KPMG migrates to BES 10 and buys 3500 BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

KPMG migrates to BES10 and buys 3500 BlackBerry 10 Smartphones
By DJ Reyes on 16 Oct 2013 05:46 am EDT

KPMG has announced that they will be purchasing 3,500 BlackBerry 10 smartphones and switching up to BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 and BlackBerry's Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. The 3,500 BlackBerry 10 smartphones will go out to their entire mobile fleet in Italy, where the upgrade will occur.

KPMG is one of the world's largest professional services companies. They are also on of the Big Four auditors, alongside Deloitte, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

KPMG is a long time customer of BlackBerry and security, usability and cost effectiveness are the main motivations for KPMG's decision to stick with BlackBerry. 

"The combination of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and BlackBerry 10 smartphones delivers a breakthrough platform that combines state-of-the-art security with a powerful new mobile computing experience." - Alberto Acito, ‎Managing Director, for South East Europe at BlackBerry.

Press Release

KPMG Buys 3,500 BlackBerry 10 Smartphones and Migrates to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Milan, Italy - October 16th 2013 – BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today announced that KPMG in Italy has purchased 3,500 new BlackBerry® 10 smartphones and is migrating to BlackBerry’s new Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10.

BlackBerry 10 is the platform of choice for long time customer KPMG – one of the leading international consulting firms – which decided to upgrade their entire mobile fleet in Italy. KPMG professionals will be able to work and share information securely with their customers and colleagues, while also being able to enjoy personal apps and a rich consumer experience on the same smartphone.

“Every day our professionals need to share confidential information and need a reliable smartphone with strong security, and the flexibility to meet different working needs,” said Davide Grassano, IT Lead Partner at KPMG Milan. “With BlackBerry 10 we have found the best solution in terms of usability, security, connectivity and price. The BlackBerry solution allows our users to have access to shared files and other internal resources, while also working to prevent the accidental leakage of business documents and attachments.”

With features like BlackBerry® Balance™ technology, which keeps corporate information separated and secure from personal content, customers can access the corporate resources they need, and effortlessly switch  the profile on their BlackBerry 10 smartphone to enjoy the full consumer experience, including access to personal apps, multimedia, the Internet and public social networks. KPMG employees can also benefit from built-in productivity features such as Documents To Go™, which lets employees view and edit Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® documents on the go, or use their BlackBerry 10 smartphone’s HDMI connection to make presentations to clients.

“Security, usability and cost effectiveness are at the heart of the BlackBerry 10 solution. The combination of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and BlackBerry 10 smartphones delivers a breakthrough platform that combines state-of-the-art security with a powerful new mobile computing experience,” said Alberto Acito, ‎Managing Director, for South East Europe at BlackBerry. “Customers understand the value and benefits of our offering and this is why more than 25,000 BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 commercial and test servers have already been installed globally, including within many of the world’s top organizations.”  

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KPMG migrates to BES 10 and buys 3500 BlackBerry 10 Smartphones


Yay - an order from Italy solved all BB problems. It's great, perhaps I might get to see at least one BB10 in Italy as I havent see one yet and I'm in Italy quite often.

No one said it solved all BB problems. If you have a magic wand I'm happy for you but the rest of us have to accept that turnaround happens little by little and not overnight.

Really? So, BlackBerry shouldn't promote any good news in the face of all of the negative reporting that's out there about their performance ?

I don't think anyone claimed that this would solve all of BlackBerry's problems, but it is a newsworthy story. I'm sure BlackBerry hopes it will influence other companies to chose their platform.

I want to see them succeed because I prefer BlackBerry devices. News like this gives me hope.

Keith H. Posted using CB10.

You are often in Italy, not all days... I would like to remember you that Italy is one of the biggest Country in KPMG Europe Middle East and Africa and should be an example for others.

Posted via CB10

So you would prefer NO orders from ANYONE?

Would THAT save BlackBerry?

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Awesome that's like Atleast a mill right there and I'm sure they have a few z30's in the 3500. Like look at everything in 10.2 I know it's late.. but it's pretty competitive OS even kills other OS

Posted via CB10

I just hope we can make it through the rest of the day without someone trying to dampen the mood with some negativity. The media just can't allow good news to prevail for long

Posted via CB10

Don't forget BGR! Oh wait... they would never report this in the first place as its too positive for BlackBerry.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Well lets step back and look at it dispationately... it's an order for 3500 devices (not insignificant but not, in and of itself, a company saver) it's also an order for BES10 plus the associated support/infrastrcture. More importantly, it's KPMfrickenG... One of the largest multinational auditors and business service providers running today. The security and reliability they need for their devices to be able to maintain their day to day operations to the standard their clients expect...
ok.. negatives, negatives... um.. Oh, they likely won't spring for cases too so unless the employees buy their own then the case manufacturers are out of luck. ;P
Certainly another piece of good news in a growing string of announcements that can't hurt and might just help.

