Latest BlackBerry Desktop Software (v7.0 B44) causing issues for some BlackBerry users

BlackBerry Desktop Software
By Bla1ze on 16 Feb 2012 05:21 pm EST

If you've managed to download the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows being Desktop Software v7.0 B44, then chances are you come across some issues with it. As noted in the CrackBerry Forums on several occasions now, there appears to an issue when syncing your BlackBerry smartphone with the software. Many folks have reported the sync will either never complete or just simply hangs there on certain stages of the syncing process.

A quick look shows there is a clear issue here:

If you're seeing the sync hang on "preparing sync preview" then you know you have the issue. RIM is aware of the problems and are working to get a new release out as soon as possible according to some of their BlackBerry technicians that I spoke with over the phone but for now, there is a few things you can do to solve the issue your self if you are indeed experiencing it.

The most obvious course of action, rather then fighting with the latest build would be to downgrade to the previous version of the BlackBerry Desktop Software. The RIM site doesn't have the previous build available but the AT&T BlackBerry download site does. From there, you can download Desktop Software v6.0.2 B45. If you do so, be sure to remove the previous installation from your computer.

One other solution that is reported to of have worked for some Outlook users is that instead of just doing a straight sync, you can back up your device data. Once backed up, go ahead and delete all data from your device. Then, connect to BlackBerry Desktop manager and perform a one-way sync with outlook. Once the one-way sync is completed, you can then proceed to do a two-way sync on the device and the "preparing sync preview" error should no longer appear.

Needless the say, the situation isn't ideal for end users. I won't even start a full-fledged rant about it, because that doesn't really help. All I can say on the matter is that hopefully RIM gets another build out quickly, and let this stand as reason to open up more beta testing in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, doing so could help prevent such scenarios from happening in the future. In the meantime, don't bother with upgrading to the latest release -- it's not worth the hassle.

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Latest BlackBerry Desktop Software (v7.0 B44) causing issues for some BlackBerry users


I actually found no problems at all.
I opened the current version, it said there was an update, I updated it and done...its fine.
I sync'd and backed up my 9900 yesterday problem whatsoever but was very good and quick

Well, the update worked fine on my Win7 64-bit PC at home, but on my 32-bit XP workstation at the office it would not connect to my PB at all, phone connects perfectly and backup works fine except for double calendar entries when synced with Outlook. So back to the old version until the fix.

I tried 3 times and finally gave up. Fortunately I was able to remove and reinstall v 6 and am back to normal. XPP SP 3

Do not try unless you have time to mess with it.

BTW... is Playbook driving the change to Intellisync? I never liked it on my old Sony PDA. Hope it works better (when it's sorted out) than my experience with it back then.

Yeah. it worked. I back my phone up and then deleted only the data files in organizer I wanted to sinc. When I did the sinc, everything went fine.

I upgraded with no problems at all. I didn't even uninstall the older version before I installed the new one. I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

Same here except did uninstall before the new package download. Already backed up the phone and installed a new OS after the DM upgrade. No issues at all so far. Luck must be on my side for a change.

I'm in the lucky ones.
All went smooth for me.

config info :
PC under windows 7 ultimate.
9900 with both (2 upgrades in a row) leaked 7.1.205 and .267 (2 latest leaked ones).

It would be nice to hear about these things from RIM. Would save us a lot of trouble and let us know when the issue is resolved.

Thanks for getting involved and the update, it was quite frustrating. Seems to be the norm with RIM.

Not sure what the percentage is of users having the problem... but it would seem that it isn't just a few unlucky users.
So wouldn't it be prudent of RIM to pull the update until a bug free version is available?

Yes, RIM should have announced that there were "potential" problems with this version and advised individuals to hold off from downloading it until the issues were addressed. This shouldn't have had to be announced through Crackberry. No offense to Crackberry for doing so, but the sole responsibility for this type of communication rests on RIM. For them to as yet send out any information simply gives further evidence that nothing in their corporate mantra has changed.

Damned if you do, damned if ya don't.. many stated we SHOULD post on it so alas.. we did. If nothing else, it'll create awareness to the problem.

