Latest patent shows off what could be a new BlackBerry 10 slider

By Adam Zeis on 23 Apr 2013 03:54 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 winning us over at full force, the next round of BlackBerry 10 devices could soon hit the rumor mill. BlackBerry Live is right around the corner and we are hoping to hear plenty more on the BB10 front.

That being said, BlackBerry was just awarded a patent filed in December of 2011 for a portrait-style device with a slide out keyboard that could very well be the next BlackBerry 10 device. 

We've heard nothing on the slider front until now so take this for what it's worth, but it is definitely a viable option for BlackBerry to put out a Torch-successor for BlackBerry 10. From the image here, it looks like a good combination of the Z10 display with a slimmer Q10 keyboard.

Would you be interested in a BlackBerry 10 slider? Let us know in the comments!

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Latest patent shows off what could be a new BlackBerry 10 slider



Imagine all of us sitting in person at a round table discussion with Adam, he brings up this article and you make that comment. Maybe I'm wasting my time trying to explain this....I hope you can contribute something more meaningful going forward. They take a lot of time and effort to bring us the latest blackberry news and that's all you can say? Well, you were first, so congrats.

You know what buddy? If you people would stop getting wound up every time someone posted "first" and instead said nothing, it would do a hell of a lot more than feeding the trolls.

Agreed. That and a script that deletes posts that contain "First!"

Those two practices would do a lot of good.

Some people are just DYING for attention, and this is just one way they get it. It's kind of sad, you see them, they try to be loud, they put flashing lights on their cars, they just NEED attention ALL OF THE TIME. It's something that usually goes away after you get a little older because when you're young you kind of require attention from older people to stay alive, but for some, like this guy and the others, they never grow out of it. What can you do...

You guys do have a point. Who isitting at a table discussing any subject would say "First" and follow it with nothing else. Nobody. Having said that, I think you guys are taking this way too seriously. So what if somebody, anybody, likes saying just "First"? How many comments do you read that you basically ignore because of whatever the reason? You are welcome to use some of your time to try to "fix" this but I seriously doubt you are going to have any success at it. In my opinion, life is just to short to waste your time getting upset for this type of stuff. Besides, sometimes it's a good thing to not take yourself too seriously. Just my opinion.

Funny how it has almost become predictable; whenever a new article shows up the first ten posts are someone saying first and nine others bitching about it . . don't know which is worse.

I've been barking up that tree... Five letters, followed by hundreds of words bitching about it. Really? But just as you can't stop "first" you can't stop the bitchers. Truth is, the complainers enjoy it as much as the firsters. Both are human nature!

Finally a slider! Q10 is great don't get me wrong but having essentially a z10 screen with a slideout key board would be everything i need. This looks exactly like the Milan that was "cancelled" last year. Would love to see it launch this year. I'm sure many Torch lovers agree with me. I just hope that BB manages to make it lighter and thinner than Torch2. Adding a case to the Torch was too bulky.

Oh I would sell my Z10 in a second to grab this. sometimes a querty keyboard just feels nicer and I have seriously considered the Q10. I just don't like the idea of giving up THAT MUCH screen for it. I had an android phone with this setup and I loved it. the problem was Android just really wasn't that good at the time. the BB OS is very good at this point and imho only getting better. combine BB10 with full touch AND a querty keyboard? it's perfection.

Yes, touchstone! Don't have a z10 yet, but already planning to try to mod it to fit the touchstone coil. Maybe if I'm adventurous enough...

I completely agree as well. Can't decide between the Z or Q? Z10 + Q10 = PERFECT.

Love the concept, and if I can add .... IT'S ABOUT TIME! (hopefully it really does come out)

There are always people that want the best of both worlds, and the slider delivers. the Torch was a success, so why not bring it back? Anyone want a "S10"?

I have had both torches and I like them very much....but, it always seems that when I use it I always (99%) have it slid out. So I think the Q will be best for me. I mean really for some it will be good but for me I always laugh because it is truly pointless to have a slider and always have it slid out.

