The latest stats on the BlackBerry 10 app ecosystem

By Simon Sage on 26 Sep 2013 04:45 am EDT

Today during the Jam Asia keynote, we got a lot of numbers thrown at us about the health of the BlackBerry 10 platform. It was a bit hectic trying to initially make heads or tails of everything, but now we've got all of the main stats that were mentioned. 

  • 131,700+ apps for BlackBerry 10; total apps in BlackBerry World 256,668 - at same point (7 months) in OS lifecycle, Apple had 17,500, Android had 2,908
  • 37% of apps on BlackBerry World are from Asia Pacific developers
  • 9 out of 10 Asia Pacific BlackBerry developers recommend BlackBerry as a development platform
  • 33% of developers in Asia generate revenues through sales in North America
  • 20% generate revenues through sales in Europe
  • 4% generate revenues through sales in Middle East and Africa.
  • BlackBerry World carrier and in-app payment integration implemented with nearly 70 carriers integrated across 46 countries
  • More than 2x apps per user downloaded on BlackBerry 10 vs BlackBerry OS
  • Percentage of paid apps on BlackBerry 10 more than 5x than BlackBerry OS
  • Users generate 7x more revenue per download on BlackBerry 10 vs BlackBerry OS

There were a few others scattered around the talk, but those were the big ones. The comparisons to BlackBerry OS certainly look good, but aren't much of a surprise. Do any of these apps look surprising to you? 

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The latest stats on the BlackBerry 10 app ecosystem


Unfortunately with Blackberry now abandoning the consumer market all this app momentum will start to go down. Enterprise and the "prosumer " want to buy apps but not to the likes of the consumer.

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It means that apps will be more expensive on the platform. Cheepo droids are for teenagers that are broke. BBs are for business people with deep pockets.

I'm not saying it's a good thing. One would pay more the other would earn more. If you're on the developer's side then you win, if you're on device user side then you lose.

" Cheepo droids are for teenagers that are broke."
Keep fooling yourself. That is one of the most pointless remarks I have heard in a long time.

Apps will be priced at whatever developers think they can sell at. Nothing BB has announced would affect dev pricing in the slightest.

Nah.. S4BB is a huge part of RIMs ecosystem strategy. Might even be an announcement made at Jam that the 'store' will be called S4BB CrapWorld.

Stranger things have happened in the last week.

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I think N4BB wrote that the 37% number DOESN'T include apps from those guys...

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

They aren't "abandoning" the consumer market. The "prosumer" is their term for "BB fan". What it means is that they aren't going to do so much mass-market promotion, but phones will still be available at retailers. It's not like they're going to just pull them from the market.

This is the same kind of bogus fud that came out last spring at BlackBerry World when Heins said they'd be "concentrating on enterprise". Everyone said they were "abandoning" the consumer market then, too.

@UberLucas: Clarification: the 37% of BlackBerry 10 apps from Asia does NOT include apps from S4BB

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THat's true on any platform. When I first started sideloading from Android I realized there really was only a handful of apps I cared about. About half of those are now available in BB World now.

Irrelevant. Only tech fanbois sideload. It is not an enterprise, consumer or 'prosumer' strategy worth commenting on.


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They can't provide all apps, that is on us. I'm releasing two smaller apps (but good looking, native) today or tomorrow. Working on two more

They are very simple tools. I'm just trying to replace crappy designed and android ports with something native. I feel no need to advertise them, I just want to give users better alternatives.

Hi... i see in an android friend an app that allow to turn on the wifi conection every x time, and if passed an amount of seconds the wifi doesnt establish connection with an access point then the wifi become shutdown... I'm trying to search something like this in BB but can't find, and try to port the android app, but doesnt do anyting

An app like that needs to be native. I've been looking for something similar to utilize Geo-Fencing. That is to turn on wifi and turn off the mobile antenna in certain set locations, like home and office. Problem is 3 fold. One - it needs to be native. A shortage of developers for tools like this. Especially native. Better luck finding native games. Two - it must run headless(long). Good luck finding a native headless app by a 3rd party (especially non-partner) developer. Three - As far as I understand it, this particular tool has not been opened up to run headless.

