Latest concept shows off BlackBerry 10 slider with 5" screen

By Adam Zeis on 11 Dec 2013 01:50 pm

If you've been wondering just what new devices are in the pipeline for BlackBerry, forums member SenorPistachio may have one speculation to think on. His concept for at BlackBerry Q40 "Samson" shows off a BlackBerry 10 slider with a 5" screen and physical keyboard.

An updated Torch of sorts, it's a bit of a combination of a Q10 and Z30 but it does look pretty awesome. We're not totally sold on the trackpad or menu buttons but looking at them does make us miss them a bit.

SenorPistachio even breaks down the possible specs for the device -- a 5" Super AMOLED screen at 1920x1080p resolution, 32 GB flash memory, 3GB RAM, USB 3.0, 2.2 GHZ Snapdragon 800 processor, 3200 mAH battery, 13MP rear camera and of course LTE.

It's a wild concept but who knows, we may just see a device like this down the road. Check out the full thread in the forums for more and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Concepts... why do you tease us so!! Even to bring back the Trackpad and Buttons?!? Come, come now.


Agree, Buttons are ugly !


I never want to see them again

From Zuri my Z10.


So now we care more about looks than function? Let me give you a situation. With the physical button, to call back the last number dialed or received, just press the call button twice from practically anywhere. Tell me the gestures and on-screen call button is faster than that and I'll call you a liar.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


You're right... two clicks and you're there. HOWEVER, now if you go: Swipe-up, Tap Phone Icon, and tap ANY of the contacts now on the screen, you can call back the last dialed number, the last person who called you, the second last person you called, the second last person who called you... LOTS more options with three simple moves which don't take any additional time or effort.


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See this thread post, where I prototyped a Z10 slider concept a while back. However, it also added the option for an extender battery, some camera filters and the slide-out keyboard!!! And best of all you could take your Z10 out or add it in... totally modular accessory. Any Kickstarter backers? :-)


And with a trackpad / hard buttons and keyboard, with the full touchscreen, you could have BOTH methods of operation, and if you don't want the trackpad / hard buttons and keyboard, you buy a Z30!

Everybody wins.


Until it grays out and doesn't move. Buttons are always there, software gets laggy and broken.


Buttons break. Try reloading those. ;p


screens break, buy a new phone. The buttons on my Torch lasted three years, my Bold lasted two years, neither had broken buttons before they were replaced. Q10 "button" broke in just a month. Software get hung up in multiple processes.

I want a phone that can text and email, not a computer that fits in my hand that also makes calls. It is too much, too soon, and is not reliable enough for me.


Um... In the old system, you press the call button once and it brings that same list up. So you can still touch the 2nd to last call, 3rd to last, etc. Everything you can do by doing what you stated. The difference here is, now there's no option to quickly call the last person just by pressing one button twice from practically any screen. Nice try though.


Don't waste your time, most CB users just don't get it. It baffles me that they prefer BB over android or iphone. Bring back the trackpad and keys!


I think it would be a good idea to restore the trackpad and button row to the physical keyboard models as well. Give people the option, based on the CB forums my gut tells me it would do well.

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nature boy

i think the trackpad is good for smaller screens as trying to navigate with just touching the minuscule linkes on the browser is painful. a trackpad solves it by putting a pointer on your screen. with the larger screens touching links aren't as big an issue, but i still think the trackpad is helpful.

hell, if i'd still use a mouse on my 7" playbook screen, i definitely would want one on my 2.8" 9900 screen.


Well, I think that the peek gesture is overrated, and that peeks anyway requires some space, that could be well served with several buttons instead of a single gesture that enables uses cases without the screen on.
I think that bezel swipes are an inconvenient waste of space (try peeking in landscape...) and iOS7 proves it unecessary and restores the playbook loved apps swaps with a multi fingers gesture. And single finger swipe can serve on context most of th purposes.
I reckon that bbos7 users miss the trackpad for the accuracy of the selection and I observe that the home button is more natural to most users and that it can serve multiple purposes (thinking of the finger print scanner...).

Therefore, I now think that a "peek" button on one side could be pressure sensitive+ finger scanner to:
- in app
1/ press a little = peek
2/ press full force = goto hub.

1/ double tap go to running apps screen
2/ tap go to search

- in lock screen (no phone call notification
1/ press a little = show pending messages, this has latency and could scan the fingerprint
2/ press full force = goto hub, with validating the fingerprint to open the phone.

- in phone call notification
1/ press a little = start accepting, this has latency and could scan the fingerprint (if security enforced and locked screen)
- progress until full press,which means accept the call
- progress until relapse = refuse the call

- in phone call notification (inc
And then there is space for others buttons
- that can be the trackpad, for scrolling / selecting
- that can be a phone call take or refuse.