I loved my Torch 9810. A BlackBerry 10 slider done properly (like the Z10 has been so far) would be welcome.

It looks hideous, I couldn't agree more. I think the keyboard on the Z10 eliminates any need for a slider with physical keyboard, but that's just my opinion.

Posted via CB10

Concept sketches for patent applications usually are. It's just to get the point across, and they usually bare little resemblance to any eventual retail product.

I know for a fact that my wife would want one provided its done right. But I guess we have to wait and see now. Lol.

Posted from My Z10 via CB10

While I would still prefer a landscape slider, I agree with you.

A portrait slider that doesn't sacrifice screen size would definitely have my attention.

Having the option/choice to type virtual or QWERTY is worth the device alone, now with OS 10. No brainer...I want it.

But I want the 5 inch Z10 soon instead Q3 ;)

I had a 9900 as my personal BlackBerry and when I got a WorkBerry I had the choice for 9900 or 9810. It was an obvious choice, 9810 all the way so I could have one of each! I really enjoyed the slider aspect of it, Could do some items using touch screen, and when it came time to bang out an email, slide and go.

Yup. And minimize the bezel around the edges of the keyboard. My thumbs are too big to type at the edge of the Torch keyboard.

Hey snihed, if you don't have anything useful to say, then go play your weenie games somewhere else.

But back on topic:
It looks a lot like the junky old Samsung Corby pro...except this one will likely be a lot more fun (and stable) to use.

Posted via CB10

Coming from the 8900 then the 9810 now the Z10. I'd still switch to a BB10 slider phone if one was available. (on my next upgrade of course. I'm not that rich to be switching phones every year, unlike what A certain other handset maker that wants you to do. )

Posted via CB10

Honestly, that looks just like the BlackBerry Torch sans the rounded corners. Might be a patent of an old phone? After all, the patent was from 2011. The year the torch 2 (9810) was released.

Posted via CB10

I had both of the 9800 and the 9810 and I loved the combination of the physical keyboard and the large touch screen. The phone was thicker but I was happy to make that sacrifice.

Posted via CB10

There was a post about this subject in the forum. I would welcome a slider. The 9800 was the reason I migrated to blackberry in the first place. I like the bigger screen on my z10 but recently had to use the 9800 again and it reminded me how good a physical keyboard is. Best of both worlds, bring it on.

Posted via CB10

Love my 9800, Wishing for a Z10, but a screen size of a Z10 with a keyboard of a 9900 and i would seriously have to give it a run

Yes, I would be EXTREMELY interested. Form factor is what I like, and bananas for fingers make this a great plan.


But BB could really, REALLY make these devices thinner, and/or make the shapes a bit more exciting. The design of the Z10 is too flat square for my taste... and so is this.

OS looks alright too, could use a bit of polish in the design department (again, BB needs their own language that doesn't seem to emulate iOS and Android).

A landscape Z10 slider, now I would buy that instantly!!! Anything like a Nokia N950 there is a definite market for.

Posted via CB10

Yes - I WANT A SLIDER. But I want it's keyboard to have more tactile feedback than "Torch". Torch's Keyboard wasn't even half as good as Bold's keyboard. Probably because they made it very thin. So, you didn't feel that satisfactory 'press' of a key.

Also, I rather have longer battery life than a super thin phone. Give it a good battery even if it means making it slightly thicker.

Would buy 1 but not the boxy look of the drawing. Something with screen size of Z10 with slider would be nice

Posted via CB10

I have a torch 9800 right now and love it! And if this the next slider for BB10 then awesome! You will have the best of both worlds for keyboards! Cannot wait for it to be released!

