that the same BBM system gives Mr. Right evidence that will hold up in a court of law. And just off-camera, Mr. Moustache's life partner has an iPhone in a sequin case on his belt.


Roller coasters, Bumper cars, Roller Skating and Free Falls I can hear the girls screaming now!!!! Great idea for a commercial. The torch looks good so far I hope the storm 3/4 puts iphone and driod back a few notches keep it comming RIM!!!!!

This is a good they shown there product and didn't attack another product or carrier. And yes, like the song but don't think it was Buddy Holly.

I like the colorful, and toy like word...very well done.

But its lacking the fun, with the low res screen, laggy OS, and they did not re: think, invent, or establish the smart phone with this model at all.

this was coming to Vz!!!! Most of the rumors say no no no, so I'm not sure what my next phone will be.

loved this ad! really well done. think the elevator one would have killed me...prob would have taken the stairs!

what a 'feel good' ad, RIM could have improved the processor power on the torch but overall, it looks like the best blackberry to date...I am really thinking about moving to Android....

I've been following the Rogers Redboard like mad, and almost every site imaginable(asked dozens of Rogers, Future Shop & Best Buy clerks) but no set or estimated date. Anyone care to take a stab on a release date for the Torch on Rogers?

This Prepaid Samsung Corby Plus is holding me over, but I want the real deal..Lol.

CPU 624 wow r u F&%$ing kidding me, Everthing thing else is at 1 gig, The hardware on this device is at best in the mid level range, Compared to what is out in the market today.

Not everyone is at 1 GHz, and those that are aren't seeing much battery life. Most speedy devices aren't lasting more than 8 hours -- it's dead before your day ends.

Someone at Engadget suggested that you can always get a larger third party battery... as a fix. Good luck with that as it won't fit with the back cover on. Spare batteries are possible, but you need the device to charge them, so this is a pain to do overnight... waking up at 2 am to swap one battery for another? Ridiculous!

RIM understands their audience. What good is the device if the battery can't last a full 24 hour day?

RIM also understand the hardware -- more than most folks out there. I can't say I agree fully with their choice, but perhaps they couldn't find another processor that can give them the battery life they needed in the size they had to fit it in. Perhaps also the processor couldn't handle a higher res display, so they had to settle for what the Torch has.

We don't know all the engineering reasons for the decisions. However, we can look at the final product and say if they accomplished the goal of creating something new that works for business. They did.

Now, RIM, we need to see what you're going to do for the consumer. We've seen the Curve 3G for teens, but we want a new Storm that has a large & worthy display as well as killer specs for the power user. Make it 800x600 at 4-inch or 4.3-inch as long as we do have a full 24 hour battery life!

If the phone came with all the great rides, I'd be hooked. I have been through the storm 1 and 2 and both have been disasters for me (3 storm 1's and 2 storm 2's). Moving on to Droid. Adios RIM!

The song is based off of :
Taylor James - Everyday
But read that the version on this video/commercial has not been released, AT&T is planning on releasing it soon. Release time N/A.