L.A. BlackBerry Storm Launch Party Live Blogs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Oct 2008 10:26 pm

L.A. BlackBerry Storm Live Blogs

I'm not at the L.A. Verizon BlackBerry Storm Launch Party / Free Concert, but that doesn't mean you can't find good live coverage on the net tonight... both BlackBerryNews.com and BoyGeniusReport.com are on the scene and reporting back as the events unfold.  Be sure to check them out and I'll do up a nice summary here in the morning when all is said and done. The most interesting (and slightly depressing news) I have seen so far has come from BG himself in the comments at BGR:

"The 15th will not be the release date. I can assure you it will be very, very late November. Also there will be no Storms given out here, people, so don't worry. You're not missing too much."

"Software isn't ready. Vodafone has accepted the build but from what we're told Verizon has not done so yet."

Not the best news to hear -- especially if you are in attendance and hoping for a free Storm -- but at least you can still enter our What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest and win one! As for the potential release date delays... I'm just hoping the BlackBerry Storm launches in time for Black Friday. Waiting a little bit longer for the Storm isn't a big deal... better to delay.. so long as the OS it launches with is silky and smooth.

Check out the Live Blogs and Stay Tuned for our Recap!!

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BGR also totally dissed the touchscreen, saying that while the localized physical feedback was impressive, it's a pain to use.


BGR wont say anything positive about the storm for some reason. Will someone please take a picture of him and post it online!!!!!!!!!!

Katharine H

Whatever! I talked to a Verizon rep this week and they said the phone would be released before Thanksgiving. Also, at this site:


it says the release dates for each carrier. BG doesn't always know everything.


BGR certainly doesn't know everything, and they do seem to have an anti-Blackberry, pro-iPhone attitude most of the time. That said, they seem to be asking the Verizon Reps on-scene about the release dates. And considering that Thanksgiving falls on November 27, BGR and your VZW rep could both be right - it could release later in November than the 15th, as long as it's anytime before the 27th. Then again, seeing as how VZW reps are also notoriously uninformed, they could both be wrong or one could be right and the other wrong.

We've still not heard anything official from Verizon yet, so nothing on Product-Reviews.net is set in stone or even necessarily true.


He has a very good point.

I have asked three different Verizon reps, all from the same store mind you, and have gotten three different release dates.

I got the 31st, that would be awesome!, the 7th, which is the most recent one having been told 2 days ago, and the 16th.

All of these, besides the 31st seem plausible, but I was also told by the rep. that told me the 7th that they keep CHANGING the release date.

This is due to the fact that the software still has some bugs to work out, and they are not settling for anything less than perfect, just like AT&T did with the iPhone 3G.


at the end of thats blurb it says the source of the release dates is crackberry dude...


I'm new here but have lurked for some time. I will disclose I am a RIM and RCI.B shareholder so my first phone/smartphone purchase will be a blackberry product. Not sure which carrier I'll go with because the Storm's launch with Telus may draw me to the other side.

I do find the BGR very anti-blackberry and accordingly will not join up there.

In contrast to his opinions on the Storm I find it interesting TD Newcrest's analysts have this to say:

In terms of our experience test driving the device here are the main points:
• The touch keyboard is outstanding, and this is not just our own view. We spoke to many people at this
conference who were genuinely shocked at how easy it is to type on. We completely agree. Typing is a
breeze. This was, by far, our most important takeaway from the test drive. We think RIM has come up
with the best touch screen typing experience on the planet. It is that good.
• The form factor is attractive. Pictures do not do the device justice. It feels good in the hands, and has a
solid fit & finish.
• What doesn't work quite perfectly? The software does not seem to perfectly allocate processing resources
to the tasks at hand. For example, when flipping between photos the Storm can be a bit slow to respond
to commands. We were told that this is very representative of the leftover (relatively minor) software
issues. This is precisely why Verizon has decided no to launch the Storm with Vcast, but will offer Vcast
as a free update when they know the user experience will be as expected.


Why the heck is boy genius completely dissing the storm? ? ?


decisions on anything he has to say related to RIM or a blackberry product.

The smack down RIM has received since it's last quarterly report is amazing.


BG can bite me, he hasn't been a fan of the Storm from day 1. And another thing who the hell told him that it wouldn't be out until the end of November. I trust Kev's judgement when it comes to all things Storm related.


I don't find his commentary balanced at all.