Appreciate your comments either way folks. :)

I sync with outlook and it won't work. Just hangs there and then when you finally tell it to cancel, it shows a bunch of conflicts that should not be an issue. Lets hope they know about it and address it soon. I did not come back from lunch today in time for an appointment because it did not sync.

Toooooo Laaaaaaaaaaateeee,

Did this yesterday with no problem downloading the update and install. Experienced the hang up then and again today. Will await the fix I hope soon to come.

Had all the issues except for installing. Installing and backup were fine with my 9800, but outlook sync is a joke tried everything got it working, then suddenly it stopped syncing items it should have and then froze on previewing. Hoping an upgrade comes sooner than later otherwise i'll have to downgrade as i synce 2-3 times a week.

The back up process hangs for 10-15 mins then completes. It's horrible, same thing it did on the last version...

this has been happening for a long time now with a bunch of different versions... just google "smart card options hang" and you'll see it

I am experiencing a different error. It goes through the motions (maybe 20 seconds) then gives an error box..."Synchronous Error" Record with Specified Id (4A8790D8) not found. Then it shows sync complete when I close the error box.

I got this error and I fixed it by doing this:
I synced only contacts and calendar
I changed the settings to be a "One Way" sync only from outlook To the device, checking the box to overwrite the device with that from outlook ( I did NOT delete all my data)
The sync wet through just fine and much faster too than before
Then I changed all categories to do a 2-way sync and haven't had a problem since

I have a problem backing up my Playbook. No problem backing up my 9650.
When I try to back up the Playbook, it won't do a full backup. But I can do seperate backups for data, music, and apps.

after the 'file does not exist problem' went away...i managed to install DM on the first try and managed to backup and upgrade my 9700 easily...

havent tried backing up my PB though...

I downloade dm7 by using the check for update tab on the dm. I downloaded after it was taking down from the blackberry site and put back up. I backed up and synced all 3 of my devices including playbook with no issues. Windows 7-64bit.

Yet another example of why beta testing is important!
Its one thing for a beta install to have problems like this (no big deal). But for a official release? FAIL.

Mine has been working fine sice installation. However, I upgraded for the previous 7.0 leak. I am not sure if this helped prevent the issue. I do remember that when I installed the DM beta it dis take a long time to come up with the summary before proceeding to sync. In this case the official version took a bit to start reading the 9810 and Outlook info to sync, but once it started it went quickly.

I experienced the sync preview issue. I found out if you wait long enough, the sync preview will finish, and the sync will be successful. I had to wait 15-20 minutes for the sync preview to finish. This usually only occurs the first time a 2-way sync is performed. Subsequent 2-way syncs go very fast. This is also confirmed by the KB that BB posted today (the KB states that it could take up to a hour to complete):
The KB also states that it has already been escalated to the development team and that a resoultion will be provided as soon as possible.

I've been trying to fix this since last night. I tried to upload a previous version of DM but I can't remove the new one. As a matter a fact, now I can't remove any programs. Now my Trend Micro keeps turning on and off. Fantastic. Is anyone else experiencing numerous problems from this "update?"

I had the same problem, but I just let it run and do what it needed to do. I came back to the computer and it was done. I figured it just took a long time because it had to run the first indexing. Haven't tried it since though.
Rockin' the 9900

When I launch my DM v6 and click "Check for update", I'm told that it's the latest version. Does that only check for later 6.x versions, perhaps?

I think RIM doesn't need this problem now....

I think a lot of the irritation comes down to RIM taking so long to respond or even acknowledge there was an issue. A day doesn't seem to be that long, but these days it can seem like forever. I think when the next update comes, I might let others be the guinea pig :(

Upgraded yesterday and 2 syncs already.
All worked well, zero issues.

Edit: Is it possible that this DM7 issues is due to syncing to phones with 7.1 OS.
My 9900 is still on 7.0 (.503). Am going to try the latest 7.1 leak and wondering now whether I should revert to DM6...

Add me to the list of those for whom it did not work. Consumed many hours actually and finally able to download V6 thanks to Crackberry forum posts. Sync just never worked correctly. On Win7 professional, 9930, and of course a PB that hasn't backed up for many many months. Think I will wait a week next time. RIM has apparently pulled V7 since V6 now shows as being the most current if you look for an update.

