Lack of ecosystem is the top reason BlackBerry sales are low

The topic of apps has been an issue for quite some time now, CrackBerry Forums members weigh in on whether or not a richer ecosystem would improve BlackBerry sales and perception.

These Are Not The Apps You're Looking For!
By Bla1ze on 15 Aug 2013 08:26 pm EDT

Over the past few days now there has been a ton of focus placed on 'the things BlackBerry has done wrong'. It seems everyone out there appears to know more about being a CEO than actual CEO's do, especially when the topic is BlackBerry. That's not necessarily a bad thing as it often times leads to some great discussion. One thread in the CrackBerry Forums that caught my attention, because I in some ways agree with it, was this one.

The Q10 is a nice device, but without the apps and other elements of the ecosystem it is at an enormous disadvantage.GadgetTravel, CrackBerry Member

The topic of apps on BlackBerry has been an issue for quite some time now, even before BlackBerry 10 existed. Previously, the devices were limited in what developers could do with apps. BlackBerry OS couldn't handle the richer apps due to how old the architecture was. BlackBerry 10 has changed that for the most part and now the devices can handle more, but the API's and such for the BlackBerry 10 SDK are still being released and developers were, until recently, hitting some limitations.

To say BlackBerry has made leaps and bounds towards improving the app situation isn't far off, but there is still room for improvement in this area, no doubt about it. It's not due to lack of apps, last we heard there were over 235,000 apps in BlackBerry World and climbing. It's due to lack of apps people really want. Here we are, seven months after launch, and we are still missing the big names like Instagram and Netflix, and even basic apps, yet critical to many, such as banking apps. So why don't we have these apps yet?

Many companies are taking the 'wait and see' approach, they are waiting to see if BlackBerry 10 will be successful before devoting time, resources and money. They want to see a return on their investment. Companies are in the business of making money, that's the bottom line, and right now they don't see it happening on the BlackBerry 10. Consumers are turned away from BlackBerry because their favorite apps are missing and companies aren't making the apps because devices aren't selling. Chicken and egg problem, if you will.

It's all about the apps now, not how good the phone or operating system is.treaker, CrackBerry Member

When the average consumer walks into a store to buy a new cell phone what compelling reason do they have to purchase a BlackBerry over an iPhone or Android device? BlackBerry 10 is a great platform, but that isn't enough for today's consumer. So what is BlackBerry doing about it?  Well they've run BlackBerry Jam sessions all over the globe to incite developer interest in the platform, which is great. They've offered developer incentives by way of the Built for BlackBerry Program and Dev Alpha devices and held Port-A-Thons galore, for better or worse. 

BlackBerry has a great platform and great development tools which are growing with each release. But what are they doing to get companies on board? While we don't know what goes on behind closed doors, what is apparent is that it is not enough, and things like having 100 arguably useless map apps whoring up the newly arrived apps list in BlackBerry World is DEFINITELY not helping. At this point BlackBerry needs to go all out. Arguably, they should have been going all out since 2007 when the iPhone was announced, but that's neither here nor there now.

If BlackBerry could have "bought" those apps, they would have. They simply can't. They can only be "bought" with marketshare numbers.Troy Tiscareno, CrackBerry Member

The question that comes up the most is 'Why isn't Thorsten Heins being sent down to Menlo Park with a suitcase full of cash and being told to make it rain in Zuckerberg's office?'. Personally, I think that's a reasonable question and some would say that's exactly what Microsoft has been doing with Windows Phone 8. Pay the big names to have their app on the platform if you have to. If they're concerned about development costs then eliminate those costs for them. Take those costs out of the equation by paying those costs for them.

Of course, you have to consider the costs involved with that overall but to that I say, what would have been better? Launching with all the big name apps or a 30 second spot during a football game? Most folks would say that money would have been better spent on ensuring even more top apps were present and there's been plenty of criticism about all of that as well. Would better commercials showing off more of the device features have helped? Did the hiring of Alicia Keys help sell any devices or push the brand forward? While there's always room to improve advertising efforts, I think having the apps people want is the best advertising.

Almost every commercial I see for something that has an app always says in it "can be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play". All that free advertisement going around for them and who wouldn't want a phone that every app is made for the phone.aron2, CrackBerry Member

I know many will argue the stuff laid out here and some will even say that there isn't an app problem for them and that's fine, because for the most part, I'm fine with the app situation myself. But that's because I own multiple devices and don't really need some of those apps on my BlackBerry as they're really not all that important to my daily life. We're talking about the bigger picture here, the people who do use those apps every day and really do care whether or not they're on BlackBerry before they decide to make use of a BlackBerry smartphone. Those apps not being there do hurt BlackBerry.

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The topic of app availability on BlackBerry isn't going away. Every day, the CrackBerry Twitter account gets asked when is such and such app coming to BlackBerry 10. Some times there is an answer but more often than not there is no answer and that's not cool. How do you all feel about the app situation now? Sound off in the comments or hop into the CrackBerry Forums and let us know.

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Lack of ecosystem is the top reason BlackBerry sales are low



How much would it cost to help a developer bring their must-have app to bb10 OS as a native app? One million dollars? 500k? What are the MUST HAVE apps still missing from BB10 OS? Now, forget about the 100 most popular, concentrate in the 25 most popular still missing. IF you invest $25 million (probably less) to enrich your ecosystem AND have your PR department make sure this gets the appropriate exposure in the media, wouldn't it be worth the investment? You can scale this up as you go and start seeing good results. I'll admit that one million dollars per app average cost is only a gestimate, I'm I way off? I'm I missing something here?

I think it's lack of true innovation & marketing.

Marketing should not just be to end users but also to developers. Have 100k or 1 millions app in the store is useless. They needed 100 outstanding ones including all and every top app people wants in their phone.

They should have launched the BB10 saying: here the only 100 apps that you care and want.

Damage was too severe from previous leaders combined with some flawed logic and absurd decisions on TH's behalf. Nothing short of obtaining some alien tech is going to save this company now.

I get it, I really do but also consider this:

There are tens of millions (if not hundreds of millions) that just want Facebook, Twitter, messaging and a web browser. More than enough to make BB profitable and more than enough to drive the sales of BB10 devices into the tens of millions. Even with those core competencies well under wraps, they still can't get enough mindshare to make a charge. In the end, the devices sell the apps and need is often driven by availability.

Partially correct. You have to consider that more options sounds better than none. For example someone that only uses his current smartphone for browsing, fb and tw, will still go for a GS4 with wifi direct, blinking eyes controlled crap, only because it has mor stuff in it. Even if he never ever uses it

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BlackBerry's Time Shift camera is a compelling feature that makes BBs look cool and advanced, don't know why they are not emphasizing this more in marketing.

You're absolutely correct. This is a great feature to show in a 30-second commercial, yet they don't. I just don't get it.

