Latest leak shows off customizable quick settings, white balance, battery percentage and more

By Adam Zeis on 12 Nov 2013 08:14 am EST

Some more 10.2.1 goodies have shown up thanks to the latest leaked OS in the CrackBerry forums. In addition to the new incoming call screen, OS 10.2.1 looks to offer up some other new features as well. Again, we can't say with 100% certainty that any or all of these will be included in an official release, but the chances are good since they're showing up in leaks already. 

One of the big ones is a new customizable quick settings screen that allows you to choose what you see in your settings dropdown. This includes notifications, brightness, NFC, mobile hotspot, location services and even a flashlight. 


Also included is a white balance option for tweaking your display as well as a small addition of the battery showing in percentage when swiping up (which I totally dig).



So it looks like we may see some very cool new features in future OS updates. If you want to take advantage of these right now you'll have to go the leaked route but we'd steer clear for now until a more solid build comes around.

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OMG HAWWWWT! Nice Loving the new stuff I cant wait!


Wicked indeed!

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Wow! Really great additions that will make a huge difference for me. Even the flashlight option is nice. I love how BlackBerry builds things right into the OS. :)



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Great, I cant wait for 10.2.1

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Yep, they promised one-button homescreen speed dialing, now battery percentage, I definitely want 10.2.1 now...

Bacon Munchers

... I have a feeling that we are all gonna say "I can't wait for...version!", every time this comes out now....


Still waiting for 10.2.0.

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10.2.1 will be out before we get 10.2 from ATT.

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Lol yeah...oh Verizon

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Nice, can't wait till the update!..



I hope this is the OS that has working PINGS!!!

If it is it should be out soon if Michael C's tweet is anything to go by. He said PINGS!!! are coming soon in an update. That was just before official dropped I believe.

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I believe pings are working in 10.2 current official. I pinged my wife in the weekend over BBM when she had missed my initial msg. Seems to have worked. She replied right away.

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Damn it isn't on my Q10 with the latest official. That's the first thing I checked. From all different BBM users on different devices.

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I'm on and pings work if you are in another app.


Exactly 10.2 is still rolling out...

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Nice additions, I can't wait!!!
Thanks for sharing this Adam.


Really cool new features! Can't wait!

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Not to sound snide, but I can't believe it took them this long to bake a flashlight into the os!

Seems like a no brainer to me since all its doing is turning on the flash.

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When you first build a new OS, I'm sure the focus on the critical features come first and nice add-ons like a flashlight come later. Really, just how important is having a flashlight built into the OS when there are so many free flashlight apps available?

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Some things were higher priority to work on, despite the simple things like that. Especially when there is a simple workaround for the flashlight functionality (turn on the camera and go into video mode). Little things like that shouldn't be deal breakers, compared to taking a long time for more trivial things like Copy and Paste (look how long it took Apple to do that).

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iOS 7 was just released a couple months ago and it is the first iOS version to have a flashlight baked into the OS. Android has had it for longer, but I'm not sure when that happened. The fact that BB10 is catching up in many ways, as well as exceeding the competition in many ways, is very impressive.


The flashlight was always baked into the Camera. You used to just be able to hit the space bar to turn the flash on. So in the legacy devices, my convenience key was set to Camera, then just hit space bar on the keyboard.

I was disappointed when bringing up the keyboard in the camera app and pressing space didn't work.


Holy frig man, nice!


Can't wait to install.



Z10STL100-3/ I've had this for quite awhile already. Is anybody else using it? Surprised that I don't hear much about it.

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Z10STL100-3/ Have been using it for sometime now, and I won't go!


Do you have these features?


The best OS will get even better.....


Da*n me! I love my BlackBerry! But I am STL100-1, so no fun for me! :(


I tought the New leak was for STL-1 first ?


adam, you forgot the single biggest feature of this latest leak: the ability to install apk's directly from within the device


tell me you are kidding


no, i s h i t you not my friend


Let's keep encouraging the software people at BlackBerry. I mean these kind of innovations could save the company. Each OS has its features. With the theme of improving productivity, it is a highly marketable one. The OS must show it. Good work. If only there could be a Christmas version!!