I agree with 1. and 2. The third part: you are wrong, this is from documentation:
-Trigger for entering a geofenced location
-Trigger for leaving a geofenced location

Fixmo Tools on BBOS offered a Wifi auto on/off, based on your cell tower location. I found it extremely convenient and miss it.

The BBOS natively knew the location of your preferred wifi network. I would always get a little house symbol on OS7 when I was in range of my home's wifi. Nice to have some functionality baked in. It's hard to believe that the ancient and cumbersome JAVA programming of BBOS provided an easier time for developers to make headless apps. Then again, the more ancient BBOS's 3,3.5,4,5 & 6 also let you run fully skinned themes.

Headless apps are a HUGE problem. Google is trying really hard to fix it, BlackBerry knew the problem and made sure it won't happen again in this OS. I prefer hard programming over jammed device.

Headless apps are only a huge problem for 2 kinds of people. 1.- Those who don't or can't get them. 2. - Those who don't know what they are.

Remember BBOS had headless apps. Never a problem. And let me add, having spent the last week playing with the wife's One; wow! If headless is a problem on that device, give me those problems any day of the freakin week.

Wish there were more carrier enabled mode of payments in middle east and Africa am pretty sure those numbers would skyrocket...just my #opinion

Posted from the ever reliable BlackBerry Q5

In S.E. Asia most apps purchase are paid through billing cycle by the carrier. It is good to know that most developers choose blackberry platform. Way to go

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So mention of the near 47,000 apps still listed as by one dev, S4BB? Do any of the other eco systems suffer from this kind of abuse?

yes. days after it "breaking news" some other websites check on google play and apple and found similar "issues".

It's not abuse. Go into the Apple App Store and you'll find developers with a huge number of apps as well. If no one wants their apps, no one has to buy or download them. Obviously, there is some value there or they won't still be in business.

They are all fake apps from S4BB. This is total fraud.

I really wouldn't waste time trumpeting this abysmal failure and fraud as being a feather in anyone's cap.

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@simonsage have you been able to check in with S4BB in regards to their 47k+ apps yet..? I'm curious as to what they have to say about it... thanks..!

From the Z...

Thanks.. just read it... the way you describe it sounds way more positive than the threads when the news dropped..

From the Z...

Take away all of the audio books and city guides, brings this 'developer' down to not many apps.
What a joke! And scam from blackberry on how this talk sounds like it was presented, the stats meaningless.

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The big problem the apps that people want, for example, I would love a British Gas app, when I was given a Android ( at a last job but i could not stand the phone ), they had an app for that and also Apple., but the reality is some companies will only create an app for the most popular phone or platforms,

Did they even acknowledge the fact that one guy cranked out something like a third of the dreck in the BBRY Appworld?

Slow and steady wins the race. This is quite healthy. I like that 131k are BlackBerry10 apps. It's unfortunate that one developer cranked out 47k apps but apple and android are no different, perhaps not from 1developer but no doubt have their fair share of useless apps.

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This should be news of 2010. We are far too late for these news. Also still we are not getting Netflix and Instagram. As such there would be hardly 1 million Blackberry 10 phones in hands of users. Which developer would want to spend his efforts develop for such a small user base of BB10? This would have been great news and momentum had it been 2010-11!

The offerings in BlackBerry World for apps (and music) is impressive considering where they were at the beginning of 2013.

Alot of good apps listed under "Built for BlackBerry".

At the rate they're going it's hard to imagine BB10 not catching on in the consumer market.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

"At the rate they're going it's hard to imagine BB10 not catching on in the consumer market."

I almost spit out my coffee reading this. LOL!!

Buy a spittoon. Although cuspidor sounds nicer. Still unsanitary. They'd have needed a number of them if they had gone ahead with a conference call.

Hi Simon,

Thx. for the numbers.

I am a bit curious:
"131,700+ apps for BlackBerry 10; total apps in BlackBerry World 256,668" leaving around 125.000 apps for BB OS and PB OS.


Sounds not plausible to me...

I thought BBOS topped out around 70-80,000 between all phones and all OS versions (i.e., some were abandoned at OS4 or 5, others were Torch-only, etc.). That would leave only 45-55 for PlayBook OS, which wouldn't surprise me either. There's a lot of (mostly bad) apps in there thanks to the incentives and the ease of porting Flash or Android.