I would definitely want one of the slider... let's call it the S10 ;)
I loved the Torch, the Pre, Pre 2 and Pre 3. Although sadly due to Blackberry contracts being really expensive where I live, I was never able to get a Blackberry Torch :(
For me the "S10" would be the best as I can not type well on touch screen phones (yes I tried for 2 years now) yet the screen is still big enough to read web pages and so on...

I would get one for sure. Live the z10 but miss the versatility of my 9810 using touchscreen for quick texts/bbms and then the physical keyboard for emails

Posted via CB10

really nice, i would go for it.... confused now.... slider or Q10? i guess i've got time to enjoy the q10 'till this one comes out :)

I haven't switched either and will not until they resolve the PB bridge issue and syncing the 10. Cannot see making my PB more useless by switching, might as well switch both to another brand. Samsung is looking better everyday I have to wait. Also, CB is they only place I can find that rates BB anywhere near the quality of other brands. Have the feeling there is a lot of inbreeding here instead of reality.

Yep ! Definitely !! I haven't switched to Blackberry 10 yet, hoping that very soon, there will be a slider to replace my current Torch...

Loved my Torch 9800 slider, but this looks too big and ugly to me. Don't think I would change from my Z10 now to a larger, thicker slider.

Posted via CB10 using my awesome BB Z10

After using the Z10 I don't really miss my 9810 but if done right a slider on BB10 would be sweet

Posted via CB10 with my white Z10

Nope, been there twice, not interested in going there again. I've had issues with the sliding mechanisms, they're too thick, and I found that I didn't hardly use the keyboard on my slider that had a touchscreen keyboard. The Pre executed the design pretty well, but the keyboard was a bit cramped on the top row for me. I'll stick with the Q10 and a keyboard all the time.

My 9800 is collecting dust at home. until I sell it, it's going to stay that way. I hardly ever used they keyboard on my Torch so I have no more use for keyboards or sliders. More moving parts, more stuff that can break.

I say slider PlayBook or something similar (does the patent list dimensions?).

I used a Torch loaner when my Bold was out being fixed. I liked it but found it to be top heavy and slightly awkward.

I love my z and can't afford to do a z and a Q but will probably try out the Q at the store.

Posted with my Zed via CeeBeeTen

I think BBRY should just stick to the full touch Z10 and Qwerty Q10.

Two signature phones based on the revamped OS.

The torch line worked well for them in the past, but a slimmed down product line in the present works better, at least until market share and mind share can be recaptured.

Just my two cents.....

Posted via CB10

Best of BOTH - AT THE SAME TIME, like this:
1: FULL size Z10 Touch-Screen
2: FULL size Q10 qwerty keyboard

Because, at best, the Q10 only gives you a square screen that forces something on-screen to get either squished-down in size to fit L-R or to drop off an edge.
The Z10 gives you the full-screen experience UNTIL you have to type, at which point it becomes basically an all-touch Q10 because the visible screen (not used up by the virtual keyboard) is reduced to the square format of the Q10 ...

A "Slider" in the Z10 format thus keeps the BEST of BOTH - the Z10 (screen) and Q10 (qwerty) - Worlds while still giving the user the option of using the virtual keyboard.


I would be surprised if they decided to put out a slider, but I would love one! Perfect combination of screen real estate and a physical keyboard

Posted via CB10

My old 9810 was rock solid: used the slide every time I had to use text for over a year with no problems

ditto with my 9800; I might have used the virtual keybd - "maybe" - a dozen times in the 25 months I've had it.
Not a single hiccup, hangup or other problem with the slider/mechanism; not even a hint of one. Ever!

I really just like the way my z10 is I could do with just a great update an b just fine but I'm a all touch screen BlackBerry fantastic so to the Z10 is the perfect design

White BlackBerry z10

This actually looks like a dead-ringer for the "Milan" prototype that we saw a few pics of last year. Last I heard, that product got turfed.

I understand the desire for a "convertible" device, but this would add significant thickness and weight over a Z10. As well, the device is a whole order of magnitude more complex mechanically. The added weight and complexity makes it more vulnerable to damage when dropped, and they're a nightmare to work on (just ask anyone who's ever opened up a Torch).

