Labyrinth 2 - Now available for the BlackBerry Torch and Storm

Labyrinth 2 - Now available for the BlackBerry Torch and Storm
By Bla1ze on 17 Nov 2010 10:31 am EST

Labyrinth 2 has finally been released for BlackBerry Torch and Storm owners. The follow up to the original Labyrinth game now has some new features added to it and comes in both paid and free versions. Some of the recent additions to the game include:

  • Levels for beginners;
  • Over 80 new levels (quiz, maze, speed levels);
  • New elements: buttons, lasers, gates and magnets;
  • New game effects. 

Having been a fan of the original game, the new version was a nice surprise. Playing it on the BlackBerry Torch, just feels right given the nature of the game and the new additions overall add a new twist to an old favourite. You can try either the free or paid ($4.99) versions on your Torch or Storm.



is it a free upgrade for existing users of the paid verison ?


"FREE update for registered users! New levels in every release and many more..."


Anyone else not able to Download it from AppWorld? I am a registered user, it does tell me there is an upgrade, I click Upgrade and i get a pop-up saying

"Labyrinth 2 is not available for download from Blackberry App World"

whats up with that?!


I've had that happen for a couple apps. One the developer emailed me a link to download it directly, the other (tank recon, lone dwarf games) I got no help from the developer. I couldn't find a way to contact rim or the bb app world directly. I only have the free version of labyrinth, but the upgrade worked fine.


Hi friends, if you have any problems with upgrading the game from BlackBerry AppWorld, you can use this direct link (from your device browser):

To activate the full version please use your existing activation code (from previous version).

Upgrade is absolutely FREE.

Enjoy it!


I tried to re-use my activation code, but it says that its already in use...?!?