Agreed. The time shift camera is a really cool feature that should be marketed more. It even impressed my impossible-to-impress-iPhone-fanatic brother!! Also the BlackBerry Remember app is a very nice organization tool built into the OS that is unlike any other platform.

I'll take fewer higher quality apps any day over thousands of useless apps that clutter the apple and android markets.

It's all about marketing. BlackBerry already has the solid platform it just needs to get its message out there.....

Posted via CB10

Well said, just not true before you defend this argument ask yourself a question, if someone gave you a honda or a hyundai for free which one would you take. Simply put great track record, features, and marketing sell, blackberry has 1 of the 3 ,that's not going cut it. Would you buy anything knowing that another product does the same thing but more people support and it has more options available. Don't be blinded by the obvious answers because of your love for BlackBerry. That is part of the problem, people have been blind for to long.

I get you, and agree. But Honda or Hyundai.....neither! but I get your point. That is what people unfortunately look for, the "coolest" newest piece of crap with most bells and whistle. not secure, not communication tool," toys that also can be used as phone and communication. I can say I used to be that way until I got little older and smarter. But majority doesn't care about anything but being able to say my phone or tablet can do this pointless thing that I will never use. Like splitting my 6 inch screen in half so I can "act" like my brain can process all that my phone is doing.

The problem is that "crap" is actually a lot better than the "crap" that BlackBerry expected us to buy. The whole "tools" vs "toys" matra here on BB is downright sad to here repeated and repeated by a few that have probably never used an iPhone or an Android.

Instead of thinking that the rest of the world is being brainwashed of following blindly... just CONSIDER if maybe it isn't US that have been flowing blindly...

Tools vs toys is an interesting argument and an incorrect one. People put BB10 in the tools and iPhone/Android in the toys categories. Every day on Crackberry I see some new game for BB10, yet I still can't access my bank account or pay my credit card without going to the mobile website on BB10.

Indeed. I'm with RBC and I find astonishing that such a known institution doesn't already have its application on BB10 when I used it everyday, many times a day, on my 9900. One of my very few gripes with my Q10 so far.

Posted via CB10

Thank you for this. This is one of my main complaints as well... the fanbois on this site give BBRY a pass because the PlayBook can be used for games, videos, browsing... the same arguments are being made about z10 and it's fairly delusional.

Never mind the bridge ... where are the productivity / enterprise tools I was demoed a YEAR ago ..

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I think for a large part we are missing the point lots of folks are not buying the device because of lack of apps, because a number of folks have checked out my Z10 and exclaimed that they did not realize who much apps blackberry has, but they are holding off because someone has told them that blackberry will be sold or is getting out of the business, every bit of bad news is clung to by a 1000 people but good news is only heard by two, for instance the data shows that less handsets are selling overall both Samsung & IOS has had big drops in there sales but no one hears that it totally falls on deaf ears but the slightest bad news for Blackberry is amplified by every one including some off the loyal fans on Crackberry.

Also, people find the BlackBerry 10 interface difficult to understand at first. I didn't have a problem but many people don't know how to get started and so don't like using my phone!

Posted via CB10

Parts of the BB10 interface I love but parts I hate. I'm still not sold on a unified Hub, especially one that keeps defaulting back to the last thing I was looking in instead of the top level. But, assuming BBRY doesn't fold, I expect it to get only better.

In concur with you! I would love to have my Chase bank app, Candy Crush, and Spotify on my z10. I know there is side loading but I can't figure it out worth a crap and the closest I've come says the debug token isn't recognized by my device:(

Totally agreed.
Actually, Bold 9900 really disappoint me, sucks battery life, poor camera, super slow reboot (same as all old BB),....
But I am happy about my Q5 now although I still think it don't have the apps I need.
And I also think that many ppl in here may never use a iPhone or Android and yell that they are Crap. They should really try them and they will know.

Posted via CB10 from Q5

"And I also think that many ppl in here may never use a iPhone or Android and yell that they are Crap. They should really try them and they will know." same argument iPhone and Android users give to not try BB 10.
IMO more and good marketing, more lack of ecosystem is reason sales are low.

"so I can "act" like my brain can process all that my phone is doing."

Maybe YOUR brain can't process the info load. Doesn't mean everyone shares your limitations.

BB10 has Facebook, yes, but it's still missing a lot of basic FB functions like sharing, chat, etc.

Posted via my Zexy Z10, raaawrrr

It is not missing chat, and that was the only missing major function people were actually annoyed with.

Posted via CB10

Yep. No idea why this hasn't been addressed yet. It's my #1 complaint. Screw chat! I wanna share inappropriate E Cards

Posted via CB10

You can share by clicking and holding someone else's post and the side options will pop up and you can share that way. I just need to find out how I can share onto another person's timeline...sadly I haven't figured that out yet:(

That's untrue. Once they get the phone and there is just one app, like Words with Friends they can't get, they will be unhappy and will not recommend the phone to others.

Posted via CB10

I don't know about you guys, but most of the folks I know (the average person on the street) don't care much about apps. They want a phone that does email, messaging, browsing. Once in a while, they will hear about some app and get excited about it, and they may download it and play with it for a day or two then move on. It's more about not missing out or feeling like you are the odd person in the room.
Regardless, BlackBerry has done an awesome job in generating apps for BB10 through some unique developer programs plus including adding the Android Runtime -- Jelly Bean on BlackBerry 10 will be sweet! This way, you can get many, if not all, of the apps you want. Brilliant!

Sorry, you missed it.
1. Downloading and playing with apps IS a new pastime for people, whether they use them repeatedly or not. At $.99 cents an app, people can do that. Another reason BlackBerry misses out with its higher app prices.
2. While playing, people go looking for and expect to find the apps they DO use regularly. When they change phones, they go looking for those regular apps and expect to find them.

Posted via CB10

Thanks Bla1ze for bringing this issue in the limelight.

The lack of Apps is BlackBerry's #1 problem, and they are not ready to invest to fix their #1 problem. They rather preserve cash so that the company can get bought at a higher price.

3.1 billion in cash and they are not doing anything with it!

Posted via CB10

Lack of BB sales is due to very poor advertising with those useless keep moving commercials showing more ppl than the phones actual features. Than of course it's the apps and that's also bec of all the negative publicity and rumors going around about BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Ironically, I don't see people wanting to "keep moving" anymore. There is a cultural shift toward slowing down, simplicity and work-life balance. The ads need to focus on how BlackBerry let's you SEPARATE work from the rest of your life. The old "crackberry" type of reference is now associated more with burn out, Wall Street crooks and the 1%. If you want to capture the masses, it will yltake a different angle.

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Yeah, the cash is not helping. You must also consider that the company doesn't want to incur any debt, which is a great philosophy because they aren't at the mercy of anyone... except some pi$$ed off investors.