I don't know I've had my Torch for almost two years had a few drops and even on concrete and only a scratch. I have had no mechanical issues with sliding. I keep hearing people say that, but then I think really how hard are people sliding their phones? It basically slides itself once you reach a certain point.
And the weight, I mean come on, it's not that heavy or bulky. People are carrying around 5inch screens now - and that bulky.

I know they apparently, put aside a slider, but hopefully it was a 'backburner' thing rather than a complete out to the pasture!

I love my 9800, and would go and wait for a slider indeed. Once contract is up, I don't know I might get the Z10 but I'm hoping by summer perhaps we know if a slider will come out.

Strangely, an honest part of me would like to move to the 9810 instead unlocked and wait for another slider and if not by end of year jump over to Z10.

BB10 does seems quite the Beez Kneez though.

That's great that you've had that good an experience with your Torch, and I used one for a year and really enjoyed it myself. The point I'm trying to make is that a phone that weighs 20% more tends to sustain more damage when dropped, though, and that's simple physics.

And no matter how well you've treated your phone, it cost BB a lot more to produce than, say, a Storm 2. The only way for a slider to be profitable is to charge a LOT more for it. Maybe there's a market, maybe there isn't, but it isn't smart for BB to make one unless they have good reason to believe that there's enough potential customers out there for it.

SAME experiences to both of yours here with my 9800; dropped a few times - yes, on concrete, asphalt, hardwood and gravel - and some chipping of the finish is the most damage it's sustained.
Otherwise, it works as well today as on Day1.

And "yes" I actually LOVE the heavier weight and additional "feel" it gives me; I'm not impressed with the (Z10 & other devices) lightweight "barely there" feel that keeps me wondering just how fragile the thing is in a stiff cross-wind or whether I could snap it in half like a piece of toast ...

Thunderbuck, you are correct, of course; there may only be a 'narrowly defined' market for it.


This was filed over two years ago. And is fugly. was filed around time the torch came out. No news here.

Posted via CB10

Good for the portfolio, but the Q10 will have the best physical keyboard on the market and the Z10 the best virtual keyboard. This could be maybe a good combination of both.

Posted via CB10

While BB10 has some serious flaws and gaps and I believe at this stage BB10 shall be focused towards improvement and slider to be on hold!

Posted via CB10

My husband currently has a 9800 and is holding off on purchasing a Z10 because he wants a slider with BB10. That would be his dream phone.

Just as i am thinking of getting the Q10 a new slider shows up ,had my 9800 for two years now .Like the form factor but i do find the keyboard just a bit small. If the new slider has a keyboard like the size as a Q10 then thats what i will get.I dont mind the 9800 thickness of the phone that never bothered me.

This should do very well for those who want the big screen feel without giving up the keyboard. I gotta say, Every post gets me more and more excited about the future of BB10

Definitely a landscape z10 slider would be great...the best of the both!!
Would buy one instantly

Posted via CB10

I'd love to try it. I got the Z10 when it came out, and there are times I miss the slider from my Torch 9810. :)

I rather have a z10 or a phablet as I have bigger hands and to me the z10 is small to type on which is my only complaint as I had the note 2 which was a perfect size other than got sick of Android but imagine a note 2 size that has the feel and look of z10 and a stylus to add, that would be a killer phone, I know a lot of people say it's too big but almost all phones with touch screens are at least 4.7 or bigger and I think if they made a 5.0 or close to that then a lot of people who say the z10 and I phone are too small would try out bb10 more plus with the added stylus would make it the ultimate business phone as well a great media device which would right there make android users try it out as the PlayBook seems to not be getting an bb10 update as well cannot really handle it as low ram and etc. What you guys think?

