Koodo confirms they'll be offering the BlackBerry Q10

The BlackBerry Q10 is coming to Koodo!

By Bla1ze on 11 Apr 2013 11:57 pm EDT

Although it's far from surprising, it's certainly pleasing to know. Koodo has taken to their Facebook page to announce they too will be offering the BlackBerry Q10 in the coming weeks. At this point, no pricing details were shared nor have they set up a preordering page like some of their competitors but knowing Koodo, pricing and preorder info will be along shortly with pricing expected to be somewhere along the $600-700 mark with no contract, much like the BlackBerry Z10.

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Koodo confirms they'll be offering the BlackBerry Q10


Better fix that spelling mistake
Koodo would be better if it had more coverage area, I will stick with Bell for now

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Where do you live that Koodo doesn't have adequate coverage? Koodo has as good if not better coverage in Canada than Bell, without the bullshi*.

Koodos parent company is Telus so it's on Telus network. Idk if Telus and Bell are affiliated in some way but they do have similar coverage.

Yea, when 3G came out Bell & Telus teamed up to create their network together against Rogers, thus Telus & Bell users have the exact same coverage. You can't tell if your switching from a Telus tower to a Bell tower or vis-virsa.

Koodo actually has excellent coverage. It uses the Telus network and is owned by Telus if I am not mistaken. I've never been so satisfied with a wireless provider before. I used to be with Rogers and I believe it or not I get better coverage with Koodo, at least the places I frequent.

Koodo has the exact same coverage as Bell they share each other's towers across Canada. They also have Canada wide calling with no LD fees when calling from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in Canada. Check them out I guarantee they are the best provider in Canada with the only issue being a small lineup of devices, but that's changing also and they're really getting some great new phones now . also pricing will probably be better than any other providers in Canada yet again. I say again because when the Z10 first came out they were $50 cheaper than everyone else, it sells for $550 or $400 on the tab- Paul " Kid Android" Deschamps ( Koodo Mobile Master)

I got my z10 from them for $400 no contract. $45/mth for 400 nationwide minutes from 8am-5pm and free after that and on weekends. As well as 1gb data. Dropped Telus for Koodo.

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My Z10?
$250 from Fido, only a 2 year agreement
$40/month for 300 nationwide minutes and 400MB data, unlimited talking from 6pm to 7am and on weekends.

Now, it's up to $350 from Fido on a 2 year agreement

I must admit that when I first saw the Q10, it wasn't that impressive but it does look more premium than even the Z10. It's probably too late for me to exchange ...

Man Oh Man....should I sell my Z10? then buy the Q10? or should I keep my Z10 and buy the Q10? Best of both worlds...gotta get me a Q10 some way or another!

I am in such awe over the Z10's keyboard that I am leaning toward actually keeping it, and I never thought I would say that. Not longer than two weeks ago did I say "I must have a physical keyboard." The Z10 is actually my first ever touchscreen-only phone. It's tough to give up that screen real estate now.

Perfect opportunity for us Koodo subscribers to earn referrals by convincing our friends to get the Q10 :)

Telus and Bell share towers in certain areas, but it pretty much ends there. Koodo is the cost effective banner for Telus and Virgin Mobile is the cost effective for Bell.

So to answer the previous question, if you are on Koodo, your experience will not differ much from a Telus user in the same area.

It's great that Koodo will offer it, but they have been having a rough time with z10 sales to begin with. Buying either device for $400 on the tab is pricy for those clients who came to Koodo in the first place.

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That "sale" is purely speculation. The big three CANNOT touch wind or mobilicity at all for another year. Wind's original owners are fighting to get it back under their ownership.

There is interest in all three. They are in talks now so that when that year is up the sales can proceed. It's going to happen. It's just when.

I just can't see how spot market carriers can survive against national carriers.

It's not been easy, the national carriers have been targeting them from the beginning despite laws inplace to protect the new entrants. The gov needs to extend that protection or in 2 years they will be gone & our phone bills will go way up again :(

I currently pay half what I did B4 the new entrants appeared & I have a better plan

Yea I pay $57/mo for 2GB data & everything else unlimited. I use to pay $120 for way less & would then often go over & end up paying 200, 300, 400, & once even 500. I'm with koodo (owned by telus) because as a pilot I NEED a national carrier, otherwise I would try to support the lil guys. Love my current plan, the only thing I miss is my old plan's long-didstance plan was N-America & not just Canada. Though now with BBM Voice & Viber (with Voice) it's no longer much of an issue when I fly to the US :)

Only for another year? That needs to be extended. Studies have shown that prices have dropped since competition was introduced to the market (though only slightly....though b4 they arrived the prices were constantly rising so.....)

I think we aas customers need to fight for our carriers and petition against the big three from taking over them. Indimidating new entrants is horrific. $ony did it to a friend of mine who helped contribute fixes to a playstation 2 emulator with threats to no end.

Yes, the prices did start to come down when the big three thought the new entrants provided a threat. They've realized that the real threat is not there and have been increasing the fees. In about a year we've gone from $60 unltd including ld, and 6gb to $100 unltd including ld and 5gb. Less for more.

I noticed that too. I won't switch back to them. I also noticed ALLOT of black Pr and relentless SMEARING against the two new entrants (the GSM ones) from the big three and it really gets to you after a while.

Two months ago I got my Z10 from Koodo...I pay $20/mth, pay as I go data plan, $400 for the phone with a "Tab" of $150 that wittles down over time...and since I bought it from London Drugs, I got a $100 store cash card to boot!
Think thats just about as sweet a deal as anywhere.

Hope this doesn't get quoted on Seeking Alpha tomorrow of proof BlackBerry is slashing prices :-)

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Meh, I'll stay with wind. $40/month unlimited everything is perfect. Koodo=Telus. If you switched from TELUS to koodo, you are such a fool! :P

I'd be with Wind if they provided a market outside the GTA. Being restricted to certain geographic areas by your carrier isn't something I'm interested in at this point. So, unfortunately, I have to pay a little more for the convenience of going nearly anywhere in Ontario.