Latest comScore shows BlackBerry still tops Windows Phone in the US

By Adam Zeis on 6 Nov 2013 11:42 am EST

The latest comScore results are in, this time for a 3-month period ending in September. No surprise that Android and Apple both top the list of smartphone platform market share with 51.8% and 40.6% respectively, while BlackBerry and Windows Phone stay in a close battle rounding out the top four. 

In the US, BlackBerry use still nudges out Windows Phone use, though not by much. BlackBerry rings in at 3.8% (down from 4.4% for the last period) while Windows Phone comes in just behind at 3.3%. Surprisingly there are still a few Symbian users floating around as well who manage to garner the bottom 0.3%. 

BlackBerry probably won't be catching up to Apple and Android for the time being, but it's good to see that loyal BlackBerry users in the US still outnumber their Windows Phone counterparts.

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Latest comScore shows BlackBerry still tops Windows Phone in the US


So what? The trend shows that windows increased their share and BBOS devices decreased.

Anything to reverse the trend? Market confidence? New partnerships? Marketing investments?

Nope. Just more uncertainty.

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Get rid of their negativity surrounding them.

Better marketing to promote the BB 10 OS and it's features.

Bring things on time and sooner to the U.S

Also, instead of playing catch up with their hardware specs make sure they re at least in par.

Ex; z30 should have 1080p, 3GB of Ram, 12 mp camera

Some people still don't get it that specs alone aren't important.

It's the experience that matters.

The first iPhones proved this (it didn't have specs that far away from a 9000, really). Specs for the sake of specs are not good. Specs for the sake of user experience is. And we can all agree that all BB10 devices are tried and true performers.

Sure, the Z20 and Z40 will probaby have FullHD screens (whatever for on 4.2" and 5" screens). I would rather see the software do more with the hardware available (another lesson taken from the iPhone - the 5S has the same camera the 5 does, but the software can do much more with it).

12MP. What good is that if the software can't make use of half of them?


I agree with you...

BUT, the average pleb on the street doesn't know what all the figures mean and how a different operating system doesn't require the same amount of hardware resources as others on the market

All they see are bigger numbers, if they see one processor is dual core and one is quad core they get the one with quad core coz its bigger, if they see 2.2GHz instead of 1.7GHz clock speed guess which one they go for? I'll help you out its the 2.2GHz one.

The average Joe Bloggs on the street is an idiot (that's what the 'i' stands for before apple products, because they get this), BB has to start doing this to get market share back, not because its required.

A lot of the difference between with the original iPhone and the 9000 was indeed the platform. The big difference though, IIRC, was the iPhone supported OpenGL thanks to a GPU and the Bold did not. It helped give the iPhone that 'fluid' feel and really rich games

So, back to 'we know what's good for you, consumer!', are we?

No wonder we keep failing at pr & marketing.

Give the customer what they want,
We are selling BlackBerry phones at premium price, give them premium specs!

What's so diff about that?

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And with BBM now cross-platform, that's one less reason to stick with a BB. based on that change and the existing trends, I expect the next comscore report will show BB being passed by WP.

WP isn't accelerating that fast, no. But BB is falling pretty fast and I expect a jump on that with the next release as it will include the BBM4All release and no noteworthy hardware releases for BB.
Most likely it's already there as comscore is based on 3 month averages.

This is one of the biggest pet peeves I have about 'marketshare' reports in the media today.

Many of these studies don't measure the same thing, yet they all get reported in a generic lump sum of 'markershare'.

For example, the marketshare of new devices shipped in a quarter is not the same thing as the marketshare of devices being used in a market at the moment. One is a leading indicator and one is a lagging indicator.

If the current trend continues, BlackBerry will officially take the 4th place position by the end of the year, replaced by Microsoft with their inferior mobile OS.

Adam is really reaching with this piece. There's nothing to celebrate.

That's what I like to see. Just try a windows phone and you'll switch pretty quick!

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In my opinion, WP and BB are similar in terms of smartphone capabilities. Each has some pros and cons and both seem to be suffering from lack of consumer and developer interest. But where I see BB as superior, is that its a solid messaging machine. I don't use most of the apps I have on my phone. If SnapChat and Instagram and whatever became available, that would be good apparently, but I won't use either of them more than once. I need to hammer out emails, SMS, and BBM's alllll day long. BB excels at messaging better than ANYONE, hands down.