Contrary to beleif here BlackBerry is already shelling out big bucks to get app created for BB10 (eg: They paid the NHL a lot of money for their app - which would NOT have been created otherwise).

Some companies just don't want to worry about dealing/supporting a BB10 app regardless of how much money BlackBerry is willing to throw at them. Look at Netflix, BlackBerry said they would send their own developers (ie not cost to them to build the app) and they still said no.

It's an image problem that money can't solve! At least Windows Phone 8 has the Microsoft name behind it...

A multi million dollar tv spot showing a man explode into colored dust then emerge from a sewer, inadequately featuring a product not yet for sale in that market. Or spending that money trying to attract & accomodate top developers.

That was such a tough call.

OMG... as a person who does quite a bit of marketing i was so embarrassed to watch that... i kept waiting for the part where it got good. In the last 10 seconds i prayed they splurged for a double 30 sec spot and the best was yet to come... lol... #sigh.

Apps are a big part of the current situation, no doubt. The biggest issue BlackBerry faces and has always faced is the size of its home field advantage! If BlackBerry and BB10 was from China or the USA, I have no doubt it would be a massive success. And have all the apps.
Because Canada doesn't have the economy of scale to support BlackBerry during the transition its left up to others and they just don't care as much!

Posted via CB10

If BlackBerry had the major apps all ready to go and the Z10 had personality instead of being a bland slab, it would be a different conversation now. The empty Q10 is a disaster. All suit and no soul.

Posted via CB10

With QNX on board 60% of new cars sold and the recent addition of MyCars page in BlackBerry World then maybe, just maybe, the lure of having your app on a cars infotainment system might encourage developers to go for BB10.

Honestly, I think this situation is a bunch of crap. Sure we don't have some 'big name apps' but for those there's work around like side loading and personally the only app I actually NEED right now on my phone is the one for my bank. But do I cry about it? No, I just use my browser and have a link on my home screen and guess what? It works.
This is one of those situations where people need to realize that there being a million apps in a market is beyond ridiculous. How many people actually even download that many apps? I have a bunch of games I don't even use since the first week I got them. I keep them only in case I actually feel like playing them.

There's a big difference between NEED and WANT. I've used phones with all OSes available and I can honestly say that I like BlackBerry apps the most, mostly because of the Cascades framework.

Posted via CB10

Shao, you have done your part of adding apps to App World but you can't do it alone unfortunately.

Post via CB Z10

yup I agree, also ask yourself, we saw all the portathons and a nice big push and presence for devs before the launch, what have you seen since the launch apart from the usual annual conference?

personally speaking if you compare the 6 months before launch and the 6 months after launch the difference is huge, before they would literally beg people to develop for them, theyd be very social and as I said the portathons, mini jams and dev alpha giveaways. in the 6 months post release? well I did see a dev alpha c giveaway the other day, as in literally last week, months after the Q10 has launched. but that's all iv seen.

to me, BlackBerry has done the same with dev rel as it has with advertising and its media blitz, it went on the offensive prior to BB10 launch, it was all helpful and public for a whole month after launch, then someone turned off the lights and forgot about keeping momentum.

@BBThemes. Didn't they give developers some tools (SDK, devices)? So the ball is in the developers' court? I also understand the new SDK is better (headless apps etc) but the apps people are asking for -- bank apps, for example -- aren't those tools available now for developers? I do get what you're saying though regarding keeping the momentum going.

I was very fortunate to be given a dev alpha which I later swapped for a Z10 LE, however I don't think this would be the case for every dev, phones are sometimes given sometimes not.
as for the SDK, yes but to test headless apps you need to use the 10.2 dev beta (im talking without using a leak, for claritys sake) and then you have a phone with only half the apps..

but the main thing is the momentum, just like the advertising, started with a bang, has now fizzled out and people don't hear much of anything

I feel today was a boring day for BlackBerry news. I'm dying for them to break the blood silence. COME ON!

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

I guess everyone forgot about the promise rim made in 2011

"We promise to be more transparent with our customers"
mike lazardis
3 outages and lack of communication during press releases and analyst calls and product releases

Oh and +100 to paying devs. They've tried the conservative approach, if you will.

Not working. Time to cracking into a bit of that cash reserve. Taking risks can pay off.

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

With android jelly bean coming in 10.2 why can't BlackBerry use the Google store for the apps not in BlackBerry World?

Posted via CB10

Done, that's too bad.

At the very least the ability to run jellybean must make it easier for developers to make BlackBerry 10 apps at a low cost, I prefer native apps but whatever works for now.

Posted via CB10

yeah... i prefer for the BlackBerry store to grow with their own apps..

anyways can you tell me why victorious was canceled since you r with nick canada?

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Just paying to develop an app is not sufficient. Remember, that an app requires ongoing maintenance and corresponding staff, so the cost is not just to develop the app, but to support it.

What about a different approach, instead of saying here's X dollars to build an app, you give Y dollars to develop the app and Z dollars per download for maintenance. This would be easier on BlackBerry's cash reserve, guarantee money for the developers and the end user wouldn't have to notice

Posted via CB10

BTW, the title of this article makes it sound that this is a fact. Is this a fact that it is the number one reason, or just speculation/theory/talking point?

(Not trying to sound critical.)

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

"The topic of apps has been an issue for quite some time now, CrackBerry Forums members weigh in on whether or not a richer ecosystem would improve BlackBerry sales and perception." and it's posted under from the forums and as an editorial. Not sure how to make it any plainer, it's an opinion piece taken from the thoughts of forum members.

Love it Bla1ze. Sometimes the wisest men have no one better to quote than themselves. (I just came up with that, and will hereafter quote myself)

Posted via CB10

"It seems everyone out there appears to know more about being a CEO than actual CEO's do, especially when the topic is BlackBerry. "

This comment is priceless!!!

BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry????? when will you lean from leaders of the pack. ...from the bone to the the game finally over?

Posted by Zmain

Most of the apps I don't need... but some basic you can afford not to have them. Google apps and some social apps like instagram can't be ignored. More work to be done.

Posted via CB10

Like the article said developers want market share while the public wants apps.

It's the chicken and the egg scenario again.

Realistically doing one nor the other will not work, both avenues need to be taken in a coordinated effort.

One thing that I think would help down in the USA is giving an incentive for people to buy BlackBerry. Say a $100 gift card for BlackBerry World.

But then what do I know, just another armchair CEO

Posted via CB10

Netflix and Instagram is the problem? I call BS. The issue is perception and cool factor. And that's all marketing. People want what the marketeers tell them they want.

Posted via CB10

It's not Netflix and instagram, but all the little apps that I would like to use and can't that I find troublesome.

Posted via CB10

Right and what helps perception? Having the apps people want. Perception will NEVER change if you can't get the devices in the hands of people. What gets those devices there? Having the apps they want, need and use everyday.

You can't market what you don't have.