The pressure sensitivity should be enough of an improvement (introduced novelty to an existing system) to bypass a patent from apple... And well as I disclosed it now, it shouldn't be patentable beyond the blog post date!

But why to stop to a single button: we can now add a beloved trackpad on the line that could also be used for gaming....


Interesting ideas.

That said, the text editing / cursor placement problems with BB10 are probably 60% due to crappy touch logic. That could be improved dramatically, it does NOT have to be that poor.

I don't think a menu button with BB10 is that necessary but I def wouldn't mind a trackpad (even a virtual one) and dedicated call/end buttons. Actually you could get rid of the power button and just use the end call button for that like the legacy Blackberries.

Re: gestures I agree that peek is over-rated but reputedly an upcoming version of BB10 will offer custom gestures, which could be very interesting. ;)


Considering there isn't a device on the market like this, as a totally unique offering it would do well. HTC One, great device, but an "also ran" in the 4.5+" screen full android slab market... and all the devices that blackberry have put out to date are full touch screen slab FAILURES (or keyboard without hard buttons / trackpad FAILURES) so maybe it's time to try something truly different rather than "the same but not what people want"


Given the complexity and additional support required, they'd have to sell it for $1000 to be profitable. Do you think there'd be enough buyers at that price?


You said it yourself: "to be profitable"... if it's profitable does it matter how many they sell? If they only sold one, it wouldn't be for $1000... but we live in a world where that ridiculous Porsche model exists, so why not a $1200 device that's actually WORTH $1200? Heck, even call it a "Limited Edition" and whatever production run they did would sell out, at a profit.

A device exactly as the designer of the mockup suggests would probably cost $400, maybe $450 to produce, and the costs of development would have to be amortized across the total number of devices.

Suppose they manufactured 100,000 of these. Suppose the cost development cost was about 2 million. I mean, it's not like they're INVENTING capacitive tech or writing BB10 from scratch: this is just a tooling and assembly exercise... so let's say the design + manufacturing cost was $500 which is REALLY REALLY HIGH (that is, I'm overestimating the per-device costs).

Now, suppose they only make 100,000 of them. That puts the cost at $50 million (which isn't all that much). I think they could sell off contract to 100,000 people for $1000. And they'd sell out in pretty much the first week after worldwide release. That's $50 million profit and I think that's a no-lose situation. If it sells out in a matter of days, then maybe, just maybe, they do another 100,000 and since the development costs have been paid for in the first batch, they are now making $60 million on the batch.


The Z30 and the Z10 remain on the market for anyone who wants a full screen no buttons device to buy (or at this point, ignore, or for some charity cases like us who will beg and plead people to consider BB, and maybe sway a few people) AT A LOSS to blackberry I might add (the fact that they marked down the inventory already is water under the bridge, and the result of overoptimistic overproduction).

Seems clear to me that BB's choices going forward are to actually be different with intent, and find those people who want something different, or be "the same but worse" and fail... because "the same but worse" is what BB is perceived as now by the market (and that's undeniable) and even the few meager differentiators that BB10 has now (the Hub, security) are going to be adopted by competitive platforms, so a "profitable" experiment like the slider device suggested by the designer can only be good for BlackBerry.

A device like the mockup with "better android than android" app support via BB10.2.1+, in a market full of samey-samey mid-tier slabs that underperform in the market seems like yes, a gamble, but a gamble way more likely to pay off than just about anything else that is even RUMOURED out of BB.


I don't want a BB phone with unnecessary higher specs because I don't want to risk features or updates not coming to previous phones just because the most recent ones have unnecessary higher specs.

One thing BB should do that the competition doesn't is give all BB owners all the updates and features as possible.


Agreed. People gloss over all sorts of things like that without actually thinking critically.

One huge advantage for physical buttons is you can press them and do things WITHOUT LOOKING AT ANYTHING. I could call someone back with a single button-press while I was driving without looking at the phone or using any sort of voice recognition. I could even type simple messages without looking at the keyboard, in the dark, with my eyes closed. You CANNOT do that with an onscreen keyboard, EVER.


I'm a huge fan of the full-featured hardware buttons etc, but the not-even-looking-at-the-device benefit didn't occur to me... which only underscores how those who don't, how can I put this, "appreciate" the hard buttons and trackpad couldn't possibly understand until they use it for a while on a BB10 slider like this, then they'll have the whole enchilada.