I don't want to breal the good news here, but some numbers are pretty bad choosen:
They compare BlackBerry World BB10 numbers (2013) with Apples App Store (2008) and Googles Android Market (2008, today Play Store), which simply lacks of a few facts. When those two competing store were launched, "mainstream" smartphones were simply not there yet. The iPhone was gaining heavy traction of course, but prior 2010, you simply can't speak of smartphone marketshare as we know it today. It still was a device mostly used by tech savvy people or geeks, not our dear friend Average Joe. Now of course there simply weren't many initial developers for this new market, simply because nobody knew how it would really develop.

If any comparision with launch performance of app stores would make sense, it *might* be Windows Phone (2010), because both smartphone as well as the general application market gained much more traction compared to previous two or three years. But even that wouldn't really be a fair thing.

In addition I have to agree with people complaining about our specific S4BB situation, which basicly are responsible for more than 1/3 of the BB10 apps we have in our BlackBerry World today. Apps which are often questionable at best, while it is known the other three plattforms all have their share of "garbage", they still have a better number of non-garbage.

Last but not least they were only comparing sales performances between legacy BBOS and BB10. No comparisions done to a competing plattform and their users behaviour regarding buying and using of apps.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

BBOS apps don't count in that number I believe... aren't the rest android ports and pb apps?

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Whilst more apps for BB can only be a good thing for us users, this does all sound a little like thrashing around in the water before drowning, given recent developments.

Blackberry needs to get the banking and communication suppliers in UK onboard as all my banking app's etc worked on my old blackberry, but not one works on my Z10.

Have contacted my bank and communication supplier ,reply I get are them are looking how BB10 proform before we make app's to work :(

I don't feel like I'm missing too many apps, there are a lot of good app I found because of crackberry. To silence the critics we need the top say 50 apps even if BlackBerry had to pay big to get them.

Access to the Google store would completely end the app discussion, we know there not as good as native BlackBerry 10 apps but they were good enough for every person that has picked an android over a BlackBerry

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I don't care how many cars you show me, if i want a Ford Mustang, I want a Ford Mustang. Not a Camero, Charger, or any other comparable car.

It's the same with apps. People want THE app, not a substitute or one similar.

BlackBerry needs to listen to what the people want to keep the people they have.

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Yeah, a lot of the apps on BlackBerry are garbage. It would be nice to have some top apps and maybe some cutting edge ones nobody else has?

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List of apps i've been waiting for:
- Flipboard(soon)
- Instagram
- Line
- Path
- Google Maps
- Viber
- TeamViewer.

Posted via CB10 [Q10]

I have Instagram, Google Earth/Maps/Nav and AutoCAD360 running nicely on my Z10.
I would assume that those of us who are on here frequently and follow CrackBerry closely, would all be able to accomplish sideloading...if the apps are really that important to us.

It will be nice, for the technologically challenged, when the apps are in BW one day.

BeMaps Pro is amazing, and it uses Google Maps! I no longer care to wait for Google to come around. Who knows, BeMaps Pro is a side project by Google so that Mr. Schmidt can get Google Maps on his Q10! That way Google doesn't seem to be supporting the BlackBerry 10 eco.

Does Mr Schmidt have a Q10? Because that would be hilariously ironic.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

He was rocking 9900 for long time. If he is anything like most older BBOS addicts he is probably still rocking it.

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Users generate 7X the revenue?
Do any of these apps (or stats) look surprising.

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App quality is ridiculous currently. Look at Evernote for example, support for text notes only! When it launched for Android several years ago it supported a whole lot more. BBRY has value, but it's not the apps unfortunately.

So development for BlackBerry 10 has virtually halted huh? only 11000 apps added to the ecosystem since BB Live. Well, can't blame developers since now BlackBerry is a niche Prosumer (anyone really know what that means?) and enterprise only player that has ceded defeat in the only market that matters - consumer.

The user base is tiny, the company has outright admitted they aren't interested any more in attracting the consumer market to buy the products, so why would anyone develop for BlackBerry 10?