I mentioned this in the forums -- this is *not* "KPMfrickenG." It's just a relatively large Italian accounting firm that has the name KPMG. KPMG International is now simply a global cooperative entity -- a network of independent member firms in each country that are merely "afilliated" with the global cooperative (which provides no client services itself).

Yes, that is how international partnerships in the accounting / business realm work. Each country has its own legal framework and thus the need for a partnership. It's not rocket science.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for clarifying JasW, I wasn't aware of the structure of it all. With any luck though it will stir up some more awareness in Milan and then perhaps to other parts of Italy which can only help. I wonder if there are any other international contracts in the works.

The power of the negative story drumbeat is too much to give up. In the words of Agent Smith," That is the sound of inevitablility, the sound of your death. Goodbye...Mister Anderson"
But we know how that turned out

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Too late. Dave and Bird are hard at work.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Hopefully not in the really gross way that immediately came to mind when I read your comment. Cheers!

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Dear all, it's significant see how many comments...
KPMG will give full touch devices to all Staff and Partners.

Posted via CB10

Neither was the curve but I have had about 4 of them provided to me when I was lower on the totem poll. Now I have a Bold 9900 for work (z30 for personal come Friday) and I can't wait until we upgrade to BB10 so I can have a Q10 as a second phone.

I agree. Most companies use the cheapest BlackBerry available, just like they use the cheapest keyboards & mice.
Before, the 8520, then the 9300, and today the 9320. Why not the Q5 in 2014?

The q5 seems more entry level to me than mid tier. BlackBerry should sell it for like $250 off contract gobble up some of the high school level socialist and get them instagram

Posted by z10 boss

How that hilarious? It's what they want when ppl see me on my z10 they go it's nice actually...does it have instagram nope u can see the lost of interest. so you my friend is stupid

Posted by z10 boss

I NEVER use Instagram but I side loaded a working version of it and Netflix (which I use all the time) just so I can show people the cute little Instagram (and Netflix) icons

Good news but I'd like to see bes10 and bb10 deployments at more branches than just Italy. Step in the right direction hopefully more companies have done their testing periods for the devices.

This isn't just good news that a couple of thousand devices have been sold - it means all the staffs friends will see these new devices where they probably wouldn't have before!

Posted via CB10

Also KPMG is in more countries than Italy. This is just a start of one company beginning to migrate from BES and Legacy devices to BES10 and BB10 devices. It's also an accounting and auditing company so it must understand BlackBerry financial situation, and future potential. This shows KPMG doesn't believe all the haters that say BlackBerry is dead. It knows BlackBerry can flourish in this corporate space. Also note how the 2 sided phone bodes well with the corporate view and it's need for security, well on the other side it gets to gives it's employees a great consumer device for their personal side. This is the market BlackBerry needs to focus on.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

I think the bigger story is that a company whose role is to analyze and evaluate and make sound judgements has just bought into the BlackBerry 10 platform.

If they thought BlackBerry was doomed, DOOMED I TELLD YA, would they have done so? Not likely.

I'm thinking there decision will carry more weight with some than Joe Nobody saying "don't buy BlackBerry, they've gone bankrupt you know! ".

It's a small sign, but a very positive one that has implications beyond the number of bb10 units involved.

Posted via CB10

Bingo, You hit the bulls eye. In addition, the more people get to work with BB10, the more they will wonder why the average Joe tolerates a less than functional Android device.

Posted via CB10

Great news - used to work there many moons ago! Now if the rest of the city of london can follow suit someone may give me another bb10 device... Z30 please ;)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

I want more news like that....

JP Morgan is still waiting... Rrr... just upgrade!!

Posted via CB10

No they would pay euros not dollars..... anyway at this point BBRY needs to focus on getting bb10 more noticed and exposed not profit that can come when their market share has grown. at this time more devices in the wild at a loss is a lot better then on the shelves on for. a profit.

Posted via CB10

I'm sure if you picked up 3500 you would get a good deal as well. Don't start the hating already. Let this good news sink in

Posted from My all in one beauty Z10

I'll bet anyone of us who buys 3500 handsets plus a BES 10 server license would get a discount on the devices...

Keith H. Posted using CB10.

