Kudos to T-Mobile UK - Now THAT's a Commercial!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jan 2009 09:27 am EST

Crazy. Now that's how you make a commercial. Apparently this was filmed at 11am on January 15th at Liverpool Street Station. Probably a pretty big budget and a logistical nightmare to get this one recorded... though still probably not as pricey to produce as my favorite Shell/Ferrari commercial (after the jump for your viewing pleasure).  Congrats T-Mo UK. Great job!

[ via MobileSyrup ]

Shell/Ferrari Commercial

Sorry folks.. the new Formula 1 cars for 2009 are starting to role out (they look funky/awesome) and I've got that bug... any excuse to post something F1-related in the blogs! Check this commercial if you haven't seen it before... reported to be one of the most expensive commercials ever made.


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Kudos to T-Mobile UK - Now THAT's a Commercial!


Excellent, it's so nice to see so many people, so many generations actually getting along and having fun. With our rushed world today, we all need to take a big breath and take some time out and have fun with one another.

Both of these commercials are fantastic! I wish commericals in the US were this interesting!

All I did was come home for lunch, crank up my crackberry.com and I get a 3mins of fun! That made me smile, laugh and feel good all over. Before I go back to work, I think I'll have another dose. Thanks for posting!

You know half those people thought they were delusional after everyone just walked away...pretty freakin sweet

did u see the bold in the first video? its at 2:01... lol. u can see it better on youtube when u click on view in high quality

I hope so as well. He really seemed to enjoy his Storm in those vids posted on CB. Both commercials were beyond amazing. I truly enjoyed them. Thanks Kevin.

Funnily enough as i live in London UK, i was passing through that station on my way to a meeting and saw all of that happen in front of my eyes. It looked pretty cool i have to admit but was wondering what it was all about...it was only the other night when they put it on the TV that i realised what it was all about.

Fantastic ad though...one of the best ones ive seen in a very long time.