It's not a feature competition between the two for me. What I dislike about WP is the whole live tile layout. BB10 seems more natural. I have the same complaint with my Windows 8 computer. My eyes just don't like to hunt through those tiles.

I suspect a lot if WP's problem in catching on is that people who hate windows on their computer, don't want to deal with it on their phones.

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I tried to support WP as the other underdog by buying my mother the 520 when she needed a new phone (cheaper than Z10 or Q10), and sorry, the OS (as it is right now) is terrible. You have to unlock the screen before you can answer phone calls, there is no way to make the phone stop asking for your voicemail password if you don't want to use visual voicemail (no data plan), you can change the text font size for people who have bad eyesight, but the sizes of the icons (not talking about the tiles) don't change, no way to pin a specific number to the homescreen, just a contact, so you still have to pick the number before it dials, stupid bing search button that cannot be disabled, unlocking the screen is a two-step process while BB10 is just with the gesture only, and just a lot of little things. So far it has been a pretty poor experience in my opinion. Using an iphone, BB, or android is much easier and more intuitive than the Windows Phone by far...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

1. You don't need to unlock the screen to answer phone calls. My phone's screen was on, and of course I could answer it.
2. Sorry about the visual voicemail thing, but it isn't the worlds biggest deal.
3. If the size or the icons get bigger, it would look bad.
4. You can pin a contact, it's good enough.
5. Can you disable google on android? Yeah, I thought so. You can always set google as yr default search engine if you want, on WP.
6. A whole half second gone to waste, I know, it sucks.

And also, it wasn't the "best" WP, as it was a REALLY good budget phone. And honestly, nothing is innovative in blackberry. It isn't what it once was, a phone that people would buy. Sorry, but this is what I believe. You can bash me all you want.

And everything about the iPhone is right? They stole pretty much everything from somewhere else and made people think they invented it. I had a guy the other day tell me he loved his do not disturb mode in his iPhone. Was the greatest thing that Apple ever invented. Then sarcastically he was like can your blackberry do that? I pull out my 9900 and go you mean bedside mode? Wtf is bedside mode he asked. And I showed him. Not only did it automatically go into it when I plug it in but I can fully customize what and who gets through on it. He just shut up and walked away.

Auto corrected by BB10

1. You can't download anything directly from a website link. On my Z10 I just long press an mp3 or image or even video, and save it directly to my phone. WP requires you to connect to a PC.

2. You can't send attachments (unless they are images). Instead, you have to first upload the file to Skydrive and then it will only send a link to the file on SkyDrive.

3. If you receive an email with an attachment, it will strip all attachments from the email before it forwards it.

4. Searching on the phone is not universal: meaning you can't search the whole phone for any item. For example: if you want to search for an *app* you have to use the search tool on the *app page*; if you want to search your *emails* you first have to go into the *email app*, etc...

5. There is almost no customization whatsoever in the look. You can't set (or even have) a background (though you can have a lock screen image). You can't even choose you own foreground and background colours for tiles: you have to use one of the preset combos provided.

6. Touchscreen typing is great, but not anywhere as smart as BB10.

7. There is only a single volume setting for everything on the phone. You can't have separate volumes for different notifications. So, for example, if you go to sleep and want to turn off text notifications, then you are also in fact turning off the volume on your ALARMS!

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I don't understand it either - My Nokia Lumia phone has way more features than my Z10 and the Lumia destroys the Z10 as far as performance goes

I live in Canada and I only know one guy with a windows phone. In fact it is the only windows phone I've seen. I do want to say it is pretty good though. It is heavy but is durable and solid. I use Windows 8 at home so I get some of the stuff with the panels. It is a learning curve. BTW, my friend dug my Q10 too.

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I had one and my biggest complaint was the keyboard. It's just not as efficient as my Z10. I need a reliable keyboard!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Canada is an outlier. BlackBerry still has almost 20% of market here vs 2 for Windows phone. But I have seen a few more wp devices lately

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If I had the finances I would help raise that by a device or two. ;) I'm excited about the changes the company is making. Go BlackBerry!!

If BlackBerry repeats their current rate of decline and Windows repeats their current rate of increase, windows OS will be number 3 by the next survey.
Considering all the bad news around BlackBerry lately and the fact that carriers are not stocking products it is not looking so good for next quarter. I hope john Chen can do something about that.

