Create Call Back Reminders Easily with Later Dude Pro

By Bla1ze on 23 Jul 2009 09:54 am EDT
Later Dude Pro Released!

One of what I find to be a really useful applications on my BlackBerry got a nice upgrade not too long ago. Later Dude has now reached a "Pro" level and Fabian has taken all the great feedback given to him on the application and for the most part implemented all of your requests.

Fabian has now made the application accessible on any screen which allows you to add calendar entries for call back reminders incredibly fast as it can now access all the available applications such as SMS, email and even your call log and address books. So at any given time adding an entry to set as a reminder is just a click away. It's a great update to an already awesomely functional application. Be sure to check it out. The cost is $2.95.

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Create Call Back Reminders Easily with Later Dude Pro


I had the free version first, but figured for 3 bucks I'll pick this one up, since I had to pay for BerryWeather anyways since my free trial was up. Great app!

Thanks for the kind words! If you have questions about the app, just post it here or in the Forum. There's a Thread for it in the Storm 3rd Party Apps forum.

Great application! I loved Later Dude and was glad to see the increased functionality of Later Dude Pro. I have long wanted the ability to create a reminder directly from a contact that incorporates the contact info. The Pro version allows you to do that. Plus you now have the ability to schedule reminders further out than 30 minutes, an hour, a day, etc. Well worth the money.

I have noticed that when you select to Task an event, Later Dude does not set and alarm. It only sets the alarm if you set the reminder to calendar. Am I doing something wrong?

Are you ready for Storm2? I will be snapping one up as soon as they hit the market. Should I wait to purchase this since the "2" is supposed to be here soon?

Task alarms also not working with Storm 2, the task gets created and syncs to outlook, but there is not reminder specified so it never pops up on my storm.