Latest patent shows off what could be a new BlackBerry 10 slider

By Adam Zeis on 23 Apr 2013 03:54 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 winning us over at full force, the next round of BlackBerry 10 devices could soon hit the rumor mill. BlackBerry Live is right around the corner and we are hoping to hear plenty more on the BB10 front.

That being said, BlackBerry was just awarded a patent filed in December of 2011 for a portrait-style device with a slide out keyboard that could very well be the next BlackBerry 10 device. 

We've heard nothing on the slider front until now so take this for what it's worth, but it is definitely a viable option for BlackBerry to put out a Torch-successor for BlackBerry 10. From the image here, it looks like a good combination of the Z10 display with a slimmer Q10 keyboard.

Would you be interested in a BlackBerry 10 slider? Let us know in the comments!

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Latest patent shows off what could be a new BlackBerry 10 slider



Coming from the torch family it would have made sense for me to get a slider phone, that's what I would have picked if it was available during the BB10 launch. I wanted to have BB10 as soon as it was available in the States, I got the Z10 and can't complain... I'll see what phones are available once I'm out of my 2 year contract with AT&T :)

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It looks just like the "Milan" that was reportedly canceled. I was going to wait for a slider BB10 device because I was coming from a 9810. The Z10 sold me with the awesome keyboard. Still, this could be a really cool device for those that like physical keyboards but don't want to compromise screen real estate.

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Given the timing of when this was FILED (not APPROVED) I believe this patent is merely a protection for the physical design of the device... BB can't patent "the slider" form factor, so... not sure how this patent is anything other than protecting their brand from otherwise exactly the same looking device running some crappy hacked "offshore" version of android or symbian.

I would definitely get this. I love my Z10, but there are some things I miss about my 9800.

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The Blade concept slider. That's the slider phone for me. If BlackBerry put that into production I'd line up for weeks for that baby!

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OMG!!!!!!!! I am loosing my mind!!! Back to the corner to calm down. ;)

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My experience has been that slider phones Break easy. Slide in, slide out, slide get the drift. This happened to the Torch, and pushed some ex BlackBerry users over the edge. Again, personal experience with known ex users, who's last BlackBerry phone was the Torch. Now I can see how having a touchscreen might limit the constant sliding. My recommendation would be to invest in making a sturdy phone that will not fail under extensive prolonged use, as the Torch failed.

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while I can't dispute 'your' (friends'?) experiences, I CAN categorically state that those 9800/10 users I know ('several,' incl. 2 in my house) are totally (still) loving theirs; no breaking or slider issues ... though I WILL concede that the 9800 (mine) is significantly under-spec'd for even its own O/S & era (128MB ... "REALLY?!?!?!?"); the 9810 was MUCH better equipped (256MB) but anything BB10 had BETTER come with a MINIMUM 2 GB ... a HUGE difference!

Hells yes!

Here is the must-have criteria.

1. Screen size least as big as the z10.
2. The sliding mechnism must be built to never get loose! When I used the touchscreen on my 9810 it would clack against the keyboard slide behind it :( :(
3. As thin as possible given our level of understanding of the laws of physics!! No chubby slider!

4. (Mosut important) Make it look EXACTLY like the BLACKBERRY BLADE!!!!!

The BlackBerry blade is BAR NONE the most beautiful phone ever designed. BAR. NONE.

If the slider looks anything like the drawing, man its ugly. Reminds me of the overhead projectors in public school. Those were cool still.

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BlackBerry Blade (look it up)!!!!!! I have a Z10, loving the experience, but I came from a Torch and I am missing my keyboard. I want the Z10 screen and the Q10 keyboard. Just bring it!

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I would LOVE one! I like the size of my Torch Screen, and like the touch most of the time. When I've been outside in the cold for a long time the touch screen doesn't respond well, same when it's really hot, sometimes the speed dial doesn't do well even if it's inside. So I have really had times I miss the keyboard. If I thought this were coming out, I would hold off on getting the Q10, this would be the perfect BB! My dream BB!

Slider phones are a bad design, speaking from someone who has done repairs on slider phones and sees many with issues later down the road.