With this DM I can now connect my playbook via usb to laptop. Didnt uninstall previous DM . Works great!

I got the "Preparing sync preview" message hanging even after trying the work-around method. Terrible upgrade and IMHO RIM should acknowledge this officially instead of keeping silence while fixing it.

I had this issue.... I was able to solve it by completely un-installing Blackberry Desktop Software and then installing build 44 again. Then it worked brilliantly. When un-installing, I moved my previous back-ups out of the folder, and did a full un-install removing all data files too. This may have been the issue, or maybe not.

Why must we read this on Crackberry? Why dont we get an information directly from RIM, if they know about this isue??? Nothing changed with the new CEO.....

I had the "preparing sync preview" issue. Uninstalled and installed again and now it works fine with my 9900 and Playbook.

Hit ctrl alt delete go to task manger click on processes. End process rim transcoder. My computer has had this problem for a long while. Good Luck.

I had this problem (sync hang on) and I have solved by syncronizing the first time individually; first only contacts, then calendar, after tasks, and so on. And ony in one way, device to PC or PC to device (you can choose)
Then the second time you sync you can do a full syncronization with no problem.
I wish it works for other people, let me know.

I had severe problems syncing to my 9360 Cuve with DTM 7.0 and downgraded to 6.1 again. Happily syncing with that versio. Waiting for a better piece of software from RIM.

Totally fed up last night because I couldn't find an 'old' version to restore to! So, having uninstalled v7.0 B44, I decided to reinstall it and have another go. I got the same Sync hang again so sat and waited, and waited, and eventually decided to go to bed at 3am. This morning, the screen had produced about half a dozen 'conflicts', which related to nothing, so I accepted and the process completed successfully.

Because I had a numpty moment when syncing, I had loads of duplicate/triplicate 'facebook birthday' entries (If you have both your phone & Outlook downloading birthdays, you'll get them twice... doh!!). Deleted all entries, except fb, from device then changed configuration to exclude birthday calendar and performed a one-way sync from Outlook. Perfect!!

HOWEVER... I have discovered that the 'not responding' error only occurs if I attempt a Sync immediately after changing the configuration settings. If I exit & reload before Sync, it completes without error.

Since then I've added appointments, one at a time, alternately to Bold 9700 or Outlook and performed a Sync after each. Initially very annoyed to discover that the new items hadn't been transferred in either direction, so I've checked all configurations, closed & reopened DM to try again.... think it must be working again because the darned thing is Preparing Sync Preview ........... If RIM think I can leave my BB attached to my PC for countless hours every time I want to Sync, they've got another think coming!!

When this has finished I'm going to add manually to both, buy a diary as a safeguard and use DM for backing up and nothing else!!

How many users with problems are using the leaked os on their phones? Don't bash the company if you're a "beta tester" with your phone os.

Just the standard OS. Nothing fancy. And I tried all the "solutions" suggested before dropping back to V6. Not willing to do without sync; it is one of the features I appreciate most.

Hahahha, lol...
This is why I never sync any of my devices on anything, BlackBerry included. even I always manage my iPod collection manually...

Desktop 7 was a nightmare for me. After installing it, I could not sync my 9930 without freeze after freeze. So I said to myself "I'll just uninstall 7 and reinstall or rollback to 6.1. I couldn't do either! Errors of missing files prevented me. After TEN HOURS of fiddling with my PC I finally stumbled on Microsoft Fixit, of all places. It automatically uninstalled BB Desktop 7. Then I downloaded 6.1 from some site that stores old programs for distribution. Now I'm back up again, and I can sync again in good-old 6.1. This was almost as bad as the last two times my 9930 bricked! I'm beginning to think that RIM software is the Windows Vista of the smartphone world. I hope Apple comes out with a bigger iphone before my contract expires!

BlackBerry Beta Zone gets a failing grade. It's disappointing that a beta version of Desktop Manager 7 wasn't made available for end user testing before the app was pushed out for mainstream use, it could have avoided the mess they've now caused. Once again BlackBerry users are disgruntled with RIM.

