Koodo offering the Blackberry Q5 for $150 outright

By Bla1ze on 28 Feb 2014 02:33 pm EST

If you live in Canada and are looking to move into a new BlackBerry 10 device but don't have a lot of cash to throw around, the fine folks at Koodo may have just what you're looking for. Right now, on their website and in-store you can pick up a BlackBerry Q5 for only $150 outright or $0 if you actually want a plan with their Tab option. For comparison sake, the parent company of Koodo, TELUS still lists the Q5 for $425 outright while Rogers is offering the device for $350 outright. The only drawback? You only have black to choose from.

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Koodo offering the Blackberry Q5 for $150 outright


Lord I wish that I had waited six months and saved CAD300.00. But I missed the physical keyboard too much too wait.

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This is only for Canada? And the devices are locked?

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Yes its in Canada Only and its locked but you can get it unlocked for like $20 from a 3rd party unlocking service {we can still use them here ;-))

You can't get it online though. They still might have some inventory in physical locations.

great price. How much would it cost to unlock it for bell? Sorry I'm not familiar with doing this

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Koodo sells them unlocked!! I have bought multiple from them and if need be ill send you a screenshot to prove it :) buy them ill be buying a few!

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It should work fine in an area where TMo has the refarmed 1900 MHz spectrum...got 4G on my Z10 when I visited So Cal.

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Ok. Thanks. I may be able to convince my coworker to switch to bb10 if the phone comes unlocked...

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I just ordered one from the website. Are you saying I don't have to unlock it to use it on Rogers?

Good question. I was also wondering but it's moot if you can only buy in Canada...

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Does anyone know if my TELUS sim would work in the Koodo Q5 or does it have to be unlocked? Seeing how TELUS owns Koodo. At this price would love one to compliment my Z10.

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Yes a Telus sim! Or any other sim will work the phones are sold unlocked by koodo i believe! I have also bought phones for my mom from them who is on telus!

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Great deal. Had this been known 2 weeks ago I would have bought it there instead of through rogers for my wife.

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Bring it back! 30 day return policy at Rogers.

A great oppurtunity to f*** over Rogers for their backstabbing of BlackBerry.

Isn't it required also for the phone not to be used under a max # of hours? (the limit is extremely low... like 2 hours)

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Better than the z10 and almost as good as the q10.

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I have a Z10, Q5 and a Q10. The battery in the Q5 is by far the best. You have radio in the Q5 + I personally find that the Q5 is better typing than a Q10. The screen in a Q5 is better than a Q10. Maybe too plastic feel but I don't care.

BlackBerry Q5

The BlackBerry Soft Shell Case eliminates the plastic back and sides of the BlackBerry Q5. You can buy it from the CrackBerry Store.

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You have radio in Q10 too.

The Q5 keyboard is more like the curve style vs Q10 is more like bold 9900 style.

Depends what you like... everybody with their taste.

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Just ordered one online. I'm sure my z10 will still be my primary phone but I couldn't pass one up at this price.

Now to wait for it to arrive and unlock it for use with the Bell network.

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Does anyone know if the Koodo splash screen is displayed when the phone is being turned on or will the actual carrier's splash screen be displayed because of the sim card.

I don't ever want to see anything Telus/Koodo related :)

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Depends on the sim card, I'd say. My unlocked Z10 that I bought on rogers doesn't display the carrier brand on startup once the sim is removed.

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It's tied to the SIM...I bought my wife one of those unlocked $200 z10s from the US on black Thursday and used my Fido SIM in it to upgrade the OS...the FIDO splash screen went with the SIM...

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It is? This must be new then because a few yrs ago I bought and unlocked an Rogers 9700 and it had the Rogers splash screen with my Bell sim card.

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My z10 purchased from London Drugs A year ago with Koodo Tab plan has no branded splash screen.

Service has been great for my needs, OS updates seem to come out rapidly.

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AFAIK the SIM card contains any carrier graphic assets for the boot sequence.

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I have a Koodo Z10 and the only place I see the Koodo logo is in BlackBerry World where their self serve app is front and centre. Otherwise, no markings on the phone and no splash screen.