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Being in the telco (service provider) industry, I've seen my fair share of damaged Torches. Way more compared to its non touchscreen siblings. I personally think it's too soon for a slider, even for the next 12 months.

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If someone came out with a cover/bluetooth slider keyboard for the z10, that would be awesome. Doesn't really require a new phone or design.

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Will not work in this cell phone market. Slider phones I find are sorta out dated. And most of the time after a long period use the slider functionality is no good. When u stick a keyboard and touch screen together in a slider phone. You will come out with a bulky object that no one wants.

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I've owned a Torch 9800 for over two years, but realized after purchasing that I'm not suited for the slider keyboard because the keys are too small, especially when your trying to type a numeric 7 (i.e.) is a challenge & real pain because the keys a jammed so close together. I guess my thumbs are just too large for the keys & resort to the touch screen keyboard because of this. Unless the slider keyboard had some "touch smarts" & screen size of the new Z10, I'd have to pass on this option.

Love my Z10 but I miss my 9810. I'd get a slider for sure. I hope they stuff a large battery in there.

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BlackBerry should skip the slider and build a 5+" phablet; marry the Z10 and Playbook and stick to this standard. True that would just not be innovative for BB, but it would mean less moving parts that could fall off or break. My BB 9800 had to be replaced because the ribbon connector in the device wore out or was loose.

Alternatively, go high end using metal casing and shell for the slider with a hint of the Porsche inspired Bold.

please let it be true, I've been holding out for more money and end of contract for the Z10, but then the Q10 is really interesting too.

I think I like both because I have a Torch 9810 so a BB10 slider would have me SOLD. I'd definitely hold out for this.

I am not too keen on a slider. For me it is either all touch or keyboard. To include both somehow compromises either the keyboard experience with smaller keys or the all touch screen with a smaller screen size.

Apart from that, you don't get a thin phone, but a much thicker one which is uncomfortable for one handed typing which I do a lot with my touch screen on my Z10.

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Maybe they should concentrate on making the z10 and Q10 and hey maybe PlayBook too work right before making a slider.

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I agree with some others about the landscape slider. I feel like a tall form factor (e.g. Z10) with a vert' slider might be a bit unmanageable. However, full screen landscape with wide form QWERTY is rocking.

So, really depends on the form factor.

would only consider it if the screen was the proportion of the z10 not the square q10. Since they said they are committed to only two resolutions. Q10 would be too small and defeat the purpose of a slider which allows you to have a big screen and keyboard

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I would trade my #Z10 for a slider if it had a screen at least the size of my Torch 9810

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I had the torch 9800 and then the 9810. I am now rockin the Z10 and I love it. Was totally against touchscreen keyboards, but this is by far the best touchscreen keyboard I've ever used.

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Well, I saw an image of a slider that had a curved body with a slide out keyboard and a full screen touch display. Is this legit?

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A BB 10 slider like this would be a bad design and product. Don't believe? Wait and see!

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Not really. I'm looking forward to a phablet. A tablet with laptop/desktop like capability.

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I would most definitely interested in a slider. The torch looked cool but was super thick. If they were able to slim it down and still offer a good keyboard experience they will win the game.

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This patent was awarded in December 2011, yet when was it actually applied for? Who's to say this wasn't intended initially for the Torch 9800/9810?!

Personally I'd HATE to see another device like this:
1. Top heavy
2. Cramped keyboard based on narrow size if it mimics 9800/9810; wider would help but would add to the weight.
3. Less than perfect browsing experience based on longitudinal screen layout.
- sure you can go landscape as we can on Z10 but for QWERTY die-hards to bang out lengthy emails, back to portrait you GO (back to Jail in Monopoly or back to first level in Snakes & Ladders).

I'm still waiting for a side-slider:
Best Browsing and HTML email experience.
Offers quick portrait browsing and SMS/MMS typing for quick communciations (like Z10)
Best for corporate users (HTML Email, Browsing, File Server Access, Admin apps, etc etc)
Best for Movie PlayBack (16:9) but you can goto portrait (4:3) for Pictures (non panoramic)
Larger Battery can be implemented as LCD is separate from the main body.
Have an arching LCD (somewhat of a combo between the HTC built SonyEricsson Xperia X1 and the Nokia N97).

