LaterDude Pro updated once again! Hello, version 2.2.51

By Ryan Blundell on 30 Sep 2009 01:26 pm EDT

LaterDude Pro

I think somebody needs a hobby. Just as I was getting used to the last update of LaterDude Pro, I get an email from Fabian. He let me know that he’s added a doozie of an update to this callback reminder solution. The LaterDude Pro name has been seen in the blogs in recent months; in both a review and in update notifications. I’ve said before, that LaterDude Pro enables you to create reminders to Email, call or send a text message to contacts that are important to you. These reminders are found in the BlackBerry Calendar or Task application. Check out what Fabian has added:

Update to version 2.2.51?

  • English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and French Translation
  • Option if the Menu should be displayed in the whole system or only in the specific apps
  • Free Trial available
  • Select if you want to save the new event as Calendar, Task or be prompted
  • Option to set as what you want to preselect the new entry (Call, Contact, Meet, SMS or eMail)
  • Time and Date can be set from the pre-set buttons and also manually
  • Free upgrade for previous users
  • Many bugs fixed
He’s also added an icon (yay) for easier access to the options menu. For previous users, this is a warm welcome. If these updates aren’t reason enough for you to buy, how about a 50% discount?! Until October 1st, pick up LaterDude Pro for only $1.47 (for the math wiz in you, that’s actually 50.17% off).

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Reader comments

LaterDude Pro updated once again! Hello, version 2.2.51


I like this app a lot, imo its a must have for me. Makes adding contacts a breeze, and I always need reminders lol


I rarely use this app, but I figured it to be useful enough that I'd be stupid not to have it. With this update, Fabian took an already top notch application and made it 20 times better. Amazing.

I've had the product for few months and like it ..... my only issue is when every I do upgrade to version it wipes out my install code and I must Fabian to send to me. I got it thru Crackberry store and I don't know why the code isn't held there like my other purchases. This time I'm going to save code for future reference.

The reason why the app is at $2.21 today (and until the end of the day today) is because MobiHand has set a promo-price for this app for today for 25% off.

I cannot change it myself. Sorry about that!

its 2.21 int he CB store... that's not 50 percent off.. october 1st is tomorrow so it'll be over before i can purchase it... i guess it's a waiting game

The price has now been updated in the CB store. Just bought it at $1.47. Waiting for the notification so I can download it....