Latest BlackBerry Smartphone Release Date Roundup!

BlackBerry Smartphone Release Dates!
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Oct 2008 12:23 pm EDT

With several new BlackBerry Smartphones hitting the market there are a ton of release dates for us to be thinking about. Below is a quick round up of the latest confirmed and rumored dates floating around the interwebs:

AT&T BlackBerry Bold - available November 4th | more info >>
Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220 - Ships Oct. 29, in stock for Halloween | more info >>
Verizon BlackBerry Storm - Corporate Stores Nov. 15th, Best Buy, 16th, Everywhere 17th. As stated earlier on CrackBerry, stores should be opening an hour earlier on the opening week in anticipation | more info >>
Vodafone BlackBerry Storm - November 11th ? | more info >>
Bell BlackBerry Storm - currently slated to launch Nov. 21 | more info >>

Missing anything? Getting excited? Put it in the comments!

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Latest BlackBerry Smartphone Release Date Roundup!


I am so excited about this phone. I will be there the day it launches before the store opens. I am going to buy just about every accessory available also.


Still no word on price, Kevin?

Now when you say Corporate Store do you mean a normal stand alone verizon wireless store? Or are there what they consider corporate stores?

"corporate store" term is coming from - they mean the standalone verizon wireless stores.

These dates can change..but the good news it should be out by Black Friday...

Any rumors if the storm will be available online (specifically for those of eligible for the new every two upgrade) before it is available in the brick and mortar stores?

isn't Telus supposed to get exclusivity for a short period of time......please don't tell me it's going to be delayed in Canada.....keep me posted Kev

Poor me on Tmobile. I'm just waiting for a new BB on Tmobile but not the Pearl Flip. I want a 3G BB but we might have to settle for the Javelin. Wish we had a date for the Javelin.

What about over the phone customer care (Telesales)? Usually they can sell it to ya before it hits the stores!?

My god I think that I can finally see the light of the end of the tunnel. I really hope that the date does not slide! Thanks so much for passing along the information.

I just called my local Verizon store and asked a rep about when it would be available, and she told me that the Storm would be availble in store Thursday, November 9th. Granted, I've read alot of stuff about various reps saying all kinds of dates, but this is what Tiffany @ the Macon, GA store is saying. =)

I have been told that there is a new telus BB coming out close to the Christmas season... I REALLY want a Blackberry Bold. Does anyone know when or if the BB bold will be available through telus?? and if the rumored new telus BB is my Bold or is it the Storm?

Thanks hope someone can help me...

I'm tired of waiting.

The BB coming out for Telus before the christmas season is the Storm 100%. if you check telus' website is shows you.

Yeah, I heard Nov. 6th for the Verizon Blackberry Storm from the Manager at my local store. (REDLANDS, CA) I'm not taking responsibility for it, he is the manager and he said it...hopefully he is right but we all know how Verizon workers don't always have their facts straight!

My contract is up with T-Mobile and its clearly going to be either the Storm or Bold for me in November. I love things about both and I think the coverage is a push between the two carriers, so we will see...

These appear to be all american launches...although I am probably wrong but I thought Telus had launch rights in Canada over other carriers such as Rogers and Bell? Any news on a launch date for Telus in Canada?


This price is just ridiculous!

The iPhone is available in the UK from £59. I have been using Blackberries for 4 years now and this price is going to put most people off buying it!

Maybe this will be a good present and timing for me since it is after I finish my comprehensive exams for my master's program. I don't want to be distracted with a new storm while I'm trying to concentrate on the test that will determine whether or not I get my master's degree or not...

WTF! Where is the Sprint release? Bold was predicted on Sprint for the past 6 months... and still nothing verified. Is Sprint run by idiots or is RIM?

Sprint are a bunch of "IDIOTS", that works in Argentina. I'm glad I got out before my 30 days was up. Great plans, but DAMN THE CUSTOMER SERVICE, needs a good kick in the..... well U know. Good Luck with them.

Still no official launch date yet so I'm counting my eggs still they yatch ! I hope its the 4th so we can compete with the bold and maybe the storm might win in sales!!???

Still no official launch date yet so I'm counting my eggs still they yatch ! I hope its the 4th so we can compete with the bold and maybe the storm might win in sales!!???

so how do we know that this date for the verizon release is legit? the website does not give any concrete

How can we be sure that this storm is coming out on the 9th? the link on that post has no concrete information on whether or not its coming out. Its just that guy saying that it is....who is he ? how come he knows something that the rest of us cant find out?.....i dont really know or care who that guy is i just wanna know when the phone is coming out...not some guys opinion

I really hope the Bold actually comes out this time, or there will be a mutany on blackberrys all over the place, alot of people will jump ship and go to Verizon to get the other new backberry if it comes out first, and I have a 20 line account!