Precisely Bla1ze!! You can't market what you don't have! The "chicken & the egg" scenario are spot on. Devs are waiting to commit while the customer waits on the Dev to produce the app by renewal date of their current device ... No app "X" I want on Blackberry, I will just pick that (whatever) device right there that has all the apps I could never use ... and then some! The market share in Blackberry is dwindling due to this app quandary and its like a dog chasing its tail. Will there be enough devoted customers left to keep Blackberry afloat once it finally catches it's tail? Only time will tell.

Well then mission accomplished. Tens of millions of Americans know what the phone won't do based on a Super Bowl commercial.

I guess America et al will have to wait for the next Super Bowl to discover what the phone/OS will accomplish? Perhaps at that point we'll discover whether consumers really want an app store full of offline GPS tools; emails streamed to their car; DoD level encryption or whether they just want to use the fucking things like their friends, family, employer etc use the fucking things.

I'm going to go plug in this marvellous device to fully charge for the second time today... I did use it after all (for a little browsing) and the bitch drains fast.

Posted via CB10

What gets the phone in the hands of people is salesmen..... I have said it plenty of time. offer the staff and stores incentives to sell the handsets.

For example make it tiered. So $10 for the first 15 in a month, $20 per handset for the next 20 and $50 for any over the 35 mark. IF as a salesmen you have to choose between selling an GS4 and a Q10 where you get nothing for selling the GS4 and a Q10 which nets you $50 you ain't selling a GS4.

Give the staff training. Put BlackBerry specialists inside key phone stores. Hold promotions in store.

I have had BlackBerry handsets for years now and I a learning new shit all the time and quite often if I am in the store I have to help staff with BlackBerry queries they are getting from customers.

It is not apps but the Apple led perception of apps let's get our their and change that. Damn it Coke doesn't have apps yet can you remember the Pepsi chritmas ads NO you bloody can't.

Posted via CB10

BB was just plain too slow in getting into the game. Fix should have been done a while ago to help the app deprived people. Push the BB devices with the 10.2 runtime for android legally on BB app world. Gives the android devs another revenue stream and might also with $ enticement create a BB native version of their same app. There you go - all the apps you ever wanted on a fabulous BB. Put stickers on the front of the BB screens at the stores stating "Download and run all your favorite Android apps through BB World". Have to up-sell the security aspects of Blackberry along with the hub functions making it "unique" from the others while running apps your friends are on other platforms. It is a way to get the damn BB in people's hands. People do want to be a little different from someone else but still be able to do most of the same things.

Exactly. I've mentioned it before.
Would I love to have Netflix? Absolutely!
Know what I would like just a much?

Apps for my banks so I can make mobile deposits.
Safeway and Fred Meyer apps to track my rewards and deals.
Sidereel app to track my shows
Redbox app to reserve on the go
ADT app to control my home security
App to remote-start my car
Google apps for...well...everything

There are plenty more, but those are the ones I would use daily. Bottom line, if BB can't provide what I want, I'll be bummed about it, but I'll just have to move on to Android.

I've spent LOTS of $$ on Apps on my Z10, but honestly, after a few uses, they all get lost inside some folder...So it's all about hype IMO. Many people are ashamed to even mention they have a BlackBerry in a crowd scared of being ridiculed. I truly believe it's more of a perception problem caused by many things, including apps, but I think the BlackBerry name has been damaged for some time now, and they should have called the new phones QNX and not BlackBerry10... That would have given them a better chance at least in the US....

Posted via CB10

well that just silly, I will stand out in a crowd and tell them I got a BlackBerry and will put my Z10 UI against any phone they call cool.

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < bbry stocks*C0004ABC9

Lol are you joking, I flaunt my Q10 in a crowd like no other. If anything I put other people's phones down when there is any opportunity for comparison.


1. Marketing. Most folks (other than us geeks) don't even know BlackBerry has new phones. Those that see them don't know all the coolness of OS10 and aren't deep enough to look for themselves. The competitors spend serious dough convincing the low information public they just gotta have their products.

2. Then comes apps. Sorry, all the whining about apps won't convince me otherwise.


People don't like to think for themselves. Call it pessimistic or negative I don't care. Consum- I mean Sheeple don't research products anymore before they buy them. 1. If they don't hear about it. It doesn't exist. 2. If they aren't told to have it, they don't want it.

Giving consumers options doesn't pay off a lot of times. Nobody remembers that TMOBILE was the 1st and only carrier at a time to have and push an Android phone to market, look where TMO is at now in rankins in the Big 4 but the success of the android platform. They never got the credit for that and again nobody remembers...

Perfect example of consumers being sheep is Beats by Dre products (over priced and garbage if you really know your audio phones) But they're the cool thing to have even though for the same or less price you can find way better. People act like they dont know about Yamaha, Harmon Kardon (sp check) Bang Ohlefson etc. wern't around before beats or that kicker Cerwin Vega Alpine JL Audio etc making car stereo stuff (shot at Chryslers deal with Beats) or phones and laptops now having Beats. People will say they like something or why it's the best but couldn't explain to you why. Lol
This video says it all about consumers today.

Posted via CB10

Agreed, pple dont spend money on quality, or whats necessarily better, more on whats cool, and trending to have. Products don't have to be necessarily good, as long as they appear to be "in" from my observation anyway. I think its sad actually.

Posted via CB10

If I remember correctly BlackBerry has been marketing what they don't have for a while now. I remember seeing a bunch of app icons during press events that have yet to materialize.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

To a lot of people; having Netflix, instagram, snapchat, vine etc. gives the phone a more cool.

Posted via CB10

There will be a lot of people who argue that apps aren't that important, but there are a lot of apps that offer a service that the operating system could support, but for the bulk of users would be useless, or something they never imagined that they would need.

Yes, there are some very good applications available for BlackBerry and there are a lot of useless apps available for iOS and Android, but there are a lot of very well made apps for both of those platforms that offer much more than just functionality: say what you want but iOS offers a complete experience and Android gives its users options. BlackBerry has built an amazing platform, but there are so few developers taking advantage of the power of the OS. What other platform offers native SMB support? What platform offers so many ways of building apps?

BlackBerry has an image problem and even with all the talk about mobile computing they have yet to give us a complete vision of what that is which could excite developers to build for BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

I really love this phone, and I know that I will enjoy it for the next two years because I can sideload, but I am worried about the next upgrade cycle.

For me I just wanted a change from the iPhone to something different. I had 400 apps on it and only used a few each day. I wish more people would see how great this phone is (Z10 for me) instead of the ongoing app debate.

+1. Agree

BlackBerry will never be able to compete with iOS or Android on the number of apps, the speed at which apps are developed (iOS and Android will always be first to get the apps).

What BBRY needs to do is take consumers' focus off silly apps like instagram and netflix apps for a second. And refocus on what makes BBRY better than other platforms.