I would love a slider but it needs to look way cool. BlackBerry no more nerdy phones please! (the z10 and Q10 don't look near as slick as iPhone or Galaxy devices)

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Go BIG or go home !
If that keyboard is like the 9800 or 9810 then I say no go!
Gotta stick a 9900 or Q10 variety of keyboard in this decice,
And ,oh! it has to be at least 1/3rd lighter than the previous 9800/9810. You willl understand if you are playing with a Z10 now and then comparing this to the 9800. I willl not go back to that heavy stuff anymore

I came from 9800 and 9810 so a slider BB10 would have been my first choice... but now with Z10, I don't see the point any more... only if they improve the map and get skype on board then I am completely satisfied

I have never understood the appeal of a slider phone. In my opinion they just aren't as solid as a bar style phone aka the Z10 and the Q10 form factor wise. I also feel that the keyboard experience is compromised and you get an overall all phone that is bulky. The only way I could see this being worth the effort is if they include a larger battery, and some new cool feature. BB10 OS has proven to be amazing and I am a fan of both known devices the Z10 and Q10. I am a Bold 9900 user and cannot decide which phone to upgrade to. The Z10 has brought more excitement because of all the promotion done on the full touch screen model whereas the Q10 would carry a larger battery and could handle some serious app abuse.

He'll ya... for my wife, but profile not landscape... gave up my gen1 torch for Z10 (from my gen 1 Storm prior to that).

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It definitely sounds like a former factor they should try..maybe bring back the pearl keyboard with bb10 on it?!

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About time a slider comes to light! I'm really glad that they realize there is a market for them. Right now I'm using z-10 personal and 9900 for business. When this comes out ill use this slider bb 10 for business and q-10 for everyday with the z-10 as back up device.

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I like the idea of a OS10 slider. The pic looks like a square Q screen. I would like to see a slider with a screen closer in size to the Z screen.

Rocking my Z10

Nop! I don't think a slider would be a good idea. And personally, I think blackberry should concentrate on 1 or 2 types of model of phone and make sure they're the best instead of having 20 of them! :)
The torch was the worst bb i had and so far even if the z10 is awsome, the bold 9900 was the best one

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I would totally love this. I'm a longtime webOS user, and am currently using a Pre3. I've been tracking BB10 for a while, and it has a lot of appeal. When the day comes that I finally leave webOS, it will most likely be for BB10. The Z10 is nice, but I love a physical keyboard, the Q10 has the keyboard, but the screen is too small (for me). This is where the slider keyboard that Palm/HP's Pre{Plus,2,3} appealed to me, and I think a portrait slider BB10 would be a compelling device.

Nope, I had a torch and finding a skin for it was next to impossible. They all sacked. Also, once grit gets into the slider, it's crap.

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No not at all, blackberry are just going to loose time and money on this slide blackberry 10, it might have been good before in 2008 but now with the technology everybody wants something new and something that they will like. BlackBerry should focus on the apps, whats the use to have an amazing smartphone with out amazing apps.

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Definitely interested in a slider!!! Bought 2 years ago a Nokia E7 just for that reason, amazing hardware, really astonishing, but the OS (symbian3) was the gate to hell, why I brought it back after a week and took an iPhone... silly me! But now I'm a happy BB user and only a phone that toasts bread and a one-button-shaver will get me away of BB ;-)

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I'd love to see a slider. If it had a 4.8 - 5+ inch screen I'd buy it out of contract to upgrade my Z10.

However, I was wondering what made the design original enough to receive a patent or patent pending status. I mean portrait sliders aren't new -- as the article points out, this design looks a little like the old Torch. Did anyone read the patent application to see where the inventiveness occurred?

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I love my Z10. I was on a torch 9800 before and loved the sliding keyboard. I an debating on gutting the q10 but now I am in love with the bigger screen of the Z. The only thing that still has me on the Q is the battery. Also the keyboard on the Z10 is just great and I miss the key commands and fast dealing but that is about that.

A Slider combining the two might be something to get excited about for sure.