You actually have to activate it in store or online for that price, but you can always cancel or port out after one month. If you want to really buy it outright it's still $300.

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Sorry I commented after you about the $300 price. I didn't see your comment. I hear what you said about canceling after one month but isn't the device $0 if you activate it with them?

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I ordered it online for $150 didn't activate it and selected the option that it's a 'gift' and they let me purchase it without a plan. It's coming with a koodo sim but it was free so who cares?

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That's weird but great to hear. I'm going to try buying it online. Thank you for the info.

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Nope! That is wrong. Just ordered one for $150 with free SIM and free shipping. Don't select pre-paid phones. just regular phones then select no tab.

I second this, why is distribution to Tmo USA users nonexistent?

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Just called koodo, I was told it's 150 outright for current koodo customers. For someone that's not with koodo, it will cost $300 to buy the phone outright. I knew it couldn't be $150 just to walk on and buy it. Seemed to good to be true. $300 is still a decent price.

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So you said you just ordered it and it was $150? Did you do buy it online? Are you in Ontario?

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

I ordered it online for $150. No plan or anything. I just said the tab slider thing to $0 tab (pay full price) it was $150 at check out I selected the option 'this is a gift' and it didn't ask me to pick a plan etc..

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Yup just bought one outright for my dad 150 plus tax and I'm not a koodoo customer. Online as a gift option

From my new z30

Well as I said, I called a koodo store and the guy told me the $150 price is only for current koodo customers and for everyone else it is $300. Then snoozerbold said he just bought one online and said it is a gift and it was $150 ($169.50 after tax). So I checked online and didn't choose a plan and clicked on "gift " and once you click "gift", it will take you right to checkout. Also come with a sim card for free. So it seems the hassle free way is to buy it online. I'm going to get my wife one now. Thanks again to Snoozerbold.

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Doggy10, do you know if they would ship it to southern California? Or it's only for Canadian addresses?

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I don't know forsure, but I would assume they would only ship in Canada but I would just go online and try it and see. I know it's free shipping when I tried it but maybe they will ship to cali and just charge a shipping fee. Give if a shot on koodo's site and see.

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The checkout form has Province as one of the must-fill-in items so it's only for Canada. Darn it.

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They really needed to drop the price on the Q5 because it would be a great device for young people or those on a budget and it would get more bb10 devices in to the market. Similar to how the curve was for legacy devices.

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They would sell a gazillion of the red ones. There's even a pink one.

Just make a deal with pink ribbon, give a few bucks to charity and you have a massive winner.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

The pink Q5 is like Bigfoot. You always hear about it but never see it. I thought I read on this site that the only place that has the pink one is in Dubai. There is a company online called oversea electronics and they sell the pink Q5. My wife wants that one really bad. Imagine that, a woman that wants a pink phone...lol.(just joking)

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

I bought my daughter a pink one and she had it stolen from her. Very rare phone indeed.

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Do these come unlocked? If so I can easily convince my company to buy a few to use as work phones

Outright phones are always unlocked! Its the law!

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There still is a fee to unlock. If you buy outright, you ask to be unlocked on the spot, but a Canadian carrier will still charge a few..unfortunately

I just stopped by the Koodo north at the Toronto Eaton Centre and asked. $150 to anyone, plus $50 to unlock there.

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Yes, I wonder if it will work on Wind? My better half has a 9900, that is dying. I am on Koodo, so could pick one up for her for $150.......nice.

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Wonder if this means the Q10's will be coming down in price too?

Would love to have a Q10 to compliment my Z10...or offer her the Q10 or Q5.

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I seriously doubt the Q10 would fall to a reasonable price since it is the "flagship" physical qwerty device and all...

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You'll like the BlackBerry Q5 over the BlackBerry Q10 unless you're a die-hard BlackBerry 9900 user. Forget the rumours about the BlackBerry Q5 resembling the legacy BlackBerry Curve. It is actually better than a BlackBerry Curve and closer to a BlackBerry Bold 9700 with slightly larger keys. The claimed key clicks are as quiet as the BlackBerry Bold.