But instead, BlackBerry keeps mentioning apps. We got this app. We got that app. But consumers are thinking, "But you don't have the app that I want" And there will always be THAT consumer who complains to the whole world about a single app that's never going to appear.

Take the focus off apps for a while.

I don't need Netflix or instagram. I have too much to do to spend time watching movies or posting my life all over the Internet. I do however need banking apps, BoA to be exact, and Amazon apps. I am a busy working mom and those are some apps I need to get through my day. I think BlackBerry needs to go directly to these developers and show the exactly how well developed BB10 is and how with their help BlackBerry and those apps could excel.

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

Agreed. If BB10 is for business and so called "adults", then the focus should be on business apps and on things that help us BB10 users get business done.

Absolutely "correct"... Bank apps, apps to get around town (they just launched a NYC subway system app - could use one for Chicago CTA, SF Bart - you get the idea). Unfortunately, too many "adults" in our society are persuaded by the media and think that you cannot live without Instagram and other "must have apps"...

BlackBerry has done nothing to combat this and have really lost the "narrative fight" on what is important to adults...

Also, they have done an incredibly lame job of demonstrating why it is worth the "learning curve" to figure out the gestures on Z10 and Q10 - until they do that - gonna be a long slog.....

Z10 owner - waiting to "hand it down" and get a Z30...

I have a dream.... one day people will wake up. the mobile space is now dedicated to the purpose of consumption. music, videos, media content, games, all served up with a nice fat dose of advertising to get you to buy into, or subscribe to even more consumption.
This is truly the "opiate of the masses".
Ecosystem is just another word for revenue at the expense of the consumer (I'd use the word "customer" but sadly those who monopolise the mobile space don't see us that way)
Most of the people who complain the loudest about BB's "ecosystem' are whining about games, or instagram, or a whole host of other content consumption apps.
Historically, when we have seen period of prosperity (and thus lot's of free time) we have created wonders of art and science and argued philosophy. How sad that today, rather than create, we'd rather spend our lives, uploading pictures of our favourite stirfry or playing GTA on a mobile phone, while we sit on the couch in front of our 50" TV....

Yea, i'm actually worried about what smartphones are doing to society. You go places and all you see is people staring at their phones like they were hypnotized. I see families together doing this, couples and singles. No more talking. We need more apps to further this?

Posted via CB10

100percent agreed. I would add to the apps dilemma that BlackBerry needs to get faster at delivering things they announce such as updated android runtime, cross platform bbm, etc. I feel like we are always playing the waiting game. Oh and official software updates need to be bug free. I still haven't recovered my sms history from the 10.1MR update. But I still love my BlackBerry Z10 :)

Posted via Z10

Fully agree.
Keep to your timetable and never be late.
Though I do think the app thing is an over reaction. BB10 just game out. Give it some time. Apps like Netflix not out for BB10 is Netflix's fault. It's the Netflix Arrogance that is the issue.
Providing a BB10 app will benefit all. Not providing an app only angers people that will eventually dump Netflix.

You just asked for two things that are diametrically opposed to each other.

1. You want stuff coming out faster
2. You want stuff coming out with fewer bugs

it's gonna lean one way or the other, but it surely won't be both!

I agree with what you are saying but blackberry needs to find a way to get ahead or be in front rather than play catch up. I hope the trend will change soon. :)

Posted via Z10

I'd heard the "horror" story's about the 10.1MR update and held off updating my Z10 for a few days. Eventually I figured let's do it and see how what happens. Nice surprise! Everything went smoothly, nothing was lost and everything (except Workahol) worked. The Workahol developer knew about the glitch and had an update ready within a couple of days.
I wonder if the lost SMS history problems are vendor (telco) related. I'm with Rogers.

Imagine how many sales that have been lost simply due to Instagram and Netflix not being available on BB10.... I have witnessed it myself in carrier stores. People select Iphones and Androids for this very reason.

Posted via CB10...

9 friends from legacy BlackBerry upgraded to s3/4 and iPhone. ONLY because of Instagram. After they use it for a week I show them my Z and i sense the jealousy. I just tell then to enjoy it.


Do we really know 100% they aren't paying for apps? Why would they be willing to pay a stiff $100 for an RSS feed at launch and not a developer who actually does something useful?

While I have all the apps that I need personally, I do agree 100% that this is currently what's holding them back.

100% agree with this post. Apps, even the ones I couldn't care less about, need to exist here.
And the quote about such and such an app being available on the Play Store and App Store as free advertising is TRUE. If you heard that these apps were available on BB World too, that would be a huge boost.

My gf thinks I love my Z10 more than her... she's on to me.

I agree as well but if we had the apps I still believe they still want BlackBerry to fail. I'm BlackBerry all the way. My Z10 is awesome. I just hope BlackBerry can muster up enough to keep fighting. The launch here in the US was just awful. I'm the last in my office of about fifty detectives that has a BlackBerry. My office is about 80% ios the rest DROID. I keep the faith and hope for a break though here. The entire office at one point several years back was all BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Yup, agreed with that as well. Have heard it from BB users that they're tired of hearing 'download our app onto your Android or Apple device today', no mention of BB, they feel left out, ignored, left behind, snubbed. Doesn't anger them toward BB, but furious with the companies/devs that won't include them.

Yawwwwn!! BlackBerry can't even commit to its hardware. Do you think they will be excited about apps?

Posted via CB10

When you buy a car, do you go look for the car that has the most aftermarket accessories available to it or do you get the car with the most built in? There is no app problem, the issue lies in that there is no one on BlackBerry staff that is paid to visit every media outlet in the U.S. and make them look like stupid glorified bloggers, not journalists. BlackBerry needs to convey that their devices are better. How do you do that? By putting them in the hands of influential people. Find your biggest pundit and ask him/her to take a BlackBerry 10 device at no charge for 90 days with only two stipations: 1). They can only use this device day to day and 2). They cannot report about their experience until the 90 days are up. If they accept, 9/10 individuals are going to support the BlackBerry 10 OS as a leader and if they deny, the public will never take their criticisms seriously again. BlackBerry needs to fight back and that starts with their U.S. Critics!

Posted via CB10

Some apps are the equivalent of aftermarket accessories but the problem is that some apps are like toll passes to roads you want to go on. Game apps may be about silly ornamentation but when my phone doesn't have, say, a Lyft app, or an app for my bank or airline or credit card, it's fundamentally less useful to me.

If I were BB I would lower the barrier to android severely. Actually put Google play or at least Amazon app store on there.

Well put Sir. Apps are indeed the equivalent, and I for one, drive a F350 powerhouse turbo model ... WITH all the accessories! I want the chrome rims (aesthetics), ALL the power options (personal app choices/creature comforts), and the powerhouse lies in the hardware that BlackBerry possesses. Having a tuned turbo diesel sitting on a shelf is not going to win a race, much less compete in todays market.