The huge incentives were stacked up for launch and soon after, which is how we hit 120,000 apps so fast: Port-a-Thons with cash rewards per app, touring conferences with awesome food, Dev Alphas, Limited Edition Z10's, the $10k offer for Built for BlackBerry apps. Other than a few more LE Z10s they've basically stopped with the crazy above-and-beyond incentives which I think got a lot of amateur to mid-level developers (like me) to contribute.

Yeah, BB7 made it impossible for developers to support the platform because only so many apps could be installed. BB10 needs to launch devices with 32 GB RAM (not storage) to continue to feed the developer market for apps.

Amazes me how many people still actually think it's Blackberry's fault certain apps aren't releasing on the platform.... when will people learn?

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People will always blame BlackBerry for not marketing properly. But in reality, even if it was marketed properly, many people would find out their bank apps are not there, Netflix and Instagram, and so many other big name apps all their friends enjoy are not there and the same problem would happen and the devices may not have sold still. I'm sure they could have bolstered the number of units sold a bit more with better marketing. But the question is will it have really helped?

BlackBerry needs more quality apps! Doesn't matter how many decent apps there are.. we need nothing but good ones!!

What they need to realize is whether it's good news or not, they are competing with companies that have big name apps NOW. So either we focus on getting big name apps(and keep users posted) or we shall continue to bite the dust.

Those numbers don't really impress me given that there's a ton of audio books and apps we don't need like "trick your friends into thinking your phone can hack wifi networks but it's a prank", how old are we? 12?

Didn't they say that when the 10 launched that BlackBerry offered to port over BBOS apps unless devs declined? If so, did those big names ditch us?

Posted via CB10

Even for prosumer, they still need to get the top 50, the banks, the communication, the financial media, the business integration, the mapping, travel, weather, alarm, and on-the-road apps. They're much of the way there for this later stuff, half way there for the middle stuff and only part way there with the former stuff.

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If BlackBerry ignores the outcry for better apps, boy would that be a huge slap in the face to its loyal customers.

Bring the apps that the people want. I'm not even a huge app guy. I just people in the forums to finally be happy about something. Be proud to have a BlackBerry. Be able show that BlackBerry is app friendly and not appless. To the public perception, BlackBerry is appless without the big name apps.

We deserve better. We really do.

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Yes, there are issues with a lot of useless apps being in BlackBerry World, but this is a problem with every platform. The smaller numbers of our user base make the issue harder to overcome, especially if the growth areas are mainly in the Asia Pacific region. How are established Western developers or companies going to justify the expense of developing for BlackBerry if the bulk of users are outside of the areas they service?

It's not very surprising that a good chunk of apps are coming from Asia: all I ever see in the new apps area of BlackBerry World are new maps of Pakistan or Malaysia, or Islamic prayer calendars. All well and good for some people: but what good do they do me in the US?

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When the sales of BlackBerry 10 phones are good, then more app developers will make apps for BlackBerry 10 OS... plain and simple... But I'm okay with the apps available for bb as of now.. :)

Posted via the awesome Z10 STL100-1/

I can't believe this article compares the growth of the nonexistent "ecosystem" to the iOS launch in 2007, a time when apps barely existed at all...

Posted via CB10

They were also the only game in town at the time. What it shows is that at the same point in platforms life cycle, apple had far less total apps in their store. Not an unreasonable comparison imo.

Posted from my incredible Z10

Where are you looking, BBOS, PB or BB10? Be a little more specific. I have seen lots of new apps on PB and BB10

I'm confused. 137,000+ for BB10. Are the rest PB Apps and BBOS apps? Seems like a lot for those other two OS's.

Idont know s4bb has a pretty cool themebuilder app that i routinely use to customize my home screen.
Sure theres crap but there are some other good ones as well.

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Question here for my app developers. Is there an app out there that I can access my work server at the office? I know my coworkers who use iOS devices have it. See photo attached.

Posted via CB10

Thank you for your response I installed 2x client and it works great! Have acres to my entire work data base and programs!

Posted via CB10

Remote File Access in BB10 works great for this. Have it linked to 3 servers so I can pull docs etc when at meetings. And also save files to my docs. It is native in BB10 so you don't need an app.