Posted via CB10

I am definitely not 6'4", and 5" screen against my ear looks ridiculous- tried samsung in store. I love my current 9900/Playbook combo, as each fulfills their logically scaled duties. But, if PB doesn't go 10 with full Bridge, I am totally happy with where I am.

While I loved both my Torches, I cannot imagine going back to a slider after using my new Z. I'll be curious about it if it ever comes to pass, but if it were on the market today, I'm pretty sure I'd pass.

BEST News "so far" on this front!!! I am SO down with this that I now don't mind my contract upgrade-block going until end of November.

WE totally LOVE our Torches 9800 + 9810 (2 in use) PRECISELY because of the "full touch screen + full qwerty keyboard" features. Like prior comments expressed, "done right" THIS WILL be 'our' next phone.


No thanks, I'm hooked on the full touch screen Z10! My "Old" torch feels like an ancient pull start.... big and clunky.

Posted via CB10

I loved my 9800 I'll admit that I regret that switched to the 9860 have a z10 now but I would like to see the Blade concept from a while back I would consider buying it

Posted via CB10

That's probably my dream phone. I have a Z10 I wouldn't mi d the extra bulk for a good qwerty keyboard.

Posted via CB10

Since I got my Z10 my wife asks every other week when "Her" new Torch comes out? So YES!!!

Posted via CB10

Yes! As long as it is slender and that fan mock up a while back, the white one. Something like that!

Love my 9810. Could not decide on Q10 or Z10. Will definitely buy a new slider. Nothing is better for me.
I want one!

I had a 9810, a Dell Venue Pro and a Palm Pre. Vertical sliders are my favorite form factor. Would love to go back to it.

Posted via CB10

Best of both worlds - maximize screen with physical keyboard. That's why I have the Torch. It would be a welcoming device into the BB10 family

Yes yes yes and yes.....I hope I dream they do...let it be true...and ring through and through.
In the test of time BB10 on a slider, with email chime!

IMO, it's well worth it if there's a market for it. Based on this forum, there are people whom are not for it (they can just get the Z10 or Q10). For those who want it, build it, and they will come. Why not have more options?

One thing tho, it could be just me, but that concept looks rather dull. I realize that's just an early design, but i would personally like the look of it to be more spiced up somehow IMHO. Make it look more slick as things start to materialize. ;)

Too many options for phones could spell disaster. Come up with a solid tablet with call capabilities should be the next move. And make it construction grade so everyone can use and abuse it

Posted via CB10

I like this idea, real estate on the screen freed up with a keyboard. great for surfing and chatting. Hmmmm might have to have two BB10's by the end of the summer....

I sure would. Z10 is sweet, but I do miss some things about my Torch 9800 and the slider form factor in general.

Posted via CB10

I would love the new slider with the BB10 operating system. Even though I have the Z10, I still use my 9810 for task i can't do on my Z. I know someone right holding onto their 9810 because they love it so much and waiting for something like it to come along.

Would I be interested in a BB10 slider? Absolutely! I love the Torch 9810 that I currently use (other than the fact that it's underpowered and needs to take a break from time to time) because it gives me the screen real estate for videos or games while still giving me the keyboard for serious work. If this is going to be something released later this year, I'll definitely be waiting for that. Perhaps bridge functionality will be OS7 comparable by then...

I loved my 9810 and love my Z10. If BBRY makes it thin, I would totally be interested.

Posted via CB10 BlackMagically by my Z10

Yes please, I want to replace my 9810 when needed with a slider, big screen physical keyboard.
I know its not yet but hopefully this is the start of something big. Is it me or does this look like the Milan? even down to the buttons

Coming from a Torch 9810 (had the 9800 also).. I just don't know i want another slider. Each to his own though.

Love my Z10

I loved my Torch 9800. I had all kinds of BlackBerries, and while my Bold series was the workhorse of the phones I had, the Torch 9800 was the most 'friendly' phone, with it's larger screen and such. I really did enjoy it. If this comes with a decent keyboard and stellar battery life, it's a contender for me.

