Kuwait's VIVA to offer customers exclusive BlackBerry plans

Kuwait's VIVA to offer customers exclusive BlackBerry plans
By DJ Reyes on 30 Jun 2012 04:13 pm EDT
VIVA, a new mobile carrier in Kuwait is today introducing an exclusive BlackBerry plan for both postpaid and prepaid customers. VIVA is offering their customers unlimited calls and data for a low monthly payment. VIVA customers will be able to get BlackBerry services for KD3.9 a month, giving them unlimited local BlackBerry services. They will also have access to dedicated Data to use for video streaming. VIVA's CEO, Eng. Salman Bin Abdul Aziz All Badran says:
We are always keen to offer the latest and best services to our customers to ensure a high level of customer service satisfaction. VIVA continuously seeks to cater to the needs of its customers and through this new BlackBerry smartphone offer we are achieving just that. This offer is designed to be both convenient and affordable for both postpaid and prepaid customers who are using their BlackBerry smartphones. VIVA will continue to commit itself to providing its customers with fast and reliable services that exceed their expectations.

The offer will be July 1st 2012, and existing customers will automatically have the service available to them on their next subscription.

Source: AMEInfo 

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Kuwait's VIVA to offer customers exclusive BlackBerry plans


Saudi Telecom (www.stc.com.sa) has expanded in to Kuwait & Bahrain as VIVA. Pity they don't offer any unlimited calls and data here on low rates. But, I guess they already have too many consumers without offering such packages. Basic BIS (1GB data) here for post-paid customers is SR79/month (21.58CAD).

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I agree with you :) RIM is dead atleast for most of us

I myself was always a blackberry user , Then I bought an iPhone which was boring So I used both

But now I have my android , I use whatsapp for IM , cancelled the blackberry , but after this offer , I will subscribe again today :)

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LMAO at the "GPRS" symbol. Blackberry is going the way of Symbian, now used exclusively in featurephone markets. BBM has become the IM equivalent of MySpace.

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