HUP55 ive used AccessToGo (remote desktop connection) on my playbook and bVNC (in session VNC client) and my playbook also .... both are available for BB10 ... both are free and work just fine ... just search for "RDP" in bb world and they will come up

The Royal Bank of Canada has confirmed that they will be releasing an application for BB10 before the end of September--so only a few days now. Supposedly it will have neat features like NFC mobile payments, but I don't know if that was just speculation.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

How do the BlackBerry people presenting this gross mis-representation of the numbers keep a straight face! #Scamberry_isthenewBlackberry

Posted via CB10

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the App situation. A bit more focused effort on quality would be nice, especially in the financial area.

It is also nice to see strong support from Asian developers such as S4BB. Having worked in Hong Kong, I can tell you they know a good business opportunity when they see it. They are fast, bright and aggressive. Sorry but the only thing that North America developers have is plenty of attitude. Nothing personal but someone else is starting to eat your lunch.

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BlackBerry needs three categories of apps:
- Built for BlackBerry (which they have)
- "Curated" quality apps that reviewers have judged to not be shovelware: this is where I'd spend most of my time
- "All"

The shovelware is the bane of all App stores... we all saw all the fake BBMs and the document "apps" with BBM in their titles in the Android store... filtering out the low-quality shovelware would make browsing any App Store a lot more satisfying... the "featured" section in app stores are too shallow.
Having all employees review 10 apps a day for quality (possibly with every app reviewed by 3 people and the "shovelware" rating would be based on 2 out of 3 assessments) would get through them pretty quickly. After a certain point, you could see patterns and blacklist all submissions by any single developer (if they have more than 100 apps and more than XX percent are deemed to be 'shovelware').

If quality apps remains a goal for the New BlackBerry, curation is key.

Whether you like or not without the android apps, the blackberry 10 app world is worthless. Those Asian developers filled the app store with useless apps.

Posted via CB10

All of S4bb junk apps should be deleted and banned from blackberry world. The same repetitive junks apps over and over maybe one or two are actually semi useful.

Sorry but app selection stills sucks, and asia developers are not going to help North America for apps in these parts.

Until the Android ports get full access to the OS, they are often crippled as well. Seriously, there is no reason not to provide at least BT support. We are 9 months into this platform, and almost a year into the development cycle, if there were native apps to rival the ported apps, or if major ports were going to go native, it would have happened. Just open up the Android runtime already! Think of how much faster android ports would run if they had full hardware accelerated graphics.

The app stats are crap because a ton of the apps in BB World are android ports. What they should report is how many apps were actually designed for BB10

S4BB currently has 48,203 apps in BBW. Using Alec's figure of 131,700 total apps we can compute that S4BB has 36.6% of the apps in BBW. No one wonder Alec claims 37% of apps are from Asian developers! Lol!

Good to hear, hope for more quality apps and games. Hope all the negativity doesn't turn new developers away from the platform.

"131,700+ apps for BlackBerry 10; total apps in BlackBerry World 256,668 - at same point (7 months) in OS lifecycle, Apple had 17,500, Android had 2,908"

You're comparing it to when Android and Apple first came out when the idea of mobile apps was still fresh? Why not compare to Windows that would give a better sense of where BB10 is at.

All they said was same point in life cycle, they didn't brag nor bloat. It was just a hey, listen to this. So relax

Posted via that z10!

Right it was a Hey check this out we have way more apps in 7 months than Apple and Android when they first started. At least that's what I think because if it's counting from Feb - Now then that's just sad. Windows would be a better comparison because it's comparing another new OS that came out while Apple and Android dominate the Market

S4BB, Sheesh that's the main arguments you all like to make. Build a bridge, get over it. So what!

Posted via that z10!

Doesn't say anything about how one crap company from Hong Kong has 50000 apps.....

Posted via SEGA master system

BlackBerry needs to incentivize large big name apps to create apps for this os, why not have a team that will make the app for them for free and even pay them a fee for using their name, like Netflix for example

Posted via CB10

is it possible to split the app numbers in "books" and "non-books" ?
so downloads could be split into:
- music
- video
- games
- e-books
- offline mapping apps
- offline dictionnaries / translators
- apps

No total downloads figures? :(

What I don't get is, if I can Sideload an app from my HTC that works perfectly fine...what is preventing that developer to spend a minuscule amount of time to put it up on BlackBerry World so that I can actually purchase it?

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