Yes, one main reason why the one button speed dialing from home screen feature of the old phone was so important to me, I VERY OFTEN would make phone calls while distracted with other things without even looking at my phone and I know it'll be dialing the right person. And not once did I need to look at my phone, not even to hang up, now just to hang up I have to look at the phone and wait for the screen to come back on after the proximity sensor tells the phone I no longer have it against my face so I can touch the hang up button. Before I would just press the hang up button as I'm putting my phone away into the holster. And no, turning on hang up when phone is holstered is not an option because yes, I do sometimes leave a call on while it's holstered.


It seems many missed those buttons and that's one of the reason many old BB users didn't upgrade to the Q10 or went back to the old phones. I think the solution would be to include the track pad and call buttons with the physical keyboard, not on the screen. Blackberry needs to come with a phone which looks and feels like the old BBOS phones but has most of the useful features of BB10.


OMG I'm wet.

BB bring back THOSE BUTTONS and you'll sell gazzillions of phones.

Still can't get off my Bold 9900


Phones ugly. Sliders don't slide well with the youth.

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There is no proof of that. I want nothing more than a 3.5 or higher inche screen with a perfect big QWERTY keyboard.


Those specs would really make for an amazing device. Ditch the old BlackBerry buttons though...

Posted via CB10 on my beloved Z10


There is an app called "trackpad editor" which is exactly like using a trackpad (it's weird because it's on the touch screen but works exactly the same) on a program like notepad(windows) or memopad(BBOS7)

Personally, I see that they are having a lot of trouble getting BBOS7 people over to BB10. So what I suggest is make this bar an option for everyone. Have a shortcut key or menu key to activate it.

The Pros of this are:
- able to use it when editing
- menu/call/end button will always be there
- BIGGER screen
- still having the gestures there will ease people into BB10
-it will mimic the BBOS7 OS enough to move people over (especially when we are able to get themes which hopefully is soon!!!)

I am using my BlackBerry 10 device to write an email and instead of using the editor circle thing built into the phone. I can scroll down to the settings and have a default "Trackpad Bar" in there and I can use it to edit my email.
I'm an BBOS7 customer or use to have a BlackBerry now I have an iphone/android/windows but I remember how to use a BBOS7 device from the old golden days.
I just don't get all the gestures in BB10 and don't want to bother learning them all the first day or week. I would rather slowly ease into it. I just activate the trackpad bar 24/7 but still able to use gestures which makes it best of both worlds.
When I wanna bigger screen I take the trackpad bar away and there you go.


Love it!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.


Home button and call buttons on a bb10 device? Are we going backwards?

Posted by z10 boss


I totally agree. +1000 get rid of that mess.

BlackBerry 4Life


I'm sure you love selecting text with the touchscreen and hitting the call button twice from practically anywhere to call back the last number is such a terrible feature right?

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So 2 pluses for additional buttons? That's it? Two taps vs a swipe and tap, and using a track pad to copy and paste? Don't see that as a reason to add unnecessary physical buttons to an all touch system.

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Please state the actual downside of those buttons other than this puritanical 'theory' that an 'all touch system' doesn't need them.

That was the gospel according to Heins & Co, and from where I sat it was more a matter of carving out something supposedly "unique" or "different" than anything that actually meant the devices were more efficient or convenient to use.

I could even do with a "virtual" trackpad, given the horrible cursor management on BB10 as it stands today. Editing complex text documents is an exercise in frustration.


Kinda like saying that your car has a touch screen for the radio so no need for a steering wheel and pedals.


Hang up without waiting for the screen to come back on, answer a phone call without actually having to do any special gestures, clicking on small links on a webpage precisely. But seriously, how many pluses can you give for NOT having the buttons? Even if I left it at only 2, that's still 2 more than you have given so far. Oh, it "looks" better without the buttons? Alright princess.


Agreed. Many of us have moved on to all touch. Apparently slagman is still having trouble adjusting, yet he blames everything but himself.

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+1 no buttons!

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BlackBerry = no buttons. How could you swipe up with all those buttons.

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No, call buttons and a trackpad would be a step in the right direction, not backward. But then I guess you prefer to use your phone for games and videos.


Yeahhh you right. BB10 and the buttons!!

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The z10 virtual keyboard works. I am not going back to buttons.

I had a slider phone and don't like the extra weight nor the feeling that it is less rugged.

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I'd be fine with a call, trackpad, and end button honestly. But I don't feel like I HAVE to have them on my Q.

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Yeah. Why are we devolving...

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Track pad and buttons, waste of space...I love the gestures on My Z10 FTW!

Its Spade

for a second I almost believed it was a concept from BB till I saw trackpad and call buttons....


Headline should have read, 'Latest reader concept shows off BB10 slider with 5“ screen'

Please, more clarity Adam!


Indeed, a site like this being such a prominent one they should take more care of the headlines as people could easily just see them and think it was from BB and not just some random person on the forum.


