L.A. BlackBerry Bold Launch Party!

L.A. BlackBerry Bold Launch Party!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Oct 2008 12:32 pm EDT


I guess this is what happens when you launch a bunch of new BlackBerry smartphones in a short period of time... Launch Party MANIA occurs.

The stars were out in full force last night for the L.A. BlackBerry Bold launch party. You can click the image above for tons more pics via WireImage.



"come get a free Bold and drink top notch liquor!"

To be a Celeb...crazy.


Kinda Crazy to think Ive had a Bold longer than Dustin Hoffman


i agree with you johnpiercey lol


With such a stunningly "Bold" screen, its a shame they made everyone hold them AT&T back branded side out for pix.


they werent AT&T branded... they were personalized which isnt fair lol... theres a pic of them in line and on the laptops you can see a program that they used to put what they wanted on the leather back some how... i wonder if this will be a service we will be able to use ;x


this is like the most under reported COMPLETE CELEBRITY party ever-

srsly the phone is sexy
and I don't think it's overpriced

If you look at stupid sprint flip phones they're totally TOTALLY overpriced for what you get -

I wish I could experience the fast processor huge screen feeling of this phone- it would totally blow my curve away- and yet still be completely addictive lol- imagine...a HUGE screen, superfast processor, awesome music playback sound quality, and chrome...mmmmmmmmmmm


next time, I'll make sure I get invited, he he.


where are the are the celebs again??/

mark s

Great - A bunch of super rich celebs get a freakin BOLD for free well the rest of us hard workers have to shell out the $$$$$$$ - Isn't that wonderful.


well i saw Hayden got a free Bold. if she emails me her PIN i will forgive everyone for getting a free bold :p

Ivan Morrison

I am sure there are a group of people who will run out because Dustin has one, or that dude from Saved by the bell!!

Its a marketing gimick.... we dont have the connections to get one free, well I am sure some here do... ;) if your in a place to sell about 100-1000 of these, yours would be free too ;)

Bold and proud of it! ;) (fancy leather engraving or not! )

Tracy Morgan9ahK

lol Eve looks like she doesn't even want the BOLD. Well give it here then!


A little snooping and Googling led to this: http://www.etchstar.com/

Looks like you can have them do it for you!

Has anyone tried this before?