L-Series render lets us envision the first BlackBerry 10 device in black and white

BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 19 Sep 2012 07:33 am EDT

We've seen plenty of blurry and not so blurry images of RIM's BlackBerry L-Series device over the past little while and now, you can take a look at a rendered image of what the device will look like in not only black but white as well. Personally, I'll be taking one of each but what color will you be rolling with? Black, white or hold off for another color?

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L-Series render lets us envision the first BlackBerry 10 device in black and white


Lol! I just noticed that too :P

For the first time ever, I think I might actually swing towards white! would go well with my wife's future N-series (in white too :P)

I wish I could afford both! :-) I'll settle for whichever colour is available on launch day... Although for me, this is the first time I'm hoping that colour will be white... it looks so good in the picture!

In history, it's been proven, that, releasing a product such as this in multiple colours is a sure fire way to increase sales.

Remember how well the N64 sold because the controllers were available in lots of colours? Or iPod, after becoming available in multiple colours?

I hope BB learns from that and releases these phones at launch in green, blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, white and black.

Crackberry did an update yesterday about the 2.1 PB update saying the following.

*UPDATE* - As noted previously, RIM has a habit of switching dates at the last minute and this release seems to be once again placed on hold for the time being for whatever reason. Back to playing the waiting game. Sorry folks!

Hmm tough one. The white looks more distinctive than the black..but if there is a later release date for the white over black it'll be black all day.
I'm really not sure because I like them both and unlike Bla1ze can't get both:( maybe he can send me one;)

Bla1ze can't give you one, he needs them all, he lives in a strange world!

Chris Parsons, Mobile Nations (Bla1ze)

The iPhone 4S was the first iPhone that I actually managed to purchase on launch date. I got a 16GB white version and it has been rock solid for me. No issues with the device at all in terms of hardware. The camera blows away any other device I have used thus far. Siri and I have issues. She's not living up to her potential in my opinion -- and yes, I am keeping that beta tag in mind.

All that said; I still live in a world where I must carry 2-3 devices at all times. iOS works for some things, BlackBerry works for some things and Android works for some things. The iPhone 4S doesn't solve all my problems or fill or my needs for a mobile device but in the full aspect of things, it is my "most used" device these days. It always comes down to my iPhone 4S and whatever other device with me. The iPhone 4S is the only constant.


You never answered me on why you're still a member of CB since you despise all things BB. Take your trash talking over to iBGR Camfella. They will gladly take you with open arms and give you lots of love. You'll find neither of those for you on CB. Bye bye now.

This might be the first time I get a white device although I still like the silver one that was leaked previously. Matte Black or Gunmetal also appeals to me.

Yeah. You're right. I'll take the white one when it comes. Bla1ze, how about one of those polls/surveys you guys do all the time.

Umm, for what its worth, I happen to like Bla1ze alot because he comes across as fair, knowledgeable, and level-headed. I know he doesn't need anyone to come to his defense, but I suspect I am far from alone. Keep up the good work bud =) carry on . . .

Oh, and opinions please, I like the looks of white but have never owned a white device cuz I figured it would get dirty quickly; is that not a problem? I'm guessing not since so many people get them.

Personally I like this shade of dark blue that's distinguished enough to be classy for business but just bright enough to be stylishly noticeable. Can't describe it but my daughter has a hard case in that color.

I pretty much agree with everything you just said, from Blaize to dark blue!

I had a white ipod and I didnt have a problem with it getting dirty, but I also only had it for a few months. I've also heard they get dingy really fast and they reflect the flash. I dont know if thats just an apple thing or not?

Prety much everyone that comes to this site that does not come to crap on BB, are bigger fans that any of the crackberry team. They are in business nothing more nothing less.

If you think they are bigger fans than you, you need to wake up. If RIM goes under the only tears that will be shed by the crackberry team will be about the money lost.

Umm . . Wow . . Guess you put me in my place. Never said he was a big fan, I said he was fair and balanced - learn how to read *and* comprehend Kiddo. Have a nice day

I think you're confused about the structure of the response hierarchary, south. First you replied to BruvvaPete in a way that suggests that you thought that Pete was replying to Bla1ze -- when he was actually replying to Camfella. Then you replied to Kiddo as if Kiddo was replying to you, when Kiddo was actually replying to BruvvaPete -- which explains why Kiddo's post seemed unduly harsh to you; it was addressing someone else's post.

