Latest Hedone Designs Themes Updated to be Tour Compatible; Contest: 50 Free Themes!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Aug 2009 01:35 pm EDT

With the Plazmic Content Development Kit (CDK) finally getting upgraded to include support for the BlackBerry Tour and Curve 8520, theme developers are working overtime to update their favorite themes to work on these new devices.

Hedone Hawker from Hedone Designs let us know this morning that he's finished updating his most popular themes for the Tour, including Se7en, OSXLike, BussFast, Sand and more. They've pretty much all been reviewed here before on blogs (just do a blog search for "Hedone" and you'll find the past posts) and you can jump over to the App Store to learn more and purchase. Be sure to set the device selector tool so you only view themes compatible with your model of BlackBerry smartphone.

Contest: Hedone gave us FIFTY free themes to give away to lucky members of Just leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free theme from Hedone Designs. For your entry, be sure to let us know which of Hedone's Tour themes you'd most like! Entry ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

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Latest Hedone Designs Themes Updated to be Tour Compatible; Contest: 50 Free Themes!



I really like the standard theme, so my choice would be the PTP theme. A Today theme using the original icons on my Tour would sure come in handy!

You d think with 50 free themes for the Tour(which many dont have yet) i d win one, since Tour themes are hard to find...Thanks ahead of time.

HD PTP theme is exactly what I have been looking for! My curve had it and now I need it on the Tour!

I am really excited to have a new phone. I would like to try this theme on the phone. The HD Sand theme would work perfectly. Thank you.............Pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have purchased a number of Hedone's themes in the past for my BB Bold and even paid for some custom work as well. Excellent graphics.

I like HD Se7en Theme It just looks something more that I wouldn't get tired of and I like the icons and the interface as well

I really would like the OSX one.

If any contest I were to win, please make it this one. I've been wanting this theme for so long

Sweet Themes. Se7en and BussFast are nice loooking but 7 dollars. They would be worth it if they never locked up my phone.

Underwater is nice also.