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Literally just saw that Telus is offering the z30 for $30 CDN on a 2yr contract. Also (off topic) just got a notification for a 38mb OS update to version10.2.1.2102. Z10 on rogers.

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Not true ( I think). This is the same update they got in Europe a few weeks ago right after we heard about the Android access permission they needed to patch regarding access to BES work contacts. I'm not certain they are related but that was my impression from all that I read around CB.

Only catch is, if you go in store, it doesn't seem they'll let you walk out with phone without out first purchasing a plan. Cheapest plan is around 25 a month, which you can then cancel after the first month. This is in Toronto, may vary with city and Province.

BlackBerry Q10

Use it as a backup, just in case. Or lend it to friends when their iPhones and Androids crap out.

That's my plan!

It feels like my daily driver Z30, leak tester Z10 both going to have another companion...

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Seems to me like they are just getting rid of inventory and that they will soon stop selling the Q5. Fido has already stopped selling the phone and judging by the phones I see around me I don't think the phone sold many units.

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I asked the koodo booth how long the deal was.. she said I have just over another week to decide.

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Damn good deal! Perhaps one should hold out for the white one if koodo caries them?

I know Virgin is the only one that has red.

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I just called a koodo store and they told me I need to sign a monthly contract with them. Is there any way around that? Was the employee right?

Damn! I paid $400 to Virgin Mobile in August 2013, and $200 ($50 up front - $150 over two years) to Fido in November for our Q5s. Oh well, no regrets, it is a great phone!

Should have been retail price in the first place. Nobody cares now after Moto G.

Blackberry always late to the party. Late in new OS, late in tablets, late in smartphones, late in BBM and soon late low end smartphones and late in Car integration.

No matter how rosy their flavor of the month CEO paints, their core incompetence remains. Even with layoffs and selling of assets they still move like a giant dinosaur. Slow and dumb.

They also dominated smartphones, look how fast that market share declined. QNX is dominant without any Blackberry effort, was simply purchased. It doesn't mean they will remain dominant once Apple and Google get into this space with full force in coming years.

I fear Blackberry will be complacent as always and move slowly to react and start losing market share in an already terrible licensing revenue stream.

I thought 325 was a steal lol! So glad I didn't go for the GS3, literally changed my life this phone has

Flicked on my Z30 or crushed on my Q5!

This is what I expect a budget BlackBerry device to cost, even $190 would be acceptable. The original price of the Q5 was crazy. $150 unlocked is awesome!

Yup. I just verified that. I was going to order one for my mom in Southern California...oh well.

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Telus has been better supporters of blackberry than rogers, tried to get z30 from Rogers and gave us a hard time, we price matched Telus to get the same deal in Rogers.

Rogers is starting to be anti- blackberry.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

I just tried to purchase it online but looks like it is only ship to Canada addresses...

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Just a heads up. Walked into a Blacks and walked out with a $150 q5. I don't have a kudo plan. Going to replace my wife's 9780 bold on bell. Picked up a $5 bell microsim

Online at Koodo...$168 Inc taxes and sim here in BC. No plan required and free shipping. Smokin' deal!

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Nope I just called
Phone: 416-531-4120 dufferin mall koodo and they said pre paid price is 350. Unless the girl doesnt know jack shart.

Great to hear BlackBerry FINALLY doing what many CBers were suggesting them to do in the beginning. How many customers did they lose to the motoG? And are they gonna do the same for the Z3?

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How do I order the Q5 online as a gift, without a plan? Right from the Kodoo website? I'm hoping to buy the thing and get it unlocked to move it to Bell for a bit, then give to a friend for her to use on Rogers

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Select the BlackBerry Q5 and then on the far right select Checkout and the select the gift link. You'll see a BlackBerry Q5 and SIM card in your basket. Without a data plan the cost is CAD150.00 plus taxes.

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Credit card only when paying online, no Interac online, no PayPal. Meh.

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That's it, I am picking one up tomorrow, 1st thing off Koodo. And you have said that it's unlocked right?

Unlocked means it should work with any wireless network supporting the frequencies listed with the device.