I already have 3 different types of BB10 devices, I'd like to own this one also!

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The screen's too big. Very awkward!

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Yeah, they need to drop the buttons on the front. Makes it look too much like a Torch.


I would get one for sure. Of even just for the track pad and physical buttons with the keyboard.

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I am with Adam on this one, no need for the menu buttons with the swipe gestures. I like the looks of the device except for the buttons. Also for advertising purposes, put a BlackBerry logo on the back of the screen.


no.button ! ;)
But that's really an impressive work ! Congrats to SenorPistachio !!!


With those specs a blackberry would cost the same as a small island

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jojo beaconsfield

Seacreast,eat your heart out!!Seriously,Is that all BB can look forward to? Innovate for Pete's sake!!


I buy it for sure- but then BB is too stupid to see its value- they've botched everything they do- and have lousy marketing


Looks great

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Enon Karapici

Mr. Pistachio is way behind with this concept. The buttons and the trackpad are gone time a go.

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No buttons please!

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jojo beaconsfield

And what's with the X Iranian President ,Could have used Obama,on the screen shot.


Go back to watching Disney Channel, nobody wants to see that scum bags face.

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That is NOT a picture of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Maybe the joke's on me. :P


You might laugh, but I wish there would be a real successor of a "classic" Blackberry!
Something with the form factor like the 8700 and modern specs and Touchscreen.
They got rid of the trackpad, but I wish there would be a "scroll SENSOR" on the volume buttons!
(like the old scroll wheel only as a pad)
That would be more accurate for editing a text, than that "moving ring"!
Would be my dreamberry!


Hmm. That scroll sensor is an interesting idea. Me gusta.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!


thank you! :)

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Buttons not required!!!

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Nice concept and everything, but as soon as I read the name SenorPistachio I lost it lol

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Why still have the buttons?


BlackBerry should sell two versions, one with a track pad and one without. But for me, I would choose not to have the track pad cause that's old school and an all touch screen is much better.

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I'd stick with Z series.

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I'll take the buttons and trackpad back in a heartbeat! I'd go back to my 9930 if it was 4G with the current browser.

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Device will be out of balance - it will be difficult to type with two hands and not drop the phone.
They even had poor balancing with Torch slider and the problem will be exacerbated with bigger screen.

The keyboard should slide from the side, not downside.



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BlackBerry will probably build another slider, but with NO FRONT FACING BUTTONS.

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Look like it might be quite fragile having the screen extending that way. Hope no one will drop it while opened.
Really not sur about comming back with the buttons.


Well, this one wouldn't be accurate because BB10 does not make use of the trackpad button or back button. Lets try again.


I wish someone would just make a snap on back for the Z30 that includes a battery and slide-out BlackBerry-quality keyboard. The big challenge would be to keep NFC and Qi battery charging working. I would buy that in an INSTANT.

James Richardson

I'd love this thing. But, like others, I don't see the track pad making a return.

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Make this phone. And make one without the slider. Keep the track pad and menu and back button. I won't buy it but maybe if you ha e a home button more people will come just because it's dumbed down. O not release this without a better camera and specs though. You already made this mistake once blackberry.

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Paul Collins4

Would be first to buy this one like belta phone

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Lol @ specs...

Fired from my 30cal.


This is awesome basically a Z30 with a keyboard , that looks big, how about 4.5 inch screen anyway a virtual track pad with a user On / Off toggle so the user can use the phone with and without the Virtual pad.
Get this into the hands of DELL and HP to brand it for their clients


I miss the trackpad.
How about putting it with the keyboard? I.e. Space bar

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I'm with the majority here no need for the buttons. Don't need to be like the other phone makers out there.

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Steven Lin

No more concept design please!!!! BlackBerry needs to focus on internal spec (not that it should the spec war but to catch up! ) and software!

Currently I love the Z30. I wish the Z30 came out back in February rather than the Z10.

Innovate! Things like the BBM on desktop and USB Port (already on the Z30) are welcoming concept and design, respectively

I'm glad I switched to BlackBerry 10

BB Adict

I agree with you. All the concepts prove is what someone can do with good photo software. The actual phones never look like the concepts anyway.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.


This minus the buttons is the holy grail of mobile devices for this guy!

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Fidel Mercado

Its a good looking concept. I don't understand why people are so caught up with 'No Buttons'. When did buttons become faux pas? I use a galaxy s4 as my daily driver, but have no specific loyalty to any OS or brand. Optional buttons gives users more options and different ways to navigate their device. Some old school BB users prefer the track pad (I personally don't) but why not have it as an option to help transition OS7 users into BB10? The UI should function with or without it, depending on the users comfort level. I know I am in the minority here, but I personally like the concept as is. I especially like that they replaced the blackberry text (at the top of the device) with the Blackberry emblem, very nice touch.

