Late Night CrackBerry Show, Take 2: Excelsior

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2013 11:15 pm EDT

Yesterday's show was a bit depressing, so we promise this one will be way more upbeat. Plus a special look into Kevin's soul-searching editorial. Join Kevin, Adam, Bla1ze and whoever else decides to come and chat. Grab a snack and come hang out!

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Late Night CrackBerry Show, Take 2: Excelsior


Cant Watch / Hear: "An Error Occured Please Try Again Later" - and YES I try to Load the Live Channel...

Live Stream is still Dead for me. Are too many People watching right now? Or are European/German People get blocked?

Oh F**k i finally can watch it on Youtube but can NOT watch it when i try the embedded Link. Show seems over now. Well i will watch the Video when its up.

Even when BlackBerry cease to exist, i will stay with crackberry.
CB is not just a device user group but its about community, freedom of speech, etc etc...
Just evolve guys, and surprise us...

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I keep getting an error message. I'll catch it tomorrow morning just like I did with last night's podcast. Thanks! :-)

Sent from my sexy white hot Z10 in Sin City ;-)

Z30 Rumoured specifications for the final release:
1920x1080p Super AMOLED
4GB Ram
Quad-Core CPU @ 1.9GHz

It's just a bigger Z10...the Z10s. But the mid range specs shouldn't hamper its performance (specs are great selling points, when everything thing else is comparable), the battery on the other hand needs to be better than the Z10's. People shouldn't have to risk uploading prereleased OSes to extend battery life.

a GPU is what makes a phone, not RAM, not CPU. Everything is almost always a GRAPHICAL INTERFACE. GPU = Graphics Processor Unit. Quad Core = Killer.

it was something mentioned amongst a few bbm groups im in, and i echo those thoughts, but am always to busy to jump in the craziness of groups sometimes lol

Except the Canadian government won't let a Chinese company take BlackBerry.... it just isn't happening. I think a deal with Sony is far more doable.

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a Japanese company is no better. *IF* the Canadian Government gets involved, it'll only to be to try to keep the company in *Canadian* hands, not see it be sold off at all.

Japanese isn't actively spying on us... Chinese aren't considered friends in the high tech security world lol...

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People said this about think pad but it was sold and nothing happened. Yes people said Lenovo would insert secret chips into think pads to steal secrets.

the firesale thing scared me a little. I'm worried my q10 will lose value just like my playbook did!!! But TBH I can't picture life without the Q10 so even tho I can sell right now for an ez 400 I'll take the loss and keep the phone for the 3 years. If bb is still around I'll upgrade

I think cb has to takeover the Marketing Department ?
Lets Start a Contest / best selfmade BB10 Clip...

I agree with Alecia, that I can't imagine not having a BlackBerry handset. 10.2 is looking great and would love to see it evolve on new handsets for years to come.

Also, a HUGE point made by Chris: What IS this "BB10" the BlackBerry execs are referring to? They've always said that their strategic option comittee was created to explore options to help accelerate bb10... but if they sell their handset business and become a pure services company, then how does bb10 (the which is a mobile OS) continue to play a role?

Big question...

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Let's be honest the BB10 is, for the moment, a superior phone platform, hardware aside. Whatever happens if it lives on even on someone else's hardware it will be awesome. Lenovo should buy the rights the hardware side from BlackBerry, they did better with IBMs products than IBM did. And before anyone jumps on the for the moment comment all I mean is it needs to continue to evolve.

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Gotta laugh at all the Macs. Apple is the next Blackberry... just not cool.

Blackberry people: I need the keyboard
Apple people: I need the small screen size so it fits in my hand.

Apple still cranking out small screens... small screens are over.

Im watching this now.....@ minute 38 when they are talking about if BB will have any sort of marketing push when 10.2 comes out. My thought is NO, my feeling is that BB has given up and they board can not get rid of it fast enough. Im no even sure they will release 10.2 before they sell.

Color me confused! Did Kevin post an Editorial (referred to in the opening above)? Or only the "rip bandaid off" blog post?

thanks for doing the late-nighter last night... was funny as usual and good to hear a discussion of the issues given the uncertainty right now. great job!

the issue with apps being flagged as 10.2 only to "hide" them... does that mean they WILL work on 10.1, but just marked as 10.2 only prior to official release?

if your referring to Marcus, that would be because he's one of the top brass in Mobilenations, he gets the joys of playing with all devices and having an unbiased opinion.

I think that it would be incredibly stupid and consistently bad marketing for BlackBerry to "wait" for the Apple app store to release BBM cross platform. That leaves Apple in charge of BlackBerry. Crazy! BlackBerry should just put BBM in Google Play, get the rest of the world BBMING, and leave Apple looking like the dinosaur until the also get on board.

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I want to echo that I am passionate about my BlackBerry Z10. They better get this straight because without my BlackBerry device I would be a very unbalanced person. It keeps me sane. ;)