The point for me is, that on a slider you have to see it to decide because a lot depends on how it is built, the feel in the hand and how the sliding door works. This can be a major point in deciding if purchasing. So, yes I like the idea but I cannot tell until I actually see it.

No doubt it would be a great addition on the BB10 family if it finally comes out! Until then there is not much more to say about it really for me.

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I don't think BlackBerry should go for sliders. The slide out keyboard makes the phone appear fatter and cheaper feeling.

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The concept for next Z10 is great but don't liked the sketch given on the page. It should be some thing different that makes everyone move with the new Torch10

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Bring it on!!! Yippy... I had predicted this previously when I saw the BBRY roadmap a couple weeks ago. Hopefully will be the size of Z10 full screen and has the Q10 QWERTY full keyboard for my fat thumbs ;) Gonna be 4 BB10 devices this year! Z10, Q10, Slider10, and BB10 lower entry with QWERTY keyboard device! Go BBRY!!! Buy more shares tomorrow!!!

Wonder what they'll call it? S10 (for slide) or perhaps T10 (for Torch)?

Or maybe things will move so fast that it will be S11 or T11?

i to hope that it has a bigger batter than the z10 it would be a shame to bring such a wonderful device with the powered with a z10 battery

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything that reminds me of my Pre 2 or Pre 3 would be awesome with the extra sreen real estate!

Honestly I feel a little jiped from BlackBerry.

I loved my 9550 for the large screen size and my 9000 for the keyboard. Then the 9810 came out and it was the best phone for me hands down.

When I heard about the OS10 coming out I was for sure they were going to make a slider hut BlackBerry said nothing. We even had threads in the form about how much we wanted one and nothing. So with all that talk and no word from BlackBerry I assumed that the slider line died with the legacy phones.

This isn't the first patent for a slider device though that we have seen. So its either BlackBerry is trying out different form factors or they are just hording patents. Either way IF they do make a slider I'm trading in my Z10 for it in a heart beat.

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I would love a new slider. Torch wouldent have been too bad if they didn't cheap out on the cpu. The keyboard could have been a bit wider and higher quality.
I hope they release something like the concept BlackBerry blade

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How about you work on ONE phone for now.

If Apple can do at least one phone per year and make it right, you tackling 3 isn't going to help you get ahead.

Get the Z/Q10 running full tilt first.


I would most definitely be interested to see how this design ends up coming out. A big screen with the option of a QWERTY keyboard is having the best of both worlds.

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I have been holding off on buying a Z10 wondering if a "slider" version of a BB with OS10 will be released. Just this week I was on the verge of buying the Z10 and now I am not sure once again...I wish we knew for sure.

QWERTY's should have a Trackpad imo, it's the second best feature in a BB device after ......? the QWERTY keyboard of course! =]~

Loving my Z10, but would jump back to a slider in a heartbeat. Touch keyboard is great for short SMS, BBM, etc, but writing longer emails is much slower and tedious. And despite my teenagers pronouncement that email is dead, that is where business is done on a daily basis.

I don't like the idea of a slider to be honest, the Z10 does such a great job at typing, it's ridiculous, how good it is, didn't think I'd ever be an all touch user but after this phone, blackberry made me a believer.

Typed using my awesome new Z10.

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I'll make my mind up after seeing it work.
I'm actually on a 9810, headed for the Q10. The build of last sliders is quite good. What I'm curious about is how good will the OS roll with the combination. We've seen it goes wild on a full touch like Z10, and we're to see how it keeps up with the full qwerty monoblock device. My next device shall be smaller than the Z10 - let's see how the slider goes.

A slider would be great. But it would have to be light and sturdy. No creaking, flexing hinges or the like. I'm not sure which orientation is the best, but I'd prefer a vertical (thin) keyboard.

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I've had an HTC Desire Z with a landscape sliding keyboard and touchscreen. Absolutely love the option to type on a keyboard. No problems w/ the mech. I got the HTC 2 yrs ago when I wanted a bigger screen than BB had for my aging eyes. Waiting forever for a qwerty slider keyboard from BB but would not want a portrait slider, too top heavy, tried the old BB model, in my smaller female hands and harder to type two handed with. Going to wait....and wait....for my contract to expire and hoping by then BB has a landscape slider with a BIG screen.