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Love the idea of customizing the settings. I always disable mobile network at home to save data. Now one click and I can turn it on/off just like the wifi.

Love it!

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Poirots Progeny

Now that's more like it! Can't wait for these settings!

Now, if OPENVPN settings can be used - Xmas comes early for me!

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Great comment. It's valid to anyone.

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Epic! Really looks good. So many useful features. I can't wait!

But I first gotta get 10.2 (fml)

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Aw what will happen to my poor flashlight app it's really pretty


This is the 10.2 I have been waiting for. Hoping we get a hybrid autoloader soon.

From zedten


They are a very welcomed improvement that is for sure :D


Gimme gimme

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Can I be the first to say that the quick settings addition should have been available from day one? Now maybe in 10 more months we will actually get mnemonic dialing.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


Your BlackBerry10 device is running on boost mobile

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B


? Was it an unlocked version and what # mine is sqn100-2 and I'm tired of verizon. I'd like to switch to boost with my device.

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B


Nice! iOS7 has got nothing on 10.2.1!

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Now you have gone and suckered me into installing the leak.


Leecarl Liwanag

Good thing, all my side loads are working perfectly. Fews crashes. Just look for lower version of apps when it crashes

Need to fix the camera. When I'm in normal mode without a flash! It's freezes. It can resolve by putting the flash "ON". If you don't want a flash, select "stabilized", "burst" or "HDR" mode. it works fine

Lastly, I can't update my apps in apps world when I'm in wifi. I have to swith on 4G in order to download it.

Other than that, OS works good though!

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That is just awesome

Z10 User


Hopefully it doesn't take so long this time

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I'd like to see the ability to control how long it takes for the backlight to go off, if you even want it to go off. I was hoping Shao would have brought his Leave It On app to BB10 but no sign of it yet. If BlackBerry would bring that functionality to the OS, that would be awesome. Other than that, it continues to sound like the OS is getting better and better.

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Hot damn, I like their progress and finally a battery percentage!

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This would be a very nice update!

Post by Wayne


Will the white balance help with battery life on the Z10?

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This really looks awesome! But what I miss most is the OS7 bedside mode! With the feature set times for "flight mode" while charging! That was great! And no radiation while sleeping! ;)

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I want a stand alone slider for ringtone volume... I do not want to hear my BBM notification on cranked up 11 mode just my ringtone when I get a phone call!


Me2, is probably coming SOMEDAY!

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Yeah I just asked someone who has the leak installed. The option doesn't exist yet. I don't like hearing my personal email going off so loud when I'm at work.

From zedten


Battery percentage... THANK YOU
Even I expected to see it in BB10.0.000
Okay so let it be in

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Looks promising!

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Yes! Great improvements!

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These are fantastic!

It is so nice to see the OS maturing and at a pretty good rate I might add! I have always loved my Z10, but it just keeps getting better and better.

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Quick settings feature is super important. They also need something to turn wireless data on and off for the data conscious. Eg. When roaming. Also maybe turn on and off a quick battery saving feature that if turned on brings you down to EDGE, reduces cpu usage, and turns screen brightness down (useful in last resort situations when running low on power. )

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Does this mean I could put my Data Services On/Off in the drop down menu, because that would be a huge plus for me. It's probably my most used setting along with screen brightness.



Wow BlackBerry 10 gets better with every update! This is why I live BlackBerry.

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Tonja Himel

Amen! Even today I had people saying that BB is going bankrupt! There's never a trunk monkey around when you need one.


Awesome! Just what I wanted to see with the brightness controls!

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The wipe down quick bar is awesome. Can't wait for this.

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White balance adjustment would really be the deal breaker here. Imagine no more complaints about screen too red or too blue etc. I've been wanting this for sure. #bbkeeponloving

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F A N T A S T I C ! !

Solar 77

Where is data on and off?!

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That would be awesome

Mike Duncan on my Z30


Battery %!! Sounds simple but I have wanted this since my 8330. Finally not having to get a 3rd party app for that feature. Loving BlackBerry 10.

Authored on the Q10


If they can just improve the voice recognition..

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Airplane Mode!. I use it daily several times a day for boarding subway stations and my Z10 stop looking for signal.