Fidel Mercado

IDEA: putting a track pad on the back of the phone could be interesting.


Ditch the buttons, move the BlackBerry Bs on the back to the center of the plate, then replace the Bs on the top of the front with "BlackBerry". Then I'm sold

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Not bad, but I'd prefer the backplate of the Z10 with the rubberized feel. And NOOO TRACKPAD OR BUTTONS! A bit smaller would be nice too, I wouldn't get something much bigger than 4.2 or 4.5" screen.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10


The Torch was BlackBerry's best selling phone so who knows, it may just work.

Z10 on Telus


PLEASE build a BB10 portrait slider device, BlackBerry... (w/o the trackpad and menu buttons of course)

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If this came out, i would buy it instantly


At last BlackBerry is doing something new. Not giving us a new phone and new os with with old specs. But the model is ugly.

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I want this

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This is the only phone they need to produce. The z30 with a slider keyboard. Keep it thin and voila. Perhaps that is why Lasardis has the quantum lab. To produce extremely small and powerful components for the production of these types of devices.

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No innovation at all. This would be the last device before BlackBerry is gone.


Seems like taking several steps back


Not for me thanks

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Lose the trackpad and button and I am sold.


Make those buttons "soft" and it's a big LIKE.

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Please NO!!!!

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I love it! But it's almost 2014 BlackBerry 10 doesn't roll like the.

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Get rid of that awful track pad and buttons and we got ourselves a winner! :)

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Make it so...


Yea, concepts are worthless posts, as BB doesn't give a poop, and we'll never see a trackpad again, ALTHOUGH, if the Ryan Seacrest keyboard takes off, we may see more kb in the future ...... in the meantime, getting rid of my Playbook/OEM Keyboard for a Galaxy Note 8: WORLD of difference, and may make me get the new Galaxy Note Phone allegedly coming out in Feb ....... sigh, bye bye BB I really did love ya ...


It looks fantastic. I would for sure get one. Never had a slider BlackBerry.

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The design is perfect but track and physical buttons should be removed.

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Innovation and moving forward is BlackBerry's hope for the future! Track pads and buttons are not the answer!


Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10



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Look at the battery! 3200MaH

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OS10 gestures are way superior to old track pad and buttons. Still like the keyboard option.


Well said!

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Cursor management in BB10 is horrible, I disagree wholeheartedly.

And it's not necessarily a universal touch UI issue, it mostly has to do with a bad implementation in BB10 in my opinion.

I would love to at least have a 'virtual trackpad'.


Buttons will LIVE FOREVER! Bring them back I want this phone!!!!!


One of the best concepts to surface in awhile. Drop the answer and hang up buttons, swap the track pad for a scroll wheel, and you got yourself a REAL classic.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


I like the idea of a slider, with no buttons on top of course.

PS: Loving my Z30 :)

@DJBrianS | C0001F285


Same same... no buttons...!!! (That's like having seen the paradise of UI speed and efficiency for a moment and going back to the hell of physical buttons)

Otherwise WONDERFUL (not for me, but for good sales figures! I said goodbye to physical keyboards 9 months ago with the AMAZING virtual keyboard on my Z10...!!)

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Ron In Motion

That's too unwieldy.



The trackpad could be kept for the aficionados, but place it with the keyboard below the screen... scrap the rest of the buttons!!!

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Sadly this image just made me realized how outdated buttons look lol :)

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Prem WatsApp

Me too, I thought we were at a loss without them, but half a year after the Q10 launch, things seem, look and feel different.

The circle thingy needs some improvement, sometimes a bit hard to place, especially in text messaging mode when you're trying to tap too close to the "send" icon. Sent a few unfinished messages that way. That is the only thing that makes me at least consider some sort of trackpad again. Otherwise, Q10's got enough buttons.

Maybe a key combination (e.g. sym+right shift) to activate some arrow keys to move the cursor like the common W A S D that gamers use.
Holding down the shift key at least brings up the circle thingy, and let's you tap to select text.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...


This is the True Blackberry..... bring it ON!!.............we don't need samsuberry (Z30) and all apple berry (Z10)

Bring back true blackberry!!


Editing text and navigating Web pages on a torch with track pad is 2x superior and faster than the Z10. Fixed location buttons such as call, end, BB, and track pad become instinct where you no longer need to look at them or think about them. Buttons on touch screen devices shift constantly, depending on options, orientation, and application so they are slower to use.

This concept is great - what I would have expected and wanted.

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Tung Vu1

It's so dang hot!