Make the slider a 5 inch device!

THAT would be cool! I think that would really set it apart from just another slider that we've seen in the past.

hope Blackberry is reading these.

Yes for me! I miss my torch style as well.. :) i love my Z10 too..just miss touching the keyboard of my torch.. :)

Posted via CB10

No slider for me. I want a Z10, but will have to get a Q10 when Sprint makes it available. I'm not knocking this design...the slider is OK, just not my preference.

Waiting for this to be announced, upgraded from the 9810 to the Z10 as it didn't look like a slider was being developed for BB10. Would get this in a heartbeat... Z10 virtual keyboard is great, but for entering complex strings of alphanumeric modem programming , nothing beats the real keyboard... however, it isn't even off the design table yet by the look of it.

Slider! Yes please! I miss using my old Torch & though the on screen keyboard on the z10 is, like, super perfect, I'd still want a physical one! So egzoyted!

As I type away on my dying palm pre...which I love. I was think z10 for me and Q10 for my wife...eveyone has a playbook now thanks to if it's webos....BB10 all the wayin any form, but this new slider is making me drool. I'm a blackberry convert....I hope they rise to the top. Cheers tim from canada

I loved my Torch 9810 and was hoping doe a Z10 with the same attributes. I would definitely give it a look see.

Me & my Z10 baby!

As a previous 9800 Torch owner, I would love to see the return of the slider! As long as it's not too bulky I would get it :)

Posted via CB10

I must have huge thumbs or something...and I'm only 5'10"! But I can NOT use the famous BB QWERTY keyboard without all of my messages turning out to be gibberish. I've tried on my wife's 9930....I WANT to like the keyboard....but can't
I'm sure a slider wouldn't be any better

Not going to lie, it looks very ugly. I wouldn't mind a slider blackberry 10 if it didn't look like that. Very unappealing to me.

Posted via CB10

I wouldn't bother with a slider. Keep focused on software. Increase the size of the Q10 screen maybe.

Black Tie Z10

If I can tell rim anything right now, do not make another slider phone again.

The Z10 and Q10 is all that is needed in the market in design.

A slider would be a waste of resources.

Posted via CB10, BB10, Z10

Yeah, sounds really cool. The best of both worlds, the Q10 and Z10. They should call it the BlackBerry QuartZ. I've had my Z10 since February so I wouldn't switch at this point.

Posted via CB10

That would be awesome. I would be hard pressed not to trade my Z10 for it tbh. If they do it right. I loved the form of my Torch 9810

It's be the perfect phone! I loved the torch 9800 and 9810. BB10 on that style of a device would be a perfect marriage.

That would be a big fail. Really blackberry? U just started right with the z10 and I'm feeling the Q10 but that phone is just ugly. Slider? Nobody uses that no more. Did u see any success in the Android slider phones? No. Stick to improve the z10 and the Q10 and think about bigger OS10 phones. I do belive in you blackberry that's why I bought my z10 I hope ur not even consider build the phone from the pict. Jesus

Posted via CB10

Went from a 9800 to the Zed and I love it.
To me, the best and my favourite legacy BlackBerry has to be the 9600, failing that the 9900 (which my girlfriend refuses to give up).
Definitely going to get a Q10, think I'm done with the sliders, but I can see the value.

Posted via CB10

Probably but only if they make the keyboard a bit nicer then the 9800/9810. It worked but it wasn't as comfortable as a 9000 or 9900.

Not sure about that.

Why not have a slider that rotates the screen so that it can slide in both portrait and in landscape mode too?

Thus giving the user the choice of viewing the screen in either mode as they type?

So push the screen up, and keep it there for portrait mode. Or, while it's up, rotate it into landscape mode (so it looks a bit like a "T"). That would definitely be neat imo.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry, you're killing me here!

