Lance Armstrong's BOLD Comeback!

Lance Armstrong
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jan 2009 02:37 pm EST

Lance Armstrong Showing off his BlackBerry Bold (or is he about to take a self-portrait?!)

Talk about an awesome picture. Our old pal TAG (one of CrackBerry's first members/moderators and big cycling fan) spotted this shot of Lance Armstrong at his training camp in Tenerife over at Elizabeth takes some AMAZING photos - definitely check out her site.

But seriously, talk about a sweet product shot. Lance would make a pretty cool celebrity BlackBerry spokesman... he's even a TwitterBerry addict! One more image after the jump.

Lance Armstrong
This one is kinda funny.. Lance Armstrong curling his BlackBerry Bold

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Lance Armstrong's BOLD Comeback!


well they have that [kinda dumb] running commercial about how fast the bold is, Lance would make a good spokesperson because he's pretty damn fast, they just need to make a better commercial

Lance got his BB Bold direct from Jim Balsillie on June 14th, 2008. This was before the Bold had actually been released on any market yet. Jim gave a Bold to Lance as well as to his date at the time, Kate Hudson.

I was the photographer at a cancer fundraising ride (110km) to benefit the Sunnybrook Cancer Foundation on that date out in the Cambridge, Ontario area. Jim B is an avid rider himself and he was the host of the event.

Lance made a really neat joke about how he is still using an older BB (with a scroll wheel) since he has not had much success with BBs that have a "ball". (Joke referring to himself and his testicular cancer".

I am glad he can make light of his former cancer. He has a level of mental toughness that most will never come close to achieving.

The Bold is in focus, the background not so much. Very appropriate for us BB addicts :~)

@LizKreutz takes amazing photos! It is a blast to follow her, Lance, and Doug (@livestrongceo) to see what they are up to and the amazing work/non-work things they do. They are all twitter addicts. Looking back at Lance's twitpic stream this was probably taken at the op of the Teide mts a month and a 1/2 or so ago probably right about the same time as this photo...

Actually, now that I think about it...I wonder if he was handing Liz his BB to take a picture he could post on TwitPic. So the photo above lead to the TwitPic photo.