Wow, you are right; I'm really sorry and embarrassed. I'm sitting here recovering from surgery yesterday, maybe the sedative hasn't worn off yet; sorry :( Guess *I'm* the one that needs to be more careful to read and comprehend.

+1 to that, I will also take white but if not available 1st day.... Black it is bell always has just black first

If we'll b limited to black n white it would b gr8 to hav both colors at launch...the white is definitely more outstanding but black is always classy; there's a market for both! I'm rockin white keypad on my 9900 n it's fantastic..I'd mayb lean to the white ;)...would b gr8 to hav a few more colors though (crimson, violet, pink etc)

Since my upgrade isn't until June of 2013, I will just wait. However, the AT&T store near me is going to get tired of me playing with their working model. Hmmmmm, maybe I can move my office down there and just use their BB10 models until upgrade time?

Just so tired of waiting.

A couple of my buddies just got the new Samsung, another is getting the new iPhone. I love my Blackberry but it seems so dated.

I hope RIM just shows something to give me some hope soon. Throw me a bone!

I know the feeling my friend, but hang tight. My 9900 has more functionality than some of the top rated smart phones out there and can do almost everything they can. I know that there are some limitations though.

Rim has been giving us many bones my friend, they are doing things right this time. We have seen peeks and previews of what is to come and I don't know about you but I am super excited.

So my friend, hang tight or take flight because when BB10 launches the smartphone game will change.

Yep, hang on for a few more months. I have a BB9900 as well, and the only thing that'll pry this phone out of my hands is a new BB10 with keyboard.

We need to give the new RIM this chance to prove they can deliver and by all accounts, things are looking really good with their new UI, form, etc.

QNX, if it's as powerful as they say it is - whoever "they" is - is poised to be do some new and very interesting things.

So in the interest of this thread. Neither for me. I'm waiting for BB10 with physical keyboard.

I feel exactly the same.

I think they need to show it at BB Jam because I'm really questioning why I shouldn't get a W8 phone. Nokia 920 and HTC 8x look super. I can get in Novemeber why wait until january? AND we don't really know if it'll be january, it could be MARCH!!!!

I need two Black and one White of the L-Series please!

Is it actually going to be available at launch in white? I mean this is a fan render not a legit BlackBerry marketing poster. It's Brilliant none the less with the "Can't Touch this." on the screen, but I think RIM should license the Trews song tired of waiting for their first commercial and then at the end of it just say, The wait is over. BlackBerry 10 is here.

I'm not buying it don't worry! I'll be getting the other BB10 with the physical keyboard!

However, if that's the final design, I'll be very disappointed as they could have done way better!

Sweet! I'll be getting two---one for me and one for my wife. Finally got my wife to see that Blackberry 10 is the way to go. I'm a BB user and she uses Iphone. Aftering much convincing I'm proud to say she'll be joining #Teamblackberry!

:( my wife went the opposite way she wanted a bb10 and now doesnt lol been trying to show the light but not working so well for me lol

I guarantee you she will regret the decision not to wait once she sees how much better it is! LOL. At least you tried lol

i did indeed try best part of it all she hates touch screen devices... despises them lol but apparently has enough hate for bb now that she will do with a galaxy or iphone 5 ... :( qwerty woulda been perfect too lol

Usually for tech, I'd get the black but the white L series looks really nice. It's distinctive. The black one looks like pretty much every other phond out there, white doesn't.

I'd snag a white one in a heartbeat!

Have two upgrades waiting to be used in March with Sprint. Wife wants an iPhone and I have been trying to get her over to the BB side but the apps just aren't there yet for her. Shes currently using a Moto XPRT and would love a touchscreen with full qwerty with BB10!

i gotta say i wanted the black but the white seems like it shows off the bezel better for gesture tricks and easier to determine where your hands are id love the device if it did look like this right as the initial leak of the London way back before.

@Bla1ze you def are the techie of the group lol all your SDK posts and all lol

Sorry guys, my coffee hasn't hit my blood stream yet this morning and I'm a bit slow. Is this render a leaked one from RIM or just a fan render?