While I'm trying to reconcile whether I want the large screen of the Z10 or the physical keyboard of the Q10, you taunt me with this slider design now! Just announce a slider and I'll wait to buy it.

no done with the slide, loved the 9810 but so in love with just a touch and not the "touch/keyboard"

What's not to love? It's the best of both worlds! I'd upgrade from the z10 for a slider running BB10.
Would be really cool if the keyboard was somehow detachable with maybe a little touchpad on it.. for the remote control feel when you have it hooked up to your TV or projector.
While they are at it... maybe a contact-less media dock so you can pick up and go, moving it to whatever room you are in... the car... exercise equipment... basically, make me a phone that I can't live without.

I'd totally buy this! When it has Skype. When it has Netflix. When it has Spotify. When it has Hulu.

I know this is way off the subject, but does anyone have the new Z10 that I can try out the BBM Video here is my pin:2AB836C3

Posted via CB10

Might this lead to the DreamBerry BlackBerry 11 Slider Concepts phones that Kevin Michaluk spoke about in his article posted on 1 Feb 2012? I'd gladly take one of those. Slider phones can have greater screen real estate and the benefit of a keyboard. I presently have a Torch 9800 and it is great. Thickness really isn't an issue with me. I'd also prefer having a bigger battery.

My wife loves her Torch and I keep trying to get her to get a BlackBerry 10 phone but she won't. A Bb10 slider would for sure win her heart.

Posted via CB10

I loved my Torch 9810, but really struggled because the Bold's keyboard was a killer. IF a new Torch turns out to be true, with a Bold-like keyboard, I am SO there!!

OH! MY! GOD! I should have waited for this one! I'm lovin my Z10 - but - I'm just not going to be able to cope without a physical keyboard. The keyboard is the reason I came over to BlackBerry in the first place (about 4 devices ago). I've gotta have my keyboard back! And a slider would just be perfect.

Please! Tell me it's coming! Tell me it's coming soon!


I don't think a slider can be done right to have a thin device, with a keyboard with good tactical feedback. The torch was a good device, but it was quite thick and the keyboard didn't feel as good as the Bold.

Posted via CB10

My dream BlackBerry would be a vertical slider with a screen size right between the 9800 and the Z10.

The Z10 is nice, but it's a nightmare trying to type without errors.

OMG I'm totally in as long as it's available on Sprint!! Was totally bummed the torch slider was exclusive to AT&T :(

I'm hoping this is for real, my sausage fingers can't do touchscreen at all... and my 9800 is getting tired. I would buy one the "First" day its released.

My husband would love this. He loves his Torch 9800 and feels that when he gets the Q10 he will be "setteling" because he loves his slider so much....(but I can barely get my Z10 out of his hads because he's hooked on Angry Birds).

I love the Z10, but am really missing my physical keyboard. I don't really use the flick to type feature anyway (takes longer for me than just typing everything out).

Posted via CB10

My own personal experience with the word-flick is that you do tend to hit the keys a little slower, but you tend to get enough words completed that it can outweigh the slower typing.

With the incredible implementation of the touch keyboard on the z10, I really don't see the need for a physical keyboard any more. A new torch type phone is pointless and really only serves to further dilute the blackberry brand. Why bother? The perfected it with the z10. You don't see apple putting out a bunch of different models. BlackBerry should adopt this entity and keep it to a minimum. Do less but do it well.

Posted via CB10

Hi Jaybird. If you had big fingers like me, then you would love to have the slider. I had a touch screen phone, and, man.. it was hell to me. Actually I have the slider Torch 9810, and honestly, love it!

I think a T10 (or such) would make a great addition to the BB10 team, but please, let it include a Z10 screen, we already have the "Square Screen / Qwerty Combo" called the Q10 ;)!

Posted via CB10 on Dev Alpha C

I used the torch 2 before the z10 and i liked my slider, but I am not sold on the portrait style. I guess it depends on dimensions and how it would fit in my pocket.

Posted via CB10