A slider BB10 device should have been ready at the same time as the Z10. The Q10 should have been as well. I know BB needed to stagger the launches of these devices to control their overhead and risk during this transition but being a former Torch 9810 user I have been hoping and still am hoping that a slider will be launched for BB10. For me it truly is the best of both worlds. Keyboard lets you get down to business when working and the full screen allows you to play and unwind after hours and when you just need a break during stressful days!

Did not enjoy the Torch at all but apparently a decent chunk of the population did so I guess this wouldn't be a terrible move if done properly.

No compromises on the screen size or size of the physical keyboard and it's destined to do well!

My comment, now added to the 380, is no. Seems like neither fish nor fowl. Having lived with and sold a 9800, never quite figured the benefit. Moved on to a 9860 and 9900 before the Z10. I will stick with the Z10 for now. The turning point actually came with the purchase of the Playbook which had a reasonable typing experience.

If this phone goes ahead and the design is spot on it could be amazing at the same time if the screen isnt big enough and the kb is too fiddly then it will flop. Being able to play games and watch films horizontally and still have the keyboard would be best of both worlds. looking forward to seeing whats in the pipe line.

I pity those that think these patents can make new blackberries by next year. It takes allot of time to plan out and design, then build them. It doesn't happen in one day or night.

I have a super duper 9810, which I find amazing. You can use as a keyboard BlackBerry or simply as a touch screen BlackBerry. Very nicely done, super model. If this is true, OS10 slider, then let's go, we'll have it for sure. BlackBerry for ever!

I would buy this phone as long as it's thin and light - it would be the best of both the Z10 and Q10. The R10 on the other hand I think is a waste.

I will buy one as soon as it comes out. But if blackberry comes out with another phone that isn't torch-like or doesn't have a vertical slider by year end 2013, I'm going android/google - never to return (I've owned 6 different blackberry phones).

It would be a good idea. Im dying for the Blackberry company to make a slider phone in the Blackberry 10 series. I hope they do make a slider phone soon :(.

Both, Z10 and Q10 (and mostly all other phones on the market) have the big disadvantage, that the (remaining) screen is way to small because of the (active) keyboard. Therefor a good slider phone is the only solution for me and because I always prefered beeing able to use my phone one-handed, a vertical slider is the only suitable option. So I still love and use my Pre 2 and wait for a compact BB10 v-slider phone, maybe it will be an alternative, the Z10 and Q10 definitivly are not ...

Stay on this, We need more upto date info as and when it comes in.

Because so many people like me have waited for this phone, we all had the opportunity to get the z10 the q10 n the q5 but we have been waiting for this form factor.

All those people who have said "dont need a keyboard" and "stick to a full touch iphone like phone" what I dont understand is WHHHYYYY??? be different, all iphone has done is make the same phone for 6 years, wearas blackberrry are bold and like to make a diffrence (even if it doesnt work)
we had the T9 keyboard
blackberry did the qwerty keboard the best n kept doing it,
blackberry wer the first to do sure type, (granted it didnt take off, but still blackberry explore other avenues),
blackberry wer the first to have a awsome trackpqad which we all love miss and want on bb10 devices.
blackberry wer the first to make a succesfull slider. & hopefully this slider will be even better.

I cannot wait, and am franticly searching the web everyday for more info.

I'm a true believer that That most people need roof physical keys to communicate.. Autocorrect to type correctly Proper Simply does not cut it AutoCorrect is not the answer it is not the truth.. I have real hands and prefer people texting me back and messaging back wout a ton of typos so bad I can't understand.. the real thing I need to feel real keys not typing on a piece of glass I WISH SO BAD they made a good portrait style BlackBerry slider with a wide keyboard and along 4.5 half inch LCD

1. Make the keys touch sensitive so i can save time typing like an onscreen keyboard but still have the feel of a little button so i know where the key is without staring at the screen.
2. Slide out landscape - Am i the only one sick of bumping my thumbs on blackberry keyboards, are these made for munchkins?