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Good!! :)

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Now this is what I want to see. Good improvements.


Yesss wanna have it soon

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It's coming along

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Finally custom setting :')


I like the customization. Especially the readily available flashlight built in, instead of an app.

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I would love the percentage feature so I can easily keep track of my battery power make sure it reach straight in a Jamaica lol

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what would be really cool is if AT&T would release 10.2 in the US. There is a novel idea. Still running 10.1.2030 for ATT. And I don't want a leaked version, just want my provider to provide the software released by BB what seems like forever ago.


Looks good. A customizable pull down menu is one thing I have been hoping for and will be a welcomed addition. A flashlight toggle is what I liked most about the iOS7 update, so I'll be happy to see this option also on the better phone now.
I'm hoping to see BlackBerry build their own BeBuzz functionality soon. I don't understand why they put in the LED colors, but rely on an app to show it off.



You know what guys the way the USA carrier are delaying the updates like 10.2 is unacceptable.
I totally this backfire on them in the future.
I hope blackberry can find a way to update without the carrier.

It is just me or does the USA carrier wants make BlackBerry fail.

Karma can be a bit*h

Let's make BlackBerry more popular in the USA so they get more pissed.

Can we help our USA BlackBerry users somehow to update to 10.2 anyone have any idea?

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme


Wondering if the notification icon (in the quick setting menu), will now cycled thru the various (or selected) notification mode.
Normal > Vibration > Silent ...
Today it only allow us to switch from it from "Normal" to the latest mode selected ("Vibration" or "Silent"), and back to "Normal" mode.

I found many situation when I have to switch it to "Silent mode" (kind of do not disturb mode), and other situation where I want "Vibration" mode (ex. during a project meeting. Kind of do not disturb every ones)

Also offering back the various notifications profile from BBOS would be really sweet (Regular, Loud, Medium, Silent, Vibrate only, phone call only ...and custom profile)


Looks like old android. The current one is very unique.

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Hope they fix the bugs in 10.2. Dark/ Light themes are very unstable for Contacts and BBM. Set to Dark and very soon become Light theme. Very annoying especially if you are expecting a Dark background especially if using in a dark room. Haven't heard many other people with this problem?

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Bring it to me!

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cappo40 release is looking superb..


If all of these get into 10.2.1, it would great. I liked all of these and I always wanted these, specially the battery percentage and customised pull down settings

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Love the customization!


I hope they remove those borders on that dropdown menu, it looked better without them and they don't actually add anything unless you can press and hold an item to move it around.

Here's hoping they also allow 3rd party apps to add entries to the list of apps that can go on the dropdown.


Just allow me to turn off the text and just have the square images and I'd be even happier but that being said. HELL YES!

Hello Blackberry World

This is great. I knew that the originally shipped OS would be bone dry as they wanted to build a solid core. Now comes the great updates that add great core user functionality. I really like that you can select what you see in the quick settings menu. For me, I use the mobile hotspot a lot for work. Now I will be able to turn it on in a swipe and a press! Keep up the great work Blackberry.

One last thing. I think the the OS is the cleanest of all the OS's right now. Apple tried to do this with OS7 but really it is just a new overlay. Android is just a mess. BB10 is clean and built for practicality. I hope we end up going into the niche phone market. Up the margins and start offering customized variants of the OS to large clients in both auto and enterprise.

Sorry about the random thoughts.



YES! OMG yes! Bought a N5 last week - time to return it :D


Mind is blown!

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Bacon Munchers

This is a HUGE feature for me!!!

Way to go BlackBerry!

Bacon Munchers


PLEASE keep this theme going BlackBerry. It us one big reason why I own a bb10 device.

I just can't stomach using a silly childish looking OS. (no names mentioned).

Mr Gill

The addition of the battery percentage is something I'm really excited for. There are apps to get around it but it's not the same as having the feature built in.

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Freaking dirty! I love blackberry and I'm loving where they're going with this os!

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Goodies look good! :)
But please BlackBerry, give us:
- real speed dial (for the Q1o)
- going to the Hub should always default to, well yes, the Hub, otherwise it's not a real hub is it? (or at least have an option for that)
- email text flow/reflow - come on! That's really b-a-s-i-c!

