Kristen Stewart's Pretty Pink BlackBerry

By cate on 25 Jun 2009 07:45 am EDT

While Kristen Stewart's character in Twilight has a Nokia 7360, the actress herself was spotted with a baby pink BlackBerry Curve 8330 on a recent outing with Joan Jett.

Kristen frequents the Apple Store so it's bit of a surprise that she's not an intense iPhone user (thankfully).  Then again, her new look seems to be the biggest surprise of all. I think it's awesome - Rock the grunge and BlackBerry Kristen!

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Kristen Stewart's Pretty Pink BlackBerry


What's wrong with the 8300 series? Lots of "celebrities" have them. Granted, I am not among the rich & famous but I have one too and know plenty of people with the "old" Curve.

Many people (no matter their income) don't feel the need to pay >$100 for a phone; it shouldn't be a huge shock to you.

"Random people??" Maybe jeepguy needs to turn his TV on once in awhile ha.

Though I'm guessing 90% of Twilight fans don't use BBs so it would make sense that a majority of the site has never heard of her.

lol hey hey now, I am a Twilight fan and have the same phone!!! I am also not a teenager and dont think Edward to "so hot". Happily married with 3 kids!! ;)

verizon is the only company that carries the pink curve..... its strange because you dont see alot of celebs with verizon wireless.... everyone has the ATT bold or ATT curve...... curve is a great phone.... its funny but i have yet to see a celeb with the storm.... if you go to you never the storm... just the 8900 curve....

by the way... i dont think kristen stewart is attractive but in this pic her she looks pretty hot...

I like that she uses a "regular" phone and not something that cost a hundred thousand dollars it just shows she down to earth. Keep rocking Bella!!(Kristen)

I am a fan of Blackberry, Kristen Stewart & Twilight! (listed in order) lol. I personally use the 8900... This just makes things all the more cool!

Can we lock this now that the consenus is...that no one cares about some average looking chick with an old blackberry. I mean, I could take a 15 min break from work now and come back with 5 pictures of better looking girls with blackberries, or any phone for that matter....

She better learn to hold onto that blackberry better. That's the best way to drop it and end up having to buy another. BTW ... I agree with S7ar Scr3am. She's a hottie in that pic.

I posted this in the Newbie Forum (and sent it to Tips) on 6/17. BTW, I sympathize with the whole "who cares?" line of thought. The only reason I even mentioned this shot was because of the ridiculous Lindsay Lohan picture that was up at the time (not to mention the endless Paris Hilton shots). If you're going to post pointless pictures, might as well post 'em all! :)

Lol. She's "awkward" and she knows it. When she won one of her awards at the MTV Movie Awards she dropped it and after picking it up said "I was as awkward as you all thought I would be" and ran off stage.

To the person who said Twilight Fans don't use Blackberrys, I am a fan of Twilight and Kristen Stewart (from way back when she was in the movie Speak) and use an 8320. There are also several others on this site, which is shown by the thread in the social users forum.

Although, I do admit the movie was pretty lame; the books are still a very good read.

she's a dirty pothead, and living in Vancouver for a year, I'm sure she found the local smack dealers to be more than friendly.

She is playing Joan Jett in an upcoming movie, hence the hair cut and such!! But great Phone Kristen, I have the same one!!! :)

A celebrity sighting is a celebrity sighting! And this is one! She's cute, young and rocking a VERIZON Blackberry Curve! Also a Twilight fan here and I own a Blackberry. I've owed 2 actually. The movie wasn't the best but the books are a good read as already stated. :)