Even with those big name apps...they won't be as rich in features as it would be on the iPhone android...

and even if it was still doesn't give someone the incentive to move...why would anyone who has used iPhone and owns an ipad move to BlackBerry and lose the integration with icloud

Now don't get me wrong I am BlackBerry fan and trying to get everyone around me to change their opinion about BlackBerry.... but no matter how much I demo the new BlackBerry z10, they still have the same old mentality about the brand.


Apps running in the background has become a 'feature rich' thing on BlackBerry. That ability pretty much just came yesterday for most developers and even then, some devs are saying they nerfed that.

Why? Because apple mobile is a joke. My gf went from a tired old curve to iPhone when almost the entire world did, new smartphone customers for sure did. Why, because of the apps. When her iPhone 4 was trumped by 4s her iPhone world fell apart. Her phone wouldn't work with her cloud, phone slowed down, updates made phone slower and worse. Now she back to the z10 as I convinced her to at least try to come back. Now she swares that her z10 works better with her mac book then the iPhone ever did. Would never buy another phone and is more concerned with the life organizing features and phone useability then anything else.

It pains me how good this phone is, and the entire world is clueless as to how great this experience is

The fact is the smartphone market multiplied like crazy when the iPhone 3 and 4 came out. This new world order hasn't a clue how good BlackBerry is. All they know is that it is limited in comparison to what they know when it comes to the only thing an iPhone or DROID is good for, apps.

One day these customers will too will grow up and become a more savvy smartphone costumer and expect more from their device.

BlackBerry needs to be there, and like the article states, they need to break down every barrier that is currently keeping customers second guessing the device. The only way to do that is by catering to immature crowd that seems to think having an app machine is more important then having a mobile phone computer.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

As someone who uses iCloud everyday and was wooried when switching I can tell you bb link with the bb10, box and the file manager has completed replaced it. The file manager is tied to box which is also on my iPad, PC and bb link.

How can you take a company seriously that hires Alicia Keys to help them sell phones? That sounded like a joke when it was announced at the roll out and is even more of a joke now!

Posted via CB10...

I don't understand this I must be in a skewed environment but the z10 is the hottest phone at my work people keep ditching iPhone and Android for them because other than instagram and netflix the browser more than compensates for the lack of apps.

Posted via CB10

I wish it were the same where I work. All former BlackBerry fans are now entrenched Apple/iPhone users with no intention of turning back. The ecosystem is definitely a key part of this loyalty.

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

It is so easy to pin Web pages to your home page and the browser is so fast, if people would just try this it would probably solve a lot of their missing app problems.

Posted via CB10


Web pages continue to adopt navigation tools that are suited for a mouse and not a pinch/poke finger method of interaction.

This tired argument of how the BBOS doesn't need apps because the browser is so powerful is just that: a tired argument. The behaviour of media companies and the carriers in the U.S. demonstrate that BBRY is incapable of building the necessary partnerships to compete in the smartphone segment.

BBRY fanbois are in for a long, tough ride through this transition. Even the giveaway contests on this site attracts posts. THATS how bleak it is getting.

Posted via CB10

That's the same on every other platform... most is garbage and never downloaded or never used...

I think BlackBerry should have changed the paradigm of 100k+ apps to about 10k, but only the best of the best (this would have cost a lot of money... cash they have)...

Scr*w trying to have 100k's of shitty and repetitive apps...

From the Z...

You can rent and buy movies. You can purchase applications. There are currently 3 devices and a 4th on it's way, that all communicate with everything and all utilize this "eco-system" called BlackBerry World and BlackBerry 10 and the hardware BlackBerry designs, manufactures, and markets. People buy the products too. That's an ecosystem. What are you even saying? LOL. Define "eco-system" if you don't think that is one.

Actually, an eco-system, by definition, has nothing to do with technology platforms.

What the heck is this? Really?

Posted via CB10

Well, you should try visiting some other countries where it doesn't look the same - like for example Sweden. You can't rent or buy movies or music using BlackBerry World. Maps for Scandinavia just came last week so it wasn't even possible to use the default map application before that (this in 2013). BlackBerry Travel seems broken. Devices aren't sold in _any_ physical stores (only online, where they cost ~5000 sek = $768 USD, each). Etc, etc...

And unlike Apple, which also makes their own devices and OS, BlackBerry have very few accessories (like worthless iPhone Steak Thermometers, etc), which consumers love. They need stuff like that too.

BlackBerry do have an uphill battle. There's lots to do and not so much time. This is not the time to make stupid decisions. A strong focus on consumers, whilst still not lose focus of the corporate parts (which Android and iOS are quickly gaining on).

Back on topic, the ecosystem needs to work across devices and countries. You'll have a hard time selling your phones if the software you ship doesn't can't do as much as competing platforms.

I agree apps keep people from buying into BB10. Two of my friends just this weekend really enjoyed playing with my Z10. But, then they asked me about the app situation and that's when their excitement died down. One if them said he might still get a Q10 because of the keyboard. Btw, these two are former BlackBerry user. -My next point is that I wish that BlackBerry would have done something with Fox Sports1. These new Fox channels are going to launch this weekdend so I am hoping that BlackBerry has some sort of presence on the channel because it is going to be on everyone's mouth.

White Z10 Verizon

Yeah no kidding. And now it's not going to get any better now that they announced they are screwed. Stuck with this z10 for 2 years now, great.

It's more than than just the apps I think, they need a refund policy just like Google does so people can try the app for 15mins and if they like it then stick with it, if not get a refund... most of the apps on Bbry world are useless and once you have paid for an app, most developers don't deliver the goods... I have bought many apps and frankly been disappointed with a few with bugs, poor developer service and lack of updated... I have stopped buying apps until I now see all 5 stars from users reviews... and not many abt with 5 star ratings...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

BB does have a refund process. I've used it a few times and BB always ask why I'm "returning" it. Hopefully my comments are doing some good.

If you go into the iphones appstore "top free" or "top paid" how many of those can you find in the blackberry world?? While it's cool to say that there are 235,000 apps available for BB10, how many of them have been downloaded once?? Another thing is the price for basic apps. For example BeMaps. Although it is an amazing app, you can get the same thing on Android and iOS for free!! And I'm not the cheap type but all of these apps add up. And if I want to try the app I wouldn't because I don't have money to throw around.

Posted via my Q10

I really like my Q10, but if in 8 months or so (which I tend to switch devices) all of apps problem is not solved, I will go back to Android or get iOS

Good points about apps, and for many users, this may be true.

As for myself, and possibly many others, the apps were a low consideration, as I found that the native apps drove my professional requirements (to some degree).

that said, what I have been noticing, is that with regards to why BB10 is falling short, lies in the charging/heating/rebooting/poor linking/ and especially the launching of the OS before properly refining it; all in the name of just getting the device out. These points are what embarrassed me from showing it off to everyone I know.