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Agree with what most people are saying. If you call Koodo store, they say it is $300 bucks outright. But if you go to the website, select the phone, don't pick a plan, so go straight to checkout, select as a gift (somewhere on the left side of the page where it says going straight to billing), finish with checkout, $150 bucks plus taxes.

Now I just have to see if it will actually work on Wind mobile. Looks like I need a micro-sim.

The heck with it, ordered one. I'll play with it, then give it to my mom she needs a new phone.

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I love Koodo. They have great price on their plans but I'm still hoping they will decide to carry the Z30 at one point even it would be available online only *crossedfingers*

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Fido stopped selling BlackBerry, that really sucks, they only recommend you to go to their stores, they "might" have some left.

Crap. Bought a used for 180$ a month ago. C'est la vie. Great phone tho... thought it would be a novelty but I have not gone back to my z10.

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I have a Z10 and was thinking of dropping 450 for a Q5 earlier this week. I'm with a telus.

Totally just ordered one :) this is an amazing deal!

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That's a great price, but I'm not sure it means good things for BlackBerry. Koodo used to sell the Z10, but they don't any more. Now it just seems like they are trying to get rid of the last of their BlackBerry phones. When I got my Z10, the sales person said she hadn't sold a BlackBerry in months. Their current line up of phones is mostly Samsung Android phones and of course iPhones.

Ya.. I suspect Rogers, Bell and Telus may be the only carriers of Blackberry soon as corporations do not use the small and discount carriers. With a new focus on enterprise the consumer oriented Fido, Koodo and Virgin telcos may drop Blackberry.

Well, I just ordered one for my mom. Then went online to her account and discovered her contract buyout on her phone is only $20 more than the q5 I just bought and she could have got a Z10 for $0 with that buyout.


Oh well, it's purchased outright and this should ease her in to bb10.

And if she doesn't like it, I guess I got me an unlocked traveling phone for that vacation I'm supposed to be saving for instead of buying phones for my mom.

Double D'oh!

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Not sure if I need another BlackBerry 10 phone, but I ordered one online for a backup phone.

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That is a great price. I'm Canadian but live in Switzerland now. Fingers crossed I can use it with my 4G network here on Orange.

I ordered it online and selected it as a gift and with no plan. Can it really be $150 without any contract to Koodo. I am a nervous that there will be something I need to sign up with. If that is the case I will return it.

Does anyone feel this way? Has your's arrived yet?

Got one for the better half...she is on Wind, and her 9900 is on the way out. another year on the wind tab.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Are these Q5's unlocked, can I use a rogers sim card in them. I just spoke with a koodo kiosk and they said no, they would have to be unlocked.

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Just ordered one for my son. Curious to see if it is unlocked. I would guess not at this price since they'd likely want people to go with Koodo. We'll be using it on Wind.

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Ymmv but if you go to a Walmart and have them bring up the deal page or show them on your phone you should be able to price match.

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They're not selling the Q5 outright. At least not at the retail outlets in Edmonton. You have to buy it with a plan. The difference is that you just don't have a tab to pay off the phone.

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I'd have totally preferred to walk to a Koodo kiosk (don't think they have a retail storefront in Winnipeg) and grab it at this price to play with it today, but I can live a few days :) Glad I didn't buy it earlier this week direct from Telus like I had planned. Hahaha. :D

Just finished ordering the BlackBerry Q5 as a gift for $150 + $19.50 tax.
Looking forward to setting this up with my BELL account.

Picked one up for my mom who has my old Koodo phone. Great deal for me since I never changed the account so had $66 in TAB money. $92 taxes in is a sweet deal!

I just bought one today. It's locked to Koodo and the sales rep didn't want to sell it to me for $150 because I wasn't a Koodo customer, but she did anyways reluctantly. My Telus sim card works perfect in it! :p

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If only I didn't have so many problems typing on my old Curve 9360......I think if I were getting a keyboard-based 'Berry, I'd have to go for the Q10. That price though is just awesome!

