Larry David Needs His BlackBerry Bold

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Oct 2009 10:01 am EDT

Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of my absolute favorite shows and if you've been watching this season (which has been hilarious so far imo) then you've likely spotted Larry David with his BlackBerry Bold in hand on more than one occassion.

The BlackBerry Bold and Larry's addiction to the device (hello BrickBreaker!) were put in the spotlight on last night's episode. Check out the clip above - minor language warning.

Now be honest. Would you have done the same thing as Larry in this situation? :)

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Larry David Needs His BlackBerry Bold


I make it a point to back up at least once a month, because it would be my luck, that I'd lose everything :) BACK UP PEOPLE!!! BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, but my Tour ALWAYS comes first, I don't blame him.. I thought that was hillarious last night. He kept running back and furth. I can't believe Suzzy threw it in the ocean. WTF??????????

like the first person said!! if he would have done his weekly update hed be good!!hhaha this is my fisrt time watchin this show..i bene watchin it since the first show this season and ITS FRIGGIN HILAIROUS!! I LOVE IT

Who else would have sacrificed his best friend's daughter for his Blackberry... well... maybe some of the hard core users on Crackberry! What I want to know is how he found it in the ocean after she threw it in.

By-the-way... a true story... a friend of mine dropped her 8820 into the lake that they have a house on and a diver found the thing a month later. A local tech company was able to go in and retrieve all of her data and transfer it onto the hard drive of her PC. So their must be a way to extract info off the SIM card or memory. Someone needs to tell Larry about this!

Watching this really seems like something I would do. I wouldn't have gone back to cover it up and place it in the chair, but I'm pretty sure I would have tossed it on the towel.

Time to do a data backup, just in case.

Thats pretty funny, always appreciate a BB spot on a show.

But I think I would have karate kid flamingo kicked that woman into the ocean.

That show is one of my favorite's. I also love to see the bb on tv shows and not the i-toy. Make sure you watch all of the last season of entourage on demand. That show is bb crazy everybody character and stand in can be spotted using sporting their bb.

If he was using Google Sync, he would have all his contact info backed up and therefore would take only a matter of minutes to reload all his contacts. Google Sync Rules!!!

I love CE...LD is so crazy and obsessive......I would have wrapped my bold up too.....but the bold he had at the table was a new one...if you look on the table there was new packaging...

but you should have left the clip for 1 minute more.. what the black guy says is funny as hell after that.. lmao

There seems to be a lot of BlackBerry on TV these days.
Hank on ABC
Accidentally on Purpose on CBS

Sightings abound.

I believe I also saw a BB Storm on Smallville in the hands of the Lois Lane character on Friday's episode.

Larry's show is crazy. You just knew something stupid would happen when Susy asked him to watch the daughter. S*** always happens to Larry. Most times it's his own fault. I can't believe his secretary doesn't have his contacts backed up. Either way, great show!

Next episode should have Larry putting his Bold into a bowl of rice and it coming out working like a champ!!!

Hands down...

I like his show better than Seinfeld believe it or not. and this episode...was HILARIOUS!!!

A friend was pushed into a pool on his bday. He had his BB in his pocket, and after a short swim he came out and took the battery out and let it dry overnight. It worked perfectly the next day and still does 6 months later. I have told many people this since, and it often sells them on a BB. Odd how many people expect to take a dip in the pool.

This is the best show on TV and Susie is hilarious; this stuff can only happen to Larry David!

haha. I remember seeing this last night and the first thing that came to mind that it would be on crackberry the next morning.

This was funny as hell. This is why i never go to the beach. He should learn how to back up his data and then he will be a real addict. I would have gone home and grabbed one of my back up berries and restored my data and laughed in her face.

yeah i might have done the same depending on who was actually drowning lol
but it looked hilarious when he was crying after she threw it in
i would have been pissed to lol

This was really funny, particularly after reading posts for months about people jumping into the ocean or pool with their BB in their pocket.

I know this may seem odd, but I don't know how to swim - therefore there would have been no reason for me to run towards the water in the first place. There's no sense in two people drowning. Also - that woman who threw the Bold into the water - she would have been the second splash, and hopefully (for her sake) she'd come back up with my Bold in hand. LOL!


BlackBerry is a common name in Curb Your Enthusiasm.
If i remember from like the 2nd or 3rd season there was some episode where somebody was suicidal and the last line was "Oh no, suicide note by BlackBerry."

Totally can relate to him. HAHA! I'm gonna show my gf this video. She hates blackberrys because I'm on it all the time =(. She would love to throw my blackberry into the sea. HAHA

I watched this episode last night and laughed my ass off....I was thinking the whole time that it was going to be on here...Good post.

OMG! I screamed when she threw the Blackberry into the ocean! I nearly scared my brother lol. But yeah, I think I would've done the same this as Larry lol.

i would have done same thing,,lol just a little faster since im younger then he is and a little smarter then him,,,lol

I just started watching Curb because of the Seinfield reunion episode and havent stopped. This is funny stuff Ive been missing. And my heart lept when Susy threw that BB. Whenever I go near a ledge or water, I tuck my BB deep into my pockets or leave it in the car. Blackberry+water/ledge or high point= x( BB owner

one of the top 3 Curb episodes of all time no question. big fan in the UK here who downloads all my HBO shows pretty much the next morning after they have aired stateside. I was literally crying laughing the whole episode. pure comedy genius. Larry is THE MAN!

i would've beat that woman silly. OMG no way would she have taken my bb. I guess its just a way of life others dont understand.

Just another "What Would Larry David Do" moment! Love the show! What would I do? Depends on whether they were my kids or not! ;) Just kidding, of course.