I prefer sensors on the sides or even better, on screen edges for scrolling or initial swipe when locked to see status.

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Yessss! Qwertz and Buttons! And Touchscreen and bb10.
Perfect to send mails at 200 on the Autobahn :-)

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Prem WatsApp

I hope you're using the dictation feature, hehe ;-)

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Jeevan Batla

BB10 is much better without the trackpad home button back button it doesn't need them anymore... please please please don't put them back...

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Locked into Telus for 3 years. I'll grab a Z80 by then...

Sent From My BlackBerry Z10 Powered By An Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator


I like the idea of the BlackBerry logo instead of the word "BlackBerry" at the top of the handset.

Getting bored of virtual handsets popping up online and having no real physical handsets available to purchase in stores.


Finally a track pad and buttons concept instead of the proven failed gestures.

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not for me. i'll stick to my Z30!


This looks like a legacy BlackBerry Torch All Touch only with a slider keyboard like the smaller Torch. It even has a track pad. Not bad but they should get rid of the track pad.

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No sliding is no longer in the spotlight in 2014, it feels like 2010


I would love this!!!!!!

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Love it! No buttons, that's just silly.
All touch, no BS, oh wait a keyboard!?

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2005 called they want their phone back

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Perfect without the buttons. I'd buy one in a heartbeat

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I'd get one right away, minus the buttons. Love the large battery!

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.


Ugh legacy BB was dying a slow death because of all the legacy features. BB10 is a new start. Why dwell in the past?


I remember taking my Torch apart more than once. Those buttons are basically stickers that gather dirt. No more sticker buttons. No to buttons. Tacky.

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Super gay...I'd jump BlackBerry ship definitely it they started pumping out that phone

Posted from my Apple killer Z10


Kewl, more gay then please. :)


Just give me emoticons and I'll be content with life

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I like it, but I'm happy with my Z10 and virtual keyboard.

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I'd kill someone for this

Z10STL100-1/ Etisalat, UAE


Phisical Touch cursor NO
Emulated On-Screen Touch cursor YES

Well while typing using the physical keyboard set below such large screen may brought up a fundamental issue. How easy and efficient it will be to reach the top of screen? Probably quite bad.
Keeping the full size screen is definityvely the prefered way, so why not set "emulated" On-Screen Touch cursor.


Just focus on an all touch, super spec device. This torch - like device will not sell.

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Fake and a NO GO and is all of BB history phone from the first bold to torch and Z series


I like my z10. But honestly the competition is tough so some differentiated product is important. I just read the latest consumer report ratings. I mean BlackBerry barely rates. This must change if BlackBerry is going to survive. It must keep software improvements coming and come out with a killer phone that upgrades the z10. Make sure it is best in class.

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Produce devices that people want not what they already have.

1080p, Leica lens, 5000 milliamp battery, 64 bit quad core processor, 10.5 with android....Shall I go on.?!!

Keep the Q40 as a out of touch.

If BlackBerry make this, BlackBerry has just cremated itself.

Pull your finger out BlackBerry. I hope Mr Chen sends this outdated concept to the cemetery.

Somebody hire Digital Homeboy Now!!!!

Forgot this nonsense...

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No please no more track pad

Posted via my approved by Chuck Norris Z10 (Stl 1 leak


slide the fuck up outta here with that shit!!

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B


i like the buttons. but get them out. more screen is better.. more screen less button.

Dominic Del Vecchio

I would like to see the keyboard be in the landscape position. This would provide more room between keys or even a new keyboard design.

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This would be a bad idea. BlackBerry needs to push things forward and not get stuck on what worked in the past. The days of slider phones are long gone, this would be a waste.

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The berry and back button makes no sense at all. Trackpad and call buttons, I'm all for those.

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Agreed. The menu and back buttons don't mean much in BB10, but the trackpad and call buttons would be very handy. (Especially given the lousy touch cursor management in BB10, which does NOT have to be that bad. Other touch UI's don't have as much issue w/ cursor control.)

Darren Clark1

I'd buy one...........

Posted with my Z10 via CB


Sad but if they designed a phone exactly like this o know 15-20 people on my own that would drop what they own to get this. I am for sure one of them wishing for truth but never know.

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Why won't people get over the fact that the trackpad and buttons are ancient history? Since have by Z10 I have never missed them.


Because they are useful. I don't give a leap what someone imagines is "ancient history" or not.

A steering wheel and pedals in cars are "ancient history" too - but they all still have them. Wonder why?


