Last Chance: Vote now for the 'CrackBerry Best of 2013'!

By Adam Zeis on 26 Dec 2013 12:13 pm EST


This is your last chance to vote for your favorites in the CrackBerry Best of 2013 awards. Voting is only open until tomorrow -- so if you want your say you better get your votes in now!

Head to the survey page below to get it done, it only takes a few minutes. Pick your favorite apps, games, accessories & devices. We'll tally the votes this weekend and on Monday we'll crown the champions and name them Best of 2013!

Vote now in the CrackBerry Best of 2013 awards

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Last Chance: Vote now for the 'CrackBerry Best of 2013'!


Pastry Push should be baked into the CB app.

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HUB ++ is more useful (better designed) than most of the apps listed in this survey. Games should be left out entirely. I mean, c'mon. $100 Nintendo 3DS is second only to the iPhone in the minds of most consumers.

Like them or not, games sell. Even on BB10. Your device wouldn't need half it's specs if it wasn't for games. There'd be no buzz around a device without games, coz no one wants to talk about Hub++ to their friends.

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Still unable to complete.

Will not let us skip non relevant questions.

To finish means mashing out random answers for games. I have not tried any of the games...

Random means this entire vote is void...

Start over with a NOT APPLICABLE option. Cant hand out rewards for things based on random votes....

Do you even listen, we have been telling you since you made this.

BB until it is not CDN

Out of spite i just mashed out answers, contributing to skewed results.

The winners will all be illegitimate.

BB until it is not CDN

Who stole the gamma rays from the gamma ray jar? Was it you?

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You can just skip questions that you don't have an answer for. Just don't answer them.

With that in mind, this should be highlighted as an option... skipping a question is not that obvious

Posted via CB10

ok! so, know that the 'Games' answer will be skewed. It's a little fun, not launching a satellite into orbit. You kind of made it sound like you were randomly answering every question, because you couldn't skip one! How that must have ruined Christmas for you.

All but one question could be skipped, which was probably a mistake, granted. But you are using the plural form 'answers' inappropriately which is leading to some misunderstanding.

You cannot skip one answer/question, this was true.

Even I can't say it quite right in English:

There is one question you cannot skip, is what I mean.

"You cannot skip one" sounds like there are none that can be skipped, not any...and that's not true.

Poorly designed survey making the results skewed by forcing compulsory answers to app genres I have no interest in, therefore I just randomly clicked on one.

It's an underwhelming selection, and probably not representative of the best BlackBerry apps (there are some gems out there).

FWIW, the overall best BlackBerry app is Nobex. Newsstand, Neutron and ReadItNow are runner-ups. Super Hexagon FTW in the game category.

There are NO great audiobook players however, which is ridiculous. Like come on, being able to download and play audio books is basic smartphone functionality nowadays. It should be a default with the Z30. Mr. Chen should do whatever is necessary to get Audible on board.

Download GOD CODES today :

Can't vote, my answers wouldn't be honest with the best apps missing at this list. :(

Posted via CB10

Unable to complete. Silly list of games I can't skip and know nothing about. A waste of time. Hub++, Message X, not seen?? Whatever, good luck. Happy New Year !!!

Posted via CB10

Can't complete. No option to skip questions, games??. Sorry. Thanks anyway for trying. Happy New Year and thanks for everything Crackberry does and thank you Adam.

Posted via CB10

As several comments showed above:
Cannot complete the survey as
1. Several answers are compulsory (I don't play games on the phone, so I can't select the best overall BlackBerry game ...)
2. Poor selection, no "write in" fields. (Where's 'The Hub' under social or communications apps? Where are 'BeBuzz', 'Hub++' or 'Enpass' under utility apps?)