Latest PlayBook OS update help doc shows signs of the PlayBook 4G

PlayBook 4G
By Bla1ze on 18 Apr 2012 01:15 am EDT

If you're still digging around the latest BlackBerry PlayBook OS update, make sure you head on into the help section and check things out. At first glance, you may not notice but look again -- RIM has left some signs of the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G in there. More specifically, the details on how to insert your microSIM into the device. Shocking? Not really. It is however a pretty cool find so again I have to ask. Is anyone waiting on a PlayBook 4G? Thanks, goku_vegeta!

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Latest PlayBook OS update help doc shows signs of the PlayBook 4G


I'm not sure. 4g is not available in India completely. But yes would love to have a PB with similar card. May be 3g.

Why we should buy a 4G PlayBook and pay for another data plan if we could bridge to our BB Smartphones or even get tethered with the 7.1 OS through WiFi???

I really can't understand that...

I read that with this 4G will have minor improvements of CPU, that could be a good reason to buy it but for being 4G, don't think so.

Because the Playbook data connection will be faster than routing through the phone, and will not impact the phone battery life.

With a 4G (or even 3G) PB, I would happily downgrade to a smaller, cheaper phone on a more "phone-oriented" plan like the 9790 and get a separate data account for the PB. In the UK this might be Orange for the phone plan and 3 for the data.

That and the PB keyboard would really make it easy to dispense with the laptop altogether, as I could Citrix in to any of my PCs if I needed some heavy lifting. I can already ssl to my web servers.

Why is it so hard for you to comprehend that not everyone who owns a Playbook also owns a Blackberry phone to bridge it to? Almost all tablet makers also release models with built in 3G,4G or LTE.

I know at least 5 people off the top of my head that own a PlayBook but not a BlackBerry smartphone. 2 of them have Androids, the other three own "dumbphones" as the kids call it these days.

As said, the 4G connection is huge speed improvement also. I can only assume it will be LTE compatible.

FYI, I own a Torch 9800 which is only 3G.

Is it true that it has an improved CPU?
If so, I'm so buying it!! I cracked my PlayBook's screen (still works though) and it just hurts everytime I see it

Rim is hoping the 4g playbook is what enterprise needs. They are looking for big companys to hop on ythe 4g paybook. Its not really aimed at your average Joe who's shopping for a tablet although it be a great buy lol. If you check out the bbw app you will get an idea of what's getting ready to happen in may. RIM is trying to get people to leave the laptop home and carry the playbook 4g to work. I just hope the apps are there when they launch or they wonmt have a chance :(

I would buy one as all apps do not work through a bridge connection and a tethered connection is slow. I am waiting... Patiently

The only way I'd consider a 4G PBK is if it were 10". I love my 7" wifi PBK as it is. We are inseparable:). However i don't watch movies on this device but would do so on a 10" versión.

I for one would LOVE to have a 10" playbook option, with the same dimension-ratio as the current one, say 1920x1080p. A real laptop replacement for sure (citrix etc).

I find the ipad x-y dimension ratio factor quite ugly, and I hope that RIM stays with the current PB ratio if it goes for a larger option.

OTOH, I find watching movies on the PB quite comfortable, and do so frequently.

For some the 4g might be good, for me not so much, the speed of wifi and bridge suits my needs. Unless there is significant improvement in the overall performance, I will stick with what I have and hope for continued improvements

Well we are talking about RIM here and they have not exactly been swift the last few years at getting new product out the door. The fact that the 4G is still a 1st generation PlayBook with only a slightly faster SOC is going to hurt them since the PlayBook is already a year old and has seen drastic discounts - perceived value is low. Plus, they have to convince carriers to sell it. That will be a challenge. Plus they have to get BIS/BES working with it and get BBM to some how recognize you with two distinct PIN numbers.

Many hurdles to get over for the PlayBook 4g and with the hardware is not getting any younger. Not that the PlayBook is not the best 7" Tablet on the market and I use mine hours a day, but with the competition not standing still and Windows 8 RT looming on the horizon RIM needs to step up their tablet game and get a second generation PlayBook 7" and a new 10" out the door this year BEFORE BlackBerry 10.

Is it possible to put the phone SIM in the pb and possibly use the phone to make calls through bridge? They're always in close proximity.

Then it would be one plan.

I agree that although not everyone has a BB phone if you do it may not be as exciting. However, I do so the 4G is not a seller to me. However, if they have the ability to insert an SD card I would consider it.
It would allow me to store 30 movies on a 32GB card and just keep it in my key-chain. Besides, the bridge feature is all I need but 4G would add some speed and capabilities that may make it worth a look.
However, if someone does not have a BB phone then it could open up an whole new group of people to the PB and that would be nice.