That wasn't my imagination, my friend. That was a fact. The 9720 is the last device that will ever be made with those features. They are therefore ancient history, not to mention redundant. The new OS has no provision for them, and since that is the only software that will be used going forward, their usefulness is nonexistent

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I think this would please everyone at the same time. I'm sure with BB10, you would have the option to either use the buttons or not. You would also have the option to use a screen keyboard or physical. Might be a good plan.

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Boring... boring.

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never was a big fan of the slider phones

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Buttons? What is this, 2010? Haha


Trackpad get real. Leave that dying market and reinvent the wheel

Sergio Gambini

Dont like it with thats button s

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A BB Q9940 Slider... SOLD!!!!!

BB10 in Any slider format will sell like hell. What are they waiting for??


Dump the old school buttons and I'm in!

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The old fashioned buttons & trackpad are just a waste of space I'd prefer a bigger screen or less bulky phone.


Would love a BlackBerry slider phone... i really hope this is one of the next phones they come out with.

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Now, we are talking. This would be the most productive phone Diva. The best of all worlds. This has been in my mind for two years with a smaller screen. The bigger screen is nice though.

tyrone smith3

Looks sexy

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Yes, please, bring out something more sensitive than an iPhone. That thin screen will be destroyed in one drop, whether open or not. Isn't more practical to have the Keyboard slide out the side? Come on, now.

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Daryll Davis

I don't like the slide out keyboard with a 5 in screen, it kind of defeats the purpose of having the big screen. Plus the on board keyboard is the best, if this comes out it would make me believe that nobody knows what's going on at BlackBerry

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You can't use a horizontally-oriented device with one hand, thus negating one of the key advantages of a physical keyboard: one-handed typing and usage.



I love the track pad and back keys. I think the back, call, end call, and menu buttons should be there for a pure touch screen phone but phones that have a physical keyboard should have a track pad to add an additional way to get inside of text without having to really having to leave the area of the keyboard.
However I have never used the Q10 to know if it works alright or not the way it is now but I hear people being annoyed that they are not there.

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Excellent point about not having to leave the keyboard to position the cursor.

This is why I have long been a fan of IBM/Lenovo's "touchpoint" cursor button in the middle of the keyboard.

Daryll Davis

Why not just make a newer updated Torch running BB10? Why not make cheaper BB10 phones and sell non contract just to get them in people's hands? Then people would at least know how good the platform is. Right now NOBODY KNOWS anything about BB10. People are more willing to buy Nokia Lumia 520s than Blackberries right now. Some customers only know what they see and I don't see any type of advertising for BlackBerry anywhere.

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Looks really good

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I hate those buttons, but otherwise it looks good. I don't want a slider, but some do.

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if you remove the trackpad and menu buttons, I would LOVE this device. I would bring back the convenience key though.


Trackpad? Really? o.ô


No thanks. I'm done with physical keyboards.

Sent from the future on my Z10



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Stephen N Cooper

Thing is beautiful.

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Very nice, but the keyboard needs to be les rounded from the bottom. Trackpad could be nice to have, if it can be as fast as BB10 is supposed to be. But without it I wouldn't be unhappy.

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timmy t

Not sure what the point of this is.


Too clumsy to hold when extended.
A 4 inch square slider (Moto flip?) might be usable.
Oh, and it looks like Apple is patenting the trackpad, as a replacement home button, so they will be suing BlackBerry for stealing their idea

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Can't comment in the buttons but I would love the 5" slider... kinda what I'm now holding out for.

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It's just a concept people... RELAX!!! it's a bit dated, maybe they added the fact that they loved their torch so much they forgot about the buttons not being needed in blackberry 10 since it is a gesture based system.

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Fuck me, (don't do that LOL), It's not dated at all. That was my bad. XD

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There is an app called "trackpad editor" which is exactly like using a trackpad (it's weird because it's on the touch screen but works exactly the same) on a program like notepad(windows) or memopad(BBOS7)

Personally, I see that they are having a lot of trouble getting BBOS7 people over to BB10. So what I suggest is make this bar an option for everyone. Have a shortcut key or menu key to activate it.

The Pros of this are:
- able to use it when editing
- menu/call/end button will always be there
- BIGGER screen
- still having the gestures there will ease people into BB10
-it will mimic the BBOS7 OS enough to move people over (especially when we are able to get themes which hopefully is soon!!!)

I am using my BlackBerry 10 device to write an email and instead of using the editor circle thing built into the phone. I can scroll down to the settings and have a default "Trackpad Bar" in there and I can use it to edit my email.
I'm an BBOS7 customer or use to have a BlackBerry now I have an iphone/android/windows but I remember how to use a BBOS7 device from the old golden days.
I just don't get all the gestures in BB10 and don't want to bother learning them all the first day or week. I would rather slowly ease into it. I just activate the trackpad bar 24/7 but still able to use gestures which makes it best of both worlds.
When I wanna bigger screen I take the trackpad bar away and there you go.

