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LastPass for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available

By IsaacKendall on 24 Jan 2012 06:39 pm EST

LastPass Logo

From the first day I got my PlayBook last April I have been chomping at the bit for LastPass. When the first Android player leaked last summer the LastPass app was one of the first I loaded. Same goes for when the 2.0 beta dropped at DevCon2011 I couldn't get LastPass on my PlayBook fast enough.

I'm not the only one, Joseph did an article back in June of how to use the LastPass website on your PlayBook. This was a very awkward way to use LastPass and drove me quite mad until the Android players came out and gave me a user friendly way to take advantage of the awesomeness which is LastPass.

Today LastPass has officially launched in BlackBerry App World! It requires PlayBook OS 2.0 so that means it's an Android app repackaged for the PlayBook. Now that we are getting closer to the public launch of OS 2.0 we will see more and more of our favorite apps becoming available to our beloved BlackBerry PlayBook. 

LastPass1     LastPass2     LastPass3

Like the mobile client for the BlackBerry smartphone this app includes all the key LastPass features:

  • Built-in browser that will automatically fill your login information for each of your saved LastPass sites
  • Automatically fill forms on all sites
  • Secure Password Generator
  • Add, update, and delete Secure Notes and Sites

Reminder: LastPass for PlayBook requires OS 2.0 and a subscription to LastPass Premium. This premium subscription costs $1.00/month and is worth every last penny. There is a 14-day free trial to the full featured app.

Get LastPass for the PlayBook in BlackBerry App World

Reader comments

LastPass for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available


just tried LastPass because I was waiting for it to have access to passwords cross-platform.

the app works, but I don't like the UX with the built-in Browser.

still waiting for a native PlayBook version of LastPass.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the native version. It will most certainly never come.

After the PlayBook launched I reached out to LastPass and was told they would likely not develop a native app for the PlayBook.

They informed me that they will opt for the Android player instead.

F-em then! If it works on playbook it'll work on BB10 and there should be millions on BB10 phones sold so if the company is that stupid they don't deserve any support.

No plans now, I understand, to state they are no going to develop for any BB platform shows they are a bunch of a-holes that don't even understand the QNX based environment RIM is building.

If they went ahead and re-packaged the android version and submitted it to app world.. there isn't going to be a native playbook version..

Does anyone else think it is a little odd that apps requiring Android/OS 2.0 are showing up in the regular App World when, for the vast majority of customers, neither Android/OS 2.0 is available?

+1 I installed blutorq speedometer the other day, didn't even realize it was an android app until just now that i've installed a second one, (last pass) its showing that android multitask bar at the bottom.. at least that means the process is seamless!

Hopefully this means well see the official 2.0 sooner then we thought?

Yes, it's a bit odd, especially when Blackberry's support forum discourages non-developers from loading OS2.0. Hope this is an early sign that it will be available to the masses very soon... or at least on schedule (17th???).

There's a very good reason for it. So that apps are there and ready for people to download once OS 2 becomes official. Would you rather they wait and not submit their apps until OS 2 drops?

just because one blog site said it MIGHT be the 17th, doesn't mean it actually is. don't get pissed off if its not the 17th because RIM has never committed to that date and this is why most people always say RIM delivers late.

RIM has said February and giving it a date will only lead to your own disappointment and negative comments

A thought occurred, so I just went and double checked..

I have 2 playbooks, one with the beta and one on the release OS, and on the consumer version the android apps are not showing up in app world.. just did a search for laspass on both, came up on one, not on the other...

Also, I guess lastpass can't even tell its being run on a playbook.. I just logged in, and go an email thanking me for installing laspass for android! LOL

Damm! So close now. I don't have OS 2.0 loaded on my Playbook. Think I'll wait for official release. I've got lastpass on my HP Touchpad. it's pretty much essential for browsing. Kind of a shame it's on webOS and not QNX natively. What's going to happen when the 1st BB10 handsets come out?

I'll tell you what's gonna happen when the BB10 phones comeout: They're gonna FLOP because the developers are now gonna develop more for android and forget about doing native apps for the PlayBook! Sucks, I might not be buying another BB afterall.

FINALLY! I've been waiting for this app since I first got my Playbook, and sideloaded the Android app with 2.0. It may not be native but it's a step in the right direction, and shows developer support for RIM's repackaging program (a pretty important developer, I might add!)

I find it kind of odd that LastPass, which I use (and like)on my PC and my laptop, are free for those computers, but all the "mobile" versions (including, but not limited to Playbook) cost $1/month for what appears to be exactly the same thing. It makes it somewhat harder for me to think that it is "worth every last penny."

I use it on my PC. Didn't consider it worth it on my phone since I don't really use the browser. But on the PlayBook... I'll have to consider.

I don't like having to pay monthly for it! I'd rather wait for another developer to make a pay once version of this app. Too expensive!!!

My PB keep me logged in on my usually websites I visit daily. For exemple, without need to login I'm able to write this comment. So what is this app for?