Last, I realize that things have improved greatly, but that does not cover all the potential users that have returned their bb10 device.

"why BB10 is falling short, lies in the charging/heating/rebooting/poor linking/ and especially the launching of the OS"
what do you mean by thatÉ
I have no problems with any of the stuff you mentioned (except heat)
Oh & as for linking. my phone is constantly connected to my computer at home & another computer 4,479km away (I love remote file access)

I love remote file access too! The last time I actually plugged my phone into my PC was ages ago... if I have access to everything without plugging in, why would I? This is actually one of the main reasons I bought a BlackBerry over other phones (WP was 2nd choice): access to a file system and copying/creating files without jumping through hoops like you have to do on other platforms (goodness, I HATE itunes and Zune (on PC for Windows Phone)).

Lack of apps is not really a problem for me, especially because my Q10 was my first phone so expectations were low. I still use my PC for most things, and I have sideloaded other applications that weren't available on BlackBerry World.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!

Lack of apps is but one of the issues. The main issue is a lack of leadership. The company's name was Research in Motion, as the name implies, research and motion (implementation). They failed miserably! They underestimated Apple and later Google. Is it too late? Yes and no. Yes if they intend to keep pushing a product that very few care to buy and stores don't display, stock or wish to sell. Yes, I have seen that for myself. If, and I mean IF they adapt the phone to run Android without any software modifications or adaptations (as Mr. Chan had proposed) they may be able to sell enough phones to stay afoat. If that works, then they can gradually integrate parts of the BB-10 software therefore creating a powerful hybrid.

Here in Ontario, BlackBerry's phones are usually displayed front and centre, and they are usually working models instead of fake display models.

Q10 and Canadian all the way!

The moment BlackBerry adopts any form of Android is the moment that I will personally throw my phone into garbage, assume will most other BlackBerry users by choice. Android is a terrible OS. Yes, it's popular. Yes, it has a ton of apps. Yes, it has XDA devs. Yet, despite all of that it runs like $hit, it's ugly as hell, and it feels backward and old. It also does not work very well at all, and it is extremely fragmented, so much so that it is detrimental to usability.

So yeah, they can go Android. It will for certain be the final nail in the coffin for them.

Posted via CB10

It's getting better for BlackBerry apps but for the people that live and die for all the apps. It's a far cry from the top dogs. Even though you can only have so many apps on your phone at once. I have 40 apps and I use about 8 every day. Not to sure about iPhone and Android But I know some of them have 100+ apps. What for?

Posted via CB10

It doesn't matter what for. If the public cry out for apps and that's how they vote with their phone choices then the top apps and every-day apps need to be there. It doesn't matter if you don't use them.

For me, there's no App problem. There are a couple apps on my iPhone that I don't have on my Q10, but non of them are apps that I can't live with out, or that can't be replaced by other apps on BlackBerry World that do the same thing. That being said, that's not the same for everyone.

Alec Saunders said that they have already spent over 200 million just attracting developers. That is an impressively BIG number, unfortunately It doesn't seem to be big enough. I agree they have to increase the $$$ being spent on attracting devs.....even though it's just being used to address a perceived deficiency, & not an actual one. The common perception that BB has no apps has become a massive hindrance to selling their phone.

Is it fair that BB is expected to have more apps quicker then anyone else did? No, but that's life.

It is not purely money. If it were just money, Microsoft would have Instagram and EVERY top app. Problem is some developers just really don't want to, even if MS/BB offer to do all the work themselves. It sometimes actually is "I just don't like you" (that's the reason for Instagram's absence btw)

Well, then either get someone like Alan Mulally in there running things, or come up with something even more compelling than Instagram/Netflix to draw them over and in. Tech is like rolling waves, just because Instagram/Netflix may be at the top of it now, there can always be another wave to come in behind it and move another to the top. They need to partner up/merge with a well known, $$$ filled think tank, and quick before this "BB's up for sale" media surge does too much damage.

So we are missing three or four apps. I bought a phone rather than a toy. Wonder how many zandroid and iPhone are used principally as toys?

Posted via CB10

It's this kind of arrogant dismissiveness of what people use their phones for that got BB into this mess. Time to snap out of it. Lack of apps is a problem. A problem that needs to be addressed.

A "phone" that can't go on my bank account or pay off my credit without going on to a mobile website but yet everyday on CB I see a new game being promoted.

It's terrible. Why not make side loading so easy that its connected to BlackBerry World. I'm sure if they do that the apps will be at least 500 000

Posted by Z10

Because other platforms do not require Side loading!!! BlackBerry is the only one that this has to be done to get apps. Customers ARE NOT going to do this!!!!!

Posted via CB10

I work for a fortune 500 and we won't deploy BES 10 until they have released a native Bloomberg app! Can you believe that this criticam business app is an Android port?! I mean, I thought the enterprise sector was where BlackBerry was the strongest? These Android ports can't even be deployed in the work space of the device as they are considered personal apps! It's just ridiculous this whole app story and everyone is getting tired of it.

At the same.time, my manager has just approved an install of GOOD to accommodate the execs iPads and iPhones! Way to go BlackBerry...

Posted via CB10

Èmy manager has just approved an install of GOOD to accommodate the execs iPads and iPhonesÈ

Or you manager could upgrade you BES (for Free) & it will manage the iPads & iPhones without having to have new & separate servers.....if you ask me, your company sounds a bit silly

Like if BlackBerry went around promoting this... there are only two videos that promote this and each have less than 2k views

Marketing is everything

That is a big issue. I thought with BB10 apps would come but not so far. I love the Q10 but i've actually been thinking of getting an iphone for a 2nd line for the first time since having a Bold 9000 in 07 just to have some apps.

At least get some banking apps and other more basic apps like that. For some reason one of my bank's mobile sites hasn't been working through the browser.

Hey fellas, BlackBerry never announced anything remotely close to "we're screwed" - that is the most moronic thing I've read today.

People are that f-ing stupid? Wow, make stuff up much. Even CBC News, writes how BlackBerry announced its literally "up for sale" when that's not what they announced AT ALL.

I gues si should stop battling stupidity in blogs on the Internet, because that's where the infinite amount of human stupidity flourishes and that would be like repeatedly punching a brick wall in hopes that it will eventually feel pain.

Wow, humanity is brutal. Disgraceful.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry needs to get bbm channels and BBM cross platform out. I think that is gonna show the masses the quality of software BlackBerry has to offer and get people and the developers in to thinking about blackberry10.

Posted via CB10

I actually left apple for the Z10, I don't regret this decision. But part of me wishes I still had my "crapple" product for my instagram, Netflix, and vine. A lot of my friends are always interested in my phone and often play around with it. The only reason they have not made the switch was the lack of apps. I guarantee if we had those apps. BlackBerry would be in a much better position than it is now. If your starving you will pretty much do whatever it takes to survive. Why blackberry hasn't implemented that tactic is beyond me.