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What do you guys think of the idea?

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Now THAT is what they should have came out with FIRST...

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Why are you even posting this? The trackpad is gone, everyone knows that.


hear hear.

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3200mAh battery. That's huge. I bet people will still find a way to complain about it. Lol
Slap that spec on a z10 screen size + not a slider and it will be my next phone.

Sent from the best touch keyboard, the Z.


It would make me want to actually buy another BlackBerry. For now, I will hang onto my wonderful z10 until the 3yr contract runs out. This would be the 1st BBRY I would consider buying before my contract ends.

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I'm waiting patiently for the BB10 slider

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I need dis.

I'm still on a Bold 9900 and can't yet afford a Q10. But I would buy this outright.


Wasn't there a concept image already out that looked exactly like this? I thought I saw something like this out months ago, and already blogged by CrackBerry.


I don't know if it's what you're thinking of but the "BlackBerry Blade" concept by the Canadian design house was my all-time fave. Curved slider, very post-modern looking. There were articles here about it, probably last year or early this year.


I would but that

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No buttons please.

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I like the idea of replacing "BlackBerry" on the front of the phone with just the BB logo


I like having a big screen with a keyboard..but the design is not needs to come up w something phenomenal for 2014 to stand out from the rest of the crowded smartphone business... something sleek like the blade concept design

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Get rid of the track pad and menu buttons and I'll buy it.

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This is a very interesting concept. What I would buy in a heartbeat is a Q10 with the track pad and the "legacy" buttons.

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Yes. Please bring back the buttons and track pad! I hate trying to highlight and navigate through documents. I also hate the lag of entering the dialed list. I liked os7 how it was a no brainer. And from the dialed page I can easily send emails or text messages with the navigation button. I hate selecting and highlighting documents now. Bb10 may have the worst highlighting tools of all times

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Don't tease us please.

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Joey Sandoval

This will be the one to bring BlackBerry back to the dominance era!

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Are you guys saying this good hired by Apple to lure BB into the end.


Like the idea. Hope to see it soon!

3 BBs in 3 years. 9000 > 9900 > Q10. send from Q10


Really enjoyed my 9810, but could not go back to it from my Z10. Don't really miss that tiny keyboard with my big hands.

This phone would be huge with the keyboard out and might weigh about 7 lbs. /sarc

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virtual buttons & trackpad i could live w/,,, top down slider=yuk,,, the thing would be 6.5-7" long open,,, try holding that up while typing,,, aaakwaaard...


My only issue would be balance. With that size screen when it slid up, it could feel off in your hands. Cool tho. Yes. Looking at it kinda makes me miss the buttons too lol




Loose the redundant buttons. And I'd buy that in a heartbeat

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Keyboards built this country. Thats why we are so far behind the world in business. Getting away from the basics. Who cares about beautiful apple and androids. Cant get it done with those devices. I need tools not toys. They make xboxes and ps3 for that. I use a z10 for personal and 9930 for biz. Now thats whats up.

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Would buy that phone with buttons or without, as soon as it hit the market. And I'd have a perfectly great Z30 for sale.

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They can do better than that. Get rid of the call buttons. That was so years ago.

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ahhh...i will never buy one!!


After years of loving my Torch 9800, the 9 months with my has made me a virtual keyboard customer for life. But, if I was upgrading from the Torch to the "Z50?", I'd do it in a flash!


We don't need those physical home buttons anymore. Look ugly and old.

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And just about every android device that has them outsells blackberry devices. Something to think about.


@RyanGermann: while your fact is indisputable, there's no conclusive evidence that those droid devices outsell BBRY "because of" those function buttons. I suspect it's because of other features and qualities, and especially since marketplace/consumer sentiment has completely turned against BBRY and its Brand and NOT those 4 buttons and trackpad.
Whoopi-cushions, fake barf and plastic turds also out-sell BBRY, and - like the BBRY lineup - "they" don't have either, the trackpad or function buttons.

While I support your argument in-principle, and I'm on the record as desperately wanting the trackpad back!!, I don't see "that" as the sole deciding factor in device/platform sales.

Good try, though!

Just my 2 cents from our penny-less country.
Cheers & Happy New Year!


No "real" argument there, but I believe that the majority of human beings circa 2013 better cope with a device that has a hard home button (and also has at least capacitive back and menu or 'multitask' buttons that light up, like on the SG4) so Z10Blackberry's comment that physical home buttons are something like "obsolete" is what I was challenging... it's not obsolete if it's what people want.

Roberto Felesie

Not gonna like it my full touchscreen is the shit

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