Kudos to T-Mobile UK - Now THAT's a Commercial!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jan 2009 09:27 am EST

Crazy. Now that's how you make a commercial. Apparently this was filmed at 11am on January 15th at Liverpool Street Station. Probably a pretty big budget and a logistical nightmare to get this one recorded... though still probably not as pricey to produce as my favorite Shell/Ferrari commercial (after the jump for your viewing pleasure).  Congrats T-Mo UK. Great job!

[ via MobileSyrup ]

Shell/Ferrari Commercial

Sorry folks.. the new Formula 1 cars for 2009 are starting to role out (they look funky/awesome) and I've got that bug... any excuse to post something F1-related in the blogs! Check this commercial if you haven't seen it before... reported to be one of the most expensive commercials ever made.




Excellent, it's so nice to see so many people, so many generations actually getting along and having fun. With our rushed world today, we all need to take a big breath and take some time out and have fun with one another.

Sora No

wowwwwww. simply put. amazing.


Both of these commercials are fantastic! I wish commericals in the US were this interesting!


That brought me such joy today. Thanks for posting this.


what's your favorite team, kevin??


The T-Mobile one especially!



Thats was amazing..and it looked like so much fun! I would have liked to have been a part of it :)


I missed London for something!


All I did was come home for lunch, crank up my crackberry.com and I get a 3mins of fun! That made me smile, laugh and feel good all over. Before I go back to work, I think I'll have another dose. Thanks for posting!


thats an awesome commercial! so outside of the box haha


You know half those people thought they were delusional after everyone just walked away...pretty freakin sweet


did u see the bold in the first video? its at 2:01... lol. u can see it better on youtube when u click on view in high quality


I love flashmobs, watch some of the improv everywhere videos if you want to see more like this


Great idea for a commercial


Awesome idea....just awesome.


The T-Mobile ad was sooooo much fun to watch!


haha..that was great!


Looking forward to the new season, hope Lewis Hamilton (a fellow Storm owner) does well again!


I hope so as well. He really seemed to enjoy his Storm in those vids posted on CB. Both commercials were beyond amazing. I truly enjoyed them. Thanks Kevin.


Not sure if everyone knows about the "improv everywhere" events happening around the globe.

Like the Freeze Event at Grand Central Station (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwMj3PJDxuo).

No Pants Event (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9La40WwO-lU&feature=channel), but this looks eerily similar to both of those events.

Looks like T-Mo just slapped their label on their video.

Nonetheless, pretty freakin' sweet :)


If only play could have been there with kid. Now thats a dance

Enraged Medic

if T-Mo could put some of that creativeness in harnessing a 3G network! LMAO


That was the best commercial I have seen in awhile. Kudos T-Mobile UK


Both commercials were cool. I recognized alot of countries I've been to in the Ferarri commercial.



the ferarri Commerical was awesome. but as you said kevin very expensive to film I am sure. lot of countries to film in.


Fabulous commercial. I wish I was there.


Funnily enough as i live in London UK, i was passing through that station on my way to a meeting and saw all of that happen in front of my eyes. It looked pretty cool i have to admit but was wondering what it was all about...it was only the other night when they put it on the TV that i realised what it was all about.

Fantastic ad though...one of the best ones ive seen in a very long time.


I have the storm and can't see it!