Thanks: :)

PS I LOVE the black device, I hope the L Series and N Series get new brand news. Everything new and fresh from BlackBerry!

I'm torn. Currently have a white bold, but whatever I can get my hands on when released ill be happy with. And if I can afford to buy the qwerty when it comes out ill get it in the colour I don't have :)

definitely a black one, but my girl will prob go for the white, we are now BB9900 black and she is still by Curve something, my bro has gotTorch 9860 black and his wife BB9900 white, so i think the fam is gonna purchase 4 BB10 when it is out, 2 black and two white.
another Crackberry.com addict.

Up until now I would have fallen for the buy one on the first day, but I'm not committing. I need to see the phone in action. The playbook was such a flop.

Let's have a hands on video at BB10 Jam.

RIM always built great hardware but it is the OS that counts.

I really just one one, doesnt matter what color, however; they should market the colors instead of just using "black" or "white"

How about these for color names:
Berry (black)
Artic (White)
Chrome (white - if it has a chromey feel like my 9930)
Charcoal (black)

That's all I have...

Gosh, when will the entire chassis be covered by a flexible display that will allow us to instantly and infinitely customize it?

Until that happens I may consider getting a white one and cover it with a black case so I can go back and forth.

I'm totally getting the gunmetal black one :] Right now it's like 60 to 40 for the fulltouch London, but some images of Nevada may still change my mind. Can't wait to get my hands on those beauties!

The consumer may not have noticed that this is a fan render; not an official RIM pic. So there is nothing here to flop.

If you look at the choices the consumer has made over the years the consumer is frequently an idiot.
Sadly, stupidity is not self-limiting...

Still taking pot shots eh bro? Still won't answer the question as to why you have a CB account if you continually call for RIM's demise... In other words: still a bully/troll?

Is it just me or does the L-series does not quite look like a blackberry. I was kind of expecting some sort of a futuristic modification to the Torch.

Guess we will have to wait to see the real thing.

velvet purple, navy blue, black or white, hard to decide..

am I just tired or that keyboard looks a lot like the 9000/9900s one?

That reminds me of a comment I read in the forums somewhere; a really dark purple-ish/navy blue that looks like the color of a real blackberry (fruit) would be cool (imo) professional yet stylish.

I'd buy that.

I went with my parents when they bought a new caravan a couple years ago. They were trying to decide on the color. The salesman took a look at my phone and took us out to the lot and said "You're going to love this one, the color is called Blackberry."

LOL, yeah, so he made a sale. It's a very nice color. It almost looks black, then when the light hits it from different angles, it's navy blue with a hint of dark purple.

I can't decide. I love the stealth look of the black also the pristine look of the white. I will have to flip a coin.

The renders look great! I'm surely going to pick-up a black one. The white models tend to have a toyish look that doesn't look so serious where the gun-slinging black means more than business, it means kick-ass. I wouldn't mind seeing (like said above) a velvet purple or royal blue.

I sure hope Big Red has a white one!!!!!! sometimes feel like the redheaded stepchild as far as model choices are concerned with them. If they have just one of each might be time to move on.

I hope RIM makes a phone where the back material is a matte finish and I mean a good matte finish, The matte i'm thinking of is the one that is similar to the material on top of the ASUS gaming powered laptops, the g series ones i think. (Link of pic below). The finish on these is really great and it feels nice when you hold it.

Apple may sue RIM not because these look like the iPhone but just to give their lawyers something to do. All touch BB’s are not what loyalists want anyway. Bring the BB10 Bold and Torch replacements before your few loyal users abandon you RIM!

Well, seeing that I almost always put my phone in a case, especially when a fully-touch screen is involved, I don't think much of the color is going to show. I'll probably opt for the black, then get a Seidio or Otterbox case to protect it. If Seidio makes anything like the Active X covers for this, there will be plenty of color choices for the outer layer of the case.

That is nice! I really do like shape. A 4.2 inch screen is going to be awesome :)

Not sure if I should get the L or wait for a slider that may never be made. I have a 9810 now and think the bigger screen PLUS a qwerty is the perfect combo. (and like another user posted, I'm currently in 'full touch training', trying to use the touch keyboard more often. Unfortunately, I think I need the big screen, even if that means giving up qwerty.