Just called a bunch of stores in the Manhattan/Long Island areas and all the Store Managers had the same responses. "I cannot give you a specific date, but we should have the Storm in stock a 'a little before Thanksgiving' or 'early to mid November' and we are opening the store an hour early in anticipation of high sales volume."

I want to buy the storm but wait out my contract with tmobile, unless you know of tmobile servicing the storm. Then buy the storm when my contract with tmobile ends, apparantly you can buy the storm without activation. I had a live chat with a Verizon rep and this is what she said:

You: My question is this: When it comes out, can I purchase it without activation?
CaTorsha: Yes.
You: So I can buy it without signing up for a plan? And wait to sign up for a plan in the summer?
CaTorsha: Yes.

Any thoughts?

Your question isn't clear. From what I can tell you want to buy the Storm without activation until your tmobile plan expires.

This isn't an iPhone. You can always buy a handset without activation. Of course you will be paying the full amount. In the case of Blackberries you can save several hundred on a newly released model if you sign a 2yr agreement.

Why not wait until your tmobile account ends, then switch over to VZW taking advantage of any promotions that will get you a discount on the Storm? Buying one and not activating it on VZW seems foolish unless you know you can unlock it for use in the US with another carrier (remains to be seen).

i would have to agree with you. buying a storm outsight is a rediculous thought esp. if someone is going to just hold onto it until their contract ends.

I have some good friends at verizon and they could not verify any of these dates for me today. one of them is a manager and told me that nothing has been communicated down to them in our area (Louisiana).

Does any area have anything confirmed??

Damn, enough already!!! I've heard dates such as NOV 4TH, 6TH, 9TH(on a SUNDAY, yea right), 15th, and 16th. Can we all just say it will be out in NOV or no later than before Christmas and leave it as such? Let's face it when the folks @ VZW is ready to release, they will release. So let's put all the rumors dates to rest and wait. But here's a date that's truly not a rumor, but VERY REAL and VERY IMPORTANT. NOV 4th is the date that U need to go out and VOTE! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

I'm a patient man, and I approve this comment.

Yes you forgot the nextel 8350i coming Dec 2nd. No love for other berries other then lastest and greatest (bold, storm etc)

I went to a Telus today and those people are telling me it will be January? WTH? so other than the Telus link which does NOT say anything about a date there still isn't info on the arrival? And I like the others thought Telus was getting the storm in Canada is that wrong?

I will be at the Corporate Store for a CampOut fot the Storm ON the night of the 14th! I seriously cannot wait for this & it just happens to be a few days after my birthday so please believe that this WILL be my ultimate birthday gift!!!

No...TELUS is getting the BB Storm before Christmas. They do have the exclusive pre-release before any other Carrier in Canada. So if Bell is planning on releasing the Storm on the 21st, TELUS will probably release theirs a week or two before. As they did with the HTC Diamond.

It seems as though only the storm and bold get all of the love on here. How bout some info on the javelin/8900. Inquiring minds want to know.

Ok I spoke to a vzw csr. just now. She was way more open about the storm than I got last week. She wouldn't confirm the 15th as the street date but did confirm the charging cradle would be available the 15th. No price as of yet but does that really matter??? Hell no.

What part of the Storm being a Verizon exclusive in the states (at least for now) are people not understanding?!?!?

Verizon Stand alone stores. Best Buy wouldn't be a corporate store. They are just authorized sellers.

Corporate stores are the stand alone brick and mortar VZW stores. Not Best Buy, not Circuit City, not the third party wireless kiosk at the local mall...

I just noticed in the Terms and Conditions on Vodafone's Storm contest page that the date of the drawing has changed from 10/27 to 11/17. I don't know what that means with respect to the release date.

I wish Telus would give us some info about the launch date for their Storm. I signed up for email updates but have gotten nothing so far.

I want this phone so bad......

I want some blackberry love too! Any word on the 8350i release date? I'm chomping at the bit to get a new blackberry. I'll even switch to the Sprint CDMA side to get one! This is torture. I'm in blackberry purgatory!

is it true that a snow storm can postpone a World Series game but no Storm is coming to T Mobile????.....what kind of world do we live in? Do I have to storm in a Verizon retai to see the Storm for myself and possibly make me switch service providers??? Please, someone, let me know somehow a Storm is coming and not be the snowy type>>>>>>>

It is coming, but by another name. For T-Mobile it will be called "Blackberry Thunder", due out hopefully early 2009.

I called Best Buy and the Best Buy Mobile representative confirmed Nov 16th for the Storm and said that it will be $299 with a 2 year contract. Give them a call and see if you get the same info.