Unlike with classic berrys, BB10 phones--when managed by BES10--will use Balance. This may mean the personal side could be a fully functional device, not locked down to the point of being little more than a phone, TXT and email client. People who are given these devices, as well as their family and friends will see what a BB10 is capable of.

Government of Canada needs to step up and renew their fleet of old blackberries...

Posted from my Z10 using CB10

I agree. The government of Canada wants their cake and eat it too..

They want to keep Canadian companies on Canada's and owned by Canadians, yet they don't do their part.

There are alot of Canadian and provincial government agencies that should be using a BlackBerry to help support them, while they are at it, they should be driving domestically manufactured vehicles too....hypocrits

It easier to purchase a product from a Canadian company than to give it free money and try to get by the free trade rules

I have said it before and will say it again, if everyone does their part to support domestic, this whole country would be in a better place.

... vqa wines, tried one lately? the 2012 vintage is Ontario's best ever, find one and enjoy tonight on this rainy evening

Posted via CB10

... crud, should stop buying wolf blass i guess and hit the vqa section at the lc, umn i just wanted to note: of the government workers i know, they are JUST NOW getting 9900s lololol (i mean here in Canada)

Yep good news; and it could be only a beginning of a great news...

This is just Italian branch of KPMG; if all group comes to BB10, it's 150k devices more.

This is the way to go. Sell BES10 bundled with devices. They should have a whole lot of z10 to provide at low cost.

More BES10 = more business devices = more developers = more consumers.

Posted via CB10

well, they have $1Billion inventory Z10 to spread now. We should see many deals like those in the few weeks. Add the BES 10.2 coming release ... and figures may start to raise quite fast.

Hope that does happen and the chain is created. It's still not too late if they play it right.

Posted via CB10

PricewaterhouseCoopers is upgrading its users with Q10 and Z10s. No Z30 though. They still allow iPhones if users BYOD to work.

Posted via CB10

Its great news, BB10 works best for consultants like me. Its not a bad OS at all especially considering the fact that BB was in too much pressure to revamp its old and outdated OS. I'm simply loving the work balance experience in my Q10 even though i left BB and went to Iphone 5 in August, but now i'm back to BB Q10. I've got everything in one place starting from the official exchange mails to FB, personal mails etc..& the best part is the hub and i applaud BB for their good effort in developing this OS. I'm looking forward to hear big corporates migrating to this new OS which will surely serve the purpose of professionals !!

This is good news. And, IMHO, it shows where BB will get its strength in the future: corporations and adoptions of BES 10. Prosumers, in other words. It's good for our beloved BB, let's hope it will also help in increased sales for actual consumers.
What I would do, if I were BB management for Italy: find a way to go to KPMG staff and encourage them to check out what BB10 actually means. Let them discover that BB10 phones should not be viewed solely as a business phone, on which you check e-mails from work. Otherwise, BB10 phones will continue to be viewed by everyone solely as a business tool. But, hey, maybe this is the new strategy of BB and they do not care anymore about consumers

This would only make the main steam media if it was an announcement that they lost 3500 customers.

Posted via CB10

And in other news...the accounting firm I work for (which is much smaller than KPMG) is retiring our BES 10 and legacy BES servers and I am being forced to an iPhone. Out of over 1,000 smartphone users, we have 29 BlackBerry users. Kinda hard to argue with those numbers. It's been fun, I love my Z10 but the forces of evil have prevailed. :)

Oh, and as the cherry on top, we use Good for Enterprise on iPhones, which is quite possibly the worst app I've ever had the displeasure of using.

Hopefully enough people complain that there will be a switch back. Or, the volume of damaged devices will add up to a cost ineffective solution. My company is moving in the same direction, and the level of lock down required for the iPhone is going to make the devices less useful as a productivity tool. Can't wait for all the auto correct mess in my inbox either...

Posted via CB10

Well I guess your customers can take comfort that their corporate data will be constantly backed up at the NSA. :)

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Man, I am sick and tired of hearing this buys such and such BB10 devices and in the end the quarterly sales results are extremely poor. Of course this may be a good news for some but again this is just like a drop of water in the vast ocean of BB10 poor result.

Posted via CB10

Wow, awesome news, if they can't conquer the consumer market then why not conquer the private and public sectors around the world... Bbry have a massive lead in this field and hope they keep going and going... all those haters must be hating even this good news...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

Small victories will only strengthen BlackBerry. They need more and they need to market each small victory as if it was a great one. This will help change the perception. If we are the only ones hearing about these small victories then they desperately need to get better marketing and PR asap. If I can think of this as a marketing position, and I don't even work in marketing, then fire Boulben already.