I'm amazed at the smear campaign directed towards RIM since their last quarterly report.


what does BGR look like .. ill go stand out the place and punch him for all his smack talk.. lol

Well if it's not going to drop on the 15th (that sucks) they will for sure do what they did with last years Voyager release. Wait and drop it the week before Thanksgiving or even the week of. It was like the Friday before for the Voyager. The hands on opinions of the touchscreen are really disappointing. Makes you a bit nervous to hear it is still rough, even at the release party and so close to street date. It may be time to go BOLD and let the storm roll on by.


I wouldn't rip BGR too much for the builds that I used tonight. I got to the launch around 815 which would have been perfect timing if I wasn't tired and annoyed from getting lost and searching for parking for 30 minutes.

I walked right into avalon with no line what so ever, and luckily queens of stone age were already playing. This allowed me to step right up and play with a storm right away.

Conditions to try one out wasn't great as I felt hurried and crowded. I'm assuming this is the kind of device thats gonna take some getting used and i'm still very excited for it. What I did try was clicking the contacts and the video player. My first touch took a couple clicks to bring up the contact list, and the screen wasn't exactly rotating very fast. Like BGR said it was kind of buggy, but unlike him I don't think its going to be an issue when the final builds is released. What concerned me and my big fingers was when I tried typing a message. I typed...errr tried typing my name, and it took about 3 tries before I quit trying. Sorry I didn't play with it any longer, but I wasn't drinking and I wanted to hear myself think again. I could care less about watching a concert sober and by myself so I took off.

I did see one of the chicks from that new 90210 show. Def the highlight of the night(no offense to the storm).


hello Kevin.. not sure if you have seen this one .. may want to add it to your blog.. price released in europe http://www.siliconrepublic.com/news/article/11685/comms/blackberry-storm-price-plans-revealed i am new to the site.. looks great


I swear..if my RIMM stock drops again because of another bias bs post by BGR, i hope the trade commission jumps up their asses and finds a paper trail connection between BGR, Apple & ATT.


since the last quarterly report. You don't know where to turn.

Cramer is one but you sure get your eyes opened when you read a bit more about him.


As for the BGR, IMO it's a waste of one's time to participate in their biased community.


Im gettin very bored already, epsecially after 80 million people who work for verizon that i know told me it was coming out the 4th..i dont understand


Dont know why you listened to all them especially if it was reps that told you. Reps dont know krap! Also, Verizon has not officially announced a release date so every date you hear is just a rumor.


I just got back from the event and it was neat but left me a little empty. Though I got a chance to handle the Storm, I felt that it had tons of depth to it but I was rushed. It literally felt like there were 5-6 storms at the whole function and they were all obviously demo versions. Great screen for video, very unique "click" keyboard that will take some getting use to. Queens of the Stone Age ROCKED and my vodka tonic was 10 bucks in a shot glass. :/

Berry Pickin

Can you say BOLD??? Same song, different band. People, RIM is moving into uncharted areas here, with a touch and 3G phones.....and to BOYgenius, I seem to remember that the first iPhone had it's share of problems that STILL haven't been fixed. On another note, the entire problem is that this and the Bold were labled "iPhone killers" from the start. As the owner of a Curve and a 3G, I can tell you they have NOTHING in common. They are both phones, they will both connect to the net, you can listen to music, etc. But to compare them is stupid. A Camery and a Corvette will both get you places, but to you blame the Vette for not being able to carry 4 people?? NO. The 3G is the net king. REAL fast (of course, thanks to ATT, I have to use OS 4.2.2 on my Curve)But, beyond that, it depends what you want the phone to do. Which is why my Curve is in my pocket, and the 3G is at home. It is not what I need in a phone. It is cool, but lacks too much that I use. give this a chance people.....STOP listening to the rumors. Look what happened to the Bold....know when it will ship??? WHEN IT DOES!!!


As I said in the forums..the storm WILL be released on Black Friday or right before that. Until then, everyone just needs to be patient.


From what I read on the Silicon Republic site about Vodafone's Storm and price plans, it appears that the Storm DOES have mobile TV capability. I know CNET said it did and then one of the KNOW IT ALLS here claimed it didn't. Anyone know for sure ?


I know a lot of people complain about Verizon having high prices, LOOK AT VODAFONE'S PRICES !!! Those are sky high !!!

Perfect Choice Access 600 plan will see the BlackBerry Storm retailing at €49.99 and will cost €99.99 a month and will include 600 texts, 600 minutes, 10 full-track music downloads, 1GB of BlackBerry email and mobile TV.

That translates to like $163.00 for 600 minutes !!!


Well, yes winter arrives in California this weekend with the first Storm of the season, and in the meantime, the Bold change of colors remains impressive. I don't know how the Storm will be, yet I can say that the Bold is one impressive device. Love the keyboard, screen and UI.

www.stinsonddog.com for BOLD tips.