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Windows won't pick up. If ppl want bbm they'll have to bought one of the three ios android or bb10. Even if they don't get bb10 it's still a win for BlackBerry

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If it isn't picking up then why is sales numbers crushing BB10 then? it's still increasing fast can't make excuses man

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But as a percentage, only around 2% of smartphone users have even downloaded BBM, let alone would base a phone purchase decision around its availability. There is a very good chance that in 3 months, Windows Phone will be ahead of BlackBerry in this stat, regardless of BBM availability.

If you look at the comscore data over time, the issue is less about Windows Phone "growing" in the US ... it's actually fairly flat, given the rate that the market is growing ... and more about the anti-BlackBerry sentiment.

Windows Phone has only added about 1 million users since the start of the year. At the same time, Apple has added 15 million and Android about 9 million. BlackBerry has lost more than 2 million. The (saturated) market as a whole has grown by almost 22 million!

I had no doubt it would. I've never even seen a windows phone in the wild. Probably cuz they suck

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My in-laws alone have five WP8 devices. They are very good at what they do. Please think twice before posting.

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I've tried both. WP falls behind for user experience in relation to BB10, imo. Now with 10.2 that quality gap has widened.

I've sen windows phones in use in public. Other than my own, I wish I could say the same for a BlackBerry 10 device.

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Verizon US must be pretty confident in BlackBerry since they are getting the Z30 exclusively. Hopefully with a better marketing effort the Z30 will sell well.

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Dude.....they are getting a whole new profile of WPs soon. Including the Lumia 929 which is in competition with the Z30. Does really show confidence at all

Yeah Verizon isn't confident. They put phones on display for a minute and then on to the next one. They just want contracts.

Verizon has pushed BlackBerry to the back shelf in the stores and on their website.
I think BlackBerry being stocked for corporate customers, which Verizon has a LOT of. But I don't think Verizon see the Z10, Q10 or the Z30 as consumer devices anymore... they took the the whole prosumer talk literary.

This is not true at all!

Windows is globally and in the US number 3

BlackBerry has just 1% in the US (September 2013)

Source: Kantar Worldpanel

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Again: They don't measure the same things.

Comscore measures devices actively being used. (Lagging indicator)
Kantar measures new device shipments. (leading indicator)

There are more new Windows Phones being sold than new BlackBerrys. There are not more Windows Phones in use than Blackberrys.

I can't see any positive review in this post. Blackberry keeps loosing market quota and WP is growing.

BBM rocks, WhatsApp sucks!

It's faint praise for either guys.

5.62 million americans using BlackBerrys and 4.88 million using Windows Phones mean nothing against 60 million using iPhones and 77 million Androids.

It would have made sense for Apple to buy BlackBerry in order to take them off the map and get closer to Android for market share.

I carry the Q10 and Lumia 925. Although the 925 is a nice device, my daily driver is the Q10. For me, the Q10 is the more efficient devicem

What concerns me is that Blackberry seems to be still in decline, while WP8 is growing, albeit at a very slow pace.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

I really don't know why BlackBerry won't get it...

The reason why Windows is growing is because of the low budget phones...

BlackBerry would probably grow much faster with a budget phone than WP

BlackBerry needs a GOOD budget phone around 200 usd! ASAP

Posted via CB10

I disagree, after all consumers will pay stupid money for an iPhone. I feel it's mainly down to the negative media reporting - most people I know think BlackBerry are finished (because that's what they read in the press) and therefore don't even consider Blackberry as an option. A huge marketing drive would help given that the majority of people don't actually know there is a new OS and new handsets!

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Android wouldn't be where it is today without its presence in low end. Half of WP 8's success is due to the Lumia 520 series and other low to mid range models. Yes Apple sells only high end devices but they do it well (growing every quarter).

Stop blaming the media. BlackBerry has little to counter with. What they do have is overpriced in relation to the competition and grossly underpromoted.

Maybe you don't read the same papers as me...when iPhone released their new OS it's all over the press, what amazing new software Apple has. when the Z30 was launched the headlines were 'failing company launch new product ' with a really negative piece on how Blackberry were launching another new phone after the failure of Z10 etc. When the news hit Monday the headlines were 'Nobody wants Blackberry and CEO leaves'. They twist everything to make it look as if Blackberry is finished and that is what is destroying confidence in the company. With regard to the pricing, the Z10 is really cheap in the UK now - cheaper than WP but still nobody's buying - why would they when they think the company is dead!