Good to hear :) And good to know I am not the only lonely italian there! Keep moving!

Posted via CB10

You 've got it !

Especially with a company like KPMG.

Their customers are enterprises, and if KPMG believe in BlackBerry future, customers may think the same.

Posted via CB10

Loblaw companies the largest retailer in Canada has also upgraded and is now giving employees the option of getting a z10 or a q10.

Posted via CB10

Would work well if they made that public. As others have said, BlackBerry needs to turn the news around with stories such as this.

Posted via CB10

hmm why is it only KPMG Italy? Are they separate entities from the rest of KPMG? weird. you would think the corporate infrastructure and communications would means that ALL of KPMG has to be on board.

Better to start small and iron out any potential problems first than release en masse and have tech support swamped.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

Well 3500 more ambassadors for BlackBerry. Hope they make the best of this opportunity and push. Little drops of water make the mighty oceans! Good and welcome news!

Posted using my Q10

I so happy
I'm a new BB lover and all these days i have heard only bad things for BlackBerry.
this is awesome news for BlackBerry
Keep going baby keep going

Posted via CB10

BES usage is much more important then the handsets. So how many CALS are they purchasing, assuming the 3500, but will that include additional CALS for non-BB devices?

Ha this is comical. It's a drop in a bucket with 1 billion dollars worth of inventory.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry is in a big hole so they won't get out of it overnight, but this is a step in the right direction. The more of these thousand devices here and there deals they can get, the better. It helps even more when it's a tier one company like a KPMG as well. That's a name that anyone in the grown up business world knows so it carries a little more weight than a regional company choosing BB10, even if this is a regional deal.

Posted via CB10

If you buy a device based on whether it has instagram as a native application please go back to middle school. As previous stated it could be side loaded for the little kiddy's . What's next worrying about whether it has My Space? LMAO SMH

KPMG is an accounting and consulting powerhouse... They must suspect a few years of support for certain to make such a commitment.

BlackBerry - phones for the Elite!

e·lite or é·lite
1.a. A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status.
b. The best or most skilled members of a group.

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Every bit counts! Great news and glad to see companies choosing the right technology despite all the marketing fluff out there.

Posted via CB10

The matter is not the number of devices sold but who is buying them and trust the BlackBerry operation system! So that looks a great deal !!!! BlackBerry keep moving!

Posted via CB10

Work for one of the Big 4 in Canada and although we have actively rolled out BES10 and BB10 devices, we are also actively rolling out iPhones as a mitigation strategy in case BB collapses. Based on the current roll out I'd say it's 50/50 between iPhones and BBs.

Oh great, some news that let me proud to be italian :)
Note: I got a Z10, unfortunately anyone of my friends knows BB10...That's so sad...

One Word: AWESOME...
We need more news like this. And more companies stepping up and going all out BBRY 10. Because it is the best and secure platform in the world.

This is good news, even though it's a small order it's something. KPMG is a worldwide firm, so if one location sees the benefits of using BB10, they can pass on the good reviews of it to other offices and they can switch over also. BlackBerry just needs to be there if they have any issues and quickly resolve them to make a good impression. Word of mouth is the best advertising, especially with a big company.

Posted via CB10

Very good news and we the faithful trust this is only the beginning of more Corporate Customers from around the globe turning or returning to the best platform/OS combo going.

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

I'm with a company which has the potential to purchase 19,000 BlackBerry 10 devices if someone is able to help write and port over some android apps. Unfortunately there is no avenue for us to turn to so we have to suffer in silence at the mercy of the iOS & Android developer.

Posted via CB10

But then again Apple and Samsung aren't being constantly run down in the press. Every negative article I read is followed by blogs from morons saying 'blackberry is dead' 'rip blackberry'. So if these idiots were right why would anyone buy a blackberry at the moment?

Posted via CB10

Thank you for posting this!! Good news!

Posted via CB - AT&T Z10 * * STL100-3

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution (corporate or otherwise), but it's fantastic that BB10 meets the needs of KPMG.

the guy who runs my hockey team is a partner at KPMG here in Toronto. He started rocking the Z10 the moment it was available. i wouldn't be surprised if he shows up with a Z30 next week. he's a big fan of BB. i'll ask him if he has any info on their corporate strategy. i have a feeling it's BYOD here.

Good timing to buy Z10 as BlackBerry had confirmed writing down Z10 devices with value of $934 million. We should expect market price of Z10 is cheaper compared to when it's first launch.

Posted via CB10

When sensitive data is has to be compromise! It is about getting things done!