Can't decide between a pouch or holster? Check out the Krusell Apollo Leather Case

By DJ Reyes on 10 Aug 2014 08:05 am EDT

I like the feel of BlackBerry devices naked, though occasionally I'll throw on a case because I'm a bit of a klutz and tend to drop my device at times. While a BlackBerry does survive drops it does get dents and scratches so I prefer to put on a case to avoid that. If I'm not using a case, however, I'll carry my BlackBerry device in a leather pouch or holster. I normally go for the official BlackBerry cases but if I come across another brand that looks pretty swish I'll check it out. This time around it's the Krusell Apollo Leather Pouch/Holster.

Krusell don't make their cases for specific devices. Rather, their cases fit a variety of devices of similar size. I picked up one that fits the BlackBerry Q10 although legacy BlackBerry devices such as the Torch line, Bold 97xx and 9900 will fit in it too. You could also use it for the BlackBerry Q5, although it is taller than the Q10 so it will stick out the top a bit more.

The Krusell Apollo Leather case can be a pouch or a holster. The case has a Multiadapt clip system. Krusell offers many different clips and mounts and with the Multiadapt clip system you can interchange these clips, when needed, if needed. The Krusell Apollo case comes with a 360 degree ratchet swivel belt clip. It's simple to snap on the clip and just as quick to slip it off, as long as you have something pointy to do so. The clip system does make the device stick out a bit further than the official BlackBerry leather holsters, though.

The BlackBerry Q10 slips into the pouch very snugly and there is a pull-up strap with a magnetic lock to keep it firmly in place. You can just pull the Q10 out but you can pull on the strap to help ease out the device from the case.

Krusell Apollo Leather Case with device

The Krusell Apollo case is made from high quality firm leather with white threading. The flap is made of nylon and the overall finish solid.

I've been using the Krusell Apollo case for the past week and I am liking it very much. The only downside is that it does not contain a sleep magnet like official BlackBerry cases have. If you don't mind that, it's a pretty case and can be used as pouch or holster.

The Good
  • Made from high quality firm leather
  • Offers good protection
  • Interchange clip system
  • Magnetic lock
The Bad
  • Does not come with a sleep magnet
  • Belt clip sticks out further than other holsters
The bottomline

If you're looking for an alternative to the BlackBerry leather pouch, the Krusell Apollo case could be for you. I prefer to use it as a pouch rather than as a holster, mainly due to the fact that it sticks out a bit further than the official BlackBerry one. The build quality is great, it definitely won't wear easily. The case is also universal so it can be used for different device but that would only benefit you if you have the current Q-devices.

The list price is $19.99 but you can currently buy the case for $4.99 from Amazon. Bargain if you ask me.

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Reader comments

Can't decide between a pouch or holster? Check out the Krusell Apollo Leather Case


I'm all about the sleeper magnet. If I'm adding bulk to my bb, thhen I want the battery boost, that's why I've skipped this one :/

Posted via CB10

I don't want to sound ignorant...but phone pouches that clip on to your belt.. makes u a bit of a peado. Pouches on belts are for keeping children's souls in. ...just sayin.

Posted via CB10

I don't carry a fanny pack or a phone holster but if I did carry a fanny pack it would have a gun it. Don't assume fanny packs are for pedophiles.

Posted via CB10

Corners upper left and right not properly protected. Mmh.

That's were I've got most of those few scratches I added to my Q10...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I would suggest go to and see for yourself. They do have very good cases for many smartphone.

Posted via CB10

The Genuine BlackBerry Leather Pouch does the job for my Z30, Q10.

Tried all the Genuine BlackBerry cases with my Z10, transform case, flip case, micro fibre. But the leather pouch was the one.

Posted via CB10

Amen! I use the official blackberry leather pouch for my Z30 and Q10 as well. They do a great job. However, I am slightly less impressed with the quality of the Z30 one, but it's still really good.

Posted via CB10

Don't like pouches or holsters. I like cases, which unfortunately I don't have many options for in India.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Lots of answers to questions at that site that's why I have it there, but if you're looking for a good church try the link below.

Have a good one.
Take care. ┌▸└▸ ⇰ ☎  ✆ ✉

I'm in the southeastern US but thanks anyway. Yeah, CARM & Monergism are among my most favorites. They have excellent content.

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I just purchased the CB Brown Leather Horizontal Holster when it went on sale, sleeper magnet/belt clip style.

I use a Incipio Feather Case (Black) & a Nite-Ize Black Phone Clip attached for my Q10. Great front pocket carrying.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

I like my holster but I want my phone with a case. Usually holster do not allow you to have the phone with the case.
Only one I found that works with my BlackBerry Z30 is the NiteDize. But it is bulky.

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Personally I beat the hell out of my phone. I like the feel of my phone naked, and my pocket is just as good of a place as any


the crack berry leather holster for q10 is beautiful does any one know if they have the energy saving feature that some others have?

is there this version of that case with that saving energy feature..if yes, I will by now!!!

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If you have any BlackBerry with a shell on it and want to protect if from scratches and love near a Flying J truck stop you can check and see if they have a case called "Tough Tested" it will protect your phone and shell quite well. However I had to modify the clip with a zip tie so it cannot be pulled off of my belt when I pull my phone out.
If you are an average user this is a pretty good pouch, good enough to protect my phone when I fell off my boss man's truck. It did not come off and so I landed on it and have a huge bruise to prove it.
If you are like me a heavy duty user and need more mod info let me know and I can help you make your Tough Tested like Fort Knox!

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