Went to kodoo in Yorkdale Mall in Toronto today guy said it wasn't true it's. $150 on a kodoo tab and $300 on prepaid so I don't know who's tellimg the truth

The kiosks don't have there act together. Was at kiosk at Eaton Centre yesterday. Sales rep said $150 locked. Had to see if the gf wanted it. Stopped by Markville Mall today.. guy there said what you're saying. $300 for non koodo customers. Came home and just bought it online $150 plus tax. Will have to unlock it still.

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Sounds like most of the kiosks aren't familiar with the discounted price. Go online and download the Koodo price feature sheet to show them (shows retail price at $150) or simply order from Koodo online( no contract, includes Koodo SIM, no fuss, and free delivery within 5 days).

I think he is lying to you. The site says 0 on a 150 tab.

Or.. there's been some sort of human data entry my error and we are all in for a surprise Monday morning when they fix it.

But I suspect the 150 is true

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The guys at the kiosks are either misinformed or don't want to sell. They make no commission selling the phone out right so they make up excuses not to sell by saying it's higher priced or you need a plan. I experienced this first hand when my brother and I tried to buy a Z10 off contract. We called the carrier and they told us to go to any kiosk but the kiosk says it's not possible to buy out right.

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Lol thanks for the reply, just got my confirmation email a second ago as well. I really hope the koodo kiosk people are wrong and buying outright cones unlocked.

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Can't beat that price...my wife has an old 9320 and really likes the look and feel of the Q5. she plays with my Z10 all the time and has a PlayBook so she knows BB10 already. Just ordered one for her and she's already with Koodo so happy birthday to her! (not that I'm a cheapskate or anything...)

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If I could ask a favour from anyone who got one online and delivered first, would you mind posting if it is unlocked please? Don't have the patience to wait for the one I ordered to find out! Lol thanks.

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--Well, confirm that it's LOCKED; "SIM card blocked: The device is Network locked. Contact your service provider" shows up in the Hub.

What's the big deal we as consumers are never happy got a great deal on this q5. The price was correct 150.00 plus taxes no delivery charges. Received the phone cost me 45.00 to unlock and it works great my wife loves it. We are a BlackBerry family. And by the way go to kiji see if you could get this price for a brand new phone. Was at bell last night still charging 450.00 off contract. Love my Z10.

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--I would do it at http://freemyblackberry_dot_com, $24 for Telus/Koodo

I was using them for legacy BBOS devices at no charge, so time to pay back as an appreciation for the all free services I got in the past.

Ordered one for my wife Sunday evening...she was looking at the Q5 and really liked it, she has to have a keyboard and the Q10 is a bit steep...she was ready to pay the $300 outright. Glad she waited, it showed up today (Wednesday). It is locked to Koodo, which is her carrier anyways so all good. Getting it updated now, adding Snap and she will be very happy!

Unlocked phone on QuickPhoneUnlock. Now I can use phone on Roger's network. Fast turnaround. Highly recommended.

Bought two of them and had no issues. Even included the sim if you want to stay with Koodo. Definite recommend to anyone interested in a Q5. Nice phone with great features for the price. Worked fine with Telus sim when I tested it. I don't think in comes locked when you purchase it without the 'Tab' as I did.

Lots of diff posts on this page about phone being sold as unlocked/locked. Which is it? Can someone who has already bought one confirm that it even if it is sold locked it can be unlocked to work with rogers/fido etc.Thanks y'all!

I just tried it with my wife's Bell sim and it said was 'carrier locked' so they do need to be unlocked (unless using with Koodo or Telus)

Deal is not over!! I just completed the online purchase, I hope to receive it before the weekend *fingers crossed.
Too bad it was only available in black.

Now for unlocking, I see several posters recommending services/websites but it seems no 2 people mention the same one (I may have missed it, eyes are crossing).

Which unlocking website or service do you swear by? Has anyone used unlockunit_dot_com/unlock-blackberry-q5? It says only $5.90... I left my Q10 behind in NC and they're in no rush to mail it back to me so I have made many bad decisions lately out of desperation but I wish to stop losing money. ;)

I'm hoping for a quick response if you have it, not a redirect to another forum thread, as I am without internet as well (a mess, I tell you)

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