There others but these are my biggest pet peeves!...:)



I say 10.2.1 has got to be a Xmas gift from BlackBerry for all of us!



Ugh I want this now.

I realize that BB10 is still a new operating system but man these updates are coming fast compared to other companies. Woo hoo Blackberry!


Flashlight in quick settings is cool :)

via my amazing Z10


It's fun to be excited about the coming features! I'm on Verizon though so who knows how long it will take me to get the official release.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible Q10!


Much more useful than changing the incoming call screen (unless that's just an option). These options actually would be useful.

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Looks as a good improvement!

Sent from my Z 30


Finally! Customizable quick settings!!!


So we couldn't wait for 10.2 to be released, now we're on the edge of our seat for 10.2.1? Blackberry certainly keeps moving!

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Dave Hong

Can't wait for that white balance option! *glares at Q10, then pats it affectionately*


I can't wait to Sideload a stable version of this OS!

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81


Latest leak is Awesome! Had BlackBerry been able to have another 12 months to smooth out BlackBerry 10 before the launch of the Z10 all the BS that BlackBerry has endured the past 8 months would have never happened. I'm so glad they seem to be catching up with IOS and Android almost on a weekly basis. New OS, new apps all tell me "No Tits Up" for BlackBerry today!!!

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I like it. I hope Verizon releases 10.2 on my Z10 and Q10 soon.


good stuff! what about changing Wallpapers shortcut? And maybe battery percentage display option?

Edit: reread the post and realised that battery percentage is already included but i wanna mention the shortcut to change the ringtones as well!


Um... 10.2 hasn't even released in the U.S. yet and people are already talking about 10.2.1...? Slow down. Lmao.

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But other than that, I love all of these features!!! But omit the new phone calling look. No.

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I like the change, blackberry always say keep moving, so let's keep moving blackberry, bring more updates, more updates more better.

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Sweet update, can't wait! Will the ability to control white brightness allow you to make the Z30 screen brighter?


Hurry up with the official OS, this looks awesome! Can't wait!


Please, I want the dial pad with direct contact prediction. Every normal smartphone has it , except the fucking iPhone...., the old BlackBerry has it, WHY THE HECK WE HAVEN'T IT NOW?

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Man! BB10 just keeps on improving! Kudos to the BB dev team who are working relentlessly despite all that is happening.


No annoy "entering MMS mode"

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Winston Loh

Roll it out......can't wait...


They are trying to hide android inside or what?
But i used to say dat 10.2.1 seems really nice


I have installed, very happy with it. picture password is working, flashlight working, it show the battery in percentage when you hold any application once you release it then it shows again battery. quick settings also good, but I didn't find white balancer option. now you can use dark theme in contacts. I also noticed mulitple alarm can be set very easily. new music interface is giving error, not able to play music, but can be played from file manager, group contacts have been added.


Am I still the only one that misses the up/down network activity indicators? I loved that as you could see exactly when things were going on with background processes etc (and IT policies and app push for BES devices)


These are the times when you feel lucky that you have a Blackberry. Keep up the good job!

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Whoa Nelly! This is crazy HOT! Bring it on,...BB 10 is the shiznit! And with 2 years of maturity it will be the best OS on the planet.

Shane Seguin

I love Apple. I had an iPhone 4 and now have iPad mini. My phone is currently a BB9900. Love the keyboard

Just came back from Telus playing with all the phones. The new iPhone 5s is really nice but my god is it narrow. It's too tall and too narrow for what it is.

Love the Z30 size but prefer the Q10 keyboard. I'm going to upgrade at the end of month to Q10. Yeah it doesn't have as many apps as the other devices but you can tell it's well built, and thought out. It really is a nice device. Maybe this comes from my maturity or looking for something specific but I really like it. The physical keyboard really helps but I like the gestures and the Hub, gathering everything up for me.


Now we just need to know the release date for all this fun stuff. Dec? Jan?

Thankfully 10.2.1 will make the BB10 devices more à la classic BB's - even more so.

Ernie Keyser

cant wait for 10.2.2 LOL


So when is the release finale?