Posted via CB10

Apps are only part of the problem. I have asked the people that have a zillion apps on their phone and claim that is why they stick with iOS: "how many of those do you use every day?". For most of them, it is only a handful of apps. And BlackBerry has those handful of apps they use every day. For the apps they only use once or twice a month, turns out they usually use the app on their tablet, when they are relaxing in the evening rather than their phone. (I realize this doesn't represent all app mongers.)

But more than the apps, I maintain the biggest problem has been BlackBerry's marketing. There has not been one person that I've showed my Z10 to that hasn't been wowed. A marketing professional should be able to convey this message to the masses, yet the ones working for BlackBerry have not. BlackBerry ads have failed to even remotely convey the power of this device in a way that an average person can understand. (For further reading, go read my comments on the "Why such a Panic all of a sudden" thread on the forums.)

Well written and agree. I have only downloaded less than 10 apps from BlackBerry world and side loaded 3. BUT there are still some simple not avail and this is annoying. The Q10 is a pleasure to use and for work is does everything I require. It's on the rare occasion I want a quick break from work and then realise the app I used to have on my android phone doesn't exist.

Posted via CB10

For the foreseeable future apps will be what drives the OS vs OS ecosystem. I've looked on sites that have apps for BB 10 and too many of them don't even have a link or even mention BlackBerry World. Whatsapp for example has a FAQ page but it only has info for BBOS 4-7. I've had the  Z10 since day one and love it, the apps are sufficient for my uses, altho it would be nice to see more. But until the representation for BlackBerry gets better we'll be seen as 3rd class mobile devices for years to come.

Posted via my  Z10 -

From conversations I've been open to involving Dev relations, money has been thrown in the direction of apps like instagram however the support still isn't there. Instagram for instance, has a threshold of users before they will consider building an app and that number is around 100m users to my understanding. That info could be entirely untrue but it did come from a legit source.

Posted via CB10

Honestly the apps are what finally pulled me away. I wanted so badly to keep going with Blackberry, but not being able to interact with other things I have bought that interfaced with android (or iOS). Sure I can sideload some apps, but it's no guarantee it will work with what I want to interface with. I'm not saying I will never go back to Blackberry, but right now my needs outweighed my wants and access to key apps was the main clincher. Blackberry needs to really pursue the the apps developers for the more popular apps out there. Look at what the competition has, focus on the popular ones, reach out and engage them directly to build or compile for BB10. They have decent hardware down, but they need to pursue the developers. Now that the hardware is out in the wild, it's time to push more to bring app functionality in line.

Bla1ze I couldn't agree with you more, even though I think advertising is a huge part of the problem. Take The DROID commercials for example when they first came out, Android was still in its infancy when it came to apps but they showcased what they had in a cool commercial that made you want to go out and buy one. Finally an answer to the iPhone. BlackBerry hasn't done that. I keep saying that the PRE-Superbowl commercial someone put out on YouTube was much better than the millions of dollars commercial they out out for the Super Bowl. It actually talked about the Company and the strides it has made and showcased the Z10 with beautiful images of the device and what it can do. Imagine if they would have put their money into a commercial like that. How about a hip commercial like the Kia Hampstead commercial. With some hip hop music attracting a younger crowd. I can imagine "Don't Call it a come back..." LL Cool J being played to kids BBM'ing and posting on Facebook on their Z10's, that can still be done with the Q5. I don't know... most people I speak to have no clue that bb10 is an entirely new platform with a lot to offer. they look at my Z10 on the subway in amazement sometime and ask me what kind of Android that is. No I say... It's a BlackBerry with a smirk in my face. people just don't know yet, many of them just don't know. With that being said apps are extremely important and we go back to the Chicken and the egg. Push sales by advertising like crazy (quality commercial only of course) so that developers want to create apps for bb10 or drop cash on development and maintenance costs as an incentuve... I still say advertising. my humble opinion... "Geo"

Posted via CB10

Apps are a part of the platform ecosystem. But only a part. it involves seamless media connection, cloud access, and accessories. Having the dozens of apps would be nice for the public, but it's not the only thing. Case in point: Samsung vs HTC. If you have a free moment, do a side by side comp with the two devices.
I suspect more people would like the user experience of the HTC ONE....but, the marketing and accessories that build up the Samsung Platform make it a more compelling purchase ( they are on the same OS, but different platforms), add to that, the marketing that makes you feel good/supported about the Samsung purchase and you have a great offer. Our Beloved BBRY has less to offer, it cannot be only a great OS and Device and a patched together ecosystem . The game has changed over the past 5 years........So the Strategy needs to do the same....."Innovate or Die"

ps: The perception will not change if the Strategy looks the same..........

Is it just me or am I missing something? Who needs all those apps when you can go into the awesome browser and do whatever you need to do on a website where everything loads unlike ios? Isn't that why they needed apps, because a website just didn't give you what you needed?? BB10 rules and I love my Z10...

Posted via CB10

Yes it's just you! Browsing around many different pages on the browser is no where near as convenient as having an app. Plus the vast majority of apps don't have websites, where they operate anything like the actual app.

It's attitudes like yours, that blackberry is where it is today. This "we don't need that" attitude should have been thrown in the bin 3 years ago at least

Posted via CB10

have to ask the question who is blackberry targeting? Because from what I can see it can't be for the younger tons of people that love to be on their phones consistently!! Social media is critically important to the younger generation and not having the right apps to target that younger market on your platform is a huge problem

Instagram and Netflix are a want not a need. Do you need instagram and Netflix to run a business? Hell no, do you want them for entertainment purposes, maybe you do, maybe you don't. And another thing, we have people sending petitions to Netflix to get it on the BlackBerry but they come back with garbage excuses. I guess they haven't heard "If you build it they will come".

Posted via CB10

I don't understand why so many people want Netflix on their phone. The screen isn't that big to watch a movie. Go home and watch it. In the US, you can't beat Amazon Videos, much better. For the average user BlackBerry has a good assortment of apps. But Apple and Android had them out years earlier. You can't compare the BlackBerry OS10 camera to the S3 or S4 . It's junk. I think my 9900 was better. BlackBerry flopped with the PlayBook, I use mine everyday, but it could have been so so much better in sales with the proper apps. PlayBook, I would agree should have Netflix and definitely Skype. Video is great, but it doesn't go across platform.

Posted via CB10

IMHO, I think apps are not the most important appeal for the average consumer to purchase a particular phone. The amount of top apps may be one of the reasons, but it is not the most important reason. I believe it is a combination of things. For instance brand awareness, brand perception, and how you market a product (the cool factor), are the most important reasons in the US. Furthermore, having a laptop with the same operating system helps as well. I truly feel that BB10 is an excellent operating system and I hope it continues to live on by means of BlackBerry with a great partnership or joint venture. I guess we'll have to wait and see.....

Posted via CB10