LaterFlag - Flag Your Emails For Follow Up

By Bla1ze on 30 Sep 2009 08:50 am EDT
LaterFlag: Flag Your Emails For Follow Up!

Fabian Heuwieser has been back at work on his awesome and most importantly useful BlackBerry applications. This time around he has created LaterFlag, an application which allows you to flag your emails in two ways (high or low priority) for follow up at a later time. Best of all it's a free application.

Most of you who are running a 5.0 leaked OS will have noticed this type of service is indeed integrated into the OS, but those of you on older devices where 5.0 is not available are going to want to grab this one for sure. Is it just me or does Fabian seem like a porcrastinator to you all? First LaterDude, now LaterFlag - the man likes to put things off, but I'll assume it's just to make us great apps for our devices. Thanks go out to Fabian for bringing us just what our devices need, no less.

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I have follow up! So I am going to try this Follow works great! Don;'t know about Later Dude, Follow Up was cheeper and works great.


Thanks Fabian!

Teeny program (1.35k as I recall).

Works as described!


Not something that I have a huge need for, but I think it'll be helpful when I need to do something like this. Pretty cool app!


I have been using LaterDude for a while now,and downloaded LaterFlag last night. Fabian thinks outside the box and I think we all benefit from that!


My blackberry gets closer and closer to my laptop each day!

tony bag o donuts

Love it...
I use vibandring, laterdude/laterdude pro and now this.

Fabian is the man!


nice app! thanks Fabian you are the best!


I have a similar app that I paid for that does the same thing. The problem is, if I flag a mail for later action, how do you sort to find them all? Personally, I've got hundreds of emails on my device and if I can't get them all into a bunch, I don't have time to scroll through to find them. Anyone else?


I wish there was an option on the BB to search for flagged messages.