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Is is important to notice that BlackBerry still on top of windows phone despite they spent much more in advertising. What can we archive if Chen puts the money where it needs to target. US buy their stuff according to what media tells them. To them lots of advertising means it is a good product, no advertising means something is wrong. Focus on telling people BlackBerry is here to stay. Use a catchy slogan, make people remember how fun it use to be, make them return to the times when the answer to everyone enquire was, It is a BlackBerry!!!

Posted from the best mobile device Z10 10.2.0. 1791

I believe all devices in use. I see quite a few Blackberry's, but all legacy devices. Still haven't seen a BB10 device besides mine.

Tried windows good phone but nothing in it that would make me want to switch. The biggest beef was with its app store. organized chaos. And syncing anything is a nightmare.

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With a good marketing work, bb10 can still improve it presence. Let's hope Mr Chen share the same view. Not talking about catch ios and android at this time, but at least stop declining.

Posted via my awesome BlackBerry Z10

This is the very reason for which even sitting next to a PC I grab my BlackBerry to browse the web when need to look up something. Just this feeling of contributing towards the right cause is rewarding... :)

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It's like bragging about being the taller dwarf (sorry for the lack of PC). The difference is that all of the others have good to great marketing, BB has next to nothing going on to promote this great OS and phones. Hopefully this will be what the extra cash will be used for. I think I've done more selling of the new (?) phones than they have.

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These stats look daunting for BlackBerry, but you have to account for the fact that 145 million people in the US own smartphones. 3.8% of 145 million smartphone users is still 5.51 million BlackBerries being used in the US. Completely dwarfed by Apple/Android, but not non-existen and still a good source of revenue.

Fun fact: based on these numbers there are still around 435,000 Symbian smartphone users floating in the States.

So... 4 of every 100 smartphones in the US is a BlackBerry. This includes government, enterprise, those still on BIS plus BlackBerry 10 which has failed to gain any traction. That total will become 3 in 100 by next report.

I commend you for seeing that as some sort of victory.

It would be better news if it showed the share of BlackBerry 10 in the US being greater than Windows Phone. Of course with all the legacy BlackBerry users plus BlackBerry 10 the total BlackBerry share might be more than Windows Phone. But that'll change once the legacy base falls off. What's needed is increased adoption of BlackBerry 10.


Windows has become a complete disaster with Windows 8. I see no reason to ever by their tablet or phone.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

I love blackberry to death and will always be with them until the end BUT........WE (BlackBerry Nation) will be back on top unless here in the states start loving blackberry once again.

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And for our loyalty, can we get updates to the OS faster? I hate having to circumvent my carrier to get updates, but I will continue to do so until that improves.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Now that the steep decline in the prices for z10.. I hope many users would be tempted to try the z10 when their contract is up for renewal..
Come on guys continue to be good BlackBerry guys... We're here and lets have a good time... MSFT is a behemoth and cares about nothing but profit... and they're trying hard to establish themselves in the mobile space :)

Posted via the awesome keyboard on Z10STL100-1/ using CB10 App

BlackBerry's primary objective isn't profit? All remaining shareholders, pull out IMMEDIATELY and join the upcoming class action lawsuit ;)

j/k, I know what you mean, but I think Microsoft cares about profit exactly the same amount that BlackBerry does. The difference is that Microsoft is sacrificing short-term profit intentionally in hopes of gaining long-term profit, while BlackBerry is losing money without a clear strategy for long-term profit (though they are still required by law to do whatever they possibly can legally do to earn profit for their shareholders).

One of the things we have to keep floating is BES10 has not been approved yet by most government departments, our office just cleaned out the last 9900's available. We are still running some bb5 phones. Once budgets and approvals go through in Canada and the US new phones will be ordered. The only approach phone are blackberry

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Agreed. Gov't and corporate moves slow in issuing new stuff. A friend of mine works for AAFES. This past June he was showing me his new updated BlackBerry that the company had just issued him. He thought he had the new BlackBerry phone - the latest and greatest.

It was a 9900.

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BlackBerry really needs to cut the cost of bb10 smartphones seriously I'm from Jamaica and I bought the z10 3 weeks now had been saving for a couple of months. When I show my friends they get all excited and amazed at the wonderful features it has I encourage them to get one but 350us for a used z10 on the black market is still too expensive not to
Mention the 680us at the carries store price is killing us I love my z10 she's my baby.

