Later Dude Pro- Now On Sale For Only $1.11

By Bla1ze on 24 Oct 2009 12:05 pm EDT
Later Dude

We've reviewed Later Dude Pro, we've given away copies of Later Dude Pro. This time we're letting you know that Later Dude Pro is now on sale for only $1.11 until Monday, October 26th. Later Dude Pro is a perfect productivity application and is something RIM should really consider intergrating right into the OS, it would make a awesome addition to the core functionality. Be sure to check out Later Dude Pro while it's on sale if you don't already own it. The review can speak for itself in regards to how great it really is.

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Pick me pick me I want to win!
Thanks CrackBerry!


Don't shoot me, just wanted to form that CrackBerry feel to this post :)

Anyway, great deal, I wish though all apps would cost 1~2 USD...


Or is it better than?


I bought it and don't use it anymore.

Still prefer Onto Calendar, which is free


I paid full price and it is well worth it.

I use LaterDudePro and Bugme! Notes all the time.


After recently updating this app, I have been having problems with memory leakage.Ver.2.1.06. I finally deleted the app and the leakage went away. Will wait for a new update.


Nope, this app has be tested a LOT for not being a memory eater. the biggest memory eater is blackberry messenger 5.0!


I bought it at full price a couple weeks ago. I am unable to get it to accept my registration code. I sent an email for help but was just told to try entering it again. Still does not work. How do I get my money back?


aviator24, please mail me again!