As for the renders : You know, I like these renders, but confused why the white one is only white on the top and bottom with a black bar between the white part and the screen. Why isn't it white all the way to the screen?

I've always thought of BlackBerry as kind of the Mercedes or Lexus of the mobile world; good lines, solid, quality build, and colored basic black for a classy look and feel. You just felt more legitimate using a BlackBerry. I was a little disappointed in the addition of colors.

However, I don't mind the white, if in fact it will be offered. Personally, I'd still go with the black, but that's just a matter of personal preference.

The only problem with the colors is a lot of people use cases, now. Why color the phone when the case is what will be seen?

Oh, here's the finish to the car analogies:

iPhone = Chevy Corvette. Flashy, fast, and definitely a fun. But it doesn't necessarily say "class".

Android = Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. Appeals to the majority, is affordable for the majority, and are easy to obtain. Something that gets the job done, but not one you really like to brag about.

Windows Mobile = Yugo. Underperforming, behind the times, and you're embarrassed to have one.

I will assume black will come out first. So that is what I will get. The white looks pretty sharp, but I just dont think I can wait that long. Although I am interested in the earlier mentioned hi end device later in the year.

My husband and I made a deal. We both want new phones so the person whose phone cost the least we will buy it outright (no contract) and the person with the more expensive phone will sign a new contract. Needless to say I am waiting until BB10 and he is wanting the iphone 5 (bleh. He does not understand that it is exactly like his iphone 4 just with a slightly bigger screen. Yes he has his blinders on and will not listen to reason.) Once the phone is released I WILL be getting it (provided when I play with it in store I like the keyboard. I am a physical keyboard type of girl at the moment.) I would like white. I currently have a white Torch 9810 but if the white will not be released until a few months later or what have you then it will be black... Which I may go with regardless. I put a case on my phones anyway.

Given the way that the Playbook uses swiping gestues involving the bezel and BB10 is supposed to use similar gestures for "Flow", shouldn't the bezels on the side be larger?

Not necessarily. The bezel on the Torch is pretty small as well, and it works somewhat decently.
Anyone with a BB Torch can try an early version of the swipe interface. (In the settings you can turn on "Swipe Between Messages". )
It's similar to how you can swipe back and forth between apps on the playbook, but instead, it's only for swiping between messages.

I don't think there should be too many issues with the "Flow" interface due to the small bezel. You're just used to the large bezel on the playbook. :P

I am liking the zero buttons or icons (like windows phone/ android) I really wish they didn't have blackberry on the front. Just have the BB icon on the back and nothing on the front it would be much cooler. Sadly the guys at RIM just aren't that cool. I bet the TAT guys would agree with me.

Also "Blackberry" isn't exctly a selling feature in the US. It basically has come to mean outdated junk.

I am getting whichever colour comes out first - then get the QWERTY in the other colour. Also, may get cases in alternating colours...
Can't wait, but willing to wait...

I don't think it'll look exactly like what is shown in the picture. But once I see the qwerty model, I'll definitely go with white this time and I don't care if it goes pink or yellow or orange or dulls out. I'll be able to use marker to tint it any color I want afterwardds. :D

posted a pic on instagram and people are loving it, mind u these are people with droids and iphones and aren't checking up on tech sites everyday, these leaks don't make it to them. BB10 will have its chance and with features like "team view" being advertised it will appeal to the current, the old, and new..

I love blackberry but these phones are ugly. It looks like a knock-off droid. And I'd love the white but WE ALL KNOW the color options WON'T be coming to verizon. Only GSM people. Cmon RIM is that what we've been waiting for? Phone looks washed up for a new design

Bro. Are you a member of Verizon's Board of Governors? Maybe you're on the Executive team. Major shareholder? You'd have to be someone in the "know" to make such a definite claim :). Until RIM hires DHB all phones will look alike. Should they look like the Millennium Falcon? The shuttle Atlantis? Tupac or Biggie?

im so hurt with blackberry issues man when they come out with the new keyboard blackberry i come back but i have waiting for so long i preorder the iphone 5 fuck this cant do it i brought to much blackberrys 9780 failed 9780 failed a next 9780 fucking got pissed brought a 9860 torch failed in month got a next one failed got blackberry 9790 not a fail now the error loads fuck this iphone now i might come back to u dear blackberry had a enuff