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Latest OS update brings BlackBerry App World notifications to PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook App World Notifications
By Adam Zeis on 7 Jun 2011 12:29 pm EDT

One of the things I noticed after updating my PlayBook today was that I was notified of some available updates for apps I had purchased. Previously on the PlayBook you had to open up BlackBerry App World and navigate to My World to view any available updates. Now it seems the updates are popping up without ever entering App World which is very cool indeed. Tap on the notification icon from the home screen, then the listed update, and App World takes you right to the app page so you can update. Hopefully this will give way to other apps having notifications when not open as well, but only time will tell.



That is great news. Does it remember your last position in AppWorld, or do you get sent back to the main screen again? I'll find out next time I'm on a HighSpeed connection, I suppose.

Thanks for the info!


The back button works! SCORE!!!


Apps are coming left, right and centre!!!

GREAT job RIM !!!


Yes apps are coming BUT i want my apps from my phone and even some from Android that we don't even have like Pulse, Yahoo Messenger, OoVoO, Skype, PageOnce, ScoreMobile, BlackberryNewsFeeds, WorldMate, ShareBuilder etc... In addition, I wanna see some GREAT games as promised like that ninja game that was showcased, Madden, MLB 2011, Call of Duty, Crysys, Command and Conquer, Company of Heroes etc...

The Consigliere

This is definitely a nice feature, man I can't wait to get my Playbook!


I can't imagine a tablet without flash. To see what it is like, I turned off the flash feature on my PlayBook.

All I can say is ... you poor poor iPad owners. What a boring life you must live. Why would you waste your money on a tablet such as an iPad that doesn't even have flash, thus being only half baked?

Sent from my fully featured PlayBook.


I know, I can't even imagine it! All I know is- I'm glad I'm able to see porn on this thing as well in all its glory Lmao!


I can't imagine a tablet without flash. To see what it is like, I turned off the flash feature on my PlayBook.

All I can say is ... you poor poor iPad owners. What a boring life you must live. Why would you waste your money on a tablet such as an iPad that doesn't even have flash, thus being only half baked?

Sent from my fully featured PlayBook.

Kevin Michaluk

Nice timing on the screen cap.. 11:11am. I'm always seeing 11:11am on clocks for some reason... maybe it's good luck.

Adam Zeis

Totally good luck. Growing up when we saw 11:11 you had to make a wish and kiss the clock :)

the brother

kiss the clock too? wow these superstitions are becoming soooo complicated!


yo Adam how you did an Screen Capture in the PB ?


As long as your are not on Bridge with a BES BB phone, volume up and volume down take screenshot. The picture shows up in "camera pictures" folder.


I'm really impressed with this update, it contains a lot of improvements. Really makes you wonder how major the "native apps" update will be.

Seriously though, where's Brick Breaker?


Really hope I get the better battery life back. The last update made the battery life worse...


I updated to the latest release, now my web pages take for ever to load over Wifi, anybody having the same issue???


Same here, web pages take a longer time to load. This is a big no-no. Otherwise, no issues. Although when I first updated, I couldn't turn off Bluetooth, but a restart fixed the BT issue.


Yep, there are lots of bug fixes in this release that don't get mentioned in the release notes, I guess RIM doesn't want to draw attention to all the bugs that were there at release, lol!

A big one, browsing in portrait mode now has proper anti-aliasing like it does in landscape mode!


Also seeing lot of free memory 620+ at the moment and up to 680 right after boot. Was worried about memory as a hardware bottleneck but this eases some worries for now.


Bridge browser actually seems to work now too.


This was actually the first thing I noticed with the update, and the thing I appreciate the most. Hopefully a sign of more integrated apps to come. Instantly felt way more like a BlackBerry.


My App World doesn't load anymore after this OS update. I just get the background. I do have App World update notifications though. Anyone else have this problem? Reboot didn't help.


My App World also does not work anymore. I have a fixed purple screen with bubbles, like it started to load and locked. I don't have notifications, but I did not have that many subscribed apps. I don't know how to fix this mess!


Try and change PlayBook System Language to something other than English - Launch App World - change back to English


My App World isn't working either. I do have notifications, but when the app is opened it seems to freeze at the start-up screen with the bubbles.


Try and change PlayBook System Language to something other than English - Launch App World - change back to English


Finally got software to update and download but don't have this new little 'icon' on my app world...Selective and curious...


Aah, wait...Gotta be in an actual app to see it...


Appworld takes some more time to load here, but everything works fine then. Maybe there is an opportunity to retype your Blackberry-ID and this would fix it? But i have no clue where this could be done.


My Browser works again and it i do have alot more free memory..

My battery had been draining really fast since the last update, even with out using it for 24 hours it would be dead.

Only down to 85% so far after taking it off the charger at 9 am.


Thats all great and dandy but when will they stop praising on the playbook so much and give us QNX i found my QNX floppy disk today & ran it using my external floppy drive theres nothing qnx cant run out the box it runs IE firefox, maxthon, avant etc even every linux program & app i would take the QNX kernal no i take that back i would take the blackberry OS virtulized inside of QNX me being a red hat engineer that dont take nomore than a month because of the different screen sizes RIM i love you dearly but take it from a linux developer we love your devices but we want more we love qnx give us what we want etc consumers


Yes, since the second last update, battery is down 5% in 30mins only. this update has not fixed it. This is pretty fundamental issue.

also bridge browser still cant beat browsing via tethering, perhaps becos the BB browser is not as quick as the playbook's.

app update notification does not work for the map app even after the update, the notification asks you to update again and does not disappear until you uninstal the app.


Fixed the tether problem I've been having, everything seems smooth except that my standard time zone is now on dst. It is putting Saskatchewan cst -6 one hour ahead.


Unfortunately the feature is buggy. Half of the notifications I got were for programs I had already updated. Even this morning I went into App World and updated an app, and an hour later I got a notification that there was an update available for it, but it had already been updated.


What App showed up even after you upgraded?


I got one of those notifications this morning for MyFile Commander app stating that an update was available, but when I went into App World, there was no upgrade option there.


No stereo Bluetooth in update???!!!??? WTF???!?!?!?!


can someone tell me why is it that when i delete the hotmail, facebook shortcuts, twitter and some other stuff that came with the OS update... i will get an OS update notification again and it's the same update. once i update again, those damn shortcuts come back! when i delete them, same thing again - an OS update notice tells me i have an update and i install and same thing over and over and over.


i did a quick search and apparently this is happening to every PB user. when you delete an app/shortcut that came with the OS, it'll tell you that you have an OS update. you update and whatever you deleted comes back. seems like RIM won't let you delete those apps/shortcuts. WTF!

Phony bologna

My Playbook has told me twice that I have updates waiting for me. I was excited until I noticed that it's the same update. And if I check manually, the device will download it again. Battery life seems improved, however.


I updated my playbook and the app update notification worked once but hasn't worked since then. Anyone else have that problem?