My guess is that the developers were too focused on getting the new DM out in time for the PlayBook OS update and didn't consider beta testing with real world users. My only fear now is that there will end up being a problem with the PlayBook OS update because the only beta testing being done with the new PlayBook OS has been with app developers, and they'll have only been focused on their own apps working with the new PlayBook OS.

There was a beta program for DM 7. I tested three beta versions and submitted bugs for each of them.

Unfortunately some of the same problems are still occurring in the released version which I had in the last beta version which cause me to reboot my computer in order to sync my organizer. I'm hoping that now RIM will expedite getting these issues resolved.

I initially had a problem after updating the Desktop Software. After updating, it wouldn't allow me to open the program and would close automatically. I uninstalled the prior version and then it started to work. No problems since. Definitely buggy installation.

For what it's worth, I had the problem of the "preparing sync preview" seeming to hang up. After cancelling the sync several times, what I finally found that worked was patience. I let the update go into "preparing sync preview" and left it running. It ran for 35 minutes, then came up with a list of conflicts to resolve. After I did that, the sync completed successfully and has continued to do so ever since. I would advise giving the preview an inordinate amount of time to see if it will go to completion. I use Outlook 2007 and have the Torch 9850.

Using Outlook 2007 & my Torch 9800, it took about 45 minutes to get past the "preparing sync preview" message then it displayed 200 "conflicts" (simple differences between the data on my BB versus the data in my Outlook) and since its been weeks since I opened outlook, hence the big 200 number. I just specified to copy the phone data onto the outlook files and it was done 2 minutes later.

However with my PB, I tried to do a backup but it just wouldn't do it. DS7 kept saying the device either was not attached or was powered off. I gave up and went to bed (that was Wednesday night) only to read yesterday the DS7 was a problem. Sure hope the geniuses at RIM are hard at work trying to fix this one.

Downloading 6.1.0 now. i have 12mb download speed and i am downloading from rim site at 8.7 kb/s is this a joke?

I spent 90 minutes on the phone with my provider uninstalling the new version and going back to the old after getting a message that indicated that something had not been installed.. After going back to the OLD version, the same error occurred.. RIM were contacted, and I was promised that my case number had been raised, they gave me a case number and the name of the person from RIM who would contact me shortly... that was 24 hours ago.. hmmmm....
I also agree with Robert22.. as nearly everyone has BBM, why couldn't they have sent out a general message to warn everyone off, and also, why not take the offending version DOWN from the BB site??
Come-on guys and gals.. it's called Customer Service... let's say that together now.. but with feeling.. CUSTOMER SERVICE .. with a Capital C because all important words have a capital.
Papa D.

And here we are at the 4th of March in Ozz.. and STILL I wait for some contact from Blackberry.. hmmm... not happy Jan.

I'm also one of the unfortunate. Last straw for me I'm afraid - Apple is calling as are Android - at least they beta-test before screwing around with their customers.

I had more than just issues with DM 7 hanging up on the sync: It messed up a lot of the data in my address book and calendar too. It was really freaking irritating! I had to spend hours cleaning up the mess... and this was on a Windows 7 Ultimate/64 box syncing Outlook 2007 with my Pearl 9100 running OS 6. And, yes, I went back to DM 6 as well. Very poor form, RIM! :P

I have just about had it with Blackberry. I too had upgraded desktop manager and now it won't open or if it does, it does so sporadiccally. Right now I can neither connect with bluetooth or usb cable. (Like a fool, I always try to keep up to date with my software. But, as with Windows, I guess we are all just guinea pigs with new software. I agree with many other posters here, RIM should check out its software before unloading it on its customers!

I initially had no trouble with 7.0. Currently, it doesn't back up & just hangs on. I went to find the AT&T BlackBerry download for Desktop Software v6.0.2 B45 and it is removed. I've searched all over & cannot find the older version for Desktop. Can anyone help? I can't backup or sync and it's VERY frustrating. Thanks much!

My Blackberry 8330 is losing contacts in Outlook or on Blackberry with this software. The older version of Software just updated the records when their was a conflict. The new software wants to always delete items even though I have it set to create a duplicate contact?