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This is so cool to see the BlackBerry love that's spread around. It is true that prices need to come down. Q5 for example should me no more than $200 US and Z10 $350 US max.. get these devices in the hands of people so that others can see how wonderful they are.

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I only know one person with a Windows phone. I still have to take time to really play with one.

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That's a positive point, let's enjoy it and hope next devices (starting with Z30) will have some "appeal on usage" and some BBM fans returning to full featured BBM ;)

One min BlackBerry is on top, another it's on the bottom.. good grief.

I just want to know that BlackBerry is selling MORE - market share.. BlackBerry sell like hell!

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I think that (unfortunately) it is not about current state of things but about the trend. Which shows declining numer of devices :(

Windows phone gained 0.2% and BlackBerry fell 0.6%. So not a good trend. Hopefully the changes in leadership at BlackBerry can turn this ship around.

Posted with my  Q10

I dont think US was ever a stong hold for BB !! Numbers will surley be closer in Asia and ME ..

Posted via CB10

I knew it all along lol
I mean, have any of you used a w8 phone? It's ridiculous!!

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A US subscriber base of 4.4% dropping to 3.8% is a loss of nearly 14% of US subscribers. Although the US smartphone market is likely still growing a little, my estimate would have BlackBerry losing about 10% of their US users in the past 3 months.

I'd look at this as very bad news, considering how loyal core BlackBerry users are "supposed" to be. The base is being whittled away. If this trajectory continues unchanged, BlackBerry will be left with about 1.2% of the US subscriber base in 2 years. Drastic changes are needed to make BlackBerry sustainable.

I am not a big fan of the look of the new Windows OS but I will admit, God forbid BlackBerry isn't an option for me moving forward I will be giving it a try. I've used the other mobile OS's and although I don't hate them, they just fit my usage requirements like BlackBerry does. But seeing as I can only use Windows based PC's for work (I use software that only works on Windows), it will be the next move for me if I must switch from BlackBerry.

And let's be honest, I love BB10 but I was disappointed when I saw the user interface for the first time. I was hoping that TAT would be unleashed to give us a beautiful looking OS. The functionality and messaging of BB10 is amazing, BlackBerry are putting out updates at a solid pace responding to our wish list of things we would like. I hope BlackBerry can survive and thrive.

There is a huge marketing push that needs to be done. I basically have to force people to try my Z10. Once they do they love peak, hub, and flow and then say "but there are no apps" and move on.

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Not good... share is fropping fast. but it might be due to all the uncertainty which was floating around...

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BlackBerry : promote this shit in the news media!!!! Even a failing BlackBerry does better than windows. Media would love that title hahaha

Posted via CB10

If BlackBerry could do a huge corporate and government push who knows what could happen!

Posted via CB10

I personally do not see it as a competition for 3rd place. There is no value in being 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. It is all about profitability of the business. I would rather own a business that sold 1 unit for a million dollar profit than a company that sells a million units for a 1 dollar profit.

There is no rule that says the 4th place company gets closed down.

Both BB and WP simply need to focus on why their share is so small compared to Android and iOS. Why haven't consumers embraced their product. Anything else is simply feeling good about dying more slowly than someone else.

Dumb people need to be tricked into buying technology, so Blackberry should offer free protective cases in a variety if colors with every smartphone purchased from their official website.

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Some ppl called it good marketing & customers appreciation.

For the price BlackBerry phones are being sold, well..

Posted Via CB10 with BlackBerry Q10 2AEFCF1A

How is this a good thing if BBRY is decreasing and Windows is gaining. This tells me were close to being surpassed by Windows.

Posted via BlackBerry Q10!!

Blackberry should have spiced up the looks of BB10 with TAT, They may have thought that they could make the software sexier later as an upgrade to keep selling the hell out the these phones.

Mr Chen, please ensure the next release of phones and o/s upgrades are sexy and desired.
For example what would your eyes be stuck on:
a) Average well dressed business lady, no makeup but get the job done. or
b) Firm, slim lady with large curves, wears short tight white dresses, long blonde hair, lipstick and eyes that say "come rub your fingers all over me".

Come on TAT put your Lipstick, hooker boots, tight dress on, make BB10 SEXY and sell it!

Hey, I'm still using both blackberry and symbian until now!
That means i'm a bottom-tiered user? *according to that list only anyway*

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Not much to shout about besting windows phones. From the trend, next Qtr will show the reverse.