I'm satisfied with the current playbook. I'm all for having one with 4g but I'll wait for the next gen or even the ten inch.

I have moved over to the yup fer sure side. I love my current PB but I'm now finding that I've become one of these jump to the latest device right away guys. This is going to be a costly year for me. Need 2 BB10's, 2 new PB units.
Ahh boys and their toys.
I hope that our Yankee brethren get shared data plans soon as I fear the lack of such options will only serve to hurt the sales of RIM's newest toys.

I am very tempted to buy a 4G Playbook. Alternatively, a 4G Blackberry to bridge to would work also - decisions decisions.

Like many of the other who are posting bring on the 10" tablet; I would purchase a 10" in a heart beat 3G or 4G. I refuse to get a an ipad and will not purchase a 7" because I need and prefer the larger screen. Does RIM have any thoughts about making a 10" tablet? RIM should be reading and responding to a least some of our questions, thoughts and concerns.

I want this. RIM should have come out with a 3G/4G version initially. When you live or work in a area with little, if any, free WiFi and bridging does not work or is too slow for most apps on the PB, you need the 3G/4G connection. Hurry up RIM!!!

For what it's worth, the new OS (I'm guessing that Flash was upgraded as well) now allows for streaming video from Amazon for those of us who have a prime video account. Amazon sabotaged Playbook users when they introduced the Kindle Fire, but the new PBOS seems to have fixed the problem.

I'd be interested in a 4G PlayBook even though I bought a 64GB PlayBook two weeks ago. I'm interested in the higher performance SoC (1.5GHz) and in addition to LTE I would love to have this on 1700Mhz AWS (Mobilicity) so I could just use a $40/month unlimited data plan. True I can and do use my BB 9700 for bridging anyways but to have a high-speed option is nice. I supposed the cost for this PB is a factor. I bought my PB at the reduced price and at that price point have no issues for value-for-the-money. The PB simply cannot compete with the iPad at the iPad's price points.

As to a 10" PB, I don't see the point. The 7" form-factor is perfect and a big reason why I bought the PB. There are other tablets at 7", 7.7", 8.9", 9.7", 11.6" (the coming Samsung Tab) and even 13" (the coming Toshiba tablet). But that's me.

We've seen the photos/posts of the 4G Playbooks that were for "sale" on the Crackberry forums, and supposedly Bell Canada technicians are field testing them - but I'm curious as what kind of reception these tablets will have in the Market. Frankly I'd just rather get an unlocked LTE/penta band PlayBook 4G directly from RIM and bypass the carriers - make it a truly "international" product.

My $0.02.

Ugh. Micro SIM. Not trying to anger anybody here, but why micro SIM? The iPad and iPhones have micro SIMs, so you would be able to transfer the SIM card between the two devices if so needed. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G has a regular sized SIM card, so you could transfer the SIM between phone and tablet. But with the normal sized SIM in the BlackBerry phone, and micro SIM in the PlayBook just seems a little odd. I would rather my phone's SIM and tablet's SIM cards be the same size, so using the same card between the two would work fine.

Not an issue. You can get SIM cutters/punchs and a micro-SIM to SIM adapter to switch between the two. Punches here in toronto are $25 (expensive for one-time use) and micro-SIM to SIM adapter for $5 or so (cheaper on-line).

I have to agree with you in the sense that while there's articles on "supposed" coming 4G PlayBook there is no information on this being released or where it is in RIM's scheme for deployment. I and I'm sure other Crackberry fans want to see more details on this. With Kevin's "in" with Thorsten I'm surprised we don't have any further news. Yes the emphasis is on BB10 and while I appreciate that I'm also keen on the PlayBook 4G.

If you look under the "Overview of tablet settings" you will notice under the About "Find general....and SIM card information." you will also see a Mobile Network catagorie "Set your mobile data services and advanced settings to manual configure APN or VPN connections. See if you have a micro SIM card installed."

The light gray line on the bottom of the playbook is rough, could that be were the 4G card is suppose to go? Maybe RIM has some kind of application that will eject the plastic from the slot?

I want the 4G Playbook (I've been holding off sort of). I'm more interested in the rumoured CPU boost, dual-band wifi (see FCC filings), and NFC (also FCC filings). Plus any other surprises that may be in store. :)

If they can put 3G/4G radio on a QNX device, RIM could learn a lot in tweaking BB10 phones. if they can develop and optimize it in the playbook sooner, then BB10 would have a smoother release.

3G/4G would make a lot of sense on the PlayBook, more so than on larger tablets.

I leave 3G on all the time on my iPad when on the move, but the iPad is too large to be carried in a coat pocket. I prefer the PlayBook form factor and would love to keep it with me instead of the iPad, but the lack of mobile radio means it looses much of its interest as an Internet tablet.